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Setting the record straight from NFL annual meeting

PHOENIX -- The NFL's annual meetings kicks off early Monday morning with meetings and discussions and votes on an array of topics. The meetings will also serve as a way from Dolphins people to talk directly with the media that covers them.

The talk is necesary because somebody has to set the record straight.

That talk in which owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and Executive Vice President of Football Operations will  be available to the media is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Before that talk, allow me share with you record-correcting information I gathered today while reporting from the Biltmore Hotel where the meetings are being held:

One: Left tackle Jake Long did not visit the Dolphins facility Saturday in some cosmic attempt by the Dolphins to get him to re-sign with the team. That rumor was out there when several national and a one local reporter put that information on twitter.

Not only was Long not at the facility, I'm told, but the Dolphins staff themsevles weren't either. Ireland and Aponte and coach Joe Philbin were in Arizona already on Saturday in advance of these meetings.

Long remains a player the Dolphins want back on their team. But it cannot happen at his initial asking price. Long has a decision to make. His choice is return to the Dolphins or go play for the St. Louis Rams.

This is coming down to the wire. Everyone at the meetings expects Long to be signed within the next 24 hours. Who's he picking?

Miami or St. Louis.

Two: There has been speculation (including by me) that the addition of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and re-signing of Brian Hartline made the situation look grim for Davone Bess. Understand that Miami signed two inside linebackers (Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler) the first two days of free agency and got rid of two (Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett) as a result.

So it seems logical when guys come, somebody's got to go.

That's not necessarily how the Dolphins see it. They have no plans to cut him, I'm told. Yes, if some team blows Miami away on a trade, then Bess, like most of the players on the roster is available, but the likelihood of that is not very high.

At this point the plan is to let Miami's receivers compete for playing time. Bess, who finished the 2012 season on injured reserve, is expected to be part of that competition.

By the way, Dolphins fans have to get away from the idea that a team needs only three good wide receivers. The Dolphins currently have four receivers who have started games in the NFL and produced. That is a good thing.

Finally, Burnett who as noted above was cut last week, signed with the Raiders on Sunday. Interesting that he got a deal before Dansby, who has been a higher-paid player the past couple of seasons. Also interesting, the player Burnett will replace in Oakland is Phillip Wheeler -- who signed with the Dolphins.


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Bad news on Long. Good news on Bess. If your there Armando tell them to get the deal done already..lol

No reason to worry about Long. Ireland has set himself up perfectly to handle either outcome. He already surpassed expectations in FA, got what he needed. Worst case scenario of Long doesn't sign, we get someone better for the future in the draft.

It's old news to me SOS

What is long's deal? He knew all along free agency has been coming... Big life decision, yes, but he's had months to think about this, right?

Plenty of tackles and corners in the draft

According to Rotoworld, Rams GM says they are still talking with Long and there are no health concerns. Rotoworld predicts he goes to the highest bidder.

Jake sign the damn contract I wish I could make a measly 8 million a year

I think we will draft a tailback too , Thomas can't stay healthy and he fumbles

Moss or Taylor at RB

LOL... a measly 8 mil per year. If the Rams aren't concerned over his health they are stupid. Heck I'm concerned and I don't have to write the check.

Hey guys please check out my Miami Dolphins fan blog. I have an updated 7 round mock draft and a review of free agency. I can use the support


If that info from mando's blog is accurate....I read into that only one thing....one big lesson in humility..

....Jake left for St Louis , scoffing the "home" offer...now he's back with hat in hand...

.....35 Million over 5 yrs may be an overly liberal guess...

...his agent, whomever, should be ashamed...

....he should have had an agreement over the phone before they left Florida (contingeent upon a passed physical)...there should have been a definite number agreed to...

..he knew the Dolphins offer...all he had to hear was something more lucrative...

....sounds to me like greed played a large part in this, but he should have advised jake otherwise...

...now they have hoonsfatsa....

I've sorta flip flopped on this. I now want Long to re sign. I think it sets us up much better for the Draft. The way Ireland and Aponte been structuring contracts, I believe Long's deal is team friendly. Lets get this deal done.


