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Setting the record straight from NFL annual meeting

PHOENIX -- The NFL's annual meetings kicks off early Monday morning with meetings and discussions and votes on an array of topics. The meetings will also serve as a way from Dolphins people to talk directly with the media that covers them.

The talk is necesary because somebody has to set the record straight.

That talk in which owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and Executive Vice President of Football Operations will  be available to the media is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Before that talk, allow me share with you record-correcting information I gathered today while reporting from the Biltmore Hotel where the meetings are being held:

One: Left tackle Jake Long did not visit the Dolphins facility Saturday in some cosmic attempt by the Dolphins to get him to re-sign with the team. That rumor was out there when several national and a one local reporter put that information on twitter.

Not only was Long not at the facility, I'm told, but the Dolphins staff themsevles weren't either. Ireland and Aponte and coach Joe Philbin were in Arizona already on Saturday in advance of these meetings.

Long remains a player the Dolphins want back on their team. But it cannot happen at his initial asking price. Long has a decision to make. His choice is return to the Dolphins or go play for the St. Louis Rams.

This is coming down to the wire. Everyone at the meetings expects Long to be signed within the next 24 hours. Who's he picking?

Miami or St. Louis.

Two: There has been speculation (including by me) that the addition of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and re-signing of Brian Hartline made the situation look grim for Davone Bess. Understand that Miami signed two inside linebackers (Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler) the first two days of free agency and got rid of two (Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett) as a result.

So it seems logical when guys come, somebody's got to go.

That's not necessarily how the Dolphins see it. They have no plans to cut him, I'm told. Yes, if some team blows Miami away on a trade, then Bess, like most of the players on the roster is available, but the likelihood of that is not very high.

At this point the plan is to let Miami's receivers compete for playing time. Bess, who finished the 2012 season on injured reserve, is expected to be part of that competition.

By the way, Dolphins fans have to get away from the idea that a team needs only three good wide receivers. The Dolphins currently have four receivers who have started games in the NFL and produced. That is a good thing.

Finally, Burnett who as noted above was cut last week, signed with the Raiders on Sunday. Interesting that he got a deal before Dansby, who has been a higher-paid player the past couple of seasons. Also interesting, the player Burnett will replace in Oakland is Phillip Wheeler -- who signed with the Dolphins.


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id love a pass rusher also, a few still out there in free agency also

....but not a speler......hahahahahahaha

Off topic but has anyone considered there being multiple Dolphins in the new logo? I like the idea of incorporating a few Dolphins in the logo in order to show strength in numbers. Just an idea.

They say Aponte fine Lady.

@ Texas on dusty's prediction.....

if the Fins don't find a CB who can not only COVER....but also create the TURNOVER...

....then that is a missing piece that most playoff teams have found...

...and if you want a starter at that position...(likely cause we don't have even one yet...

...then I don't think it's in any way a reach that the fins pick the best one on the board at #12...

(providing we have a LY in place, or a plan to transform Martin into one, and fill his RT spotwith a FA over the next two weeks)

Dusty - we started 2 rookies with Smith and Davis so why not but not really what I was saying. I was just saying I feel the talent level is just as good in the 2nd round when compared to Rhodes. Other than Milliner I don't see another CB worth the pick at 12. And Milliner will be off the board more than likely.

Plus that quote by Ireland keeps playing over and over and IMO Rhodes does not say play maker. He may be a solid corner but we've had that. Lets go get some play makers.

The quote again - "We've got to score TDs. That's what we didn't do enough of."

Pouncey was there first, he had already established his position.
Tannehill was in essence more of an anomaly. He knew the offense and it was imperative to get him experience. When Garrard got hurt it saved the coaching staff from having to make the decision to replace him with the rookie at some point during the year.
Last year was an evaluation year.


Gonna be a great year can't wait!

Multiple dolphins would be too cluttered. I prefer one single dolphin looking like he is in a nasty mood ready to ram something, not the dumb playful one we have now.

Instead we'll get something too nice again.

Oscar ..fine lady or just plain.....i think she and Jeff are gonna make Jake Long wish he had re-thought his decision to test the waters..

...the more I consider the situation....they have him bent over a barrel....an unenviable position for sure...

Re-sign Jake

Kind of hard to say which way we go first rd until we figure out who's gonna play LT.

Pretty obvious we'll have to start at least one rookie corner at this point. Free agent pickings getting pretty slim. We're down to Quentin Jammer, Tracy Porter, Mike Jenkins and Captain Munnerlyn types. We did bring Munnerlyn in for a visit.

hmmm...multiple dolphins.....nah...but a snarling, ticked off, looking for trouble Dolphin would be a refreshing change from that docile, feeble one we've been used to.......

All this talk is moot until we get a QB. It looks like they will waste another 2 years on the current one.

We might not be finished with FAs, Rick.

3a-Long or Bpa=T
4b (compensatory pik)- CB
5- Kyle Juszcyk=fb
Remember, TE & S were only signed to 1 yr deals & Jones is in last yr of his deal (hence top TE & High rd S)
The 3rd round pik of a Tackle will probably be at Gaurd (proabably will take 2 Gs since both ours contracts are up at end of yr as well, while Jake Long will get a multi yr deal and already got Martin. Signed for a few yrs so drafting multiple Gs makes most sense. But many believe Kyle Long would be just as gd, if not a,better fit at Guard possibly solving two positions (play 1 & backup at another)

I am with you on the CB factor in the draft. This is the deepest draft at CB I can remember. To burn a twelve on a CB in this draft is a waste. I think a starter may still be available in the third.

