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Branden Albert available as a LT option

During the NFL annual meeting, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland talked about how everything is on the table as far as making the team better. He mentioned free agency in all its forms, from street free agents to top-end free agents to lower-rung free agents. Obviously he mentioned the draft.

And he mentioned trades.

And so I have to throw this out there now:

The Chiefs have left tackle Branden Albert on the trade market.

The Dolphins, who are moving up after deciding Jake Long and his questionable injury history were too pricey to retain for $8.5 million per season, need a left tackle. Yes, the club has Jonathan Martin on the roster and he finished out the 2012 season at the position. But as coach Joe Philbin said "there's a lot of time between now and September. A lot of things could happen ... "

Trades are one of those things that can happen. Specifically this trade. The Dolphins will at least be investigating the possibility and likely will be interested in pursuing it.

Albert is not cheap. The Chiefs want a second round pick for him this year, according to multiple reports. There is also the likelihood another conditional pick in 2014 could be involved.

That's a steep price.

And then you have to consider the Dolphins, or any team paying that compensation, would also have to sign Albert to a long-term deal. And that deal would probably cost aroud $8 million per year.

Expensive for a player I'm not all that certain is great. I mean, he's good enough that the Chiefs put a franchise tag on him. But he's not so good that they are unwilling to trade him. He's not so good that they clearly believe a rookie left tackle in the draft would be an upgrade because that player would be younger, cheaper and, yes, possibly a better player, too.

The Dolphins have two second-round picks. They also have two third round picks.

As the Kansas City asking price is a second-rounder, I might not mind offering a third. I doubt any third-rounder Miami picks up this year would start right away as Albert would so it might be a good deal for Miami.

At any rate it deserves consideration. And I'm sure the Dolphins are considering it.


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Take it from someone who works at USC and has seen enough of Barkley the past few years, he is not another Andrew Luck. He'll be better than Mark Suckchez, that's for sure.

The best way to get a better blog. Is to ban bloggers like " just saying " and I think we all can agree.with that ...yall know what im saying. This guy is a complete idiot. ...just saying.

I'd take Jake Long over Albert 8 days a week.

to Rahn,

I was called a idiot blogger for saying that Dumervil was interested in the dolphins according to a Quote from his agent. I expressed my interest in signing Dumervil and this A#@hole called me an idiot blogger. Read the new article, who's the idiot now!

I dont think you can group all USC QB's together as not working out. And GM's dont show their hands as far as who is on the radar or not. We'll see. I just think Barkley is a good value at #12.

hey YG, I'm a Tar Heel fan and Miami beat us like a dog, broke my heart but the were due for a acc title. Also, Larkin should go to the NBA Immediately cause he is the best point and scoring guard in NCAA BB.

I wish YG would come back but he texted me that he is studying his poo (he went on the kitchen floor).

Posted by: YG's Friend Stanley | March 22, 2013 at 04:30 PM

This is the same guy that claims to be The Dolphins In Depth "Master".

This is how he shows off all of his "Superior Intellectual Skills".

He'll deny it of course and convince HIMSELF that he has us fooled.

You unmistakable sick little Puppy, say: Woof!

The troll turns odin into a driveling chimp at will. One post and odin spends the rest of the night writing like he just had a labotomy...bwaaahaaaaahaa

Sad really. Very sad.

Chuck in Ohio, what u want to do is leave the Mandarin with your most expensive looking clothes on, your best shoes, watch and chain. Make sure your wife looks stunning in her best evening dress with her diamond earings that you got her years ago for your anniversary, that make her look so ravishing and elegant. Walking from the rail to the stadium via NW 27 ave is a breeze, do not let the posters here fool you. Make sure to stop at the Carol Mart for some fine shopping before getting to the game (your wife will love it)! After enjoying a Dolphins win, you can take the same way back to the rail. There are numerous places where you can grab a bite to eat if you are hungry such as Snappers, Popeye's, KFC and Church's where the dining may not be quite like the Mandarin.....but you and your wife will, no doubt, enjoy the ambiance!

John "The Dolfan", RE:

Yesterday's gone 4Ever, would you say take Tavon Austin, Cordelle Patterson at #12, and trade back into the end of the first round to take Terron Armstead, if Lane Johnson doesn't fall into our laps at #12.

Posted by: John "The Dolfan" | March 22, 2013 at 06:38 PM

I would never take Tavon Austin #12. Because if I missed, I would rather miss drafting a "big wr" at #12(Patterson).

Armstead is interesting. We have 2 2nd rd picks. If don't use the 2nd 2nd rd pick, he's probably gone anyway.

But, if he's still there 1st pick of the 3rd rd, I would serious consider packaging one of our 5th rd picks to move to the top of the 3rd rd, and perhaps our best 7th rd pick.

