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Bowe deal helps set wide receiver market quite high

The wide receiver market is apparently set.

It happened Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe to a contract that profootballtalk.com reports is worth $56 million over five years. That's an $11.2 million per season average and that includes $26 million in guaranteed money.

That's now the starting point for a top 5 receiver considered to be a team's No. 1 pass option.

It is also happening at the Dolphins practice facility and South Florida as the agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins are negotiating a new deal for wide receiver Brian Hartline. Hartline wants to stay in Miami. General manager Jeff Ireland holds him in high regard and wants to keep him.

And as I wrote Monday on this blog, the price point is $6 million per year on average. That's apparently what a good No. 2 wide receiver will cost in this market.

And so the market is set.

Why is this important?

Well, because if you've been paying attention you understand the Dolphins aren't done shopping. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. Here, let me say it one more time as I've been saying it since January, the Dolphins will chase Mike Wallace in free agency.

His agent will argue that Bowe's deal was something of a hometown discount done with one team and no other suitors. Wallace will have multiple suitors.

So Mike Wallace will cost more than what Dwayne Bowe cost the Chiefs. He considers himself a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL and because so many teams need a guy with his skill set, somebody is bound to agree with that assessment.

That means the Dolphins must be prepared to climb the money mountain well past the $11.2 million per year plateau to get Wallace. And they must be prepared to not only make him one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers, but also the club's highest paid player.

Obviously this deal won't reach the top of the mountain set by Calvin Johnson ($18 million per year) or Larry Fitzgerald ($16 million per year) but Wallace's deal will conservatively come in around $12-$13 million per year when this is all done.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that's too expensive for the Dolphins. They only have $36-$38 million in salary cap space and about $5 million of that must be held in reserve for the draft.)

Thank you, gallery. But the Dolphins have plenty of cap space to afford Wallace.

To understand that you have to look at the breakdown of Bowe's contract. His salary cap cost for 2013, for example, will be $4 million. His cap cost for 2014 will be $12 million. His cap cost for 2015 will be $14 million and his cap cost the final two years of his deal will come in at $13 million unless the team does something different.

Looking at this example, you see that a contract similar to Bowe's would easily fit within the Miami cap structure in 2013. A $4 million cap hit is nothing. Dimitri Patterson is slated to cost the Dolphins $4.6 million against the cap in 2013 and he is unproven in Miami. Karlos Dansby and Randy Starks will cost the Dolphins twice that amount against the cap and I assure you they will not score 6-10 TDs per season as Wallace might.

So the first-year cost is not only acceptable but inviting.

Obviously, the real hit comes after the first year. Wallace would be Miami's most costly player against the cap. But again, comparing to Miami's cap structure, it fits because the quarterback is still cheap, the $12 million hit you accepted for carrying Jake Long is no longer on the books, and Starks won't be carrying that $8.45 million cap charge from the franchise tag next year.

I will say this: Assuming the talks yield a deal with Hartline as the present arc of negotiations are heading, the Dolphins are likely to add only one more expensive wide receiver. The idea of re-signing Hartline and adding both Wallace and Greg Jennings (who will fall somewhere between Hartline and Wallace on a per season basis) is likely out of the question.

The Dolphins are expected to speak to Jennings, but he would be a fallback position if the Dolphins cannot land Wallace. He wouldn't come in addition to Wallace and Hartline unless the Dolphins are willing to go on the cheap for everything else.

Back to the point: The issue of adding Mike Wallace this year is moot if you're worried whether the Dolphins have enough cap space. They have more than enough with plenty left over to do other business.

But it will get expensive down the road. That apparently is the price of doing business in free agency.


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wallace had 750 yards and 6 tds as rookie

Mike Wallace
Brian Hartline
Davone Bess
Justin Hunter


Patterson is our best shot at a true alpha receiver for the future. Then take a speedster while we are loaded with picks and we are set at WR for years, without the burden of Wallace's contract.

