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Brent Grimes visits the Dolphins

That stuff about the Dolphins slowing in free agency because they were waiting on Jake Long? No.

After signing both TE Dustin Keller and receiver Brandon Gibson today, the club also announced it hosted a free agency visit by cornerback Brent Grimes.

Grimes is a six-year vet who has spent his entire career with the Atlanta Falcons. He made his way onto the team as an undrafted free agent and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. He has played 59 career games and has 13 career interceptions but last year played only one game due to injury.

Grimes tore his Achilles' tendon in the season opener and missed the rest of the season. It is unclear whether the 5-10, 183-pounder is fully recovered from that injury but it must be said the full recovery time for such an injury is usually more than six months.

Grimes, 28 in July, is the first cornerback visiting the Dolphins following the departure of cornerback Sean Smith.

Smith signed with the Chiefs after the Dolphins showed little interest in retaining him. Little interest is defined as the Dolphins didn't offer him a contract.

Cornerback is considered a deep position in this year's draft.

The Dolphins need help at cornerback and will get it either in free agency or the draft or, more likely,  a combination of the two. The only cornerbacks the Dolphins have on the roster with starting experience are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Dimitri Patterson and Jimmy Wilson.

Carroll started last year but lost his job late in the season. Marshall spent most of the season injured nursing a bad back that required surgery. Patterson was a late-season addition who started one game and promptly got injured. Wilson made one emergency start in 2011 but is considered mostly a nickel or dime player.

This has been a terrible year in the free agent market for corners. Grimes would be a good pickup as a stopgap or on a prove-it contract.


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I'm just throwing light jabs your way....mixed in with an "i told you so" here and there.....lol....

I only do it because I have respect for your post and the way you present yourself on this blog....

For the most part.....i only engage (in football conversations) those who I do have respect for.....the stuff you see a few post earlier is the usual NON-FOOTBALL related personal attacks from the same troll who will spend his ENTIRE weekend here hoping to engage the outside world in some form of communication....regardless of how confrontational or embarrassing it may be for him/her....

but you Bill...and others like you...who talk football...express and defend your thoughts (rationally)....its the few like yourself....that make putting up with the MANY aliases tolerable for short periods of time on the weekend...

#12 E.Lacy.


Name 1 Player In This Draft Who Had A Bigger Impact On The Field.

The Only Reason People Like Womack!! Is Because E.Lacy Was Doing All The Running.

Womack Doesn't Fit Philbin's Style. He's To Fat And Slow. And Nobody Should Pick A Guard #12!! Nobody!! A LT Yes!! A Guard Hell No!!

Wouldnt hurt to sign a vet like Bradshaw or Jacobs (Turner is cooked), but it would likely be on a 1 yr deal, and i dont know if we can fit it under the cap. Would rather sign a proven tackle (Long, Winston, Vollmer) to shore up the o-line with that money instead. If the line is solid there are a number of good rb's in the draft that can compliment Lamar.

Saturday is a slow day in the nfl nothing ever happens

I think the first wave of free agency is over


You've been pretty dead on so far, I give you that. I cannot however give you Lacy at 12. Miller is our guy and while Lacy could be a Trent Richardson he could also be a Mark Ingram who has been average at best o far.

Thats cause everyone's hungover! Only thing u hear from the nfl on saturday are the arrests in the strip clubs or the DUI's.

Posted by: Kris | March 16, 2013 at 10:51 AM

So Kris spends 4 paragraphs writing about how he isn't paying atention to the trolls. LOL. Uh, how dumb is that???

He failed to mention the only thing posted were his own words !

Lacy Is Better Than Richardson And Ingram Combined. Lacy Saw Carries While Both RB's Were At Alabama. Lacy Is The Reason Richardson Had To Leave Early.

E.Lacy Is Ricky Williams 2.0!! The NFL Wants To Change It's Rules Because Lacy Is Coming Into The League.

Lacy Doesn't Dance!!

Now Lacy Is Dashi's Pick. Not Saying The Fins Will Go After Him Just Yet. Free Agency Is Still Not Done. And All The Needs Aren't Covered.

But Some Of You Guys Want To Replace R.Bush and Don't Think L.Miller Is That Good. Draft Lacy!! He Even Made Te'o Come Out!!

People Ask Dashi How Do You Run Out Of 4 Wide. Eddie Lacy Is How You Run Out Of 4 Wide!! With L.Miller As A Change Of Pace Back!!

Apparently Mrs Long isn't tweeting today either.

The GOI (Gang of Idiots) - formerly known as the GOL (Gang of Loverboys)

Craig M
kRis (lol)

Craig M is now known as Craigarrhea.

I really like Bess but I do think the Gibson move makes him expendable. Obviously we need help in the secondary still, probably more at TE in the draft as well as DE. I expect them to sign one of these veteran corners available and then draft another first or 2nd round. I won't pretend to know who. I think there is a lot of confidence in Miller at RB and they'll pick up another in the draft I'm sure.

