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Dolphins add Grimes as cornerback stopgap

The Dolphins have managed to bring players they want to the team as unrestricted free agents this offseason while at the same time holding their ground on what they pay players they believe come with risk.

The latest example of this is Miami landing unrestricted free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal. The deal believed to be in the $4 million range is not exactly what Grimes was looking for. He wanted a long-term deal that averaged $6-$8 million. Grimes' base salary in 2013 will be $2.75 million.

But because he didn't play last year due to an Achilles' injury, because his market did not include more than three or four teams, and because the market for corners is generally been depressed, Grimes accepted the Dolphins one-year offer today.

This is a good addition for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also signed TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal. They signed guard Lance Louis to a one-year deal and they signed defensive tackle Vaughn Martin to a two-year deal. This after they paid much bigger money for receiver Mike Wallace and linebackers Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.  

This is a good job by general manager Jeff Ireland. He stuck to his conviction on a price for Grimes and got it done.

"We are very excited that we were able to reach an agreement with Brent,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “His experience and history of play making production will add a great deal to our secondary."

Grimes is expected to be ready for the start of the season, according to an NFL source. Indeed, that may be conservative. Grimes is already running on his surgically repaired Achilles.

"I'll be straight in no time," Grimes told the South Florida media. He declined to give a specific time frame. He did say the surgeon told him 6-8 months recovery time. May would be eight months.

Grimes said he was not certain he'd participate in the coming OTAs. I would not expect it.

Grimes, 30 in July, was the Falcons franchise tag player in 2012. He played only one game in which he ruptured the Achilles. The previous three seasons he started 36 of a possible 48 games and collected 12 interceptions.

One more thing on the Grimes addition:

If he's healthy and back to his previous form he is a likely starter. And that means the Dolphins do not go into the draft with a major need for a starting cornerback high in the draft.

In other words, Ireland will have latitude as coach Joe Philbin said, to pick the best available player.

The Dolphins continue to have offensive tackle Eric Winston on the radar. He will sign with the team if the club convinces him to take a short-term (perhaps one-year) deal that is not for huge money. Winston, obviously, continues to believe he will get more somehwere.

We'll see.


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Gregg in Miramar, you're the other moron. Just stay home.

Really pumped over this signing. Grimes was rated 3rd best CB in the league according to PFF before getting hurt. His against completion rate was one of the best in pro football. Grimes says he has no "physical restrictions" at this point and is just trying to strengthen up. I look forward to Winston also taking a one year contract because he isnt going to get a better offer. This is going to be one heck of a draft for the Fins.

Grimes accepted a low ball 1 yr offer. That tells you what the rest of the league thinks of him...many do not fully recover from an achilles.

Yeah we still have to draft a corner. I think Grimes > Smith, so already an upgrade. Plus the terms are good.

Boycott, what is your deal? You just want the Dolphins to fail? Ireland has been doing a good job, and so far this offseason is making many good moves. Guy is a good GM deal with it.

In 2010, Grimes was ranked 10th among CB's by Pro Football Focus, with QB's having a 61.3 rating against him. He allowed 4 TD's, but had 5 INT's. He made the Pro-Bowl.
In 2011, he was ranked 3rd among CB's (just behind Revis & Finnegan), with QB's having a 62.9 rating against him; completing 44.6 % (25 of 56) for an average of 10.3 yards per completion. He allowed 2 TD's & had one interception.
Atlanta franchised him in 2012, but he was injured the first game of the season.

Sean Smith was ranked 105th in 2011 and 74th in 2012.


Not sure about Winston signing.... He doesn't seem to want the 1 yr deal. I'd like the guy but think he's looking to cash in again. And WTH did he mean this isn't the end all be all?

Looks it truly can be BPA. I would be happy with Mingo or Jordan or top OT. Don't know if they should give up picks for Lane Johnson though.

I think our CB situation dictates that we had better have a back up plan. All three of our projected starters are comming off some sort of injury.

This is a passing league so in my opinion I really could see a trade up to get Millner. We really dont have that developmental stud on the roster. The rest of the spots have developmental players.

I think we still take FS/CB twice this draft.

The other thing is if all these if players take us to the playoffs you have to deal with a restocking situation next time this year. So you better find depth at CB/FS/TE/OL/WR even with the Bess situation. And then you have hope the new faster younger ILB's pan out like they are supposed to.

No one really is talking about our situation as a hail marry sort of situation, but we are ? marks in a ton of areas. Oh and Tannhill has to be able to throw the deep ball this year. Oh and our RB's have to be able to move the chains on 3rd down? Oh and our opposite side DE has to help get preasure on Brady and the likes their of.

