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Branden Albert available as a LT option

During the NFL annual meeting, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland talked about how everything is on the table as far as making the team better. He mentioned free agency in all its forms, from street free agents to top-end free agents to lower-rung free agents. Obviously he mentioned the draft.

And he mentioned trades.

And so I have to throw this out there now:

The Chiefs have left tackle Branden Albert on the trade market.

The Dolphins, who are moving up after deciding Jake Long and his questionable injury history were too pricey to retain for $8.5 million per season, need a left tackle. Yes, the club has Jonathan Martin on the roster and he finished out the 2012 season at the position. But as coach Joe Philbin said "there's a lot of time between now and September. A lot of things could happen ... "

Trades are one of those things that can happen. Specifically this trade. The Dolphins will at least be investigating the possibility and likely will be interested in pursuing it.

Albert is not cheap. The Chiefs want a second round pick for him this year, according to multiple reports. There is also the likelihood another conditional pick in 2014 could be involved.

That's a steep price.

And then you have to consider the Dolphins, or any team paying that compensation, would also have to sign Albert to a long-term deal. And that deal would probably cost aroud $8 million per year.

Expensive for a player I'm not all that certain is great. I mean, he's good enough that the Chiefs put a franchise tag on him. But he's not so good that they are unwilling to trade him. He's not so good that they clearly believe a rookie left tackle in the draft would be an upgrade because that player would be younger, cheaper and, yes, possibly a better player, too.

The Dolphins have two second-round picks. They also have two third round picks.

As the Kansas City asking price is a second-rounder, I might not mind offering a third. I doubt any third-rounder Miami picks up this year would start right away as Albert would so it might be a good deal for Miami.

At any rate it deserves consideration. And I'm sure the Dolphins are considering it.


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Sure thing YG.....try getting a life son.

I'm going to let this lunatic rave on. Night fellas.

a common fly has a better memory than craigarrhea.

course they will craig if they draft a lt, which they are trying not to do by trading down. if not though they will end up paying albert

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OK miguel. Glad you're here to keep us all straight. Guess we don't need Twitter or Armando as long as you're here.

Posted by: Craig M | March 23, 2013 at 10:35 PM


Hey MiGel, how do I follow you on Tweeter?

so give up our 2n rd pick to move up and get johnson instead of giving up our 2 rd pick for albert and drafting say rhodes at 12. so basically u would deal albert and rhodes for johnson. wow

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 23, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Dusty that's some kind of circular reasoning right there.

Albert is an EXPENSIVE OLD player with a bad back. He puts us right back on the cap strapping road(as bad as Long)and Rhodes is a reach at 12.

To each his own, but I'd use one of the 2nd's to trade up for Joekel or Fisher. Some claim it would only take a 3rd to move up enough for Johnson.

Then I'd take Jamar Taylor(Boise)in the 2nd. Taylor's as good as, if not better than Rhodes anyways. He's a better system fit too.



Posted by: ALoco | March 23, 2013 at 11:47 PM

He's trying to decide which name to use next LOL...

Tell us again how Odrick was a top 5 - 3-4 DE for all those years LOL...

The Chiefs are in COMPLETE dissarray.

Not just their losing ways, but cap strapped as well.



Alex Smith


Sean Smith



They have some Pro Bowlers and guys like McCluster whose contracts will be up next year.

Winston is who we thought he is: Winston. He's not as bad as some are making him out to be. And Reid didn't decide to let him walk because he "Sucks".

That might be "Good Enough" for "Dolphins In Depth", but it's just a tad bit more complicated than that in the real world.

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Sign Grimes(cheap), Winston(cheap) and Moore.

Then draft Johnson and CB Jamar Taylor in the 1st two rounds.

Our O-Line would consist of:

LT. Johnson.
LG. Cogs.
c. Pouncey.
RG. Brandon Moore.
RT. The winner out of Winston and Martin.

The Loser, along with Samuda, Jerry and Gardner make up our depth.

Our CB's would be Grimes and Taylor with Marshall and Patterson playing nickle and providing depth.

Tell me that wouldn't ROCK!!!!

Now when I have a hottie over, she has my attention for 24 hours.

When odin has a 'hottie' over, he is back blogging after 30 minutes. ROFLMAO!

Posted by: Busted again | March 24, 2013 at 01:16 AM

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OK...Sunday morning and the most current reports from NFL.com suggest Dummervil is either sticking w/ Denver or going to Ravens. They are also reporting that Osi is going to Atlanta. Two veteran pass rushers appear to be signing somewhere other than Miami.

There is a lot of debate around Tackle. Albert? WInston? Volmer? Draft?

What about CB? I can't see us going with Patterson and Marshall as our starters.

These are the big needs of the Fins at the moment. The team still has some decent cap space that could be used in Free Agency. I don't see why they wouldn't spend the $'s and sure up another position with a veteran prior to the draft.

Beware the "Brides of March."

Most football fans are cognizant of the foibles of using free agency to build a team. Adding a player or two to shore up an otherwise competent roster is one thing; selecting mercenaries to create a core is quite another. Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has some thoughts on the 2013 Dolphins here:

Ireland doesn't appear to be finished with his FA spending, either. So far he has created contracts which blossom in later years in order to allow for more acquisitions this year.

So why isn't he filling remaining holes? Well... an alternate thought says he has FAs and draft picks from last and previous years that have potential but so far have proven inadequate. He wouldn't want to pay dearly for FAs and have them resting on the bench as backups if some of his previous acquisitions jell. He'll most likely wait until prices and contract terms become more reasonable or as other factors dictate more timely action.

A LT would not be a popular pick at 12 but I could understand taking Johnson. He's a beast. Protecting T-Hills blind side for the next decade isn't such a bad idea. Although, again, my personal chioce is Tavon Austin. A possible scenario? Draft Johnson at 12 then trade back up into the 1st with our two 2's and grab Austin. I say why not?

Mando, the draft is full of tackles. Big guy's, fast guy's even fast big guy's...Why give anything for Albert?

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