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Branden Albert available as a LT option

During the NFL annual meeting, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland talked about how everything is on the table as far as making the team better. He mentioned free agency in all its forms, from street free agents to top-end free agents to lower-rung free agents. Obviously he mentioned the draft.

And he mentioned trades.

And so I have to throw this out there now:

The Chiefs have left tackle Branden Albert on the trade market.

The Dolphins, who are moving up after deciding Jake Long and his questionable injury history were too pricey to retain for $8.5 million per season, need a left tackle. Yes, the club has Jonathan Martin on the roster and he finished out the 2012 season at the position. But as coach Joe Philbin said "there's a lot of time between now and September. A lot of things could happen ... "

Trades are one of those things that can happen. Specifically this trade. The Dolphins will at least be investigating the possibility and likely will be interested in pursuing it.

Albert is not cheap. The Chiefs want a second round pick for him this year, according to multiple reports. There is also the likelihood another conditional pick in 2014 could be involved.

That's a steep price.

And then you have to consider the Dolphins, or any team paying that compensation, would also have to sign Albert to a long-term deal. And that deal would probably cost aroud $8 million per year.

Expensive for a player I'm not all that certain is great. I mean, he's good enough that the Chiefs put a franchise tag on him. But he's not so good that they are unwilling to trade him. He's not so good that they clearly believe a rookie left tackle in the draft would be an upgrade because that player would be younger, cheaper and, yes, possibly a better player, too.

The Dolphins have two second-round picks. They also have two third round picks.

As the Kansas City asking price is a second-rounder, I might not mind offering a third. I doubt any third-rounder Miami picks up this year would start right away as Albert would so it might be a good deal for Miami.

At any rate it deserves consideration. And I'm sure the Dolphins are considering it.


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yes armando he is very good. living here in kc i see this guy play very well all the time. he does have a back issue. and kc not trading him cause hes not good but because he wants a ton of cash. go get him ireland, been all over radio here for last week about mia and kc dealing

Why give up money and picks for a guy no better then Long and also having injury issues ? Just keep Long then, or shoulda. It's Martin or bust at LT !!!

Dashi, interesting discussions on the last page. I'm not too high on two receivers that are talked a lot about in this draft, Tavon Austin and DeAndre Hopkins. neither scream NFl elite athleticism.

And as far as Alabama players, yeah, I'm not too hgih on any of them except for the raw Aussie jessie Williams. I think most of them will go the way of Rolando McClain.

As far as Albert goes, my best friend is a big Chiefs fan and grades ALbert as a LT as a 7 out of 10. So solid, won't lose you games but is not 1st or 2nd year Jake Long. At that money, ppfff, I would offer KC a 7th round pick to take this cap eater off their hands. otherwise they can use their cap on him or just let him walk.

Either way, if we need him bad enough,he may be out there for nothing a year from now ... so you can Martin for a year, if he flunks out then Albert becomes an option.

Otherwise two picks for this guy ... sorry Andy Reid but Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman don't work here anymore.

hes much much better than long. not even close

You build a team thru the draft.

Health? Always the question on guards and tackles. Someoe said bad back, I say run.

If you sign Winston & draft a tackle in the 2nd round you probably could sign both for what Fat Albert wants....

Than 1st or 2nd year Jake Long???

I doubt it Dusty ... has this guy ever even made a pro bowl? Nope, this guy isn't elite. Some people are not even sure he's a pure tackle and think he should be playing guard.

Turd, you would still have a lot of money left over too ... if Any Reid was offered anything higher than a 3rd for this guy, he'd take it in a second ..

Can't be paying guys $8M a year unless they're special and this guy isn't.

Dusty are you saying that mando has picked this up from somewhere else, a week after the rumours started? That's not top tier journalism now is it? Tut! Tut!

anyway, dusty if you watch their games is he a good option?

mark, your reference to 'elite' athleticism, c'mon how many players in this draft have anything today that you would class as elite? Let alone will become elite un the future? Not many imo

Third round pick would be great for him. I do not give up much more than that. Maybe a 5 next year as well to complete the deal.

mark pro bowl? who cares, long made a pro bowl when he was awful. incognito made a pro bowl,lol means nothing albert very good lt. theres a reason why hes making 10 mill this year. albert for a 2 rd pick is what we should do

look at it this way, we traded v. davis for b alberts

Brandon Albert Is A Good Football Player. But Multiple Picks? No. At Most Give Up The 2nd Second Rounder.

