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Brent Grimes visits the Dolphins

That stuff about the Dolphins slowing in free agency because they were waiting on Jake Long? No.

After signing both TE Dustin Keller and receiver Brandon Gibson today, the club also announced it hosted a free agency visit by cornerback Brent Grimes.

Grimes is a six-year vet who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. He made his way onto the team as an undrafted free agent and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. He has played 59 career games and has 13 career interceptions but last year played only one game due to injury.

Grimes tore his Achilles' tendon in the season opener and missed the rest of the season. It is unclear whether the 5-10, 183-pounder is fully recovered from that injury but it must be said the full recovery time for such an injury is usually more than six months.

Grimes, 28 in July, is the first cornerback visiting the Dolphins following the departure of cornerback Sean Smith.

Smith signed with the Chiefs after the Dolphins showed little interest in retaining him. Little interest is defined as the Dolphins didn't offer him a contract.

Cornerback is considered a deep position in this year's draft.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback and will get it either in free agency or the draft or, more likely,  a combination of the two. The only cornerbacks the Dolphins have on the roster with starting experience are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson and Jimmy Wilson.

Carroll started last year but lost his job late in the season. Marshall spent most of the season injured nursing a bad back that required surgery. Patterson was a late-season addition who started one game and promptly got injured. Wilson made one emergency start in 2011 but is considered mostly a nickel or dime player.

This has been a terrible year in the free agent market for corners. Grimes would be a good pickup as a stopgap or on a prove-it contract.


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Ross told Ireland to put players on the field that were exciting.
Philbin told Ireland the players that we need to upgrade and which ones are upgrades.
Ireland is figuring out how to get them.
He is protecting our ability to be aloof and unpredictable in the draft as well. This puts us in a position of strength in dealing with the other teams.

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Sign Grimes to a one year deal is fine. He played well pre-injury. Play well post-injury and get paid like a solid CB. Until then get paid like an solid CB with a serious injury.

Don't worry Fins' fans...Ireland has found 'religion' and he will not over pay for Grimes.

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Thus team needs bug time help at corner back. Sign Grimes and Winfield and draft two corners for these vets to teach them the tricks of
The trade. Also sign Jake for much lower deal. 5 mil a year. And a deceit signing bonus.

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Well there are some veteran corner out there Winfield Grimes
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I'm not going to lie. I really love just about all these moves.

You hear it in the way the players coming in are talking about this team. Listen to the Gibson interview. They have a lot of confidence in Philbin, and so do I. It isn't arrogance but a workman like attitude that we are going to come in here, work, and play some serious football. Good to great players that all are in the peak of their careers or at least appear to be ascending players. Not sure about Grimes or Jake Long, but I'd be interested in both if health concerns are addressed and at the right price. Monetarily, with the exception of the explosion in Wallace's cap number next year, these deals are pretty reasonable. Fasano signed 4 years $16 million last I saw (including a $4.5 million signing bonus). We signed Keller I believe for $4.25 million. I think Keller is better.

The coaching staff making these offensive moves tells me they believe in our young QB. I think we are largely keeping the players we want, and taking calculated risks with some (Long). I know we haven't played any football yet, but I like it.

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Chandler Burden and Andew McDonald, rookie FA Tackles Dolphins are working out.

Marshall nice when he healthy we need to cut carrol bum ass and the rest of the
No names and get grimes/a good corner in the draft

Tell Long to take a Hike, Sign Vollmer move Martin, Weaken the Pats and make Brady cry some more. I would go with Grimes over our current secondary but would sign for one year and a back out claus. i would also have Reed come in and see if he want back into Miami, Talib and Namdi are still out there. If they wee going after Bennett I do not see why the would have Dummerville come in to be the next Zack Thomas

This would be massive if the Dolphins can get Grimes locked up. The guy was one of best cover CBs in the NFL 2 years ago thus the Falcons franchised him.. Bad luck missing the entire year with an injury otherwise he would of been a pro bowler again and his price tag would be sky high. If the Dolphins put him thru a physical and he passes with flying colors they would be dumb not to lock him up on a 3 year deal, front load the contract with a big signing bonus and keep his cap number low this year.. He is the n1 lockdown cover CB we need. Signing Grimes would fill the Dolphins biggest hole and they wouldn't have to use 2 of our 5 picks in the 1st 3 rounds on 2 CBs.. You guys really want to start 2 rookie CBs anyway? This way we can nab a DE with the 12th pick Anhsa, Werner, Jordan, Tank Carradine, and then draft Ertz and one of Poyer, Trufant, Amerson, Banks, etc with our 2nd pick in rd 2.. Then with there 2 picks in rd 3 they can add to the WR corps with a player like Swope, Wheaton, Bailey, etc then with 2nd pick in rd 3 can take best avail. This is so doable. Get it done Ireland.

If Ireland can pull this off they are looking at a starting offense of
Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Jerry, (or rookie) JMart... Keller, Ertz, as TEs Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Bess, Rookie WR (Swope, Wheaton, Bailey, etc) Tannehill

Wake, Starks, BigPaul, (Rookie 1st round pick DE). Misi, Ellerby, Wheeler, Grimes, (Rookie 2nd round pick CB) Jones, Cleamons.

This team would be young, fast, athletic, and not have many holes at all.. And it's not like this is a dream.. It is very doable.. GET IT DONE IRELAND!!!

The Dullfins lost more talent then they gained LOL.

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