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Bowe deal helps set wide receiver market quite high

The wide receiver market is apparently set.

It happened Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe to a contract that profootballtalk.com reports is worth $56 million over five years. That's an $11.2 million per season average and that includes $26 million in guaranteed money.

That's now the starting point for a top 5 receiver considered to be a team's No. 1 pass option.

It is also happening at the Dolphins practice facility and South Florida as the agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins are negotiating a new deal for wide receiver Brian Hartline. Hartline wants to stay in Miami. General manager Jeff Ireland holds him in high regard and wants to keep him.

And as I wrote Monday on this blog, the price point is $6 million per year on average. That's apparently what a good No. 2 wide receiver will cost in this market.

And so the market is set.

Why is this important?

Well, because if you've been paying attention you understand the Dolphins aren't done shopping. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. Here, let me say it one more time as I've been saying it since January, the Dolphins will chase Mike Wallace in free agency.

His agent will argue that Bowe's deal was something of a hometown discount done with one team and no other suitors. Wallace will have multiple suitors.

So Mike Wallace will cost more than what Dwayne Bowe cost the Chiefs. He considers himself a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL and because so many teams need a guy with his skill set, somebody is bound to agree with that assessment.

That means the Dolphins must be prepared to climb the money mountain well past the $11.2 million per year plateau to get Wallace. And they must be prepared to not only make him one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers, but also the club's highest paid player.

Obviously this deal won't reach the top of the mountain set by Calvin Johnson ($18 million per year) or Larry Fitzgerald ($16 million per year) but Wallace's deal will conservatively come in around $12-$13 million per year when this is all done.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that's too expensive for the Dolphins. They only have $36-$38 million in salary cap space and about $5 million of that must be held in reserve for the draft.)

Thank you, gallery. But the Dolphins have plenty of cap space to afford Wallace.

To understand that you have to look at the breakdown of Bowe's contract. His salary cap cost for 2013, for example, will be $4 million. His cap cost for 2014 will be $12 million. His cap cost for 2015 will be $14 million and his cap cost the final two years of his deal will come in at $13 million unless the team does something different.

Looking at this example, you see that a contract similar to Bowe's would easily fit within the Miami cap structure in 2013. A $4 million cap hit is nothing. Dimitri Patterson is slated to cost the Dolphins $4.6 million against the cap in 2013 and he is unproven in Miami. Karlos Dansby and Randy Starks will cost the Dolphins twice that amount against the cap and I assure you they will not score 6-10 TDs per season as Wallace might.

So the first-year cost is not only acceptable but inviting.

Obviously, the real hit comes after the first year. Wallace would be Miami's most costly player against the cap. But again, comparing to Miami's cap structure, it fits because the quarterback is still cheap, the $12 million hit you accepted for carrying Jake Long is no longer on the books, and Starks won't be carrying that $8.45 million cap charge from the franchise tag next year.

I will say this: Assuming the talks yield a deal with Hartline as the present arc of negotiations are heading, the Dolphins are likely to add only one more expensive wide receiver. The idea of re-signing Hartline and adding both Wallace and Greg Jennings (who will fall somewhere between Hartline and Wallace on a per season basis) is likely out of the question.

The Dolphins are expected to speak to Jennings, but he would be a fallback position if the Dolphins cannot land Wallace. He wouldn't come in addition to Wallace and Hartline unless the Dolphins are willing to go on the cheap for everything else.

Back to the point: The issue of adding Mike Wallace this year is moot if you're worried whether the Dolphins have enough cap space. They have more than enough with plenty left over to do other business.

But it will get expensive down the road. That apparently is the price of doing business in free agency.


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Would rather have Jennings for so many reasons.

Agreed. Hartline only got paid because he's White.

The problem on offense is the QB. Not the receivers so much. Tannehill doesnt have the accuracy, consistent delivery or footwork of an NFL QB.


I also think Jennings is the way to go. He's the most versatile between the two. Wallace is a one trick pony as Tomlin said and if u watched any Steelers games its true. Don't forget, Steelers haven't dominated since Hines Ward retired because he was the #1 rec there, period!





What a mess without Brandon Marshall. Near impossible to replace him.







Isn't Armando the one who says we will go after Wallace. I haven't heard this from any other source. I hope someone out bids us cause he will be a wast of 11 to 12 mill. Jam him within five and he'e useless because he's a non-contact type receiver.