There have been numerous reports online since Friday that Long is most likely staying in Miami. I guess Long's agent represents some of the other LT's and he has the best inside scoop. Everyone else is waiting on Long's decision.


Nobody, NOBODY, gives a freakin hoot about your silly mock draft. Go advertise your blog elsewhere.

or.......Long's agent doesn't have a clue what to do next....Jake is in a proverbial pickle....

Many months back I mentioned Aponte's influence on contracts and I was laughed at by a few. Now all of a sudden, people realize she exists and does her job well.

Longs agent only has one problem, where to take his next luxury vacation. Long will sign somewhere and he will get his hefty cut.

All Jake long is doing holding the team hostage for moving on. Sign or don't sign but Miami needs to move on.

Oh...Aponte is a woman.....holy crap...now I KNOW that Jake is headed for the short end....


A Lot Of People Like You Think The Fins Will Only Be Using 3 Wr's Most The Time. When This Is False. Philbin Loves D.Bess. Has Said So Many Times. That Would Be Hypocritical Of Philbin To Cut Bess When He Admires Him So Much. And Philbin Doesn't Look Like A Hypocrite!!

4 Wr's
Good Solid O-Line
L.Miller And Co.

That Is The Base Offense.

Agreed Bobbyd12. The fact that the Dolphins seem to see Long as the best option at LT says something as well.

Everyone keeps saying we should move Martin to LT but I'll go with the guys that are coaching them.

If Long doesn't sign then maybe we should go LT in the draft.

Many people in this world want to pretend they know everything about everything. They are not humble. They strive to impress, even when they have no clue about what they are talking about.

It is sad, and silly.

Posted by: Pear | March 16, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Congrats!!!! You just nailed the kiddie daShe...TO THE WALL! He is a faker, an immature know nothing charlatan inflated with his delusions.

Right on Bro!

I'm torn on Jake resigning. I can make a case both ways easily. I'll feel a little bad if he walks but he scares me with his injuries and the decline in his play. Can he decide already so I can shut up in both cases?

Yeah..that makes sense....many teams have four or even five WR's ....and four with game experience is not unusual....they might keep Bess.....depends on the draft, whowe get and how well he makes the adjustment..

...then a decision will be made based on that, plus cap space plus other needs, if any at that time....

Bess needs to play his butt off from day One to final cuts...he may be likeable, but now he is one guy away from being expendable...

Miami needs to call Jake's hand all he's doing is stalling and the team is going with it. What happen to Winston? Miami needs to set a time frame and if he hasn't decide where he wants to play by then move on.

If the release Bess it only means they got someone better. Nothing to sweat.

If we have LT covered going into the draft it affords us many more options with our picks. Whether we sign another CB in FA is not as glaring of an issue as LT. The CBs we have on the roster now and the talent available in the draft are much more congenial than going into the draft without a proven offensive line.

If we lose Long we can take Lane Johnson in the 1st if he's there. If not we go with Rhodes in the 1st and Terron Armstead in the 2nd.

The good news is this year Tannehill will get 100% of the first team snaps all through preseason. We should see noticeable improvement.

If we go 4 wides what about Keller remember him .....Dustin Keller tight end hello hello

Our base will be 3 wide 1 te and a single back

And on passing downs empy backfield 4 wide and te/wr

I can't see Bess being cut in any realm of possibilities. Traded perhaps, if the price is right, but not cut. I still look to see two WRs taken in this draft. To not take advantage of such a deep pool of Wrs would be a mistake.

Guys we are stacked already and we didn't even draft yet

We have a couple of more positions to upgrade


I would love to draft a qb hunter in the first round a true sack master to go with wake

I hate free agency. I liked it better the old way. Make the trade or wait for the player to be released

We are well set but need to keep adding to our strengths. If they really want to improve the DB play you must increase the pressure on the QB to cut down the amount of time they have to cover. Odrick should be moved inside and a pass rushing DE must be added.



I checked the site, nice write up on the team. I do not agree with the first pick though.

