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Setting the record straight from NFL annual meeting

PHOENIX -- The NFL's annual meetings kicks off early Monday morning with meetings and discussions and votes on an array of topics. The meetings will also serve as a way from Dolphins people to talk directly with the media that covers them.

The talk is necesary because somebody has to set the record straight.

That talk in which owner Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland and Executive Vice President of Football Operations will  be available to the media is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Before that talk, allow me share with you record-correcting information I gathered today while reporting from the Biltmore Hotel where the meetings are being held:

One: Left tackle Jake Long did not visit the Dolphins facility Saturday in some cosmic attempt by the Dolphins to get him to re-sign with the team. That rumor was out there when several national and a one local reporter put that information on twitter.

Not only was Long not at the facility, I'm told, but the Dolphins staff themsevles weren't either. Ireland and Aponte and coach Joe Philbin were in Arizona already on Saturday in advance of these meetings.

Long remains a player the Dolphins want back on their team. But it cannot happen at his initial asking price. Long has a decision to make. His choice is return to the Dolphins or go play for the St. Louis Rams.

This is coming down to the wire. Everyone at the meetings expects Long to be signed within the next 24 hours. Who's he picking?

Miami or St. Louis.

Two: There has been speculation (including by me) that the addition of Mike Wallace, Brandon Gibson and re-signing of Brian Hartline made the situation look grim for Davone Bess. Understand that Miami signed two inside linebackers (Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler) the first two days of free agency and got rid of two (Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett) as a result.

So it seems logical when guys come, somebody's got to go.

That's not necessarily how the Dolphins see it. They have no plans to cut him, I'm told. Yes, if some team blows Miami away on a trade, then Bess, like most of the players on the roster is available, but the likelihood of that is not very high.

At this point the plan is to let Miami's receivers compete for playing time. Bess, who finished the 2012 season on injured reserve, is expected to be part of that competition.

By the way, Dolphins fans have to get away from the idea that a team needs only three good wide receivers. The Dolphins currently have four receivers who have started games in the NFL and produced. That is a good thing.

Finally, Burnett who as noted above was cut last week, signed with the Raiders on Sunday. Interesting that he got a deal before Dansby, who has been a higher-paid player the past couple of seasons. Also interesting, the player Burnett will replace in Oakland is Phillip Wheeler -- who signed with the Dolphins.


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Rams play on turf, Fins on grass.....lengthens careers, especially those with bum knees

I have a stalker. I must have touched a nerve by saying something true about his daddy.

promichael...more and more I am beginning to think that there is more to the Long sitution than we are being told..

.....the reports are that the Fins FO want him back..

..well...they don't appear too eager from where I sit....

Picture Jeff Ireland shaking/applying baby powder from one hand onto the other. Jake Long........your about to get PIMP SLAPPED!

Well perhaps we're not being told certain important facts to this drama! I'm starting to believe that going LT in the first round may happen instead of CB. It would be great to get a healthy Jake Long back and then go CB but if Jake is not healthy why gamble on a guy who may not perform for the whole season.

As far as Ireland goes, the Long situation is a tricky one.

It would be nice if he's healthy and has somewhat of a resurgence. Then we have the entire draft to focus on DB's and the BPA.

The really nice thing about it, either way, it's not the end of the line. We have enough draft picks to address our biggest needs. Or what's left of them-LOL. I type that like Ireland Killed It in Free Agency or something.

Oh wait........He DID Kill It!


..Buster. Good point. Long was the premiere left tackle in the league a few years ago. What do these teams know that we fans do not? It would seem to me if teams were buying the clean bill of health..It would be an easy signing. What story is the tape telling that we don't see.

I think something is fishy here..Why would our team balk at a deal knowing we have no lock replacing him? We are doing a lot to surround Tannehill with weapons. Why not asssure that his blind side is in good hands? I'm sure Long will sign a nice deal, maybe here. IMO if the team thought he was a top left tackle. We would have never let him get to free agency in the first place.

BTW - Dan LeBah-Retard, Just STFU Already.

If you haven't read his latest hack job check it out.

He writes with the Zip and Zeal of a Seasoned Troll on a Jaded Message Board. I'm not kidding you, he uses the entire article in a weak attempt at Stirring The Pot. COMPLETELY and Utterly amaturistic NONSENSE!

If I didn't know better, I'd say Lebatard is the Monkey Boy Troll that pollutes this blog.

Same skillsets, their both Tards!

And THAT's the Way it is!!!!

Long Agrees To Rams. 4yr/$36mil Deal.

Dashi Is Hurt.

Ireland Better Get Back To Work.

Time To Sign 2-3 More Free Agents. 1LT 1 RT 1 CB

so dashi is really only 2% right if that. maybe less.