This is a ton of ifs and Ireland is not the luckiest at having things pan out his way. Great vibe early season.

Still hate this new logo thing, but am crossing my fingers that the extra uniform elements make up for it. (And a white face mask does not make up for it). I know you guys dont really care, but I have not felt this way since Marinos last game against Jacksonville. Just dont feel like our old logo deserves to go out like this. Its sad that a 42 year old man would care especially since I can go out and buy old hats, but man my dad was put to his grave in a Csonk Jersey and feel like its a betrayal of everything he raised me on. Always thought the Jimmy Logo change was cursed, but was wanting to go back to our teams second logo in a newer fresher way. And just cant picture this new logo on gear. Crazy to get a good vibe on personnel and be so depressed about a stupid thing like a logo. Sorry friends I am way to mental about this.

Go Dolphins!!

BOYCOTT IS AN ASS spread ur junk somewhere else

From the Dez Bryant incident up until SpOrano was fired, I wanted Ireland GONE!

Even when he dodged the Orton and Flynn bullets, it wasn't enough. The roster and the losing seasons made it seem like a lost cause.

It wasn't until last year when I started hearing about the cap space and then the draft picks. That made me want to take a closer look at Ireland and specifically his tenure post Parcells.

One of the big issues of importance for me was how well he would work with Philbin and the new Coaching staff. Thanks to Hard Knocks we were all able to get a peek into that relationship.

So I was preaching patience and resigned myself to the fact that Ireland would get at least this one last chance. So far I think he's Aced It. And barring a complete Brain Fart on draft day, I'll be the first to say Ireland might have earned himself a stay of execution!

Go Jeffy!!!!

Finally!! Now all the Grimes lovers can stop complaining.

No one on this blog should be hating on Ireland!

I like the low risk signing of 1 year for Grimes. I think that it enables us to draft the BPA through out the draft. I love Tavon Austion but I don't think that they will go in that direction. Therefore, I think the fins will draft one of 4 players if they stay at 12, Guards Chance Warmack and Jonathen Cooper, Ziggy Ansag, and Kenny Vacaro. Ansag may not be there when we draf; he is raw but extremely talented and can be a dynamic pass rusher but we would be giving up on Vernon. Therefore Warmack and Cooper probably make the most sense. In fact, McShay in his latest mock draft 4.0 mocked Cooper to the fins.

Vacaro is also interesting. He is a ball hawking safety and would give the fins one of the best young tandems with Reshad Jones. This would still allow us to improve the secondary and then enable us to take another corener in the 3rd round. Don't be surprised if Ireland takes Vacaro with the first pick.

Orlando, like your thinking. I still would love to have Vaccarro here. I agree him and Jones would be an awesome duo back there. I don't believe we are going to draft Offensive Line with 12. Give me Vaccarro or Anash or maybe Eifert or Allen/Patterson. ...


Grimes is one hell of an upgrade over what we had to this point including Smith. There is a awesome buzz around this team and now very good players are wanting to be here. Players around the league are taking notice of the great work of Ireland, Philbin, Sherman and Coyle.

This guy has been part of the Falcons...an elite team of late and Grimes stated "the Dolphins building something great". I couldn't agree more!

Don't fall for the "Multi-Troll" that keeps posting about Ireland.

He's trying to make a joke ouit of it now, because he was/has been riding Ireland like a Dog!

I told you Ireland would get this last chance, didn't I "Multi-Troll"! I told you over and OVER that we should judge Ireland post Parcell's.......didn't I?

DIDN'T I........?


I like all the 1year deals. I have a strong feeling that we will target those positions in the draft where we signed 1 year deals. It is also looking more likely that we trade up for a LT.

Nobody Would've Expected Free Agency To Turn Out So Well.

Ireland Has 1 Last Move To Make Before The Draft. Sign 1 Tackle To A 1-yr Deal. Wait Winston Out. Don't Fold Now Ireland!!

And We Still Have A Good Amount Left Of Cap!! ($15+, I Believe?)

Who Would've Thought?

My new Mock Draft:

1. Kenny Vacaro S
2a. Melanik Watson OT
2b. Zach Ertz TE
3a. Jordan Poyer CB
3b. Monte Ball/Le'Veon Bell RB
4a. John Simon DE

Best player available for the rest of the draft.

I hope the fins don't trade up for an OT. I think that they can get a solid starting OT in the 2nd round. I would hate to give up picks for an OL.

Grimes accepted a low ball 1 yr offer. That tells you what the rest of the league thinks of him...many do not fully recover from an achilles.