That swapping 3rd rd places with KC, plus a 5th and 7th at best.

Posted by: Sinatra jr | March 22, 2013 at 07:19 PM

Sorry about your luck buddy. LOL...

Posted by: odinseye | March 22, 2013 at 07:27 PM

Only you would feel inferior. Even the thought of another human being's superior to one's self is an "inferior thought" process.

Do you have these sort of thoughts often Oddy baby? LOL...

Bad thing for Tavon Austin, folks, is that in college he was their go to wr. Not many NFL teams are going to make a 5'8 174 lb wr their go to guy. At his size, how long will he hold up without serious injury is the key. Even if for 2-3 seasons.

In college Austin was catching 9-12 balls a game. When I looked at his stats, the more he was used, the further his ypc dropped. He avg right at 12 ypc in 2012. Hardly worth #12 overall if expecting to make him the staple of your wr corps.

Even as a complimentary #2 wr, he still isn't worth a #12 overall picks. Top 25, maybe.

Why not just take the best prospect out there and grab Patterson? Why second guess things or hope for a lesser WR later on when what we need is the best?

Hate to say it, but, the Pats are probably the team that best suits Austin's talents. He could easily be #1 wr in their system simply because presently it's:

1. Centered around a TE passing attack
2. Then slot wr
3. Then the wideouts

That's why the Amendola signing was so important to them. Their wideouts are actually like their 3rd option in their offense.


Patterson is a "potential thru the roof" caliber wr. Funny thing about potential in the nfl is it takes at least a couple seasons to develop.

I can see Patterson making large contributions his first year. But I don't see him taking the league by storm in this same 1st season.

3-4yrs down the road, yes, I can envision him hitting strides of being a top 5 nfl wr. Its a question of would Ireland invest so heavily(#12) in a vision 3-4yrs ahead of us?

I wont bank on that.

I like Austin but I'm also worried about him holding up. I think as a return guy he is going to be HUGE playmaker. There are some Mocks having the JETS taking him. Now the problem with Patrerson seems to be, how do I say this, is he is not to intelligent it seems. I still believe where we are slotted at 12, a pass rusher like Anash or a safety like Vaccarro would be the pick.

If you don't invest now in the offense of the future then when? What is the alternative? Hope for some later round surprises or continue to pay fortunes in FA? When will we have a pick this high again? There are times to roll the dice and this feels like one of them. Drafting lineman after lineman in the top round has gotten us nowhere.

Ok I no longer like Incarcerated Bob. He's now reporting that Lebron is linked to a steroids clinic.

Of coure he's not right all the time. Although he was first with the Wallace prediction and first with Amendola going to the Pats, he also had New Mexico going to the final four in his bracket and they lost to Harvard.

The Heat haters would love it if that story was true though.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 22, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Youre right! Pattern entered division 1 via juco. He's hugely talented and potential's thru the roof. But, is he mentally fast enough to digest Sherman's playbook?

We see it playing out right now with Egnew. Philbin says he need to get his "game speed" up. Slow game speed means thinking.

Thinking means playbook comprehension problems. When you get the playbook down you no longer have o "think", therefore your play speed increases.

Vaccaro is slow and will fall to the second or third round. Not a chance we pick him either way.

Our two safeties grade out better than many of you think and still have upside.

I see the need at LT, TE, CB far greater right now.

John the Dolphan is right about not trading a second round pick, a future pick, and 8 million dollars for Brander Albert. I agree that if we are going to trade a 2nd round pick lets trade it to move up in the draft to take a younger, better, and cheaper OT like Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson. Better yet, they can take Milliner.

Trading for Albert would be a very big mistake. Your are better off moving up taking Milliner and signing Winston as a stop gap for 1 year. That may even enbale them to sign another FA for the DL and take a young guard like Barret Jones or Justin Pugh with their other 2nd round pick.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 22, 2013 at 08:05 PM

If you drop a piece of paper on the lawn of a steroid clinic, youre automatically linked. Maybe it was found someone working at that clinic has a Lebron rookie card.

Now that's a link, brother! LOL...

Dolfan Rick, incarcerated bob gets nowhere if he believes he gonna take down LeBron. This isn't MLB. The NBA would never cooperate with this. NBA know who butters their pockets and they protect their stars. LeBron is the biggest of big for the NBA. Right or wrong Incarcerated Bob gets nowhere with this.

I think that the smaller players like Austin may be able to hold up in the new NFL. WRs no longer have to worry about running across the middle. If they get

This kid is a football player. He ran a 4.34 in the 40s and is tough. He had the most impressive game in college football last year against Oklahoma:

544 all purpose yards, 344 rushing yards, and 2 TDs. That was an incredible performance!