Denver to win it all.
Sf to win it all.
Long 'write it down' stays with Miami.

dashi = fooley

dashi knows = hamster fart knows

PFT is reporting Jake Long to Rams on a 4yr deal. Lets get Winston signed fast.

Unless the contracts were way off, I am surprised. Miami gave him his big payday. He had a couple of off years.

In the end, as I've said, it's a business. Fans are far more loyal than players. They go to the highest bidder. I guess I am surprise he thought St. Louis was a better option, but we will end up with a better LT in the end.

daShe having a bad weekend! First he gets exposed as a phony fool trying to talk about computers which he obviously knows nothing about, then, yet another of his guaranteed 'write it down' calls goes bust, Long to St. Louis.

daShe is at BEST 2% right. He was only off by 96%! Monkeys are 30% right! So daShe < monKey!

All is said and done.

Ohh well, best of luck to u big Jake! I guess about 8-9 million more just opened up for us. Winston/Vollmer, Dumervil or Grimes, one or 2 of them need to get signed, manana!

Great news about Long if he really didnt wanna be here. You dont want to have an olineman protecting your franchise qb who really doesnt want to be on your roster.

Thank you for your contributions Jake, but guess its time to move on.

Jake's now LONG gone dolfans.

Long signing now officially announced on espn. Still zilch from the Herald.

We'll probably get the Eric Winston signing before Monday's end.

Sign Dumervil (3-4 yr deal) n Grimes (1 yr prove it deal). Cut either Marshall/Patterson and Carpenter to free up money. Use #12, a 2nd rnder and whatever else u need (odrick, bess or another pick) to get up to #3 or 4 and get Joeckle or Fisher to replace Long. BOOM!

Jake Long made a ton of money just because he was the first overall NFL draft selection by former VP of Operations Bill Parcells. Jake has declined and not finished the season the last two years. The Dolphins are better without this OT, who really believes he's still a dominant LT. He can not even finish a season anymore. It's a good day for the Dolphins who will not have to pay this Bill Parcells mistake any longer.

Bye bye long

Rams pay him 36 mlls

Winston and Dumervil better than Long

OMG! Monkey Boy Kool It!

For all the things Dashi got wrong, he DID get one thing right.

He's got your number when he calls you his "Bottom Be-atch"-LOL. It's pretty obvious-Sheesh! It's announced that Long signs with the Rams.

Do you talk about Long? The Rams? The Dolphins?

NOPE! Like a little Teenage Hermaphrodite you whip yourself into a one handed typing Frenzy. Thinking of no one but Dashi as you "Pound Away(Ahem)".

You better be careful or you'll have another one of those Premature...........ah........."Accidents".

Do you seriously think anyone cares what you think about ANYTHING, let alone Dashi?

Duh...........HELLO! Reality calling-LMFAO!

WTF man? Talk some Football or just ask Dashi if he wants to get a Room Already-CHRIST-LOL.

Signing Winston would be alright. But I think Jeffy will look to the draft to find the Guy he wants protecting Tanny's blindside for the next 8 years.

This development probably means Grimes becomes the Free Agent priority, while Left Tackle will be had in the draft.

I just don't see Dumervil. With the kind of money he'll want, his age and not being a true DE, I'll bet Ireland/PHILBIN passes.

Sign Winston and Grimes and call it good. Then draft a Left Tackle and Cornerback in rounds 1 and 2.

It'll be win/win with Winston and Samuda challenging Cogs and Jerry at the tackle spots.

At least thats my "Knee Jerk" line of reasoning here. Who knows? This IS going to be much improved this year and now we know it'll be without Big Jake.

Good Luck with Jeff Fisher and the Rams!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

There were 12 different sign in names just talking away here.

THE Long signing is announced and cricket.

I knew that Mando's trained Be-atch talks to himself, but is it really necessary to use 12 different names when doing it?

Hows it feel getting BUSTED for being the worst kind of retard there is?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

BTW - Who the Fvck is proposing the new Running Back rule change?

The Running Backs can no longer lead with their Head/Shoulders?

ROTFLMAO-I could understand if Tom Brady played Linebacker and Goodell was worried about his little fantasy Boy.

But C'Mon Man, we ALL know Brady's to Big of a Poosy to play Linebacker-LOL!

Mark my words, Goodell is RUINING the NFL. Next thing you know, Goodell will want to hold the Owners Meetings down at the Rainbow Room.

Fvcking Poosies!!!!

I agree Grimes is likely target now. I think Freeney, Dumervil or Osi might come into play as well (if we brought Bennett in for a visit, u gotta think he wants an upgrade there). If we get Winston im looking to trade up for a left tackle (dont trust J.Mart over there yet) or Millner in 1st.

