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Brent Grimes visits the Dolphins

That stuff about the Dolphins slowing in free agency because they were waiting on Jake Long? No.

After signing both TE Dustin Keller and receiver Brandon Gibson today, the club also announced it hosted a free agency visit by cornerback Brent Grimes.

Grimes is a six-year vet who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. He made his way onto the team as an undrafted free agent and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. He has played 59 career games and has 13 career interceptions but last year played only one game due to injury.

Grimes tore his Achilles' tendon in the season opener and missed the rest of the season. It is unclear whether the 5-10, 183-pounder is fully recovered from that injury but it must be said the full recovery time for such an injury is usually more than six months.

Grimes, 28 in July, is the first cornerback visiting the Dolphins following the departure of cornerback Sean Smith.

Smith signed with the Chiefs after the Dolphins showed little interest in retaining him. Little interest is defined as the Dolphins didn't offer him a contract.

Cornerback is considered a deep position in this year's draft.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback and will get it either in free agency or the draft or, more likely,  a combination of the two. The only cornerbacks the Dolphins have on the roster with starting experience are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson and Jimmy Wilson.

Carroll started last year but lost his job late in the season. Marshall spent most of the season injured nursing a bad back that required surgery. Patterson was a late-season addition who started one game and promptly got injured. Wilson made one emergency start in 2011 but is considered mostly a nickel or dime player.

This has been a terrible year in the free agent market for corners. Grimes would be a good pickup as a stopgap or on a prove-it contract.


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Or he left. Not sure. ;)

In 5 minutes we all get to hear about ALoco's 7 course "Gourmet" dinner. Which means a Stouffer Microwave Dinner and. 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Philbin was a dumb jackass to play Long in preseason. Even Sparano knew better then that.

8 OUT OF 10 Fin Fans agree:

Signing Grimes is the key to a successful FA.

Carga, tell that to Adrian Peterson or the Vikings who just probably gave $50 million to an oft injuted 30 yr old Greg Jennings.

Theres lots of ways to build a team. The Dolphins will give Grimes a thorough evaluation. If he passes they will offer him what they feel is fair market price.

If he takes it I'll be a happy camper.

Keller just gave an interview. Used the term "dream team" thats good right? I am just kidding come off the ledge.

Agree paddy. Grimes is huge

There are some crazies on here carga.. That is a fact.

Watching the Jennings interview. He seems like a pretty sharp dude but I'm not sure about his all for the money plan.

From the Pack to the Vikngs....hmmm. Rodgers to Ponder??


Adrian Peterson is a super human freak of nature. Also it was a different injury. It is extremely rare that anyone recovers like he did, 100 to 1 shot.

My point is there is no way to determine today how far along Grimes recovery is, how can people just insist we have to have him? We've seen some players never fully recover from that injury and as a CB, losing one step is a BIG deal.

Have a feeling we are done tonight. Wonder how this long situation plays out. Cant hold arrogance wanting money or nagging injuries against the guy. He is a pro football playr. Proper price tag all we askin in here. Oh and cut Nolan Carroll. Regardless of whether or not we bring someone in. Askin for that too.


Leave it to Coach Joe or the GM Ireland.
Breath and relax.
It is coming.
Time to enjoy.

Its musical chairs at Dolphin camp. Getting rid of all of Ireland's players. HAHA

Con man Ireland = another clueless moron. We are in no cap troubles the next two years. There are plenty of...you know what look it up yourself instead of believing another moron who probably told you and you believed it.

My Pick Would Be Freeny.

Guys That Can mentor Vernon. And Fit That Trace Armstrong Role.

Grimes Will Only Get A 1 Year Deal. And Even Then The Fins Will Be Looking To Add 1 more CB! Ireland Is Going To Want 2 CB's For The Price Of S.Smith. And Even Then Don't Expect A 4yr Year Deal. Grimes And 1 More CB 1 Yr.

Starting to think with all these signings, Miami should trade away some of those picks and stockpile for next year.

You see it a lot. This years 2nd rounder for a teams 1st rounder next year.

This years 3rd rounder for a teams 2nd rounder next year.

That would be my play. Go into next years draft with two 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks. Because obviously, next year Miami will be ballin' on a budget.



pg13 read the article where grimes will be 28 in july and has posted a couple of times about him being too old at 30?

Jennings 5yr/$47.5m

At least I don't have to listen about Gourmet dinners or meatballs or any other garbage. That's nice. I take it Marie your imaginary girlfriend must have left you?? Haven't heard about her in awhile. Old delusional man

28 was another of Armandos journalistic blunders. He will be 30.

bobbdy12 is living proof that maggots mate with cockroaches.

I'm really liking what we're doing in free agency. The one thing I would say on the negative side is that it's the draft though that will define if Ireland has turned the corner as a GM and what could still bite us at some point.

He has to continue to improve in that area if we are to truly sustain anything. No time like the present with possibly 7 picks in the 1st 4 rds this year.