As I keep seeing who w're signing and the rumors swirling about Bess, I get a very strong feeling that Tavon Austin will be the pick at 12. Plus IMO there are corners deep into the 2nd round that play as well if not better than Rhodes.

There is a quote from Ireland that keeps playing out in my head and just leads me to believe Austin is the guy.

"We've got to score TDs. That's what we didn't do enough of."

That leads me to believe we are still hunting playmakers. Austin with Wallace popping the top will be free underneath and extremely dangerous.

Philbin reminds me of coach McQuire in the aspect of how he handles rookies. Coach used to say " the best thing about freshmen is that they become sophomores". I don't think we even know how good some of our young are. We may be in for a surprise from guys like Olivier, Kaddu, and Shelby.

long just isnt worth it. hes nothing special anymore and always hurt. dont want to pay 8 mill for the 6 games he will play this year

texas they arent taking a wr, be an awful move


marc at this point the only smart draft pick is a corner in first rd

AFC teams that will take a step backwards in 2013:


There is no reason we shouldn't make the playoffs.

ok seriously i know all the drama behind long and bess and all that, but i need to address something that i think would have the biggest impact on our season. we paid brian hartline around 31 million dollars for 5 years, but we let reggie bush walk when he signed with detroit for 4 years for 16 million!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. i agree with signing hartline- good guy, could be really productive with other options on our side of the ball, but how do we let bush walk for that little amount of money. i love miller and honestly, i think he's going to be a better ball carrier than bush, certainly avg.d more p/y than he did, but when we could face a defense with wallace, hartline, gibson, keller, bess, and reggie bush at the same time, we would be a d coordinators worst nightmare. just bush's name alone changes the whole way the a D is going to have to play us, freeing up anyone of the above listed guys. how could we let that go for close to nothing in cap hit and money. sean smith got a better contract and he sucks!! for once we would have had a no questions asked, complete, excuse-free part of the game that we let slip away. WTF. why is no one bringing this up. F*&k long, let him go if he wants, i want O lineman who want to be there bc they play with heart. anyone that has actually played the game and not just watched knows someone with heart and desire in the trenches is always a beast.

adam come back when you learn how to make a paragraph. Nobody is going to dredge through all that.

Fins.....then how to explain T-Hill starting as a Rookie...and please don't say because Sherman had him at Texas....

..cause then there's Mike Pouncey...

..so I think it depends on the player and how he handles the adjustment in camp and pre-season...

jets and bills,lol awful either way. texans will get better with exp. pitt will def be better than last year. ravens wont eb, no super bowl team ever is. pats basically same team still

buster if ur gonna ask that u have to accept the fact that thill already knew playbook

dusty houston needs a new QB but they haven't figured that out yet. They are going nowhere.

I disagree Dusty - and the reason is that CB is deep in this draft. You can get Blidi Wreh-WIlson, D. Slay and Banks may be a possibility at 42. J. Taylor and Poyer as well. Rhodes isn't worth a 12th pick at all, he's fast but he's a whole like what we just let go in FA in Smith. Rhodes IMO would be the biggest mistake.

So I say lets get a guy that is going to help open the offense and create some buzz. T. Austin will do just that. Some people may have some nightmares from the Ginn pick or the White pick but Austin is a on a whole other level than those guys.

Just my 2 cents.

i agree lobo on needing new qb, but to say they arent going anywhere is hilarious. very good team from top to bottom. will win div again and anyone can get hot in playoffs

so let me get this straight texas, we are gonna start 2 rookies drafted in 2nd or later rds? yikes

Adam.....I'll make it simple for ya...Bush is not a starting RB..he's a Flanker...his best skil is catch and turn upfield and make people miss...

Dusty...I could envision a DE ...an outside rusher...if there is one worthy of the 12 spot ....

Lobo....I must confess...I'm a dredger...lol

sorry i get so worked up about the fins. and hey, did anyone notice that every player with an opinion or who went to philbin on hard knox about the player interests has gotten axed or on their way to be. philbin thinks all his players should shut their mouth and do what they are told no questions asked. way off topic but just saying.....

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