I Would Rather Ireland Sign E.Winston And B.Moore and Still Have Draft Picks. To Play Defense or Play makers For The Offense. 1 RB and 1 TE In The 2nd. E.Lacy And Whoever Is There At TE.

(The Bucs Are Offering Next Years 1st For Revis.)

My Question Is How Much Will It Cost To Sign Albert? How Many Years? Well He Could Sign For A Longer Deal Than Jake, 5-6 Year Deal. $8.5 Mil A Year.

That Would Be A Slap In Jake's Face.

But As Long As Ireland Got Somebody Of Equal Value.

reg, when I say elite, i don't mean compared to players in the NFL right now, i mean players in this draft class. I am anxious to see if we get to see anything from Keenan ALlen and I'm waiting on Cordarelle patterson's athletic tests but guys like Da'Rick Rogers, Justin Hunter, Markus Wheaton and even mid/late rounders like Ryan Swope and Josh Boyce graded out better than those two.

To me the elite athetes in this draft play on the lines unfortunately, Lane Johnson, Eric Fisher, Sheldon Richardson, Jesse Williams.. these guys showed elite athelticism for their positions. The closest skill guy is Tyler Eifert in this draft ..

Dusty, pro bowl means nothing?? Come on, there are some rep picks but if you are consistently very good, you will make it at some point. he hasnt made it in five years ... pff. he's good, solid, but not great and certainly not worth that contract. And if he was so great, Andy reid wouldn't be trading him. Haven't we learned not to trust the Walrus yet?? AJ Feely, Kevin Kolb, not Branden Albert ... Reid can spend his own cap on him, thanks. I'd rather my tackles by Martin and Jerry than give up a good pick and a hige contract for this guy ... and you know how much I hate Martin ...

Albert is great in pass pro. You want to throw the football this year, get a LT that go do the deed in pass protection.

Otherwise two picks for this guy ... sorry Andy Reid but Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman don't work here anymore.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 22, 2013 at 11:55 AM

ROTFLMAO! I was thinking along the same lines.

Seems like people have a short memory and forget what happens when you trade high picks and also give a guy a huge contract .. we did it three years ago and it hindered our flexibility for years ...

Nah, would rather trade-up for Lane Johnson. It will be cheaper and like, 99999999 times better. Chefs' FO (that's not a typo) is openly trying to take advantage of Geno Smith in the draft to try and force another team into overpaying for their #1 overall pick. Now they want to nail my Dolphins with their overpriced, old stuff. They are free to try I guess, just like I'm free to hate them for it.

Let them drown in their own mess.

We have to decide IF LT is the No 1 priority from now going forward is this better than using picks to move up and grab one of the LTs we want. I was thinking the big 3, Joeckel, Fisher and Lane Johnson but some don't think Johnson is quite at that level. Too many mock drafts talking him up. That is the situation. Or of course going w/ Martin at LT.

So Lane Johnson is not good enough while Brendan Albert is worth 2 years of Dolphins' picks??? I'm not buying that.

never trade for a lineman with BACK issues. That is the absolute worst injury a lineman can have.

Forget reaching for Rhodes and Trufant. Forget Banks altogether.

I think Jamar Taylor is the 2nd best CB in this years draft. He's flying under the radar somewhat because he played at Boise in MW Conf.

He honestly torsches Trufant or Banks. Rhodes is a little more of a toss up. Taylor plays the zone EXCELLENTLY and can even Lockdown. He needs some coaching up for sure, but according to scouts, he has the abilities to be a day one starter.

He's great against the run, keeps containment and has a pretty good jam as he was allowed to press often. Probably a result of him killing all other CB's(and even some LB's and DL)on the bench. **22** reps!!!!

