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Dolphins add Grimes as cornerback stopgap

The Dolphins have managed to bring players they want to the team as unrestricted free agents this offseason while at the same time holding their ground on what they pay players they believe come with risk.

The latest example of this is Miami landing unrestricted free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal. The deal believed to be in the $4 million range is not exactly what Grimes was looking for. He wanted a long-term deal that averaged $6-$8 million. Grimes' base salary in 2013 will be $2.75 million.

But because he didn't play last year due to an Achilles' injury, because his market did not include more than three or four teams, and because the market for corners is generally been depressed, Grimes accepted the Dolphins one-year offer today.

This is a good addition for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also signed TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal. They signed guard Lance Louis to a one-year deal and they signed defensive tackle Vaughn Martin to a two-year deal. This after they paid much bigger money for receiver Mike Wallace and linebackers Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.  

This is a good job by general manager Jeff Ireland. He stuck to his conviction on a price for Grimes and got it done.

"We are very excited that we were able to reach an agreement with Brent,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “His experience and history of play making production will add a great deal to our secondary."

Grimes is expected to be ready for the start of the season, according to an NFL source. Indeed, that may be conservative. Grimes is already running on his surgically repaired Achilles.

"I'll be straight in no time," Grimes told the South Florida media. He declined to give a specific time frame. He did say the surgeon told him 6-8 months recovery time. May would be eight months.

Grimes said he was not certain he'd participate in the coming OTAs. I would not expect it.

Grimes, 30 in July, was the Falcons franchise tag player in 2012. He played only one game in which he ruptured the Achilles. The previous three seasons he started 36 of a possible 48 games and collected 12 interceptions.

One more thing on the Grimes addition:

If he's healthy and back to his previous form he is a likely starter. And that means the Dolphins do not go into the draft with a major need for a starting cornerback high in the draft.

In other words, Ireland will have latitude as coach Joe Philbin said, to pick the best available player.

The Dolphins continue to have offensive tackle Eric Winston on the radar. He will sign with the team if the club convinces him to take a short-term (perhaps one-year) deal that is not for huge money. Winston, obviously, continues to believe he will get more somehwere.

We'll see.


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Good job Jeffy

Jeffy strikes again !!

Don't expect much from a crippled CB now over 30.

Good signing.Now let's draft the best Tight end.And we are set...

That is huge. Very happy with the 1 yr deal to see how healthy he is after the injury. Not a bad off season at all.

Good signing, good price. Upgrade for SS for half the price. As long as he is healthy its a great move, if not they don't have much invested.

So far pretty happy with this offseason, and still tons of draft picks to come.

The deal is reported for 5.5 mil with 3 mil guaranteed. So that's not too expensive and the guy was rated as the #1 CB available. Awesome job Mr. Ireland...take that trolls.

They keep adding depth in FA with certain posissions which they'll also address in the draft so that the younger player can learn under the 1 year contracted veterans . Which is exactly what New England did as per your earlier post Armando, an excellent read. You may have hit the nail in the head and for a lack of a better word 'exposed' Ierland's 'plan'. Nice!!!

I'm not a huge Ireland fan. There have been a few moves I really didn't care for and that turned out poorly. But, this offseason is shaping up nicely and the money management has been stellar. Now lets hope he can continue this success with an inspiring draft. I'm starting to believe. I was never a hater but I may soon be an Ireland advocate. Time will tell.

So happy dolphins got Grimes. I didn't believe in Ireland before, but now in Ireland I trust!

Ireland is da man, to the guy above, Grimes is turning 30 in July, he's not over 30, he's not even 30 yet !!!
He also was seen as the best FA CB even injured. Not Sean "stone hands" Smith who can't cover small quick wr's, or play zone, or tackle a running back.

If The Guy Is Healthty , We Don't Have To Reach For A Corner With The First Pick , Good Move Plenty Of Talent In 2nd And 3rd Round of The Draft For CB, Now I Wonder If Patterson Will Be Cut Or Restructure His Contract Or Even Marshall , Something Tells Me This Move Will Bring Consequences

Jeff Ireland must be from Missouri. You know,"The show me state". It seems that he has learned from past mistakes,and he is not giving the franchise away when signing questionable free agents. You can't ask more than that from anybody,if you learn from past experinces and get better at your job then you deserve to have that job. I do agree with Ivan,there will be further cuts to last years roster before we field the 2013 team. Just sayin

Glad to see Ireland is finally starting to get the respect he rightfully deserves.

That is a good job by Jeff Ireland. No long term deal. Gives the team a year to develop 2 cornerbacks plus next years draft to maybe get one more if the draftees don't work out this year. And if he works out, sign him up for a couple more.

Keep sayin y'all need to back off Jeff .......he knows what he is doin .......