Duhhh, I'm a moron

Yo what about Brent Grimes..did he sign someplace???

Tell Us the can't miss, sure fire NFL starters in the Draft. Pick one of those.

Nice Oscar...now who has the answer to that question?


Last I heard he was in Cleveland. Last report I seen was him saying he wasn't gonna sign anywhere. Speculation that he isn't 100% healthy yet.


Tony Mandarich...lmao

Really.....he's not signing anywhere, hmmm, cause nobody wants the bruised tomayoes.....I get it....

grimes not ready to sign anywhere yet, waiting till hes fully healthy

Moron is the most popular word for illiterate fools who have no vocabulary to say anything else.

Well, last year there were, Luck, RG3, Blackmon, Kalil, etc. This year...

IMO the Dolphins are in a holding pattern until the J. Long decision.

By the time you reach the pro's, you either have accuracy or you don't. No one learns that. The great QB's were accurate from the beginnining.

...so he waits til he sees who is CB deficient, then proclaims...Okay, guys ...I'm healthy"!! Yikes...

I suggest to all you draft guru's to look at the top ten in 2008, Long's draft. Maybe two at most were worth their draft spot.

It's a crapshoot every single time.

Why is it nobody saw Kapearnick and Wilson as first rounders? Because nobody really knows how to evaluate players in advance.

Now I thought i just posted an update on Long from Rotoword. Wher did it go? I'll try again.

we are going to revamp both G positions and trade incognito.

surprise! Welcome back jake!

I'm not convinced on ANY of the Top 15s being can't miss ones. Look to the second 15's.

Texas....I could accept that conclusion, except that they are not in any apparent hurry to resolve it...
thye knew he was returning from St Louis...

...yet they left for the Owner's meetings, sans any attempt to meet with him before they left (they could have met on saturday)...

...that doesn't sound like a team hanging on the one player....

.....the one move that may be on hold is signing an O-lineman, eg Eric Winston...

...but elsewhere , it appears that the other interests have taken a back seat for now...

...so far the moves all have made sense, from a money and talent perspective....

...maybe they are just being patient....like an artist working on a masterpiece, in no hurry to rush the smaller details for fear of ruining the entire work..

(how ya like that analogy? lol)

Moron is also a word for no nothing aholes like you.

Well apparenty they don't like my paste from Rotoworld. The story basically said La Canfora is saying the buzz amongst the GM's is Long will retun to Miami. He does confess that the Rams still have an outside shot. Peter King says we'll tonight or tomorrow.

at 09:40 PM = gay chickenshit wussie in hiding. I guess he is upset mommy hasn't changed his underwear yet.

The deep CB class is well publicised--Wilson, Poyer, Amerson, Webb and the list goes on. Someone who is flying under the radar that I can't figure out why is Terry Hawthorne.
This guy is prospected in the fifth round. I don't think he will make it till then, but if he does then we should be all over that pick. I bet Ireland knows about him. This guy is as smooth as butter and has size and speed.

Like Tavon, JJ, Vaccaro, Werner, Hunter, etc, etc.

scout tell that to tom brady

Jake's offer had to be dissapointing and backloaded to the point they could cut him in two years. He is miffed and his wife likes the beach.

its miami unless his pride gets in the way.

Also from Rotoworld. Brent Grimes is expected to start narrowing his choices in the coming days. He said he was impressed with the Browns but must not have been overly impressed with there offer. He's also had interest from the Rams and Bucs and still likely could resign with the Birds.

Perhaps the report he wasn't physically ready was premature.

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nice rick, fins need that guy badly, hes a stud. beats the hell out of wrs off the ball

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Brady is a perfect example of what I am saying. I don't have to tell him anything.

Wahhhhh, no nothing Madden Troll is upset?? Too bad

no hes not scout, wasnt accurate in collge one of the main reasons he couldnt even beat out other guys like henson

Yea, it's soooo easy to pick QBs after they have played in the league and had success. I am SCOUT, I know QBs, hear me roar rahhhhhhh

okay...my re-calculated prediction..Long signs for 5 years @ 30 Mill..

....15 million Guaranteed, with cap friendly structure (4 M cap $$ first yr):7 Million signing bonus..1 Million salary year one..

....5 Million salary yr two, with $2 Mill reporting bonus;
...then $5 Mill yrs 3, 4 &5, with injury clauses .etc etc etc

dusty, learn how to read and comprehend. Brady has been accurate since in the pro's.

Who would want to sign Long for 5 yrs? Must be nuts.

Oscar,...injury protection clause ....easy peasy...

Yes I stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night so I know Ryan Tannehill Wil never be a good QB.

Dusty, I slept with TomBrady in college so I knew he would win two SuperBowls.

I hope Ryan Tannerhill is the second coming of Johhny Unitas for success, accuracy and longevity...

...what is all this friggin negativity about???????

The team will be crap again next year.

Tannehill looks even worse then Henne.

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