I ask you, just how fast is Wallace today? Does anybody know? How good will he be on a team without a SB QB and SB offense?

We are heading in the right direction

Wallace not only had the benefit of a SB QB, but also one of the very best OC's in the NFL. He'll have neither in Miami.

Tavon Austin
Steadman Bailey
Devon Bess

Super wow,,,,,,,,,this can happen

Carl the dude can outright ball man he is. The real deal

Wallace runs a 4.3

No Carl, I'm suggesting paying for the best guy available and putting an actual "threat" out there on offense. Someone who will demand double teams and can score from anywhere on the field. In suggesting putting a guy on the field that will give us at least good years of threat and production.

Marc, too bad his hands stink.

bobbydooche, you comprehend nothing. stick to tailgate parties with da boys.

Dusty bottom, Exactly what I'm talking about. As a ROOKIE. That is probably better then most rookie WR's. NO thank you. We can still take a WR in Rd 2 that will have future impact.

He score 9 Tds every year are you a retard or what

Fast yes, but dropped the MOST passes in the NFL last year. That is like taking out pretty girl who won't spread her legs for you.

Does she give head

You guys drooling over Wallace today are the same ones that will trash Ireland for spending too much on a receiver with bad hands later.

bobbyd12 made fun of people that read! Cleary he is a total dumbass idiot!!

If Wallace drops one game winning bomb, you will all conveniently forget how much you wanted him.

On the flip side....

Let Wallace come here.

Let him prove me wrong.

And I will be happy.


Very Realistic.

We All Know Ireland Is Always Looking Out For #1! Himself!!

With These 5, Ireland Switches The Pressure Back On The Coaches!! T-Hill Gets More Than Enough Weapons In The Passing Game!!

And the Need For A TE Becomes Obsolete!!

Ireland Is Trying To Take The Safe Route! Veteran Wr's Make A More Immediate Impact! Than Rookies!

And Drafting Patty Gives The Fins A Real Red Zone Threat!! And Another Deep Threat Opposite Wallace!!

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But Mando 12 million is too expensive. But Mando why pay him 3 or 4 million more than Jennings? When he isn't as good a fit as Jennings? But Mando, we could use that to pay half the salary of Levitre or a TE.

Not a fan of how Ireland is spending right now. Unless some cuts are coming soon to free up more space.


Dashe Is Playing You Like A Puppet!!

Dash Doesn't Take Anything Personal.

Dashi Is Just Letting Your Ignorance Shine Thru!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 07:19 PM

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Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 08:31 PM


But Mando, I got a bad feeling Wallace will bust if used as a #1. He's never had to do that before. Remember with great pay comes great expectations. Who's ready for a bidding war to get Wallace?


What color is your blouse? And are you wearing nylons?

No two bloggers continually ruin the blog more than dashe and odinslime.

Can we get Da Beast back?

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I don't see Greg Jennings as a backup option to Wallace, at this stage of their careers Jennings and Hartline overlap completely, Dolphins would have three slick route running possession receivers, zero deep threats, zero big bodies.

Ireland shouldn't sign expensive redundant players just because there are no big or fast (Ginn? Cribbs?Moss? Edwards? Burress?) receivers in free agency.

I don't follow college enough to know what receivers are out there but that's what they got to work with.

Wait outside Mike Wallace's house and turn on the boombox at midnight. Sign Hartline or Jennings, not both.

Hi Kris! We 'see' you are out there :p

If someone pays Reggie Bush three down back money the Dolphins should look at Ahmad Bradshaw, great pass blocker.

Jeff Ireland said at the press conference that he wanted to resign Bush but that it was up to the coach whether he was a three down back or not. That doesn't make a lot of sense.

He also said a metaphorical player who can't block should still be played as a receiver. But that's also up to the coach.

I'm starting to think the communication within the Dolphins organization is the same as their communication with the public.

