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Branden Albert available as a LT option

During the NFL annual meeting, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland talked about how everything is on the table as far as making the team better. He mentioned free agency in all its forms, from street free agents to top-end free agents to lower-rung free agents. Obviously he mentioned the draft.

And he mentioned trades.

And so I have to throw this out there now:

The Chiefs have left tackle Branden Albert on the trade market.

The Dolphins, who are moving up after deciding Jake Long and his questionable injury history were too pricey to retain for $8.5 million per season, need a left tackle. Yes, the club has Jonathan Martin on the roster and he finished out the 2012 season at the position. But as coach Joe Philbin said "there's a lot of time between now and September. A lot of things could happen ... "

Trades are one of those things that can happen. Specifically this trade. The Dolphins will at least be investigating the possibility and likely will be interested in pursuing it.

Albert is not cheap. The Chiefs want a second round pick for him this year, according to multiple reports. There is also the likelihood another conditional pick in 2014 could be involved.

That's a steep price.

And then you have to consider the Dolphins, or any team paying that compensation, would also have to sign Albert to a long-term deal. And that deal would probably cost aroud $8 million per year.

Expensive for a player I'm not all that certain is great. I mean, he's good enough that the Chiefs put a franchise tag on him. But he's not so good that they are unwilling to trade him. He's not so good that they clearly believe a rookie left tackle in the draft would be an upgrade because that player would be younger, cheaper and, yes, possibly a better player, too.

The Dolphins have two second-round picks. They also have two third round picks.

As the Kansas City asking price is a second-rounder, I might not mind offering a third. I doubt any third-rounder Miami picks up this year would start right away as Albert would so it might be a good deal for Miami.

At any rate it deserves consideration. And I'm sure the Dolphins are considering it.


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Winston- Allowed to walk by the Texans and then the worst team in the NFL let him go after 1 year. No one is busting down his door to sign him and that is why he is still out there. That says it all.

Dummervil- Denver jumped as soon as they saw his agent made a mistake and released. If he was so great the Broncos would have made more of an effort to keep him.

Grimes was good two years ago but comes with great risk. He is coming off a torn achilles.

Any of these guys would be good to sign at the right price. They are guys that you can get by with. I would not pay excessive dollars for any of them. All would be stop gaps until players on the team or future rookies develop.

Dumervil's agent made no mistake. That was all planned. If there was a mistake, why don't they simply do a new deal?

I think i want QUALITY! Makes no sense to have 11+ picks if likely 4 or 5 of them dont make the team. If we can get 2 legit studs, starters and impact guys from day 1 and 2 guys that can contibute to the point that by next year they are starters, good draft imo. Use all the picks to move up and get the impact guys, not the just solid type guys.


I think we need quality and quantity and I'm not so sure that Trufant, Patterson, or Allen will be that late in the 1st.

To seriously answer your question though, I personally wouldn't trade a bunch of picks for an OT or a slightly better than average CB.

Me personally, I would sign Grimes and Winston to 3 or 4 year deals. Winston is a top tier tackle in his prime. Grimes is a Pro Bowler but I would sign with an injury clause. I can assure everyone, Iteland is not going to sit on 20 million dollars of cap space, not with his job on the line.

Dumervil is a tweener...Not Irelands type.

No one knows who it is that we like most. Everybody's schemes are different, therefore their draftboards are different. I just would like to finally see us target whoever it is that we like, and move up to get him. This doesnt always work (ex:Mark Sanchez) but for evry Sanchez there is a Julio Jones, Claiborne, etc, etc. Pick a guy (or 2) that everyone in the building is sold on, and go up and get them! We have the ammunition, use it.

If you seriously like someone like say Lane Johnson who should go somewhere between say 6 and 11.

It would cost anywhere from a 2nd rder to a 4th rder.

Winston is a top tier tackle in his prime.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | March 23, 2013 at 08:26 PM

If this were remotely true he'd be signed already.