Crisis Counseling?

Dashi Is On Suicide Watch, Everyday Dansby Is On The Team!!

Spending top dollar on Jennings, a receiver who turns 30 in September and missed 11 games the past two seasons doesnt sound like the recipe for the rebuild.

If Wallace wants to get paid like a top WR, he will need to play like one. Simple as that.

He needs 85 to 95 catches and 1200 yards with 9-10 TD's to be worth his asking price.

Dashi, we see you are desperate for attention.

Prior text, at least those numbers!!

Jenning's will have twice the production that Wallace will have next yr regardless of age or location.

Dez Bryant would be perfect right about now.


The only thing that will hurt letting Jake go is leadership. If Bush's goes too, our two top leaders on offence are gone.

I agree with Ireland on this one, no way is he worth 10 million. Let someone make the mistake.

So many positives posts today on Jonathan Martin. I hope he turns out to be a stud. I can't see a smart guy like him who was coached by Jim Harbaugh lacks heart and work ethic!!

Suddenly Wallace is looking more expensive and Hartline more reasonable. Lean on the draft for our speedster, not a guy who won't be a speedster much longer.

Or do you think Wallace is going to run a 4.3 forever? He likely no longer runs that now.

Wallace's own coach, Tomlin, called him a one trick pony. Hmmm.


Dashi Begs To Differ. Immortality Exist.

Heard About My Boy Chavez Dying. That's Life. On Fidel He Has Been Dead A Couple Years. (Immortality)


Like The Name, but You Leave Yourself Open To A lot Of Jokes.

SOD, Son Of SOB.

Keep Posting Though. Good Info. Like That Late RD Pick You Suggested.

I know we didn't see much of him but Mathews is still in the WR mix for next season. Maybe the Wallace/Jennings talk is just talk and Ireland is planning on.......Hartline/Rookie/Bess/Mathews.

You can all explode about that thought now, lol.

But Mike Tomlin, his coach in Pittsburgh, noticed right away that Wallace didn’t have a great change-up. He was all heater.

Which is why Tomlin, perhaps joking, perhaps not, infamously called Wallace a “one-trick pony.”

im a steelers fan you can have the dive he's not as good as you think, ive witnessed it for years.have trading him in a year or so. this is almost as funny as Flacoo being paid.

And You Just Gave Me Attention.

Don't Say It Is Dashi. When It Is You That Wants To Talk.


A loco,

Yes, Dashi Is A Man Of Integrity. What's The Catch?

What Are You Going To Say Dashi Said? So You Can Prove Me Wrong!!

Honestly, Mando can say what he wants, we have no idea if Ireland and Philbin are in love with this guy.

Philbin knows what he getting with Jennings. No matter what you think, Wallace can be a bust. Jennings will not.

I'm really torn on Wallace. With that type of investment we need a guy that will get better, be a leader and isn't a diva. I'm not sure he any of these.

Yes, DaShe Is A manShe Of Integrity. What's The Catch?

Posted by: DaShe | March 05, 2013 at 07:00 PM

What does this mean and are you post-op or pre-op?

Mokiki and Carl,
Wallace will not be brought in to be a #1 kinda receiver. He's gonna be brought here precisely b/c he's a one trick pony, because of his speed. You just can not buy that, unless they pick Tavon Austin, the ONLY WR in this draft with that kind of gamebreaking ability.

Wallace will never post Megatron-like kind of numbers. His route running is average and that is actually kind, but his speed and the ability to catch over his shoulder is second to none.

You want to keep safeties honest against the run and make it easier on Hartline, the TE, and whoever is running the slot, whether is Bess or Swope, and you have to like having Wallace in the mix.

From What The Consensus Is Saying.

We Don't Want Mike Wallace!! But Wouldn't Mind A Draft Pick With His Skill Set!!

We Don't Want Hartline!! Definitely Not At That Price!!

And Dashi Is The Only 1 That Wants Jake Back!! At All Cost!! Some Want Him Back At The Right Price!! Agreed.

Oh, And Dansby Sucks!!

My argument is you don't pay alpha receiver money to a one trick pony. We need an alpha receiver more than we need Wallace.