Odin, you should write childrens books.

It'll be win/win with Winston and Samuda challenging Cogs and Jerry at the tackle spots.

Posted by: odinseye | March 18, 2013 at 01:34 AM

Meant to say the GUARDS.

Amando, You got ur facts confused. Your facts should be doublechecked before u report it. FYI A 1 local reporter did not report that Jake long visited Miami Dolphins on Sat. You lied and u ned to apolize to all of us for ur invalid fact.

No worries on Long. Not worth the money, it can be spent in better ways.

We need someone that can either play G or RT. It gives us the flexablity to draft any spot and leave one to push the rest.

I'm sure we'll get our hands on a few more players. Not sure how I feel about Elvis but him, Grimes and Vollmer sounds nice.

We'll see but I really think we dodged a bullet with Long. Not worth it.


Bringing up Bennet is a good point. I wasn't thinking of it that way. If they brought in Bennett, then they are obviously looking to upgrade.

I don't know how the Long signing would affect that any. Nice catch, it made me re-think it.

I guess it could be that DE becomes a bigger priority in FA because the first two rounds are almost assuredly going to be CB and LT.

I would just LOVE to have Jeff Ireland's Job(I wunder if GM's get Groupies?).

Oscar, Childrens Books?

How so?

Would you want your Children or Grand Children reading ANYTHING I wrote?

I don't trust Martin at Left Tackle at all. He hasn't done anything to turn me off, but he hasn't proven much yet either.

I don't like Eric Fisher either, not out of the top 3.

Fisher was a Johnny Come Lately and the talent level he played against is suspect in my mind.

Joeckel is a Jr. and I like that. Lane Johnson steadily improved for 4 years and then lit it up at the combine. I like these two better and Johnson just might turn out to be the best of the 3.

Is anything wrong with Fluker from Alabama? The Kid is a 340 lb monster. He might be too good of a Tackle, but I think he'd make a better Guard.

Point is: We have Options!

Jake who?

ESPN will take a look at the Dolphins and what they did in Free Agency. Taking a look at what they might do at no. 12 too.

6:00 PM Monday!

On FBS Nation. Com...2 OT's on the roster. Never heard of them...they are rookies...Jake's replacement...

I a going to see to it that the ESPN program you mentioned will NEVER air.

I have spoken.

The main question I have been asking myself is if Martin is seen as a LT or RT.

I think he was drafted knowing full well that Long's days may be numbered. If he is indeed a LT in our coaches eyes, we can address RT by getting Winston or drafting a guy later on.

If we NEED a LT, I'm not opposed to trading up to get our guy. Personally, I hope Martin can be the answer and that we can focus on DB, G and TE in the draft.

If I were Ireland I'd be up late working the phones.

Think about it people. Do you really think we'll have room for Gibson and Bess? I know the official word is that they'll all compete.

I'm calling BS!

We have Wallace and Hartline both off fresh contracts. Then we have Gibson, Bess, Matthews and Moore. That's 6 already and keep in mind we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. If we draft just ONE(and we will), that'll be 7.

More than one of these guys will have to go, the more we draft, the more will have to go. We will keep 5...TOPS!

I have the answer and I think Jeffy(Philbin)will not only agree, I think they'll do it.

Package Bess and our SECOND 3rd round pick for another teams 2nd rounder! Wah-Lah! Which team wouldn't want to do that?

The best test for these make believe scenarios is this: Would you do it if it were the other way around?

If you needed a good slot receiver(with his small contract)would you take Bess and a 3rd for your own 2nd?

It's simply numbers, somebody will have to go anyways. We might as well package Bess with our later 3rd and shop him around.

I could "Dig" having a 1st, THREE 2nd's and a 3rd in the first three rounds. It's still just 5, but what a nice 5 it would be!

I know the morning crew will be here soon. Opinions?

looks like bobbyd12s cap-friendly Long deal is kaput.

draft better move up for joeckl or the like,

OdinStank, WTF are you talking to?
3 Hours of babbling, Dont you have some "HOTTIE" Over?
Please just die.

Bess doesnt get cut. Ireland will listen to trade offers. Possible Bess replacement drafted 3rd rd. Im thinking possibly Swope.

Would be great to have 2 4.3 forty wr's on the field at the same time. Wallace/Swopes.

Swopes could become the next Rogar Carr. Fastest white boy to ever play wr in the nfl.

Long is a really big guy. He's not particularly tough or blowing guys off the ball. Long got by on size alone. We will not miss him especially for his asking price.

Bess doesnt get cut. Ireland will listen to trade offers. Possible Bess replacement drafted 3rd rd. Im thinking possibly Swope.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 18, 2013 at 03:55 AM

I always liked Swope.......**A Little**. I always had heard he was a bigger, possession type. And I really hadn't watched that much of him.