Why don't Dumervil and Denver do another deal?? Simple, when they cut Dumervil, it cost Denver 3.9 million in cap hit. That's dead money that ain't coming back this year. Dumervil would now even have to take a bigger pay cut to stay in Denver because Denver is close to the cap. It's not as easy as signing another deal.

Is he an upgrade for that price of say moving Martin to the left and having Gardner on the right? In addition with the WR position better off with Wallace here there might be a good OT in the first or even second round particularly on the right side if Martin moves to the left.

The strength of this draft is in the 2nd and 3rd round. That is where you want to compile your picks. There are no Julio Jones in this draft to move up for.

I agree with Dolfan Rick, you don't want to give up all your picks to move up to get an OT. Good GMs can get good OTs in the 2nd round. You should be able to get a stud at #12 with out giving up all the picks you collected.

Wrong Marlboro. First off, till Long signed his deal the market wasn't set. It was in every NFL article out there that no tackle was going to be signed till that happened. Sebastian Volmer is also considered top tier along with Andre Smith, why haven't they signed?? The tackle market still hasn't shaken out yet. You have 3 top tier tackles unsigned.

Martin is not going to be our LT. He couldn't handle it.


I wouldn't mind trading away some picks for guys like RG3, Suh, or a serious shut down corner but not Milliner or an OT. Even if its Joeckle.

Having said that though, OT is a HUGE priority, be it free agency and / or the draft.

No sense in adding all these weapons for your young QB if he's gonna be on his back.

Wrong Bobby LOL

Long signed, remeber? So now what? You are telling me two GM's let a top tier LT walk in his prime? Doesn't happen. If he was top tier Ireland would have signed him already.

Winston is a top tier tackle in his prime.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | March 23, 2013 at 08:26 PM

Really? Let's ask the Chiefs if they believe that. They had enough of Winston and released him after 1 year after just signing a 5 year contract.

I would sign him to fill a need as we will not be able to fill all them in the draft. However, he is not the answer. History tells you all you need to know about a player; Texans did not resign him in FA and then the Chiefs said don't let the door hit you in the butt.

Look at some of the talent that will probably be available at OT when the dolphins pick.



Agreed. LT is one of the most important positions on a team and those guys are not let go when they are top tier. That is why Long was allowed to walk. Top tier LTs are not cut one year after signing a 5 year contract.

boobydoohs is really stupid. just ignore him.

I predict they target #1 LT, #2 Eifert, #2 Elam

Shoulda known better then respond to a TROLL POS. Still didn't answer why Volmer and Smith haven't signed?? Know why, cause your a dumbass greasy POS. Don't expect anything less from a greaseball TROLL.

booby, why didn't you respond to Orlando Dolphan | March 23, 2013 at 08:46 PM?

cuz u be wrong again.


Boycott (FemCott?) Who is we? Not me!

they just dont get it. winston was awful last year in pass protection

dusty, most people from miami are exceptionally stupid. they don't read and have very short attention spans. the public school system is a joke, all discipline and no learning. irresponsible parents too. it's a town for strippers druggies and immigrants mainly.

so thats the problem


Not sure I agree on your take on Winston and some of the other FAs out there. Just a year ago the Chiefs gave Winston decent money on a long term deal. Why did they chop him a year later? Because it's a new regime and they just signed Bowe to a big deal, franchised Albert, took on Smith's contract and by all accounts they're going to take a tackle with the top pick. Are you REALLY going to tell me they chopped him because of his performance last year? I'm not buying it....sorry.

They feel they can get a better and younger player, at less money than Winston. That doesn't make sense to you?