Posted by: Fools Gold | March 30, 2013 at 02:51 PM

I don't care about "The rest of the league". I'm not overly concerned with the injury.

The fact is, they could amputate both of Grimes achilles and he'd still be better than Sean Smith!

We're a better team today than we were yesterday and you can Thank Ireland for it - BAM!

Go Jeffy!!!!

I still have my concerns over Grimes. He is coming back from a career threatening injury. This not just any injury it is a torn achilles, that is serious. However, for 1 year it is worth the risk. This is his try out year. If he works out we extend him. If not we allow him to walk and draft a rookie corner with our first pick next year. For now we should get by with Marshall, Patterson, Grimes, and a 3rd round rookie. Take a difference maker on the defense or the OL with the first pick. I would take a ball hawking safety like Vacaro or a big time pass rusher like Ansag (if available).

Love ittttt. Atta boy ireland. Great signing!

Pretty positive work coming out of Miami! July can't come fast enough to see how all this will work together!

I don't believe we are going to draft Offensive Line with 12.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | March 30, 2013 at 03:43 PM

I love the thought of Vacarro back there with Reshad Jones. Not comparing anyone, but it reminds me of those old Raider teams with Jack Tatum and George Atkinson.

Still though, we can't start kidding ourselves now. For the first time in 30 years we've drafted a QB in the first round. We signed three free agent wide receivers, one of them a blazing speedster.

It all will be moot until we replace our Pro Bowl Left Tackle. It's arguably the 2nd most important position on offense, especially in this day and age of the pass happy NFL.

I've watched the games with Martin in at LT and to be blunt, he was.......not even average. I know he WILL improve, but I think it would be the worst mistake of the off season in thinking Martin will be the guy. I would try McKinnie or even Winston before Martin.

So, not kidding ourselves, we have a GINORMOUS......a GLARING hole staring right at us. We won't be able to go completely BPA until we address LT.

I think getting McKinnie solves a lot. We would be set to go it in a worse case scenario. Be free to go BPA in the draft(even it means a LT). And from there, let the **Upgrading** begin!

odin, your hottie stopped by early this morning, really hungry. I fed him some dog biscuits. He should be good to go now.

I was gonna say where is dusty? But there you are. Apparently Jeffy reads the blog.lol

I can't wait til preseason to see this group on the field!

Notice even Armando calls Grimes a stopgap. This is what he learned from his sources. They are not encouraged.

They need carbs for the walk of shame.Country roads are longggg..


I'm thinking Mckinney wouldn't mind that scenario. He was playing tennis with Tannehill a couple days ago.

This is pretty much a "show me" agreement for Miami. The Dolphins have the cap room to pay a solid salary, but they are only willing to do it for one year. If Grimes is still the same player post-injury, Miami could look to keep him long-term in 2014.

Grimes spoke about his injury and recovery time on a conference call Saturday.

“I am not going to do timeframes"



Grimes spoke about his injury and recovery time on a conference call Saturday.

“I am not going to do timeframes"

By Jeffy, I've got it. I've figured out the final two pre-draft moves that we need to make.

I hate....I absolutely HATE giving up picks for ANY REASON. But I think in this case, it's the right thing to do. The Deal Maker is the fact that we're loaded with picks.

We need to give a 2nd to the Pack for Shields. Now, with Grimes, Shields would solidify our secondary. This allows Marshall, Patterson and Stanford to battle for the 3rd and 4th spots. Ultimately, Shields would mean we're ready for the season with or WITHOUT the draft. From then on it means upgrades ONLY(BPA in the Draft)!

Then, we go ahead with McKinnie and consider him our "Stop-Gap Starter". Again, we'd be ready for the season regardless of how the draft shakes out. We're lacking in depth at BOTH Tackle spots, so McKinnie would be a good signing even if we are targeting a Tackle somewhere early.

McKinnie and Shields gives us capable starters, increases our depth(and competition) and TRULY puts us in the best possible position to Target the BPA throughout the Draft! And that's a pretty Fvcking good position to be in!

All it takes is two more contracts and a 2nd round pick. We would then have a good, solid starting lineup without even having drafted yet.

Am I Crazy or what? Am I going overboard here?

Go Jeffy!!!!

Grimes is just awesome...True it is a stopgap but we'll take him...We are so thin at corner it's not even funny...Some of you guys were talking about McKinnie...Man, that would be great...Another stopgap but who cares...This guy is ageless...Did anyone see how he played last year? Nobody came even close to Flacco...And his LT was, you guessed it, McKinnie...I would take him in a heartbeat...Another one year deal until some younger guy is ready...I'm not sold on Martin...And to all those people thinking it doesn't make any sense to sign some older guys, well, one word for you all...Leadership...Very important on a football team...I like the mix currently on this team...And most of the FAs we signed are in their mid twenties...

