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Dolphins add Grimes as cornerback stopgap

The Dolphins have managed to bring players they want to the team as unrestricted free agents this offseason while at the same time holding their ground on what they pay players they believe come with risk.

The latest example of this is Miami landing unrestricted free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal. The deal believed to be in the $4 million range is not exactly what Grimes was looking for. He wanted a long-term deal that averaged $6-$8 million. Grimes' base salary in 2013 will be $2.75 million.

But because he didn't play last year due to an Achilles' injury, because his market did not include more than three or four teams, and because the market for corners is generally been depressed, Grimes accepted the Dolphins one-year offer today.

This is a good addition for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also signed TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal. They signed guard Lance Louis to a one-year deal and they signed defensive tackle Vaughn Martin to a two-year deal. This after they paid much bigger money for receiver Mike Wallace and linebackers Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.  

This is a good job by general manager Jeff Ireland. He stuck to his conviction on a price for Grimes and got it done.

"We are very excited that we were able to reach an agreement with Brent,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “His experience and history of play making production will add a great deal to our secondary."

Grimes is expected to be ready for the start of the season, according to an NFL source. Indeed, that may be conservative. Grimes is already running on his surgically repaired Achilles.

"I'll be straight in no time," Grimes told the South Florida media. He declined to give a specific time frame. He did say the surgeon told him 6-8 months recovery time. May would be eight months.

Grimes said he was not certain he'd participate in the coming OTAs. I would not expect it.

Grimes, 30 in July, was the Falcons franchise tag player in 2012. He played only one game in which he ruptured the Achilles. The previous three seasons he started 36 of a possible 48 games and collected 12 interceptions.

One more thing on the Grimes addition:

If he's healthy and back to his previous form he is a likely starter. And that means the Dolphins do not go into the draft with a major need for a starting cornerback high in the draft.

In other words, Ireland will have latitude as coach Joe Philbin said, to pick the best available player.

The Dolphins continue to have offensive tackle Eric Winston on the radar. He will sign with the team if the club convinces him to take a short-term (perhaps one-year) deal that is not for huge money. Winston, obviously, continues to believe he will get more somehwere.

We'll see.


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Posted by: Dolphanta | March 30, 2013 at 09:27 PM

If they're convinced the Pack will match then don't bother pissing them off. One day we'll have an RFA that we'd prefer everyone stays away from.

Choose your battles.

It has begun

I know it's not always popular to say this here but a couple of these damn trolls are so absurd that I can't help laughing. Palmetto bug milkshakes and Pennsylvania transit opinions? LOL and WTF?

really good move and proves the Dolphins now have moved on past Parcells ways which were great in another era but not now. the plan is really clear and being executed very well. look at the money we have and the draft pick. that is a sign of an organization that is moving in the right direction. Jeff has grow up and is his own man now..

Odorsty is the worst troll here. Stupid old drunk.

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Did the Dolphins have the worst offseason of any team so far? 10 starters gone?

The consensus opinion of this draft from the so called experts, is that it is a deep draft with few definite pro bowlers. In a draft as such, what would be the logical approach for a team sitting on the twelfth pick? Suppose this team is transitioning from a team of cattle to a team of lions(I know cattle-herd / lions-pride; it is an analogy go with it).
I like the talent in the middle rounds. I think there are starters there.
Oh yea, Grimes could play in an air cast and be better than Smith.

What is going to happen next year, when all of a sudden half the team needs to be resigned and all the FA's are going to be due megabucks?

Jeff is gambling the farm on 2013. The team has no option but to go backwards in 2014.

gregg sounds like one of the best off seasons then since a 7-9 team got rid of garbage

Ireland is desperate to save his job. But he's doomed because he's so incompetent. 5th consecutive losing year coming up.


oscar casosa is asking why all these players are JOINING THE DOLPHINS FOR LESS MONEY THAN OTHER TEAMS ARE OFFERING THEM ......




Ireland should've been fired 3 years ago.


Ireland should've been fired 3 years ago.

