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Setting the record straight from NFL annual meeting

PHOENIX -- The NFL's annual meetings kicks off early Monday morning with meetings and discussions and votes on an array of topics. The meetings will also serve as a way from Dolphins people to talk directly with the media that covers them.

The talk is necesary because somebody has to set the record straight.

That talk in which owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and Executive Vice President of Football Operations will  be available to the media is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Before that talk, allow me share with you record-correcting information I gathered today while reporting from the Biltmore Hotel where the meetings are being held:

One: Left tackle Jake Long did not visit the Dolphins facility Saturday in some cosmic attempt by the Dolphins to get him to re-sign with the team. That rumor was out there when several national and a one local reporter put that information on twitter.

Not only was Long not at the facility, I'm told, but the Dolphins staff themsevles weren't either. Ireland and Aponte and coach Joe Philbin were in Arizona already on Saturday in advance of these meetings.

Long remains a player the Dolphins want back on their team. But it cannot happen at his initial asking price. Long has a decision to make. His choice is return to the Dolphins or go play for the St. Louis Rams.

This is coming down to the wire. Everyone at the meetings expects Long to be signed within the next 24 hours. Who's he picking?

Miami or St. Louis.

Two: There has been speculation (including by me) that the addition of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and re-signing of Brian Hartline made the situation look grim for Davone Bess. Understand that Miami signed two inside linebackers (Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler) the first two days of free agency and got rid of two (Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett) as a result.

So it seems logical when guys come, somebody's got to go.

That's not necessarily how the Dolphins see it. They have no plans to cut him, I'm told. Yes, if some team blows Miami away on a trade, then Bess, like most of the players on the roster is available, but the likelihood of that is not very high.

At this point the plan is to let Miami's receivers compete for playing time. Bess, who finished the 2012 season on injured reserve, is expected to be part of that competition.

By the way, Dolphins fans have to get away from the idea that a team needs only three good wide receivers. The Dolphins currently have four receivers who have started games in the NFL and produced. That is a good thing.

Finally, Burnett who as noted above was cut last week, signed with the Raiders on Sunday. Interesting that he got a deal before Dansby, who has been a higher-paid player the past couple of seasons. Also interesting, the player Burnett will replace in Oakland is Phillip Wheeler -- who signed with the Dolphins.


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Lot's of sissy mamma's boys on the blog. Typical. Most football fans are naive dumb babies.

Rob, why do you have such a infatuation with crap?? Is it because you have crap for brains or is it because your QB Sanchez is crap??

Let me ask a question....and it's related to accuracy, but in another sport....a pitcher can throw the baseball 98 mph...can they teach him accuracy....what's your answer?

Most football fans are naive but not I, scout3. That is because I have worked in he NFL for years. I will be blogging my impressive resume in my next post.

If somebody offers up a 3rd round pick for Bess, I would so pull the trigger.

There isnt much positive about 4 consecutive losing seasons.....and the worst owner in Dolphin history.

Buster, scout3 and rob are morons. That I know is accurate. Neither knows a thing about QBs till they are a success. That is accurate. Neither one is a Dolphin Fan, that is accurate.

Long should do a 1 year tender at 8 million. His 10 to 11mil a year asking price is way too much for someone who's faded the past two years to injured reserve. Do a 1 year contract, hold up for the whole season, and prove you are worth what you are asking... Sorry Jake, 3 years ago, 10 - 11 mil all day for the elite tackle you were... Now, even 8mil a year is a stretch...

Monte = rob = scout3. Three names, same idiot.

Some of you should be in the addiction treatment center cause your on crack or maybe you need some crack

Personally, I think it is imperative that the team signs at least one veteran CB before the draft. Grimes appears to be the best one but there is a reason he hasnt signed a contract yet-he wants to see his true value on the market. I believe his first choice is to return to ATL unless another team blows him away with an offer. The fact that he left Miami without a concrete contract offer is telling.

I am intrigued by Michael Jenkins. Still only 28 and never lived up to his potential. Lets see if our coaches can turn around his career. Im sure he can be signed dirt cheap as well.

Im am also under no delusions that the Dolphins are the team that made a "significant" offer to the Jets for Revis.

This Jake Long saga is carrying on too long. Dare I say its getting Favre like timewise. I respected Favre until he started pulling that crap late in his career. No player should hold a team hostage- actually no team should let it happen. Sign Winston, move Martin to LT and move on. It will cost less. If Long wants to be here- then great. Now sign the damn contract.

Jake needs to sign the damn paper and start working out !!!!!!!

I got a fan hahaha. lonely dude for sure.

Monte + rob + scot3 = same ass crack. So yes Marc in nj, that's crack

I like Tracy porter he will come cheap and he's pretty solid 3 years 8 million

Gotcha dude....anyway the answer to the question is that it depends on the pitcher......it depends on the player to correct mechanics....some can change...some cannot...some can change , but it takes longer than the time they have to do it and still be young enough to utilize it...it's subjective...

...and you're right nobody knows ahead of time if they are capable of getting it or not...absolutely true...

Dude why don't you shut the hell up your an idiot

Posted by: Frank from PA | March 17, 2013 at 10:22 PM

d=Dont worry, Long situation will be resolved by tommorow.

Count on it!!!

Tannehill is spot on man the dude can sling it

scout3, please tell us about your years of employment as an NFL Scout. Waiting for your answer on your years of expertise. Please enlighten us or are you just a garbage man who thinks you know everything??

I would also trade Bess for a third rounder

I have over 89 years as a top scout in the NFL with 19 different teams. So there fool.