Montreal, I agree that is not smart but you mentioned Revis' success against Brady, well Williams enjoyed just as much and slapped Welker around. He's much cheaper.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 05, 2013 at 09:45 AM

Mark, sorry to get back to you so late, but here's the thing...Yeah, you're right, Williams had a good game against Brady...But that's it...One game...Revis has been doing it for years...Williams is not even in the same league as Revis...And the theory about getting paid a top 5 QB, that expression came out after some players were getting grossly overpaid...But some players are worthy of that money...Not many, but some...Megatron is one...Ray Lewis in his prime is another...Revis is certainly one...These are all future HOF's who will make it in right away...Revis would make everybody in our secondary better...He would make us better not only against Brady but every other team we'll play...Do I think it's going to happen? Not for a minute. But I can dream...The one thing I do know is Ireland has to do something to bring the fans back in the stadium...Not sure Wallace is enough...And that's assuming we get him of course...Far from done...

Anyone who listens to what any GM says at a press conference is dumber than mud.

Given the players they have left to sign, I would put top priority on extending Reshad Jones. To me, the risk seems low and the savings could be immense.

You ever listen to Pat Riley or Ozzie Newsome at a press conference?

Revis is no longer Revis though.

Revis is damaged goods. One out of one thousand people come back from a torn ACL like AP did. I don't like the odds.

No two bloggers continually ruin the blog more than dashe and odinslime.

Posted by: It is perfectly clear | March 05, 2013 at 08:39 PM

Its actually 4. You forgot craigs m & m's and bobby.

Revis is all or nothing. If he can't pivot on that knee he can't make up for it with any of his talents.

You can't trade for his value but I would be on the high end trading for his potential. Maybe a #2?

Revis damaged goods? Yeah ok...He was born the same year as Peterson!! Why is he damaged goods and the other one isn't? LOL!!

One made the quickest and most spectacular come back from knee surgery the sport has ever seen.

The other hasn't.

#1 Dolphin Fan of Montreal,

Are you aware that your CFL team's website looks like a movie poster for Replacements 2?


Well, obviously, before trading anything for him and giving him all that $$$ he would have to pass a few medicals...But if he passes them...

My mock offseason

Resign- Starks (franchised), Hartline (5yr), Garner (3r), Devlin (3yr)

Walk- Bush, Long, Smith, Clemons, Fasano

Cut- CB Patterson

FA- Sign NY TE Martelius Bennett (yes the former cowboy). He possesses the seam threat needed and is a good blocker (3yr).

GB WR Greg Jennings- The WR the team needs

Det CB Chis Houston- solid cb that should be reasonable

Rest Acorns to fill roster


1st- Wash CB Desmond Trufant- CB that our defense desperately needs

2nd- UF S Matt Elam - Playmaking safety that we need

2nd- USC WR Robert Woods- Has all the tools for Philbin's OFfense

3rd- Ohio ST DE John Simon- Pass Rusher to compliment Wake

3rd- FSU OT- Menelik Watson- Our new RT

4th- Texas A and M WR- Ryan Swope- Drops bc of his injury history

4th(assuming supplmental pick)- UF ILB John Bostic (fast ILB to hopefully replace Dansby)

Rest PBA

Who cares how much money Wallace wants. Its not your money, if you didnt exist, Wallace will still get paid.

Not aware...But thanks for bringing it up...I consider myself a Dolphins Fan a lot more...But I'll go see a few games since it starts before the NFL and I'm a football junkie...LOL!! The only thing is...I'm a Toronto Argonauts fan...

Non, non, non, a physical after the trade is not the same as a workout a team would do for a free agent.

This is the whole snail in the frog soup - a team trading for Revis can't work him out hard enough to see if he can cut. Not while the Jets are liable.

No one trades on the condition a player looks good enough later, Revis will pass a physical if the Dolphins trade for him.

Mr. bk,

Why do you think Greg Jennings would be a good fit with the Dolphins? I see complete overlap in him, Hartline, and Bess.

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