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Brent Grimes visits the Dolphins

That stuff about the Dolphins slowing in free agency because they were waiting on Jake Long? No.

After signing both TE Dustin Keller and receiver Brandon Gibson today, the club also announced it hosted a free agency visit by cornerback Brent Grimes.

Grimes is a six-year vet who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. He made his way onto the team as an undrafted free agent and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. He has played 59 career games and has 13 career interceptions but last year played only one game due to injury.

Grimes tore his Achilles' tendon in the season opener and missed the rest of the season. It is unclear whether the 5-10, 183-pounder is fully recovered from that injury but it must be said the full recovery time for such an injury is usually more than six months.

Grimes, 28 in July, is the first cornerback visiting the Dolphins following the departure of cornerback Sean Smith.

Smith signed with the Chiefs after the Dolphins showed little interest in retaining him. Little interest is defined as the Dolphins didn't offer him a contract.

Cornerback is considered a deep position in this year's draft.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback and will get it either in free agency or the draft or, more likely,  a combination of the two. The only cornerbacks the Dolphins have on the roster with starting experience are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson and Jimmy Wilson.

Carroll started last year but lost his job late in the season. Marshall spent most of the season injured nursing a bad back that required surgery. Patterson was a late-season addition who started one game and promptly got injured. Wilson made one emergency start in 2011 but is considered mostly a nickel or dime player.

This has been a terrible year in the free agent market for corners. Grimes would be a good pickup as a stopgap or on a prove-it contract.


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gay Kris = gay Josh

It is very VERY very difficult to say who is truly dumber, Kris or Craigarrhea

Anyone know where jake and jackies plane was headed?


Genius (sarcasm) Brian Billick is of the opinion that the Dolphins overspent. How can one trust a guy who unloads a Super Bowl quarterback (Trent Dilfer),gets fired,then continues to give off the wall opiniions that no one cares about anymore.


Kris is so hell bent against Ireland that it distorts his vision. He is way too dumb to see it. He is way too dumb to see how his own opinions are dumber than crap.

South Fl. gotta be lookin pretty good right now. Hope his pride dont keep him from comin home.

South Fl. gotta be lookin pretty good right now. Hope his pride dont keep him from comin home.



Workin on a phone app sorry for the occ. double up.

Dolphins need to keep up. Especially with Miami Heat and Canes basketball.

Picking up WRs like the Detroit Lions gets you no where. Yes, you need playmakers but if your QB does not have time to throw the ball it does not matter how many WRs you have. You try to get the best player available. According to Todd Mcshay Chance Warmack is the best Guard he has ever evaluated and the surest pick in this draft. I also saw a lot of Alabama games and he destroyed whoever was in his way. He would often pancake the DL and head to the LB. Ask Te'o about Warmack.

We have picked up enough WRs and after focusing so much at that position if Ireland missed on all these guys he should be fired. He needs to get the BPA at a position of need. That player is Chance Warmack.

then continues to give off the wall opiniions that no one cares about anymore.

Posted by: promichael | March 15, 2013 at 10:19 PM

This is pretty much what most think of your opinions.

@ U R All smarter than me, he does if his guys are losers and theirs arent! Ireland admits that egnew cant play a lick and ill forgive hime evrything. Even the dez situation. Hes proving himself a good gm by changing his stripes ( even if it was to save his job ) we will see what the draft brings but how can you knock him right now- hes doin his superman thing right now.

Hey Rento at least Billick gets paid for his dumb opinions unlike yourself.


We're just going to have to win to shut these knuckleheads up. I'm not sure why so many people love to hate on the Fins.

Armando is an inept writer, incompetent in English. He is an embarassment. Likewise, he draws bloggers that are either illiiterate or just geniunely dumb. very few here, if any, have any sense of objectivity or any ability to debate in a normal, educated, adult manner.

I don't want to generalize and offend all those that live in trailers, but the mentality here is largely uneducated, borderline illiterate trailer trash.

Well Dolfan Rick everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even the dull and ignorant like Rento. Oh wait he's not entitled, he's just to dumb!!!

Lotta soap boxes in here epilogue, which is fine, care to put a name to it? ??

Anybody else notice how during the ravens super bowl run the media couldn't stop raving about ellerbe how good he was and how he was a perfect replacement for Rey Lewis and Baltimore can't afford to lose him etc etc, now that he signed with Miami they say he's over paid and it's just a lateral move etc funny how the guy went from a perfect replacement for a hall of famer to a guy who's no better than dansby in two months, yes the media hates the fins

First and first mostly, for me it's about protecting our young signal caller. No disrespect but we can't get a legit WR corps and have slow, plodding Guards on the team. We have to get legit Athletic G's and a another T insomuch as a Lane Johnson if Long would happen to sign with St. Louis respectfully.

The question is which one of the name changing trolls is rento? And why do they choose to use fake names to jack with someone?

It's not like we can pop them in the mouth through the computer.