YG @7:54.

Agreed. That Is How The Pats Offense Looks. Some People Think That Is How The Fins Offense Is Ran Also.

The Fins Passing Offense

1.The Wr's
2. The Slot
3. The Rb's
4. Then The TE

The TE Is Not That Big A Priority In This Offense. AND I Say TE, Because The Fins Will Not Be Using 2 TE's To Throw The Football!!

Agreed. On The Public Transportation. If You Are In A OK to Bad Neighborhood. The Bus And Train Will Pass Every 15 Minutes. When You Start Getting Farther Away From Downtown The Buses Start showing Up Less And Less.

If You Are Staying At A 5 Star Hotel, You Can Afford A Regular Car Rental. Taxi Is Not The Way To Go.

I Once Took A Taxi From The Airport To My House. It Cost $70. I Live Off Of Ives. Same Exit As The Stadium. Miami Taxi's Are The Biggest Rip Off's!!

I Would've Known A Taxi Ride From MIA To County Line Was $70!! I Would've Rented A Car For 1 Day. Even If It Was Just To Ride Home From The Airport.

If the Dolphins were so high on Clemmons at safety, he would have gotten more then a one year deal. Safety is a weak point for the Fins. I expect they will bring in a safety to compete with Clemmons.

Actually if the draft were held today I would say we would have to forego bpa and go with bpa in a position of need.

How about:
1.Lane Johnson
2Jordan Poyer
2Larry Warford
3Gavin Escobar
3Marcus Wheaton
4Baccari Rambo
5Tyrann Mathieu
Kenjon Barner

Just spit balling. Probably change it tomorrow..lol

Trade Davon Bess and a 3rd round pick for Albert. Take Tavon Austin with the first pick. You talk about explosive, W. Virgina would line this kid in the back field, in the slot, split him out, kick returner. By far this kid is the most explosive and exciting player in college football. Go take a look at the highlights of that Oklahoma game, WOW.Take Zach Ertz in the second round and our offense with the FA additions will be dynamite.

Take a RB and defensive players the rest of the draft.

Well Bob..or at least his website reported 4 days ago that Grimes to Cleveland was a done deal pending a physical. I haven't seen that happen yet either.

I like some of these guys still off the radar where we can get value and quality

2nd or3rd- Vanny Kahn, Clinton Keyes
4th- Burt Jenson, Marcus Haines

Offensive Play makers In The First Round


The Other First Round Talent On Offense Is On The Line.

T.Austin Is Not A First Rounder.

None Of The TE's Are First Rounders.

Matt Barkley Sucks!! Big Time. The Guy Is A Bigger Fluke Than J.Clausen!! Hopefully The Bills Draft Him.

J.Jones Is A Bust. The Self Proclaimed Best Player In The Draft Ran A 4.9-40!!

J.Jones Is A Bust. The Self Proclaimed Best Player In The Draft Ran A 4.9-40!!

Posted by: daShei | March 22, 2013 at 08:35 PM

Kind of like your self proclaimed being 95% right LOL.


Austin will go in the 1st rd. Bet on it. Maybe not top 15 but 1st rd. Also heard that teams were seriously concerned with Patterson's intelligence.

Take a look at the link below. Tell me this guy is not the most exciting player coming out of the draft. I was this game and I was in aw. Just a natural explosive runner. You guys want speed and cut ability. Take a look at the like below. Biggest play maker in the draft. Sorry, I know the link is a little goofy but cut and paste it and enjoy. Let me know what you think after watching this.


Intelligence? The best Miami Dolphin of all time was also perhaps the dumbest. Dan Marino routinely makes a fool of himself as an analyst. He never has an interesting opinion, he never adds anything to the conversation. None of his comments show an ounce of insight. His colleagues all blow him away and make him look dumb. Because he is dumb.

Sorry but its true.

But there is such a thing as football intelligence that doesn't get measured in these tests they take.

By the time the draft gets here teams will get crazy with QB's as well.

Think about Locker, Ponder, Freeman, Sanchez, and even Tannehill.

I could see Nassib, Smith, Manual and even Barkley going higher than anyone expected.

Marino could read a defense.

I Would Rather The Fins Go After D.Robinson Instead Of S.Bailey Or T.Austin.

Tavon goes down very easily. He is dynamic, but as others point out, he is a tiny kid. One head on collision with these NFL players twice his size will rattle if not break his whole rib cage.


A taxi from Miami airport to county line? Wow, you should have known that you were in for it.

Hell, I think it would have been cheaper to rent a car at the airport and driven home. LOL...

Folks there is the tri-rail I take from Broward to the Airport for about $1.50. Parking is free at the tri-rail stations.