So forget reaching for Rhodes and forget Trufant and Banks altogether. Get us Jamar Taylor!

Well, so far the team is much worse losing 7 starters including a probable HOFer...


Agreed. on The Wr's. D.Hopkins Might Be OK. But I Don't Trust Any Of The WVU Wr's. I Believe They Benefited from playing With G.Smith. 1 Of The Reasons I Like R.Woods. He Played With M.Barkley. Barkley Has A Below Average Arm.

And On The Alabama Players, Agreed. I Don't Believe D.Minter Is That Good. Who Was The Bama CB From Last Year That Went In The First?

Julio Jones Out of Close To 20 High Draft Picks The Last Couple Years.

E.Lacy Is Going to Be The Only Other Exception. He Would Be Rated Higher If It Wasn't Because He Is Playing At Alabama.

Heck, we WISH Wannstedt was still with the Fins. He won every year but one.

Oh yeah, Jamar Taylor can be had for a 2nd rounder and he's easily better than Banks, Trufant and probably even Rhodes!

4.39 40. 5-11 195 Lbs.

Odin, you are a smart, smart man. Jamar taylor and fellow 2nd rounder Dwayne Gratz of UConn are my favourite corners in this draft. They didn't play in the biggest programs but not exactly William and mary either. I like those two a lot ...

if you want 22 reps on your islands, check out Josh Boyce, WR, TCU, couples that with 4.38 speed. 5th round grade??? Seems like a bargain ... produced pretty well too.

And you're right about banks ... looked abysmal ... who even rated this guy??? he can take mathieu with him

Pass, rather have Kyle Long in second round or try to move up. 29 years old and wants 8 million per and our 2nd pick. Little steep IMO

Dashi, corner that went to Dallas .. what's his name ...Claiborne...

Robert Woods ... hmmm ... not sold. Guy just looks like a 3rd WR on a team.

JJones is all he was cracked upt o be but then again he flashed that athleticism in the draft process ... Milliner, Warmack have not ... Milliner just runs fast in a long distance. His agility and explosiveness are average.

NO WAY! You don not trade any picks for that bum and then pay him a boatload of cash. We can pick up a Tackle in the 1st or with one of our 2nd's.

No one was even mildly impressed with Martin at LT. Tannehill will be running for his life. And his safety valve Reggie is gone also. This could be the beginning of the end for Tannehill. Can we say Chad Henne 2.0?

The way Ireland drafts they'd be far better off tradind draft picks for established players...

Thanks Mark!

Boyce you say? Sure, I'll get right on it(like I don't have enough film to watch-lol).

I watched film(in my work truck on a tiny screen)last night until my eyes bled. It's a labor of love though.

Still don't quite understand it, but I keep on doing it year......after year......after year......


Why are we always trading with kc we need to trade with a winning frachise

When You Think About It.

Trading For B.Albert Only Helps The Chiefs.

Nobody Wants The Chiefs #1! And They Want 1 Of The Tackles.

If They Can't Trade Albert They Are In A Predicament. Nobody Drafts A RT #1 Overall.

Know We Can Wait Til The Draft And Have 1 Of The Top 3 LT's In The Draft. From The Looks of it L.Johnson. Which Fits Our System. And Will Cost 1/4 Less Than Jake Or B.Albert.

I Can See The fins Signing E.Winston At The Right Price As Insurance. Or After The Draft If He Is Still Unsigned.

Ireland Will Make The Right Decision. I Believe Ireland Understands To Much Money Was Tied Up To The O-Line.

If Ireland Is Trying To Sign B.Albert I Bet Is For The Right Price. He Won't Overspend.

Give up the 2nd for Albert! Hes a proven guy unlike the crap shoot draft.

I Though Claiborne Went To LSU?

Alabama Had A 6'2" CB D.Kirkpatrick.

The Guy Who Kept Falling Down On His Pro Day.

The only reason I would want him is if the Chiefs are truly motivated to move him meaning they're willing to take our 4th round pick or maybe our late 3rd. No conditional next year and that's assuming he'll take a contract that takes into consideration that we traded for him and are giving him an extension a year early. I doubt it happens.