If we sign a decent corner and an OT we can go best player available and fill this roster with even more talent. Ireland doesn't need to be messing around with prototypes and sleepers, he just needs to draft some talented, productive football players IMO.

Gregg Rosenthal said, "a nice, low-risk high reward player if the price is right. One of the best free agents still available." He was refering to Grimes on nfl.com. Now it all depends on how much stock you put in Rosenthals assessment. Doesnt seem like a bad move to me.

Whenever I scrape the butt crack jam out of my rear, for some reason I think of bobbyd12.

Whenever my owner steps in fresh dog doo, I say holy bobbyd12!

Adrian Wilson is a Patriot if yall havent heard

josh, we all know how to read PFT. never underestimate others.

pg13 read the article where grimes will be 28 in july and has posted a couple of times about him being too old at 30?

Posted by: kevin | March 15, 2013 at 08:45 PM

Brent Omar Grimes
Born: July 19, 1983 (age 29)

So he is 29 at the moment WILL BE 30 to start the year.
Anything else you would like to add jackass??

Also, I never said he was too old. I do not dislike Grimes. Obviously if they sign him I hope he thrives and ballz out.
What I stated was that I like Marshall to start the season and that I would draft a DB (or 2) and let them compete with Patterson for the starting job. Unless we release Patterson but then I would be more inclined to draft 2 DBs. But one would have to be a sure fire (as sure fire gets when drafting) starter.

So as I stated before that...anything else you'd like to add jackass???

Lil' Wayne is about to die

Wade concussed.

There goes the season

Need a passrusher, T, cb, and rb depth. Have 10 picks 5 in the first 82 should b able to to get BPA and need great job Ireland

Bobby D12 You idiot. Check the books before you talk. I just listened to a 2 hour special about our cap space for next year. I believe profootball talk and the Joe Rose show before I believe anything you say.

josh, in case you haven't heard, the fins decided not to offer henne another contract.

FINS sign R.J. Stanford.... who the heck is this?

don't forget FS....

Going ahead full blast

Guess its the witching hour. Or more like fool hour.

bobbyd12 is a bully and a blowhard and a know-nothing poopy head.

stanford was on team last year

my son eats bat shtt off cave walls.

What you said, trade away some of our picks this year for next years? FUKKKK YOU, FUKKKKK YOU.

Grimes is legit.....definitely worth the risk if we're only talking a 1-2 yr deal at reasonable money

1413 covington ln wichita falls tx

We want no pusilanimes here, no spitters of blown sh-t, Beware!

Who Do The Pat's Have At CB?

A.Wilson Is A Good Safety. Specially Close To The Line. But Who Is Going To Cover Deep For The Pat's?

Wallace Will Still Get Deep. Do The Pat's Have CB's To Cover The Dolphins?

Who Has CB's To Cover The Fins Wr's?

Dweeb IS a bi*ch stop deleting my posts

Troll with a million names is here. Hey Douche, how'd that "we will never sign Keller once he leaves" work out for you?? LMAO!! Shows what a complete LOSER you are. I would hide behind all those names if I was as dumb as you to

if they address another need in FA (CB/Grimes, or Long), they should package a couple of picks and move up in the 1st (or back into the 1st in Rd 2) and grab higher quality players......one of the stud DEs or Tackles early, or Milliner if he drops a few spots.....or back into the 1st in Rd 2 and grab Eifert/Ertz or a CB--good options

Grimes is legit.....definitely worth the risk if we're only talking a 1-2 yr deal at reasonable money

Posted by: benz | March 15, 2013 at 09:11 PM


Like you would have any clue whatsoever.


no, bmw, the football guru, please fill us in with your vast knowledge......anything?

None of you turds have every been a scout, have ever coached a player, have no clue beyond that some hairdo on espn tells you. Yet, you come here on pontificate like you know something when in fact you know less than nothing. No NFL organization would pay any of you a nickel to do anything.

I realize that.

Most of you don't.

waiting bmw.....or oscar.....anything?

Mr. Jennings has a job.

You have anything else to say ill pay for the ticket ho

Con man Ireland, Bwahahahaha. Plenty of sites have been over the cap situation and cap hits for next year. The Dolphims will have plenty of cap space. Tannehill isn't up for contract and there will plenty of older guys who are going to be released, especially after this draft. Players will be replaced who are older and will cost larger cap hits. How PFT and Joe Rose can even start to figure cap hits without seeing who is on this team and who is drafted is a waste of time. Ireland and Aponte have been doing a fantastic job with these contracts.

I am always here.
I have always been here.
I will always be here.
I was here before there was a blog. Before cyberspace burst on the scene.
I am an elemental force of nature.

Often I take your name to spout the stoopid stuff other like-minded trolls mock. Other-times, I troll to agree with your stupid stuff, just to give you a false sense of confidence.

Your detractors are legion, but if it helps for you to think it's only me, you're welcome.

"too," also!

wow, breaking news there oscar......top notch

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