Losing Reggie Bush was a disaster. No reason to lose the only playmaker on the team with so much cap space.

Lacy College Stats

2010-56 Carries 406yds 7.3 Avg 6 TD's (Ingram was Starter, Richardson #2)
2011- 95 Carries 674yds 7.1 Avg 7 TD's (Richardson Was The Starter)
2012- 204 Carries 1322yds 6.5 Avg 19TD's

Great Production With Limited Carries And Played In The SEC!! The Guy Averaged Over 6.5 Yds For His Career!! And Knows How To Get In The End zone From Inside The 5!!

Lacy Doesn't Dance!!


I know Lacy is gaining some steam and moving up but I haven't seen one board or mock that has him going higher than the 25th pick. A lot of them don't even have him going in the first rd.

LeVeon Bell--big and bad.

I'd use late picks on Matthieu if still there, a RB and a kicker

Remember too this is a team that is trying to get public stadium money too. T
They have definitely excited their fan base which does nothing but help those prospects. Good business moves AND apparent good football moves.

Finn 77 I keep hearing his running style was not the best fit for the system and I think the evidence bears that out.

I love that I get talked about when I'm not here. It's fun to come home and see how much I'm loved by our troll. I love you too man. And hey, remember when you're wasting an entire day in a football blog trying to fight with strangers I'm on a beautiful mountain snowboarding with friends and living life to the fullest. Now I'm off to play hockey so enjoy your weekend hanging out in an anonymous blog on the internet jacka%&.


I like Lacy to but not at # 12 but you may be on to something. perhaps Lacy with one of our picks in the second round? Ritht now he is not projected in the first round. Most mocks have him going in the second round but I am with you. I like him a lot too.

losing a 28 yr old RB with 7 seasons under his belt is never a disaster

For the first time in a long time we are at a point where we are going into the draft needing very few starters (and FA is not done yet, Dolphins still have 17 MIL). If they acquire no one else in FA, I would say they need 3 starters, 2 CBs, and a OT. I still think that we should be looking for playmakers in the draft. Other needs would be:

1. Blocking TE (Dion Simms 3rd or 4th round or Michael Williams AL 5th round)
2. Another RB (Monte Ball or LeVeon Bell should be available in the 3rd or 4th round).
3. Another Pass rhusher (Tank Carradine 2nd or 3rd Round)
4. And of course you always need young players to develop for next year as you will lose players next of season.

Might be able to trade a 2nd and a 3rd to trade back into the botoom of first rnd and still get Lacy. Being able to pick up BPA at 12 then getting Lacy at bottom end of first would be SWEET!

I really like Carradine. Wouldnt mind at all if one of our 2 2's goes on him. Kid probably would have gone top 15-20 if not for the injury.

David Bass is an interesting prospect in the latter rounds-- good power, speed, and size. Looks like he could be the pass rusher we need as late as the 5th round. Small school guy so really no telling when he will go.

Hey Dashi,

I am not sure if you know or not but it is C Chance Warmack not Womack.

I think you are thinking of "Porkchop" Womack who played OL for Seattle a while back.

By the way, I think there is at least a 50/50 chance that Chance Warmack is GONE by the time the Fins pick....

YES, a GUARD. Not just any Guard...possibly the best player in the draft at any position.

Time will tell.



I am a fan of your posts-you sound like you put some thought into your posts. You also have an uncanny insight into things- one of the best on these Dolphins posts. However, I respectfully disagree on Warmack. When every talent evaluator (and I mean every one that Ive seen) says that Warmack is your next all-pro guard at the NFL level, they are probably right. That said, I agree with you- Warmack, even if he is there at #12, does not fit the type of OL that Philbin likes. Lacy at 12 would be a coup.

Thank you to DolphinRick and the OtherRick for your kind words. I am all for debate, as long as the person I am debating with actually exhibits some intelligence as opposed to shooting their mouths off with nothing to back up their statements.

Ireland is doing a very professional job...got to admit. He took lots of heat last year and didn't flinch...he deserves some accolades now.

After the Departure of Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain
the Miami Dolphin's are playing without Corner Back,
they can bring one or two good CB. Chris Gamble, Tracy Porter, E.J. Biggers, then in april draft two or three then they can release couples garbage (R. Marshall, Dimitri Patterson, Nolan Carroll, or Jimmy Willson)B. Grimmes he can play with one leg and is better than any of this garbage include Sean Smith.

So the Rams didnt raise the bet and since they probably just called the bet, Long didnt take their offer because he already has a home here and didnt receive the kind of money he was hoping for yet.
I think if Ireland can get him closer to the price that was advertised on this blog as what they considered fair then Ireland has done well in FA.
Lets see if Ireland has any more cards up his sleeve or whether he will exploit the draft, and build up a roster with youth as he has done in FA.
He only has spent a lot of cap space on Wallace so far from what I have read.

grimes want too much? what was the word on him?

Dumervil doesn't play well in 4-3

EJ Biggers a cheaper, healthier solution?

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