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Bowe deal helps set wide receiver market quite high

The wide receiver market is apparently set.

It happened Monday when the Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe to a contract that profootballtalk.com reports is worth $56 million over five years. That's an $11.2 million per season average and that includes $26 million in guaranteed money.

That's now the starting point for a top 5 receiver considered to be a team's No. 1 pass option.

It is also happening at the Dolphins practice facility and South Florida as the agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Dolphins are negotiating a new deal for wide receiver Brian Hartline. Hartline wants to stay in Miami. General manager Jeff Ireland holds him in high regard and wants to keep him.

And as I wrote Monday on this blog, the price point is $6 million per year on average. That's apparently what a good No. 2 wide receiver will cost in this market.

And so the market is set.

Why is this important?

Well, because if you've been paying attention you understand the Dolphins aren't done shopping. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. They will chase Mike Wallace in free agency. Here, let me say it one more time as I've been saying it since January, the Dolphins will chase Mike Wallace in free agency.

His agent will argue that Bowe's deal was something of a hometown discount done with one team and no other suitors. Wallace will have multiple suitors.

So Mike Wallace will cost more than what Dwayne Bowe cost the Chiefs. He considers himself a top 5 wide receiver in the NFL and because so many teams need a guy with his skill set, somebody is bound to agree with that assessment.

That means the Dolphins must be prepared to climb the money mountain well past the $11.2 million per year plateau to get Wallace. And they must be prepared to not only make him one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers, but also the club's highest paid player.

Obviously this deal won't reach the top of the mountain set by Calvin Johnson ($18 million per year) or Larry Fitzgerald ($16 million per year) but Wallace's deal will conservatively come in around $12-$13 million per year when this is all done.

(Peanut gallery: But Mando, that's too expensive for the Dolphins. They only have $36-$38 million in salary cap space and about $5 million of that must be held in reserve for the draft.)

Thank you, gallery. But the Dolphins have plenty of cap space to afford Wallace.

To understand that you have to look at the breakdown of Bowe's contract. His salary cap cost for 2013, for example, will be $4 million. His cap cost for 2014 will be $12 million. His cap cost for 2015 will be $14 million and his cap cost the final two years of his deal will come in at $13 million unless the team does something different.

Looking at this example, you see that a contract similar to Bowe's would easily fit within the Miami cap structure in 2013. A $4 million cap hit is nothing. Dimitri Patterson is slated to cost the Dolphins $4.6 million against the cap in 2013 and he is unproven in Miami. Karlos Dansby and Randy Starks will cost the Dolphins twice that amount against the cap and I assure you they will not score 6-10 TDs per season as Wallace might.

So the first-year cost is not only acceptable but inviting.

Obviously, the real hit comes after the first year. Wallace would be Miami's most costly player against the cap. But again, comparing to Miami's cap structure, it fits because the quarterback is still cheap, the $12 million hit you accepted for carrying Jake Long is no longer on the books, and Starks won't be carrying that $8.45 million cap charge from the franchise tag next year.

I will say this: Assuming the talks yield a deal with Hartline as the present arc of negotiations are heading, the Dolphins are likely to add only one more expensive wide receiver. The idea of re-signing Hartline and adding both Wallace and Greg Jennings (who will fall somewhere between Hartline and Wallace on a per season basis) is likely out of the question.

The Dolphins are expected to speak to Jennings, but he would be a fallback position if the Dolphins cannot land Wallace. He wouldn't come in addition to Wallace and Hartline unless the Dolphins are willing to go on the cheap for everything else.

Back to the point: The issue of adding Mike Wallace this year is moot if you're worried whether the Dolphins have enough cap space. They have more than enough with plenty left over to do other business.

But it will get expensive down the road. That apparently is the price of doing business in free agency.


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Did you get a Ricky jersey?

I would have gotten a Ricky jersey.

Ross is way too cheap to pay a Revis.


Think you fool. He will be in no condition to even take a physical for months. What's with you Candadians?

Dude...The Jets are the ones that want to trade him...You think teams will trade picks and give the guy a ton of cash without knowing is he's healthy???





Maybe you should hangout in the microwave for an hour and come back.

Sara lee...The name says it all...You're a frozen fruit cake...LOL!!!

Just don't insult each other or feed the trolls and the blog would be just fine.



Darkoak, I was talking football and the possibility of getting a guy like Revis, who by the way will start running again in April and is expected to be back for the start of the regular season, and this clown started insulting me...What an idiot...

oscar may be right.

Hartline will be in the fold it makes sense he's tannehills main guy

LT, Jennings is a better fit because he is a better route runner, better hands, etc. Look at the packers there isn't just one guy that is a burner. They have WR's with above average speed but they are known for their excellent route runnings which allows them to get open.

It's a comfort level that the two developed you don't coach that

Stedman Bailey





Jennings is more focused on his acting career at this point. He will try to milk a team for another payday but he only has a couple of good years left if he could even stay healthy.


As you know Philbin used to coach Jennings. If they think he's a better fit then thats who they'll pursue.

These guys aren't goofing around, their jobs are on the line.

