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Brent Grimes visits the Dolphins

That stuff about the Dolphins slowing in free agency because they were waiting on Jake Long? No.

After signing both TE Dustin Keller and receiver Brandon Gibson today, the club also announced it hosted a free agency visit by cornerback Brent Grimes.

Grimes is a six-year vet who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. He made his way onto the team as an undrafted free agent and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. He has played 59 career games and has 13 career interceptions but last year played only one game due to injury.

Grimes tore his Achilles' tendon in the season opener and missed the rest of the season. It is unclear whether the 5-10, 183-pounder is fully recovered from that injury but it must be said the full recovery time for such an injury is usually more than six months.

Grimes, 28 in July, is the first cornerback visiting the Dolphins following the departure of cornerback Sean Smith.

Smith signed with the Chiefs after the Dolphins showed little interest in retaining him. Little interest is defined as the Dolphins didn't offer him a contract.

Cornerback is considered a deep position in this year's draft.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback and will get it either in free agency or the draft or, more likely,  a combination of the two. The only cornerbacks the Dolphins have on the roster with starting experience are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson and Jimmy Wilson.

Carroll started last year but lost his job late in the season. Marshall spent most of the season injured nursing a bad back that required surgery. Patterson was a late-season addition who started one game and promptly got injured. Wilson made one emergency start in 2011 but is considered mostly a nickel or dime player.

This has been a terrible year in the free agent market for corners. Grimes would be a good pickup as a stopgap or on a prove-it contract.


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Carga great logic. Its been 7 months. Guess revis is done also

Carroll and Smith are the worst CB I've ever seen with the Dolphins. I would give a chance to Grimes, specially if he's been that good. He cannot be worst than those two guys. Before he's hired, he has to pass the medical, so they will know if he's in good shape or not. Maybe they can sign him for a year, like Keller.

I suppose that now the priority in the draft will be defense with a RB and maybe a WR or TE or an OL man if Long does not sign. The Dolphins have to pick a safety and/or a CB in the first two rounds of draft.

Revis will never be the same. He'll be good enough to start though. Age and injuries do not go well together. Someone mentioned Marino...he never was the same after his achilles, not even close.

Screw scheme stock the cupboards. Dumervil spells doom for brady. Dude can get to the qb. Za thomas was too small e smith was too small nonsense. Just dont field 53 midgets and u be fine.

Grimes and Rhodes be fine with me

Why some of you choose to be in denial is beyond me. Who knows what state Grimes is in today. How do you sign a guy that is not even ready to play.

Dusty, don't sweat carga the troll. Same idiot sissy boy who said we will never sign Keller once he left.

Carga how u know hes not ready. He def will come august. They will do medical exam before any deal

Great news, Jennings signed with Minnisota. No chance we'll waste our time on that injured vet on the downside of his career.

And before anyone jumps on that that last post understand, i have shifted my focus from what do we need to what do we want. Still have plenty of picks to fill a hole or two.

That explains it bobby. Was wondering why he was acting like a retarded monkey

Medical exams. They did them on Odrick too and didn't know he had a fake leg. They did them on Marshall and didn't even know he had hip surgery. Those medical exams are useless.

Give him #53 and we'll have 53midget! Wakeville will be the name of the cementery where qb's shall be buried!


He was wrong on Wallace, wrong on Keller, wrong on Ireland but he uses different names so he doesn't look as dumb as he really is.

To tell the truth i thi.k whoever said dumervil aint comin here is right. BUT leave the lights on just in case cuz i aint turnin him away if he does.

Never talked to this bobby fellow. What are you guys all love buddies here?

Carga dumb as a retarded rock

Want to give the Pats a heart attack?? Bring in Pollard for a visit.

Uh carga jennings was off the table after day one as far as dolphins were concerned. Stay in jere you could learn a little somethin

Besides, I'm stating facts. Fins have had lots of bad medical advice in the past. Do you really think Marino got back to his old form after his injury?

You guys are just in denial for some reason. There is no argument to facts.

Dusty you yourself admit you have no idea what state Grimes is in with his rehab. No idea, yet you are in gotta have him mode already. They won't be able to properly evaluate him for months.

Dumervil ain't happening fellas. Denver will bring him back now that he restructured. Fins have cheaper options with Freeney or Abraham, that is if the Pats don't get them first. Umenyiora is still there too, although he still probably want to play most of the snaps at this point in his career. Fins would have to reshuffle the DL to make room.