Draft E.Lacy With The #12 Pick.

Draft A CB With The First 2nd Rd Pick.

Trade The Low 2nd Round For B.Albert.

Draft A OLB And A OG In The 3rd.

RB In The 4th.

TE And FS With The The 5th Rd Picks.

Kicker And WR In The 7th.

Dashi if you draft a RB in the first you dont need one in the 4th especially with Thomas and Miller recent draft picks

Ireland drafted like a good GM last year. Besides Ryan Tannehill will be best protected by one of the top OT prospects in the draft, not by an old and overpriced bluff coming from the chefs' FO.

I seriously hope those guys get stucked with their first overall BUST forever.

We already have Lamar Miller, we don't need to get stuck with an old branden albert just to draft a RB in the first round, for Christ's sake!

Keep the picks and draft somebody either first or second round to play LT or Rt, I don't like giving up picks , you never know Ireland may start to hit on some picks for a change

I stand corrected Dashi ... you are correct, kirkpatrick went to the bangals after dropping like a rock in the draft. Ur right, typical overhyped Alabama ... they rae not the u of Miami during the heyday, thats for sure. PROS went to that program.

Let' Go Canes! I'm so ready...

dusty, might be siding with Mark on this one. I like Albert, he's a UVa guy (like me). Big, strong guy. But not really a finesse guy (do the Chiefs employ the zone blocking scheme)? And he's horrible in run blocking. I watched some Chiefs games last year, they don't ever run to his side.

Is he better than 2012 Jake Long, yes. Is he worth 8mil + 2nd round pick, doubt it. Since we have 2 3rd's, maybe, but I won't be pressed if they pass (get Winston, let Martin test the waters at LTk, that's what I would do).

Ed Reed officially signs with Texans. Good, stay out of NE

Since the draft is deep in tackles wouldn't it make more sense to just draft one in the 2nd? Or as mentioned previously, package a 2nd with a 1st and grab a tackle if needed, but recent mocks don't have many tackles going early(not that it means anything).

I still like the idea of signing Winston and seeing what they have in Martin.

It's quite simple, you have two ways of obtaining players in this league ... cap dollars and draft picks ... It's palpable to do one or the other but to give up both for a guy who's not special??? This one's easy ...

One of your top picks (where you expect to draft a starter) and 7% of your cap ... ewww

8 million and a 2nd round pick for Albert and maybe more. No thanks. Use the second round pick on the tackle at probably a quarter of the cost.

Mark in Toronto and Odin,

I like Jamar Taylor at the top of the 2nd round if hes there a lot as well. I also like the 2 UConn corners Gratz and Blidi Wreh Wilson.

Wilson didn't blow up the combine like Gratz did, but still had some decent measurables (6'1" height mixed with a 4.5 40.) Also had good skills.

Lots of good CBs available in rounds 2 and 3.

Please, no more corners in Miami named "JAMAR"! Don't give a damn what his last name is.

Jamar Fletcher was hot garbage!

Hard to choose between all those good DEs this Year but Damontre Moore had 12 sacks last year and 5-10 more tackles and pressures in several Games against top flight competition. Those are no ninnies figures. What ever happened to him at the Combine I don't know, but if back to form, a definite shot at #12.


I like any of these guys where they're projected. You're right ...a lot to choose from ...

Dwayne Gratz
Jamar Taylor
Will Davis
Robert Alford
Desmond Trufant
B.W. Webb
Xavier Rhodes
Darius Slay
David Amerson
Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Brandon McGee

Oscar, Moore had a better pro day and should be there when we pick and shoudl be in the conversation. You're right, talented dude and not a 12 rep "ninnie" (did 20 at this pro day which is respectable for a guy of his skill set)

Excellent agility and explosiveness exhibited by Moore in his testing. most important athletic traits for a finesse DE

We have an extra #2 pick give it up for a proven LT & $8 million is a steal AGIN A PROVEN VETERAN!!!

GET DUMERVIL HERE TOO, we need a strong pass rush to knock Brady around if we have any hopes of beating the patsies this year at least once anyway!!!

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