At least no major spelling errors Today, right Paul?

Not in agreement with resigning Fartline at that price but so be it. Sign Jennings and either Cook or Fred Davis. Draft Keenan Allen at 12 then take Carradine or Xavier rhodes with our first 2nd rnder and either Woods or J.Hunter with our 2nd #2. By the time Jennings leaves in 2 or 3 years Allen and either Woods or Hunter should be fully ready to step in and be our #1 and 2 wr's in this WCO. Need to sign a corner (or 2) in free agency. Should be an interesting month and 1/2 coming up. Go fins!

Oscar how are your hemeroid s doing

Man, are there going to be good FAs aplenty!

I think we should pursue Martelious Bennett he is the tight end we need

Oh yes Oscar sure are !!!!!!L!!

I want to run up the score against New England so freakin bad

Freeney, Abraham or Osi at the right price could make our d-line nasty, arguably top 3. I like Grimes and a couple other corners over Sean Smith for the $$$'s he's asking.

We need to add weapons without losing any

It's hemorrhoid, Marc. I don't have that, I'm one of the healthiest Men you have ever met.

I like grimes or Rodgers-cromatie

I'm only kidding around Oscar

At least no spelling errors today, right Bartholomew?

In general Terms, you could say that proper Education leads to good General Health.

So have you heard anything else about Hartlines contract

Notice Marc, rarely able to espress a thought more than a half sentence. the length of his typical post.

Then there is dashe and odins who use the blog as a substitute for toilet paper.

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It is very difficult to hang around with Fidel Castro. His, hmm.. personna kind of drags you down. Poor Hugo.

Posts are supposed to be short and sweet ,you stupid person

Mr. bk,

You say to look at the Packers offense, why?

Mike Sherman wasn't around for McCarthy's offense or Aaron Rogers.

Joe Philbin is an offensive lineman coach, he's never called or designed an offense.

Most importantly, Ryan Tannehill is not Aaron Rogers. Tannehill may be an even better passer on the run but he's not in Rogers' league from the pocket. IMO pinpoint accuracy isn't something Tannehill's likely to learn in the offseason.

They have to play to his strengths, forget looking to the Packers, Tannehill's not Aaron Rogers.

He could be Ben Roethlisberger.

Oscar whys can't these idiots just post about the dolphins and keep their pie holes shut ?

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Why the recent name change and how did you come to it?

Sherman coached the packers for like 7 years or so . He hired philbin , He also coached Brett Farve to an MVP season . He. Also was the gm at the same time

I've posted for a while on Mr. Jackson's blog. It seems to be on furlough.

Marc did you unknowingly snort powdered bird droppings too?

dont freak when we overpay Wallace or Jennings......its gonna happen if they want to sign either one......no whining, screaming, Irescumming, etc--get ready, and deal with it

Well I like Sherman, but he and Philbin aren't responsible for the McCarthy/Rogers success.

I don't like copying the Packers when we don't have the Packers' QB.

We don't have a guy who will move around in the pocket and make pin point throws to receivers on tight routes. We have a guy who can get out on the run and throw a nice deep ball to a fast guy or a big body.

We know the Dolphins won't try again at quarterback for three years so they have to build around Tannehill. They can't try to force him to be Aaron Rogers, they need to bring him deep threats and big red zone targets. Maybe Egnew can play receiver.

I snorted everything I could find , it was like rock star stuff

Rather get Jennings and 4-5 mil more to spend elsewhere than just Wallace. Think Wallace is a bigger weapon but not worth being the 3rd highest paid wr in the league.

Tannehill throws on the run as good as anyone in football

with teams competing for him, Wallace will get 13 mill/yr......maybe 14--you in?

are we really gonna pay HL 6mill/yr?

Never did Chavez think Fidel would outlast him. Fidel is the man that won't go away.

Oh, Marc, but a good general Education leads to a better understanding of any Topic, including Football.

are we supposed to care about Chavez or Fidel?--what is this, a CNN blog?......now Duran or Teo Stevenson, now we're talking.

Nope. Rather Jennings n maybe Ed Reed, Freeney or Osi/Abraham for same or a lil more. Gotta draft 2 wr in first 5 picks in that scenario tho.

yeah I'm good with that, signing Jennings and 2 WRs early.....that works--need to draft a CB or 2 early too

How bad does Hartline suck? If you had to choose between Hartline and Wallace, I would choose Wallace without a doubt. Hartline is a good # 3 WR. Not an elite #3 like a Victor Cruz.

Agreed. Xavier rhodes or trufant in 2nd would be nice

There is a possibility that Fidel Castro financed some of the destruction of the past 25 years of Dolphins history in his own inimitable way which won't be discovered. He did NOT want any kind of Union in Dade County, Cuban-Cuban, Cuban-Americans, etc. First time I publish this. It's Time.

Not happy about throwing 6-6.5 mil to Fartline and agree Wallace is better (but also double the price). Only positive imo is he was Tanny's go to guy and the only wr he really had chemistry with all last year. Downside....only 1 freaking td...which is pathetic!

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