Also, just exactly what is Wallace's speed today as opposed to the combine several years ago? He is a year and a half shy of 30, how much longer will he be fast enough?

AND....Wallace does not have good hands!

We have draft picks, take a speedster in the draft who will be better than Wallace after one season.

Nice to see folk seeing this Wallace thing reasonably and not like some little kid that walks by an overpriced shiney toy and just HAS TO HAVE it.
That's why as a sensible paernt you have to say no, not this time Billy.

Wallace = $$$ mistake.

Armando column for January 2914....

"Mike Wallace was not a difference maker in his first season, and we have reason to question if he ever will be. This appears to be one more blown FA signing during Irelands tenure".

C'mon Son!!

Change Up The Jokes!!

Your Stale Jokes Get Real Corny After A While!!

Reason, Dashi Doesn't Waste His Material On You.

It Is Not A Fair Fight!!

It's Like A 1 Arm Midget Fighting A Giant!!

2014 of course.

I am wondering if Dashe is also Kris and YG?


Dashe Is Playing You Like A Puppet!!

Dash Doesn't Take Anything Personal.

Dashi Is Just Letting Your Ignorance Shine Thru!!

Yea, so lets NOT sign a proven playmaker, that has been so successful the past 10 years. 5 years, 60 million SIGN WALLACE

Could be, The Same Questions You Ask About Dashi!! Are The Same Questions You Ask About Your Father.

Don't Worry. Your Mom Is A Swallower!! We Have Nothing To Worry About!

Stick To Football!! Clown!!


Will Mando Ever Admit To Being Wrong?

We All Know He Rubs It In The Peanut Gallery's Face, When He Is Right!!

Pay hartline he deserves it , he is tannehills favorite target ,,,,,,that's the deal

When we sign Wallace you will see the plan

Don't Worry. Your Mom Is A Swallower!! We Have Nothing To Worry About!

Stick To Football!! Clown!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 07:23 PM


Armando, what does it say about you that you allow such filth on your blog? Ban this degenerate lab experiment gone bad for once and for all.

Then we need a seam busting te and we are set for draft day

Is it just me or does the blog turn into a stupid playground everytime dashe or odin are around?


Marshall was a proven playmaker too, he did nothing for us. He was invisible in the end zone and dropped a lot of balls.

The speedster is the luxury pick for when you already have an alpha receiver, not a substitute. If you don't have a serious threat to keep moving the chains, they will just blitz like hell to not give the deep patterns time to develop.

This is why we need Wallace... Take the ball deep, take the top off the defense!


"As I said Monday on this blog"

Armando has the smallest prognosticating wang I've ever seen.

Two guys Miami MUST go after in free agency- Mike Wallace and Cliff Avril. If they land Avril, opposite Wake with Starks, Oddrick, Soliai in the middle, this will be one scary defense. Then if they also land a CB like maybe Grimes or Talib, WOW! With the 12th pick in the draft, Miami picks Tyler Eifert. Wallace, Hartline, Bess, Eifert, that would also be a scary offense. Come on Ireland last chance to prove yourself.

wont ever be a scary defense until they find 2 solid corners

Im guessing Starks sigsn a long term deal along with hartline.

I would rather sign Jennings bc I think he will be a better fit than Wallace and cheaper. I would then sign NY TE Martelius Bennett who is both a seam threat and a good blocker.

Carl, sooo that makes Wallace the same?? Plus that was a different QB, different regime. What you are suggesting we draft a WR rookie when on AVERAGE it takes 2 years for WRs to figure it out?? No thank you. This team needs "Playmakers" at the WR and TE position, not rookies. Cap space, draft picks, this is the year to put some veteran playmakers out there some solid draft picks. Tired of the 1/2 methods. This team can be turned around NOW, not 2 years from now

not happy about the pats wanting amedola badly, that was the main guy i wanted in free agency.

amendola should be the first guy they go after, wallace second

so bobby, you are suggesting overpaying for a speedster who won't be so fast anymore two years from now when we could instead have a young wr fully developed. By then Wallace will only be hurting our salary cap. If you think Wallace is enough to take us to the big game in 2013, well...I say not a chance.

Spend wisely and think ahead, or you will be left behind.

I like what we are doing so far losing the dead weight and adding talent ,,,,good bye jake,Sean ,Reggie the fumbler and welcome some new playmakers

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