150 pennies.

Value and off the radar = acorns. Haven't we seen enough of that the past 5 years?? Not interested in those types of players, especially in the first 3 rounds. I want to see players who have proven themselves in their college careers. Off the radar guys are called bodies. Not interested and I hope Ireland sticks to his word and is drafting BPA and playmakers

Tavon's size is very similar to Santana Moss and Percy Harvin. He is not as fragile as some may think, this kid did not just play WR, West Virginia would line this kid in the backfield as a running back. He rushed for 344 yards against the Sooners. Not a AA school, he made Stoops defense look slow and clumsy. I am telling you, he does not get passed the Rams at 16.

You line Austin and Wallace outside for the fins and you talk about taking the top off. They would put fear in opposing defenses.

Ok, I see its 3.75 now. Three dollars and seventy five cents.

Many have an aversion to public transit, but the train is smooth, quiet, quick, runs on time, not many stops.


Look at te playoff teams. None had a wr as their top offensive playmaker. Look at the Vikes, how far away were they from the playoffs and Peterso damn near made nfl history.

In today's nfl, if your rb is your top playmaker, your passing game sucks. In todays nfl, when your passing attack sucks, so does your regular season record.

Just say no to Lacy at #12. We're not trying to turn the pages back to the early 70's in nothing but wins baby!

like most here, I agree, keep the picks and figure something else out.....or use 1 or 2 of them and trade up if anything, to grab one of the young prospects that will cost very little for 3-4 years

Agree Bobby. I was thinking the same thing when i saw that post.

I think we still need an OT and CB before we can go bpa though.


Tavon Austin will be a top 25 pick. Please relax. LOL...

Ok off of work, time to go hit the Hard Rock and play. Enjoy the evening!!

Cleveland took an RB at #3, how much did it help them? Buffalo took Spiller at #6 and the team is still going backwards.

Is anybody watching the Florida Gulf Coast game. They have put a beat down on #2 Georgetown. Georgetown is coming back but Florida Gulf Coast has been impressive.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 22, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Fk you bobby, dammit Im not even in Miami right now. Good ole times at the Hard Rock. LOL...

Florida Gulf Coasst by 9 with 2 minutes left. I guess the win against Miami was not a fluke.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 22, 2013 at 09:00 PM

Born and raised in FLA and have never heard of Florida Gulf Coast. Is that a bible college or something? LOL...


I wsitched to the GT Gulfcoast game. Still never heard of these guys. They win tonight and the entire nation hears of them! LOL...


Not Saying T.Austin Won't go In The First. Just That I Won't Pick Him In The First.

The Only 2 Offensive Play makers With 1st Round Grade For Me Are E.Lacy, And C.Patterson.

Yes, C.Patterson Might Be As Dumb As A Rock. But He Is T.Austin In B.Marshall's Body. C.Patterson Was A Former RB. And It Shows when You See Him Run After The Catch. Plus, He Is The Best Red Zone Threat In This Draft.


Not Saying T.Austin Wasn't Great In College!! Just That He Won't Be A Good Pro. They're Is Small And Then There Is T.Austin Small. T.Austin Reminds Me Of D.Hall. A Great Returner and Explosive Special Teams Player. But Way To Small For Regular Plays.

D.Bess Is 3 Inches Taller And About 20lbs Heavier. And D.Bess Is A Small Player In The NFL.

People Want To Compare T.Austin To P.Harvin. Not Exactly A Good Comparison. Harvin Is 5'11" And 185+lbs.

Plus, Harvin Played With A Guy Who Couldn't Throw. T.Austin Played With The Best Qb Prospect Coming Out This Year.

And Most Of T.Austins Routes Didn't Go 10 Yards.

Small And Questionable Route Running? Not A Good Mix For A First Rounder.

Even If You Were To Compare Him To S.Smith From The Panthers. A 3rd Pick. Smith Is 20+ Lbs Heavier.

My Problem With These WVU Wr's Is Not Just That They Are Short. but That They Are Small!! 174lbs Will Get Broken In 2 In The NFL!!

I also grew up here and I never heard of them either until the Miami game. How did that program get so many athletic kids at a small school like that. The announcers mentioned earlier that 11 years ago they were teaching out of trailers.

This is a true cinderalla team but they are high flying.

On The Jake Long Situation?

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: daShe| March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Ireland Probably Wants To Sign Jake To A 3 Year Deal!! Jake Wants More Years!! But Ireland Has All The Leverage!!

Can't Wait To See The Final Deal When It Is All Said And Done. Bet It Favors Ireland.

Posted by: daShe | March 16, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Florida Gulf Coast leading Georgetown by 4 with a minute left. It will be sweet if they can hang on!!!

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