Yea, carga stating facts, because once he finishes his part time job as fry cook, he does his full time job as NFL Team Doctor.

josh so far I've learned how plain stupid some bloggers are. People become infatuated from a name, or from a players performance years ago, and want to pretend they are still the same player today.

What's your beef anyway? Are you Grimes cousin or something? How do you sign a player that you won't be able to properly evaluate until he has more time to heal?


I've also learned some bloggers are so juvenile they call each other names like fry cook. Oh gee, that really hurts.

I wanna be buried at Wakeville cem.

bobbyd I don't need to call you any name because you are already doing a fine job of showing what you are that I don't even need to explain it to anyone.

Learning a lot here. Learning that there are still grown men having hissy fits over trivial matters.

No beef but ive seen Carroll play carga and id rather have a hobbled up grimes no joke bro

If Ireland does nothing more in FA, this FA can be labeled a success. I'd say he exceeded expectations. Looking forward to the draft.

You are correct tho a proper and thorough eval. Is a must. Caught up in the excitement over here ill admit.

The injury Grimes suffered takes 6 months to "heal" according to medical experts. This Injury happened in first game in Sept last year. It's been 7 months. Why does Grimes need more time to heal?? Is he a slow healer Dr. Carga?? Please enlighten us.

I'd rather have a rookie with promise than waste a year or two with a hobbled vet north of 30.

bobbyd, I see you can't even read either.

Marino had that same injury as I and others have pointed out. He was never back to his old form 6 months later, a year later, 2 years later, ever. If you think he was then you are alone.

I hope you are enlightened now.

What kinda fries? Seasond, curly cut?


Marino didn't need to run nearly as much as Grimes does. Grimes needs to run, pivot, react. There is a slim chance he will ever be the same player. I'd rather develop a rookie in the draft if that is our only other option.

Whatever bumps Carroll off this roster. Give him a basket of complimentary fries and kick him the f out the door.


THE CELLAR POSTER,,,,,........

tvegas897, huh?? Dumervil has no contract so nothing can be restructured. He was released from Denver. Denver now has to take a 3.94 million cap hit on Dumervil. If they want him back it is under a new contract, as if signing a free agent. So Denver has to take a 3.94 million cap hit, no matter what AND re sign him under a new contract. Might as well have paid him 12 million.

blim, go lick your moms herpes infested pussie....

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 08, 2013 at 09:08 PM

Wow. I see this blog is a soap opera.


I'd be really surprised if we started the season with Patterson, Marshall and a rookie battling for our starting corner positions.

You build through the draft but starting 2 rookies at corner would be suicide.

Perhaps Marshall and a rookie could be a possibilty but still the draft is a crap shoot, you can't count on it like it's a lead pipe guarantee the player you select can start day one.

carga, so what?? Marino had the same injury a decade ago so Grimes will never be back in form? Marino is not Grimes. Medical advancements have happened. Take a look at what this team is doing. They obviously want to fill all the open spots in free agency because they want to use the draft different.

BINGO !!! First a name we have never seen here (carga), then ALoco then a million names. Then he claims he is nit the troll with a million names. Yea, riiiight. Go shovel snow ALoco where you belong.

carga = Craig M



Haha, ding ding. Fries are up!!

ALoco, I'm asking you to get lost troll boy. Go sit in your basement and go to the Sun-Sentinel or another blog where I dont have to read you using a million names. BTW, rather be a low life then a NO life troll.



I really hope Jake Long signs with us.

Posted by: Steve
Jake's wife will make it happen. The Rams would have to come up with $4M + more to make it worth Jake taking the Ram's offer. He was so well paid for being the number one overall pick, it can't be about just the money. Just guessing but his wife most likely does not want to go where it snows. South Florida has to be worth something.

done deal

yeah its a little dysfunctional in here but trust me "fry cook" is a term of endearment in here. :)


Rookie corners start every season. It maybe is a crapshoot, but so is signing an aging injured vet whose recovery can not be determined.



This is like an expansion team with tons of new players lol

I am nobody else here, it's just me. This really is fantasy land.

Hell i told somebody to sack a duck over ireland earlier (@nd im behind him now). He a man he shook it off said f it prolly.

Just last year we heard Long was in the best shape ever, and he had his worst season and went to IR. Who can believe these medical reports?

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