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Branden Albert available as a LT option

During the NFL annual meeting, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland talked about how everything is on the table as far as making the team better. He mentioned free agency in all its forms, from street free agents to top-end free agents to lower-rung free agents. Obviously he mentioned the draft.

And he mentioned trades.

And so I have to throw this out there now:

The Chiefs have left tackle Branden Albert on the trade market.

The Dolphins, who are moving up after deciding Jake Long and his questionable injury history were too pricey to retain for $8.5 million per season, need a left tackle. Yes, the club has Jonathan Martin on the roster and he finished out the 2012 season at the position. But as coach Joe Philbin said "there's a lot of time between now and September. A lot of things could happen ... "

Trades are one of those things that can happen. Specifically this trade. The Dolphins will at least be investigating the possibility and likely will be interested in pursuing it.

Albert is not cheap. The Chiefs want a second round pick for him this year, according to multiple reports. There is also the likelihood another conditional pick in 2014 could be involved.

That's a steep price.

And then you have to consider the Dolphins, or any team paying that compensation, would also have to sign Albert to a long-term deal. And that deal would probably cost aroud $8 million per year.

Expensive for a player I'm not all that certain is great. I mean, he's good enough that the Chiefs put a franchise tag on him. But he's not so good that they are unwilling to trade him. He's not so good that they clearly believe a rookie left tackle in the draft would be an upgrade because that player would be younger, cheaper and, yes, possibly a better player, too.

The Dolphins have two second-round picks. They also have two third round picks.

As the Kansas City asking price is a second-rounder, I might not mind offering a third. I doubt any third-rounder Miami picks up this year would start right away as Albert would so it might be a good deal for Miami.

At any rate it deserves consideration. And I'm sure the Dolphins are considering it.


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not surprising cause neither is very good

Lars at 1:23; Well said.

Winston was ranked 9th out of RT's last year and gave up 3 sacks. The past 3 years he was ranked in the top 10 RT's by pro football focus. Doesn't sound like he is not very good.

he was awful in pass blocking, guy got killed here in kc last year. theres a reason why 2 teams have let him walk now

I hope Ireland doesnt entertain the possibility of a trade and sign for Brandon Albert. It doesnt make any sense- give up a high pick (for a team and coach that is said to covet picks) and a big salary (wasnt the big salary the issue with Jake?)

Everything about this supposed trade stinks. It contradicts the vision I believe Philbin and Ireland have for the OL.

Got a guy killed? sounds like how Jake played last year. Sorry, I don't make the facts but they disagree that he is awful.

Doesn't sound like a great to deal to give up a high pick and paying the guy a big salary. I'm with you Frank from PA. Not really an option.

I think Ireland is blowing smoke and looking for yard sale bargains. We can hit the draft with what we have, but to add a veteran complement at a deal to a couple of positions only solidifies our sovereign position.
If you look at the roster,you will see that we have a plethora of talent that is unknown to us and the media in positions of need. Why would he overpay for a FA when it is not an upgrade over the young on our roster.

Has My Dog Woken Up Yet?

You Know My Mutt With 1001 Names


Here Boy. Come Out And Play.

C'mon Twinky.

Hold on just a minute....

...nowhere did I read that Ireland and company are seriously interested in KC's offer re: "wanting" a first rounder now, and a conditional in 2014 for Albert.....

....where does Armando get this from????? Just because Coach Philbin said something could happen between now and September.......??????!!!!...

..yah..we could all be dead by then too!!

...so from that one short quote, he makes the leap to anticipate a trade for an injured LT who wants as much or more than the injured LT we let walk (Long) ??????

..wtf ...there are 7 pages of posts based on Armando's speculation...

..if he wants to report something solid , and pertinent, why doesn't he find out why the Fins are NOT signing Eric Winston, RT, in whom they HAVE shown an interest ...

..and if there is nothing new to report...then WHY NOT JUST SAY THAT ??!!!!

Who wouldn't want to sign some of these guys at a yard sale prices? The left over FA's just don't see that the market has dried up and it's time to lock up a job. I see the same for Dumervil. He doesn't appear to be joining the team either.

yes dads ...but Albert for two high picks and 8.5 per yr is not yard sale......

....Dumerville, Winston, Grimes...all make sense if they are healthy and inexpensive...


....grimes agent has stated that his client will wait until after the owners' meeting.....so we'll see...

Mr. ALoco and Mr. Home,

Late night with all your imaginary friends??

I had a crazy thought this morning to continue our big splash.

Free agency:
Go all in and sign Dumervil and Grimes. Sigh DT Dwan Edwards. We still have the money to do this.

Trade: Trade a 3rd rd pick and Jared Odrick for Brandon Albert. He may not be a probowler yet but he can get the job done and you don't have to count on a rookie to protect the franchise's blind side.

1. Think playmaker. Patterson or Austin-WR.
2.Cyprien or Elam-S
4.Barrett Jones-G

We're fish, we should know how to make a splash!!!

The Dolphins are an Arena team. Strictly minor league garbage.