Posted by: King James | March 30, 2013 at 11:23 PM

At least he didn't screw up the original Bible!

If our FO has seen J. Martin working hard to get stronger this offseason, I think we can afford to go with a DE or a Safety early now and get a RT in the 2nd or 3rd round.

miami will have 20 plus mill in caproom for next year after dansby and burnett come off the books in early April. So what about 2014? What a difference building a team for a modern coach.

SAMMO.... 2014,,,,,,,,,,,,,



Martin never had a chance last year. Having jerry next to him meant no veteran inside help for the rook as jerry could barely look after himself let alone help a rook learning a new position in the nfl. Then having to switch sides, take on new blocking assignments, and have the pres.sure of knowing your the franchise qb's blineside watchman while getting reacclimated to your old position in the Pro's is alot to deal with



I am saying " duh huh" just to see if I can get it posted.

I have been posting and the posts haave been blocked. I am out of here.

World class? As much as Luck turns it over? His deepball looks like a rainbow from tecmo bowl . Luck beat us so I give him props but his decision making is far from perfect.

No just been a long day.

World class? As much as Luck turns it over? His deepball looks like a rainbow from tecmo bowl . Luck beat us so I give him props but his decision making is far from perfect.

Posted by: Sammo | March 30, 2013 at 11:58 PM

More like Dansby and Sean Smith misplaying the ball beat us against the Colts. Luck looked like a glorified Ben Roethlisberger against us.

Your right . Luck reminds me of a much more athletic Brady than Elway as most compare him to.Strong enough arm to get it done but far from a cannon.

What time does the useless old drunk usually reappear

and with the 12th pick in the 2013 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select TE from Notre Dame..... Tyler Eifert!

I think the new logo looks awesome and is a HUGE improvement over that damn cartoon character the team was wearing. No idea why anyone past kindergarten age would be bitching about getting rid of it.

Who cares about the logo when the team is garbage?

Lots of People going over to Ireland's side and we haven't played one Game. What if we go 7-9? You flip-flop again?

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 30, 2013 at 08:33 PM

They will if nobody reminds them how high they were on all these FA acquistions.

Posted by: Monroe | March 30, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Fvcking Trolls. Pssssssssssssssfpt!

I had my Beautiful Brunette read just a couple of your posts. She said, and I quote:

Get a life you losers!

Sorry, I can't help it: Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa!!!!

Odins blow up doll talks?

Some interesting mock drafts from the talking heads.

Todd McShay:
1. G Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina;
2a. CB D.J. Hayden, Houston;
2b. DE Sam Montgomery, LSU

Buck Brooks:
1. CB Xavier Rhodes, FSU
2a. T Menelik Watson, FSU
2b. CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, UCONN
3a. LB Sio Moore, UCONN

Daniel Jeremiah:
1. CB Xavier Rhodes, FSU
2a. T Terron Armstead, UAPB
2b. DT Bennie Logan, LSU
3a. CB Sanders Commings, UGA

I think we should go ahead and lockup Winston, give him a 3 year deal if needs be just make only 2 guaranteed- he really is a solid to good right tackle. then with few can't miss prospects and a lot of good players in the draft lets look to trade back for more high picks. I would call the Vikings to see if they wanted a younger, cheaper, no-migraine Harvin 2.0 named Tavon at 12 for their 23rd, 52nd and throw in a 5th or 6th.

Then in the 1st we could go - Eiffert/Werner/Trufant

2a depending on our 1st pick - Ertz/Okafor/Amerson

2b get the best safety - Elam/Cyprien

2c Fortify o-line - Mel Watson/J Pugh/L Warford

3a Since DE opposite Wake is important at 1 & 2 we could select best TE or CB(Honey Badger/Poyer/Slay)

3b Wr Ryan Swope or Power Running Back L Bell/Ball

4 Best linebacker avail

5a Best DT available

5b Here's a curveball, #1 kicker in the draft to save about 2mil. Bye bye Carpenter.

Best avail the rest of the way. What do you guys think?