I think scout3 scouts wieners in the men's room at the mall he's a dick scout

Stephen Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WITH A CLUE!

Do you know Vince Lombardi mr scout

Oh mr wonderful is back its zonk

TanneBust cant hit the broad side of a barn from 15 yds. Can you say Chad Henne 2.0?

Posted by: Marc from nj | March 17, 2013 at 10:29 PM

Dont be surprised if miami is in the works of shopping him hard around other teams during the owners meetings because of a guy who they like a lot in Tavon Austin who could possibly be a slot replacement.

Dont discount miami adding another high pick to use as ammo to trade back into the first round to grab him if that should happen.

Marc STFU!

Monte = rob = scout3. Three names, same idiot.

Posted by: scout3 is a brainless moron | March 17, 2013 at 10:21 PM


Looks like you left out Zonk.

scout3, so there you have it. You have ZERO NFL experience. So now tell us, do you make Tacos or drive the Taco truck?? You know zilch about whether Tannehill will be a good QB. You are just a big mouth NO NOTHING who gets on a blog and thinks he can convince people he actually knows SOMETHING. I got it right the first time, you are a brainless moron.

I am another MORON who thinks Mr. Ross is going to sell the Dolphins because I got on a blog and said so. Why are people like me so dumb??

Tannehill is the real deal pro bowl this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Ross is finding clues...

...it's called falling ticket sales...

....so the approach is change.....across the page...offense and defense..

and the results have been immediate according to reports from the Dolphin ticket office...

.....the first home pre-season game will be packed....

..and the stadium will stay that way so long as we compete on a higher level than the past few seasons...

Man, its like a slumber party of teenage girls in here!

We play to win the game......hello......hello

scout3 = rob = monte = zonk. It's like watching the short bus pass by with one kid sitting all alone in the back seat talking to himself.

Interesting note from Barry Jackson's column. It talks about Philip Wheeler and Pro Football Focus' rankings.

Maybe we don't need Dumervil after all.

On Wheeler:

The good news: In 126 pass rush chances, he had three sacks, 14 hits and 13 hurries; Pro Football Focus ranked only Von Miller ahead of him as a rusher among 4-3 outside linebackers.

Polian, who drafted Wheeler in Indianapolis, calls him
an “excellent player who took a little while to adjust to the pro game. He’s a very tough, smart guy, a big hitter. The light went on in his third year (2011).”

Herock said: “I studied Oakland’s tape, and he’s fast, active, goes hard all the time. He’ll be one of Miami’s top couple defenders.”

I haven't heard anyone here speaking on Wheeler's pass rushing abilities. But before you get too excited, he ranked behind Burnett in Run D and was average against the pass. At least last year anyways.

So GREAT! Blitz Wheeler from all over the place. It won't take long for teams to start second guessing themselves on doubling Wake.

After having a couple of days too let it sink in, I'm still pumped over the Linebacker moves. Younger, Faster AND Cheaper! Both with solid Pass Rushing Skills!

I'm All In!!!!

Lots of dipshit losers on this site. I'd guess minimum wage workers or slightly above.

Ya got to be a moron to still care about this pathetic franchise.

Dustin Keller will make a huge impact down the seam and in the flat

scout did you just decide to go to a blog and start jacking with people or what??

Trade TanneBust for a 3rd rd pick before he's as worthless as Henne was.

Yah..Odin...i like the muvs as well....makes sense...younger, faster, and cheaper...

sounds like a tri-fecta to me....

You with the multiple names that is too chickenshit to appear as yourself. Ask your daddy why he raised a sissy boy...then come back.

This is not the penis worship page fellas so its time to leave

Was your daddy a closet queen? Ever catch him with a strange friendship? Ok, I guess we know the answer.

Guess it will be tomorrow for news on Long.

I know creation is diverse....but why do there have to be so many FRIGGIN' AIRHOLES ?

money/risk or not, dont assume it'll be so easy to replace Long

You cant replace Jake Long.

Agree benz. I'm out for the night. It's apparently troll time.

Catch you guys later. Go Fins!!

Let's pray for the guy using my name. His daddy was a queer who raised him to be a pansy. Not his fault. One minute of silence.

Has anyone seen the New Dolphins logo that Ellerbe posted on Twitter? Adam Beasley is asking if it is legit, so it may have been accidently leaked by Ellerbe. The logo is on a mesh background, like a jersey or a pair of shorts.

Geez how much better can you eat? He's already a multi multi millionaire. Sick of the greed. Most of us live from check to check. Who cares where he goes.

scout3, can't admit he is a Taco Maker so goes on the attack. Plays Madden all day so he is the QB "expert" LMAO!!! He is as clueless as they come. Stick to making Tacos, at least you will be an "expert" in that. Duhhhhh

as for wheeler and ellerbe, its ALL about the age, period.......most of these guys (with a few exceptions) lose their wheels around 30 or so, and it can be a quick/sharp decline--billy beane said always better to get rid of a guy a year or two early than a year or two late......how many RBs/TEs is dansby gonna be able to cover in a year?.....at 8 mill +.....even if its a neutral swap, or slightly worse, you'd rather have solid guys in their mid/late 20s than solid guys at 30/31

Perhaps the report he wasn't physically ready was premature.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 17, 2013 at 09:47 PM


Grimes' agent reported last week that he wouldn't be signing with anyone until after the owners meeting.

I don't know what it means or why...........FWIW.

scout3 has "scouted" kids playing PeeWee football. Now he is an expert

Jake should be able to figure this out. The Rams don't have viable WR's. They have a TE that Fischer overpaid for. The Rams are going no where next season with the offense they have or lack thereof.

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