Ross and Ireland = The Two Stooges

Reality = I see one of the zero life idiots awoke. Probably the Haarpy one smelling his imaginary chem trails

My entire family is low life white trailer trash

Only a low life gringo would spend his day trolling a site and think he is actually funny when in Reality he is a low life gringo

odinseye | March 23, 2013 at 05:35 AM


Odor yet a again fills the blog with a full half page of cut and paste drivel about drivel nobody but he cares about.

Steve Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Home = white dumbass
ALoco = Cuban dumbass

They both represent the worst of their Country's. Two disgraceful sub-humans with very little to offer this Country.

go finssssssss go get grimes and albert and lets roll into draft loaded

Whats really disgraceful is the pathetic Dullfins. Losers EVERY year.

blackjack u just lied.

Sorta like my entire pathetic family

10 out of 10 Dolphin fans agree, Home and ALoco are trash trolling bandwagon jumpers who blow.

If it looks like poo, smells like poo, plops like poo...then no doubt, it has to be an odin.

Well so much for the Dwan Edwards idea. He resigned with Carolina.

I think we have officially fell into the Ireland Value Zone.

Ok I'm off to an ape sanctuary. The things my wife gets me into. :(

10 out of 10 Dolphin fans still agree. Omar Kelly smarter then Home and ALoco combined.

Say hi to Home's family Dolfan Rick

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage team?

Omar is an illiterate dope. How both he and Ireland still have jobs is just mind boggling.

Omar makes more then you AND doesn't live in Atlanta so he is obviously 10x smarter then you.

Zonk is Home together = a whole ass

I flush smarter things down the toilet everyday compared to Zonk

Omar makes more then me?? Really?? TOO FUNNY!!

odinseye | March 23, 2013 at 05:35 AM


Odor yet a again fills the blog with a full half page of cut and paste drivel about drivel nobody but he cares about.

Posted by: Odor needs help | March 23, 2013 at 10:47 AM


So true. The old drunken troll obviously has convinced himself we care about his blog pollution but the truth is he's just a car wreck curiosity of little to no interest to anyone here.

You live in ATL and you are a POS troll. You can't be smart enough to make money.

hulk hogan makes money

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was in the living room of our small Chicago apartment with Thelma and J.J. and we were all filled with excitement and anticipation about our imminent move to Alabama.

My husband James had just gotten a GOOD job as a trucker and he was bringing us down to start a new, better life.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A telegram! Must be more good news from James. Maybe some details about the new house he had purchased for us!

Then, my world came crashing down. I read the news that James--my beloved James--had been killed in a terrible accident. He was....gone.

Damn, damn, DAMN!!

Im totally against trading for an offensive line unless its a 3rd rounder or later pick. We should of resigned Jake Long or sign a right tackle and just let Martin start learning the Left tackle position. We have spent a lot of money time on veterans, now its time keep and use the picks we have to add younger talent.

Would you guys rather have Dumervil or Osi Uminyora?


I like the overall plan of having a young team that grows together. Miami this year will be an improved team--perhaps dramatically so--but they are no factor whatsoever in the Championship conversation.

Therefore, I see no dire need to add an aging veteran at an exorbitant price who will be of little use 2-3 years down the road when the team truly IS ready to make that final jump to Su[per Bowl caliber.

This team has no chance until 3-4 years AFTER Ireland is fired.

He's actually done quite a respectable job since Parcells stopped having final say over personnel matters.

I know that is not a popular opinion but could care less. It is accurate.

Well we'll find out soon Howie. Ireland is pulling out all the stops. This is the last year of his contract and I doubt he gets an extension until we lock down a playoff berth.

The team has gone straight downhill since Parcells left.

Howie.... Parcells-Henne...Nuff said. Other than the blip that was Parcells 1st year where Penny was gifted to us and we won the division, it's been downhill since Wanndstedt. I finally feel like it might be turning around.

Howie, the only thing that goes down is your mommy

Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn would be quarterbacking this team if they made decisions based on the 'expertise' of the fan base.

Frankly, those are the LAST people anyone connected to the Dolphins should be listening to for advice.

disagree fin, if they listen to fans luck or griffin would be starting for us

How's that?

They didn't have the first pick in the draft and couldn't offer the same compensation the Redskins did. Can't just conjure up scenarios not based on reality.

Besides, I'd give Griffin a 50/50 shot of even having five years as an NFL player. LOVE him but that guy is going to get assaulted constantly with that style of play.

exactly indy, us fans the whole time were saying dont win any meaningless games to end year and mess draft up, they did and colts lost games on purpose now have luck. with griffin we all yelled trade up! so yes those were both real as it gets

Parcells is a HOFer
Ireland is a Hall of Shamer
Parcells had us in the playoffs
Ireland has 4 consecutive losing seasons.
You have to be TOTALLY RETARDED to THINK the team is better off without Parcells!
Just look at the record DUMBO! LOL

Kyle Orton , Brady Quinn, and Matt Flynn are all better then either Chad Henne or Ryan Tannehill.

Nuff said thank you for your usual worthless drivel dumbass Home, I mean ALoco, I mean dumbass troll.

Hey, whoever is still with the team is great and whoever is no longer with the team, stinks. You get that?

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