Also, I think Dumervill could help this team at the right price, as could Grimes. And keep an eye on Eric Wright in Tampa. If they chop him, he could help our secondary, again at the right price.

craigarrhea is from canada where they are even dumber than people from miami. i've lived in both places so i know.

the premier fa's have been signed,the rest are aging or marginal players and now teams are waiting to see what they get in the draft first.

craig even the old staff was close to benching him in week 10. he was solid in run prot, but just horrible and i mean horrible in pass. so many bad holding calls also. i would love grimes and wright

notice ireland wanted to sign him last year, but not this year. i wonder why? could be he saw the kc tape. i think we sign him only if there is no other alternative. martin can not play lt.

oh no, are we even going more crazy and acting like winston can play left t for us???? that would be a disaster

miguel (yeah right,.....wink.....wink),

If Ireland didn't want to sign him because of his tape then why has he been in for a visit and why have they had talks with his agent? Maybe he hasn't signed because Ireland's not getting his him at his price yet?

it's called due diligence and cya. the team has no legitimate lt. if winston was anything special he'd be signed already. he is nothing but a stop gap back up plan b, obviously.

id take him at a very reduced price craig. but if we could get kc to only take a 2nd rd pick for albert id do that. lock down city at lt and put martin back at rt. albert demolished people for charles to run through huge holes and nobody ever hits the qb vs him

irelands price is very low for winston because he knows a rookie will be better.


I'm not sold on Albert at all. I don't even think KC likes him at LT and I have no interest at the price he wants. So let's see....we could have had Long and not given up a second and now you want us to give up a second and pay more money? No thanks.

long sucks. albert is a stud in his prime. find some tape and watch the guy, its lock down city man


I thought you said, 'Ireland had no interest in Winston because he'd seen tape of him in KC.' Which is it man? You're wavering....

if u want martin starting at lt for us craig then u can kiss anything good happenning this year for us. martin would get destroyed even worse than long did

Yeah I'd give Martin a shot over spending big money and a second round pick on Albert. But I'd rather move up and get Johnson by using a second round pick and pay a younger guy less money.

https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/03/10/performance-based-value-offensive-tackles/ funny article here letting people know just how bad long was

i'm not wavering, your are just ignorant of how things work. you don't understand what it means to do due diligence and have a plan b or plan c. obviously winston is not seen as plan a or he would be signed already.

OK miguel. Glad you're here to keep us all straight. Guess we don't need Twitter or Armando as long as you're here.

craig we don't even need you here.

so give up our 2n rd pick to move up and get johnson instead of giving up our 2 rd pick for albert and drafting say rhodes at 12. so basically u would deal albert and rhodes for johnson. wow

Yep, I'd rather do it that way dusty than pay Albert the kind of money he wants. I like Rhodes a lot but I think you can still get a good corner in the second and third rounds. Johnson's a much better athlete than Albert and younger and he'd be much cheaper.

wow craig well fair enough. im not giving up 2 players for one, def not when we have the money to pay him

Craig M is for MORON

I like Johnson that much dusty. We'd be set at the position for the next 5-8 years and for the first 4-5 we wouldn't be paying him the crazy money we gave Long roight out of College.

Craig M = Village Idiot

There's 'Canadien Bacon'. What a SURPRISE!! Like we didn't know you were there bud....you're only here 24/7......ya freak!!

yeah but we have zero corners on roster that are any good at all. and albert is a very good lt

Canadiens talking MIAMI football? HILARIOUS!!

Maybe I am bud but at least I'm not here 24/7 posting under all this idiotic names. You're not fooling anyone.

Cant the canadians find a canadian blog?


I think you're over-rating Albert. And he's certainly not worth anything close to the money he wants. Let KC figure it out. If they want to play him $10 mil AND draft a tackle that will be better than him long term then go ahead. It's clear they don't rate him that highly, as they would have signed him long term if they could have. Let them get out of the jam. They'll be letting him walk in a year or two....watch.

Craig M is for MORON

I like Johnson that much dusty. We'd be set at the position for the next 5-8 years
Posted by: Craig M | March 23, 2013 at 10:41 PM

don't you realize that is what everyone thought about long? are you that incapable of learning anything?

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