YES!!! Been waiting for this one for awhile. Great move by the Fins. This guy is healthy he will be one of the best CBs we have ever seen

This was good work by Jeff, and you also have to thank his agent (Rosenhaus?) for seeing OUR side of it. It's still a sizable risk paying 3 mill or more to someone who may not have his former skills. Certainly not pay it for a multi-years. If he pans out, gofer Grimes a deal commensurate with his value at the position. Hopefully he'll accept, considering it was the Fins that stepped up and did the deal.

Do your dance Jeffrey, do yo dance!!!!!!!

I have deep reservations about this player. However, his history has been a productive starter. Jeff Ireland did a masterful job bringing in a veteran while not exposing the team to much risk. Bravo Mr. Ireland, you are proving yourself a worthy GM this year.


Now get Fisher or Johnson in the draft with a young corner in the 2nd to groom under Grimes, a TE in the 3rd (Escobar, Kelce, the kid from UF) and all the haters will have to suck it! Plaaaaaayoffs? U talkin Plaaaaaayoffs? Fukk yea!

Boycott putz above

Did Jeffy ask Grimes if his momma was a hooka?

Dusty, you and I have been screaming to sign this guy. Lets hope he is everything we think.


Contract details per pft -

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Grimes has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Dolphins.

The contract is worth $5.5 million, which puts him near the top of this year’s pathetic cornerback market — and which gives him another crack at getting paid again in 2014. Of that amount, the base value if $5 million; $500,000 comes from per-game roster bonuses.

The deal also includes a $2.25 million signing bonus, and $750,000 of the base salary is guaranteed. That results in a total guarantee of $3 million.

It's looking like the best player available with the 12th pick. I still feeling like we need to upgrade the wrs. If we are looking at the bpa I would take Dion Jordan because he is a top ten talent and is a need. But after that I think Patterson or Austin. I'm not an advocate of taking the second best player at any position unless he is head and shoulders above the rest.

Taking Patterson pushes Hartline to the slot where he can take advantage of third string cbs and upgrade our 2nd 3rd and 4th wrs.

Austin will add a difference maker in the slot. Hartline is a upgrade over Bess but doesn't make plays.While Austin can make it hard for 3rd strings in the middle. He is the type of player who is able to make a td from anywhere on the field.

TDS win games.

In order to throw TD's, the qb needs time to throw. LT is a priority over all others right now. Over WR, over TE, over DE, over RB. Shore up the line.

The best indication that the Dolphins are on the verge of a breakout year is by statements the FA's signings make after signing. The one-year deal guys have been saying they know Miami is building something great and want to be part of it. I think this team will really light up the scoreboard this year, and an 11 or 12 win season would be great!

There will always be a complainer, Hey Boycott go suck an egg and become a Jets fan. Grimes was a Stud and will play like one so he can get a better contract with the phins or with another team really like the pick. Marshall will stay Carroll or Paterson get traded or dropped. Lets see if they can get Winston. Then we will be sitting pretty, would love to get Millner, Lane or Efert.

With the one-year deals to Chris Cleamons, Grimes and Louis it is pretty safe to say, Ireland has his eye in the draft at certain players at the FS, CB and TE position. I say 2 CB's, 1-FS and Two TE's will be drafted, one as a blocking specilist and 1 OL. The wild card is that #12 pick, if the Dolphins stay at 12, they will draft the best playmaker on either side of the ball, pass rusher or Austin...mark it down

Wow a big signing and if the injury is an issue, he's signed to a wonderfully safe one year stop gap contract.

Like the pickup....Always was a fan of Grimes. Lets hope there's still some sand in the hourglass of that Achilles.

Amazing how of all the right things Ireland has done in his life...95% of them have happened in the last month.

First of all Acl surgery has come a long way.

To those who say "If he is healthy" I would hope FO got a physical and had him workout in a limited role. THey should be able to see if he still has his quickness. Also, he didn't injury his intelligence and instincts.


damn this dude seems like a beast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKr3ViCiXps hopefully he can return to that level of play post injury

Phinsane - Sorry to say but your wrong of this one "Amazing how of all the right things Ireland has done in his life...95% of them have happened in the last month."

What Ireland has done over the last two years to gain control of the cap is what set all these signings up.

And what he has NOT done too, like signing Matt Flynn, Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb to large multi-year deals.

And of course last year's draft - Tannehill, J. Martin, Lamar Miller, Olivier.

I didn't believe this would get done. Thought Falcons would come to their own rescue and sign him. The defense is shaping up. Rush-Linbacker,,,, Barkevous? Dion? Think of the possibilities,,,OOOOOOoooooooo, or another CB..TE..DE..DT..
Are my Dolphins getting off the deck? Nasty, nasty, nasty,,,,

Great move.When healthy,Grimes is a top cb.The draft should be really interesting.