Been in a couple trailer parks and im pretty sure most of em have 1, 2, and 3 digit addresses. My info on here. So...... I guess my point is some people are nutless. And to anyone here who lives in a trailer, more power to em theres worse places to be in this world.


I know that Warmsck is a beast run blocker but is he athletic enough to fit into Sherman's zone blocking scheme?

Dolfan Rick,

One of two reasons. Either the name changing trolls are minors or they were to dumb to graduate high school.

Keep up with canes basketball. What a joke. Talk about speakin too soon. 1acc title and someone actually thinks they in front of somethin. GO NOLES!

The sooner we get rid of Ireland's players the better.


That is the question we very much need an answer to brah. It is my professional opinion that he is indeed not athletic enough. However, I do very much think Cooper out of UNC would do very well as a LG and we could move Incognito to RG.

Now take it out ya mouth.

Posted by: josh | March 15, 2013 at 09:37 PM

The Canes will win March Madness. Cant wait!!!

Very difficult to control name changing on Internet. Only way is what ENH did, everybody on Facebook.

Oscar Facebook is all spyware and not remotely identiy proof. Don't let the machine fool you.

love Grimes, if its a deal that protects the Fins I say sign him...you cannot draft a rookie and have him step in and shut down the NFLs best 1st yr,its a tough spot to be in as a rookie

not a fan of keller wouldve liked to see myers(oak) sign here

would like to see us keep bess,small cap hit why release him? now we have 4 experienced WRs wow !!!

need a RB still and a OT (winston??)

Well, commentaries have gone down drastically in ENH since they went to Facebook. Check it out.

They didn't like that one.

What are we doing with our below average QB? Hoping and praying?

Facebook is for kids, housewives and gossip queens. Facebook, like google, is more about Big Brother than anything else. They know more about you than you do.

Hurricanes got an outside shot sure. Enjoy it. ACC not a fun conference (i know seminoles fan) just wait till unc and duke re-up again and again and again and again. Canes be beggin to bolt the conf. Not knockin ya statin facts. Life hard in here.

It's alright, I know about myself, also.

I think we have to give Jeff Ireland an A ....no question..

....someone earlier pointed out the record the last four years .......that is evidence enough that change was needed..

.....and change we have seen...and perhaps we get to keep Long at a sensible price considering his injury history..and maybe bess stays as well....

...and if an experience CB is signed, ala Grimes..

..the Fins go into the draft already an overhauled squad..

...I have read the criticisms...but I for one think these were changes long due...

...looking forward to this draft and then camp...and then the season with optimism..guarded as it understandably is...

...GO FINS!!!! Good job Ireland and Ross and staff...

For those of you who don't already know....

All your actions on the internet are saved permanently. Email is saved permanently. You may delete it from your inbox, but it remains on the servers forever. Every single website you go to, every single website you visit, is saved, permanently. Every chat, every everything.

The authorities can track you and everything you have done online if they need to.

UNC fidna end our season in nine minutes. Back to the drawing board.

heehee, Lees

Don't send a ransom note on a paper from a printer. You may not know it, but every printer prints a hidded secret code on every piece of paper. That code can be tracked to the store that sold it and to who bought it. If by credit card, its easy, if by cash, they go back and review the video tape.

Not long a go a guy killed his wife with a shovel. They traced the embedded id to the store he bought it at right back to him. He is in jail now.



Ksc--I'm with you, brother. I quit watching NFL network because I just couldn't take them anymore.

Just hope the Canes can pull it off instead of Duke or one of the also rans. I would actually pull for the Noles as opposed to Duke putting yet another trophy on their mantle.

I posted that mouth comment once now they all say it when i post sorry guys dont know why. I been yappin ncaa ball and it just keeps postin my bad. Lol

Duke lost

Facebook and YouTube are tricks to monitor the population. Every search you do is recorded as well. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, are in cahoots with the government. Computers, internet, are huge security risks, that they now control and monitor 100%.

I sure hope the Dolphins can score tds this year. Even the Heat are up 3 tds right now.

21 Straight and counting baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so then they know that josh beats off online with old men?

Thats actually pretty interesting lees. But im not worried about anyones opinions of my posts personally ( obviously ) still good to know. Big brother dont give a f about this blog ya know.

Duke is done, man. Watch out for N.C.State though.

FSU down 17

You don't know the half of it, when they infrared you and satelitize you in your house(except for the bathroom) and up close when you go out. But relax, that's only for VIPs.

I really dont keep up with college basketball anymore. College basketball's been pretty much dead since guys have been coming straight to nba as high school, freshmen and sophomores.

The college game is sooooooooooo watered down from what it was 29yrs ago even.

20yrs ago

Need a red zone target for cheap? Got one. Rodney Smith from FSU is 6'4" with 10.5 inch hands. Fast and athletic WR projected in the late rounds due to an offense that did not utilize him.

Clearly, performance is not something Ross requires of Ireland.

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