Man, Vaccaro, I would flip out...That's my kind of safety...Ronnie Lott type...Not the fastest, but man lights out when they tackle you...These types of safeties strike fear in WRs...They'll think about it twice before running down the middle...

odin, not sure I would trade a 2nd for Shields man...I mean, I hate trading picks...I'd rather sign guys that are available that don't require compensation...5 picks in the first 3 rounds is amazing...You have a chance to get at least 2 great players...Keep the picks is what I say...

Anyway, kids are screaming for a change...Time to go...Have a good one guys...

Everyone's guess is good as mine as far as how Ireland is going to go at 12 in the draft. The LT/RT question needs addressed but I'm not concerned we have opportunities to fill the position. It could be the draft or a FA. I'm going to trust Ireland on that one. I'm sure he's got some ideas whether Martin is at the guy at LT or not.

Dolphin Rick,

Now that you mentioned it, I do remember reading about Tannehill and McKinnie.

I've liked McKinnie forever, I believe he's been a bit of an underachiever and sometimes just got by on his natural talents. With the right dedication I think he had all the tools to be a Hall Of Famer.

I know that ship has sailed. But he's getting older now and judging by what happened last year, I think he learned a very big and important lesson.

Life's Short. I believe that whomever signs McKinnie, they'll be getting every bit of whatever he has left. I bet he finishes out strong for the next 2 to 3 seasons. An excellent stop gap in my opinion. A guy that would fit our situation perfectly. He's viable and gives us a chance to fill the spot without having to get desperate.

You think him and Tannehill hanging together has any significance?

Grimes spoke about his injury and recovery time on a conference call Saturday.

“I am not going to do timeframes"



Posted by: Fools Gold | March 30, 2013 at 05:07 PM

Dear Mr. Fool,

I have to agree totally!

Grimes' Doctor said his recovery time **SHOULD** be May/June.

Grimes is ALREADY running, WORKING OUT for Teams and **PASSED** his physicals.

I have to agree Mr. Fool, this TRULY is **Wonderful!**

Odin, 100% right. Grimes passed his physical when he interviewed with Miami last month. He also is running and working out to "strengthen" himself. Grimes is going to be the best CB we have had in a looong time. This one year deal can easily turn into an extension if he performs like the ProBowler he is. Besides Wallace, to me this is the 2nd best signing this FA. Great great move by Ireland.

Use all the lower picks to trade up for higher picks and take BAP. Use your 11 picks to get 3 or 4. Quality vs quantity.

We have and Patterson and Marshall as well. A corner in the 2nd and someone like Brandon Mcgee late and we're set.

Another Irish added to the Fins Nation... ;)

I'll be the first to say Ireland might have earned himself a stay of execution!

Go Jeffy!!!!

Posted by: odinseye |
Well I will agree with you on Ireland. Since Parcells left it also speaks to how bad, out of touch with todays NFL and what a complete dinosaur Bill Parcells was as VP of Operations for the Dolphins.


Not sure if them playing in a tennis tourney has significance or not.

Mckinney may very well be making his presence known around Miami for a reason though, he is without a contract.

Judging by the off season we're having I'm betting we did our due diligence on him. If we were interested they probably would have brought him in for a visit.

If the Dolphins really believe in Jon Martin at LT then the dealing is done. If they don't then I'm sure that the Raiders would be amenable to trade with us. They have no picks again and I believe would gladly trade the 3rd pick to us for our 12, 42 and 77 picks. They wouldn't get trade chart value ... but a great return none the less.

My two cents says the dealing is done

Odin I really like your concept of giving Green Bay a second for Shields. He's a player


Everyone has an opinion but theres noone at 3 I would want give up that many picks for.

Man am I pumped up for this draft and up coming season with all the new players and everything, I've loved every single move we've made, well you know, except for that hideous, awful, ugly, embarrassing new sea world looking logo but hey ya can't have everything

Hey shula71 don't worry about it brother your not alone, I've been a fan for 35 years and always will be but this new logo is absolutely atrocious, not many people are gonna want to spend their hard earned money on that garbage I'll still be watching every fins game but it will be with my old logo on just like 95 percent of the rest of dolphins fans

Yeah while I could really care less about the logo, something completely different like just the name Dolphins on the helmet and maybe the fish on the sleeve would have been better.

Some different colors other than aqua and orange would be good too.

Like a previous poster said though, they could wear a chaquita banana headdress and as long as they win I don't care.