Both sides got a fair deal, Grimes gets paid quite well at 5.5 mil (if he plays) and the Fins get a great corner, albiet with some risk but frankly that risk is quite minimal.

Most players come back just fine after ACL injuries these days.

And Grimes can prove he deserves that large multi-year deal he wants starting in 2014.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

Can't wait to find out who we pair him up with. This is a really good signing. For multiple reasons. First it gives us latitude in the upcoming draft. Secondly it gives a veteran prescense. Third, it gives us more options and time for the secondary to jell.

Mainly, it makes our team a lot better. Grimes had 12 int's the last three seasons. Sean Smith did get anything CLOSE in the last 4!

Ive always said that we should give Jeff Ireland time to come into his own. The first 3 years was under Bill Parcells. Now we're starting to see Jeff Ireland's vision. The.guy was responsible for adding some very important pieces to the Cowboys franchise.

Another need filled at a reasonable price. Now the biggest need of all left to address in the tackle position either by FA or the draft . Three options: 1. move up in the draft and pick one of the top three tackles. I honestly don't like giving up picks unless we were on the verge of the Super Bowl and we are not there yet. 2. Sign Winston affordably and move martin to the LT. 3. Move Martin to LT and draft a RT to groom behind yeatman or garner.

I'm not counting a Brandon Albert trade option due to the chiefs asking for a high pick and then actually signing him for about the same money as jake long.

Does anyone else see any other options?

As far as staying at 12, assuming no trade down or trade up, BPA is in play. I mentioned this in a post the other day. I think at 12, assuming all the usual suspects are drafted, the pick is going to be Sheldon Richardson, bjoern Werner, corrdarelle Patterson, and now I'm adding Jonathon cooper.

If Ross wants a handout the least he could do would be to listen to his customers and FIRE IRELAND.

The good news is we got rid of 10 Ireland busts.
The bad news is that Ross allowed Ireland to replace them.

Zonk ur still n idiot ..........

MJZ @1:24pm,

It's NOT an ACL injury, it's an achilles injury. Sometimes harder to make a full recover from.

Having said all that, I like the signing. To me we needed a guy like Grimes before the draft. To me this take the pressure off having to draft a corner at 12. I still think Ireland will trade up for Johnson or Fischer, but if not it'll be a guy like Dion Jordan if his there or hopefully a guy like Eiffert. Lots of options for the team and any and all these guys would help. I think he'll go CB in the 2nd or 3rd and look for another guard in there somewhere too.

Everything I see here is Jeff, Jeff and Jeff?
Don,t you see the Philbin stamp on these players? We finally have a coach with the Balls and the savvy to put together a football team.
Jeff and his team are great with the money and the research, but the skill and charachter of these players has Philbin written all over it.

Gregg go do some research, form an actual intelligent though, process it, write it down, make corrections as needed then come back and post.. until then have a Happy Easter

..Sweet..I just saw this on the bottom line. I thought I would come here to share my 2 cents..

Grimes is a good player. Excited about signing a corner. I don't think this means we are out of the running for a corner round 1 pick 12.(although I think it would be a mistake) It does really start to look like offensive line is going to be the pick. Now lets debate guard, or trading for a tackle.

Do Fins trade-up for either Werner, Moore, or Mingo?

Great signing! Hopefully, he can get back to his Pro-Bowl ways after the injury.

Ireland is putting together a Philbin Team. And, doing a good job of it too! Remember, Jeff helped bring Philbin in as coach and helped him build his coaching staff. The stench of Tuna (Parcells) and the Pizza Boy (Sparano) are almost gone...

The draft's gonna be very interesting this year; especially the #12 pick!

If Grimes starts or does not start I can see the Dolphins still drafting a CB at 12 if the right one is there.

I said over 30 because he will be over 30 come game 1.

They still have to draft a corner, because Grimes is still not in game shape and they won't know for awhile what to expect from him.


1 More Need To Fill Out And Ireland Will Be Done Before The Draft.

Love That It Was Only For 1 Season. Grimes Might Be Good, He Might Not Be Good. Whatever The Case Ireland Didn't Risk Spending Extra Years On A Player With A Injury History.

So Far This Is Shaping Out To Be A Great Offseason. Resign Ireland Now, Before His Value Goes Any Higher. Well Not Really We Have To Wait Til After The Draft.


Mando Please Stop Trying To Force Best Available Player On Us Every time. We All Know It Is BPA, Not BAP.

When discussing a tightend, don't forget that Philbin says it is the second hardest position to play.
Egnew is still in play and we still have Yeatman who at his new weight should be the baddest blocking tight end in the league.

BOYCOTT IS ON, are you stupid or what. No one is boycotting anything you moron.

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