When I saw his combine results, I was SOLD! All of his skills and now everybody knows he has the Speed and quickness to go along with it?

I expect Swope to jump up to the mid to late 2nd. I think he could almost be considered a steal in the 3rd.

I have always Loved Bess, a Blue Collar kind of Workman like Baller! But the Job of a competent GM is to make the team better. And I think this is the perfect guy and the perfect time to take advantage.

Wallace, Hartline and Gibson all just got new Free Agent deals. So it's just about a "Given" that they stay. Bess is good and Matthews and Moore have shown some things.

That's 6 and this draft is deep in WR talent and we have alot of early picks. So I'm thinking we draft at least one WR, if not 2. Somebody has to go and it would be Belli-Checkish to Package him with a 3rd and get ANOTHER 2nd.

A Guy has to have his dreams ;)

OdinStank, WTF are you talking to?
3 Hours of babbling, Dont you have some "HOTTIE" Over?
Please just die.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Ireland And Odin. | March 18, 2013 at 03:49 AM

You jealous Ferry!

What makes you think you even have the right to speak without being spoken too?

In the "Good Ole Days" you wouldn't have these sissy laws protecting you from the "REAL" kind of justice you deserve, PervTard!

Please save the world(Mankind)from your defective, genetic cess pool. You and your whole inbred family could do so much good for the World(and themselves), simply by commiting mass suicide(I say mass suicide because we know how fast Meth Head CockRoaches can multiply, Esp. The inbred type).

This Tard has kids that hate him because their Aunt Mommy is......well.....their Aunt and their Mommy. And his Parents are still pissed because he got his little sister pregnant when she was 11(He was 23).

(Friendly Reminder: Keep your Parole Agent abreast of any address changes. Remember, not within 5 miles of any schools, parks or recreation centers.

I know Bubba taught you how to make a "Living", but you don't wanna be bunked up with him again........do you ;)

Pardon the interuption(by TrollFace).

What says you Morning Crew guys?

Now that Long is Gone.......

1. Is Grimes or Winston the bigger priority(Dumervil maybe)?

2. At this point and time, would you package Bess and our second 3rd for a 2nd?




How difficult is it to call someone wrong when your so afraid of being wrong you use 1001 names?

You're more pathetic than Kiper! You blab away all day(every day)with no accountability because of your "Scaredy Kat" fake sign in names.

We only have to listen to Kiper's "No Account" crap a couple of times a year. You on the other hand, your no account, chicken shyt self goes on and on and on: EVERY DAY!

And you're going to call someone else.......er......Wrong? Being wrong is the LEAST of your problems(snickety-snick).

You have NO credibility here and most just wish you'd go away. None- Zilcho Mundo-LOL ;)

The most pitifully funny thing I've seen YOU do:

You were trying to claim you were right about an issue, but you couldn't remember which fake name you had used.


Remember that one? It was day before yesterday?

ROTFLMAO - Goofball FINALLY got **GUESSED** something right........and couldn't even claim it-lol.


Leave poor Dashi alone, he doesn't Eff with YOU until you start effing with him.








Thanks for the 5 days of back and forth Jake. First time he hits the Injury report everyone will be like OH...that's why we didn't want to give him 10 mil and 4 years.

Odin, definitely feel Winston is the way to go and Dolphins could possibly get a good deal on him if they act quickly. His exit interviews make him sound like a man wanting a job for a few more years. Redoing contracts for Patterson and Marshall- and what's left after not signing Long- will probably allow for one of the better CBs left in FA.

Like the thinking with packaging Bess and a 3rd pick for another 2nd. I would like to see the team stock receivers from this draft class and another high pick will help. Don't see Miami as a Superbowl contender with the likes of Bess, Gibson and Hartline getting the snaps every Sunday.

ody loves dashi - two longstanding members of the gang of loverboys.

daShe still wrong AGAIN...batting 0.0421 - not even minor league worthy.


I think the answer to number 1 is simple. Winston needs to get signed today! Winston has a few connections with our team already (his brother) and why wouldnt he have signed elsewhere already? He comes affordably and is a proven commodity. I think he was waiting on us after we told him that we have to wait on Jake. The Dolphins could afford both guys really but if they really wanted Grimes, they would have made him a substantial offer. Remember, he is still visiting teams before deciding what to do. My guess is that he wants to see if he can make alot more money than ATL wants to pay him- ala Jake Long. If MIA ponied up the bucks, he would have never left town.

Bess isnt going anywhere unless they get an amazing trade offer. The team now has a legit 4 WR set and a seam threat TE.

if dolphins overpayed players, then bush, smith, fasano,cook, LONG are more than overpayed

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