When people make these trade suggestions, they act like they know what the other team will accept. It makes no sense to even try. Oh, lets give them our 12 and 42 for their 6. Yeah, ok..but the other team has a say in the matter...like NO.

I'm 100% with you Rick. But that would be the cost to move up and draft Fisher.
As I said I think were done. Time to get ready for the draft.

My draft would look like

1 Cooper.LG Would make the overpaid and out of system Incognito obsolete.
2a Terron Armstead. RT time to commit to Philbins Zone blocking scheme
2b trade to GB for the rights to Sam Shields
3a Rob Alford CB like the WR position why not make it an area of strength
3b Gavin Escobar. Keller is a rental for 1 year
4 Justin Pugh OG like Keller , Lance Louis is a 1 year rental. Youth and speed
5a Kenjon Barner .RB Always need running backs who can cut and catch.
5s Dustin Hopkins. Don't wait too long to get your new kicker or someone else will get him
7a Duke Williams. Competes with McCray for the backup FS job. Loser to the Practice Squad
7b Kenny Tate LB . Sort of a hybred LB/SS who can cover. Will be 7th LB and replace Freeney or end up on Practice squad.
7s Uzoma Nwachukwu.WR knows Sherman from A&M would maybe be 6th WR

Hope you like my draft.

Thanks Jeremy.

I do hate trading picks, but for Shields I'd give the 2nd their asking in a Heartbeat!

Shields is only 25. Good size and runs sub 4.4's in the 40. He also returns kicks.

He was a solid WR at Miami(so he knows the nuances from both sides of the ball) and switched to D his final season. He went undrafted because of a Marijuanna possession charge.

Having said all that, he seems to have learned his lessons. He's stayed out of trouble and MOST IMPORTANTLY continued to improve.

Shields is entering his prime right now and would instantly solidify our CB situation. I just love the idea of upgrading in this manner. From the days of Carroll and Jimmy Wilson to Grimes and Shields? Over the weekend? And it would only cost ONE of our 2nd's?

I like a lot of CB's in the draft, but there's NONE I'd take over Shields(save for Miliner). None that could come in and be counted on as much as Shields.

So if I'm Ireland, I make that deal like RIGHT NOW!

Ireland being patient, that's how he's doing it.

we could use a power back for short yardage situations we haven't had 0ne since Polite, I don't know if there is one in the draft or not but this is something we could use. I hope all the FA signings work out but I don't think you can call Ireland a good GM yet, if he drafts well this year and the dolphins actually have a winning record and make the playoffs you can say he is turning the corner. The dolphins are 31-33 under his direction and that is below average so he needs to get better and now is the time if he is going to, alot depends on Tannehill whether he is the real deal or not.

the strength of this draft is from 20--to 70. We don't want to use up picks trading up. We need to either stay at 12 or move back 3-4 spots and pick up another 3rd. Then use all the other picks we have in the 2nd and 3rd to move up for a second pick in the first and a third 2nd. Make multiple picks in that range before the top players at each position are gone. We can fill spots in free agency like ireland is doing now. We don't need to draft for depth. We need to upgrade at key positions like pass rusher-DE, TE, CB, and add one more playmaker at wide receiver like patterson, austin, or robert woods.

What do any of you bimbos really know about who fits into whose system? You just regurgitate what what you hear by people who have no idea what anyone's system is and how it can be adapted.

Coaches make the system fit the players they have. Philbin said so himself.

I would sit right at 12 unless somewhat made me an offer to move down...which i would definately consider.

Should be able to get a great player at 12. Cooper, Warmack, Mingo, Vaccaro, Patterson. You never know Dion Jordan or Lane Johson could fall there.

If we were able to trade down it would be great though. Possibly get someone like Cyprien or Trufant and get an extra pick.

Mckinnie Sounds Better Than Winston.

When You Look At The Fins Right Now They Only Have 1 Glarring Need. LT.

Odin, Agreed. McKinnie Playing Tennis With T-Hill Sounds Interesting. But We Also Have To Remember T-Hill Went On Vacation With Fasano This Offseason. But Still Agreed, Mckinnie Is Better Than Winston Any day.

A 2nd For Shields? I Don't Know. GB Is Going To Have To Let Him Go Next Season no matter What.

The Fins Have 3 Veteran CB's and N.Carroll. As Group I Think They Will Do OK.

Draft 1 Early This Year, With A 2nd Rd. And Go After Shields Next Year In FA. The Fins Are Still Going To Have Cap Space. The 3-CB's Will Be Coming Off The Books For A Total Of $13Mil. More Than Enough Money To Sign Shield's.

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