I just cant see a corner who tore his Achilles come back a 100 percent. But I hope I am wrong.

While this offseason brings us alot of hope, and thats good. I cant rate ireland as a great gm because everyone knows you need a great qb to be an elite team, if he would have drafted a franchise qb yrs. ago this team would already be alot better

Smart move, i.e, great risk/reward opportunity, by Ireland/Philbin and the team
Smart move by the player(s)

It is, at the least, refreshing to see quality players show interest/desire to play in Miami. We are paying reasonable money for players with good lineage but injury. If they come back, we get quality and experience, and a chance to have first dibs on longer contracts that can be structured to mutual benefit. The players prosper, the team prospers. I would also think that players in these conditions and their agents also recognize the opportunity that playing in Miami gives them a up and coming presence that can showcase their talents as they pursue FA. Why go to a weak team that could force more potential injury or lack of success?

Miami is obviously seen as one of the rising powers and we will benefit by adding such talent (and they will benefit by rising together). At a minimum, the contracts are not back breakers, we have time and opportunity to continue building and move forward, and our younger players get teachers/experience.

I, for one, continue to want to give Ireland, et al, the room to continue working their plan. I will not try to guess their draft plan, but am intrigued by what may happen. It remains that the draft is the key to the future. Lots of need still but I LOVE our choices and CAP situation--INCLUDING for next year! I would accept, if they see the need to package some picks to go up for one of the top LT's, but STAY THE COURSE otherwise. Our biggest opportunity for success is keeping Tanney off of his butt and giving him time to develop and play his game. Otherwise, doesn't matter how good our pass rush, or anything else is. Protect Tanney!!! We have gotten better recently at this and let's hope to see them use it more wisely than the mess left by prior administrations-That Tuna stench is ebbing by the second!.

GOOD FA SIGNINGS .... lets also get Eric Winston at RT

Here is my draft ...

1. Austin SlotWr ... this will make offensive explosive
2. Alford,CB
2. Escobar,TE ... great blocker
3. Faulk, RT from LSU
3. Lattimore RB (might be on IR this year)
4. Landry, QB .. to develop for the future
5. RayRay Safety UM
7. the UF or FSU kicker

We still have a few other picks ... get BAP.

This is fun to watch. The Phins are gearing up now to make a run in 2013. This is already a very good team and should be contender to the Pats. Keep in mind 11 more players are coming from the draft in 25 days. It's hard to not get excited about this team Ireland and Philbin have put together for this coming year. I can't wait to see this team on the field.

Philosophy (per Ireland)--"DRAFT THE EXPENSIVE PLAYERS"--QB (done), OT (need and still #1--unsexy but critical), CB (serious need to add to), DE (Never have enough and a good D Line makes the DB's better!), WR (FA helped). We do have some good young players that we don't know all about yet from last year, etc, etc., etc., ...

The FA game is being pursued wisely by the FO. We do have a reasonably good situation going into next year and the CAP management is as important as the player selections. Give credit where it is due. We are digging out of a mountain of crap and getting the house in order.

The FA's will help a LOT but our future remains to be built by the draft.

My mock after recent signings

1st- NC OG Johnathon Cooper (the LG replacement for Incognito,but this years RG)

2nd- Boise ST CB Jamar Taylor (a fast CB)

2nd- NC OT Brennan Williams (the Fins OL coach recently went to NC and looked at the OL and they all fit the zone blocking scheme)

3rd- Ohio ST DE John Simon

3rd- GA S Shawn Williams (should replace Clemons)

4th- Mich ST TE Dion Sims (big bodied TE that excels at blocking)

5th- FL ILB John Bostic

5th- GA CB/S Sanders Commings

Rest BPA

The remaining must haves...for this off season. The #1 priority has to be to get a Tackle. Even if it means we sacrifice a pick to move up. The real roadblock to getting Winston is length of contract. I don't see the harm in giving Winston a 2-3 year deal. It's not like he's been hurt or that we are going to over pay.

The #2 is to get a pass rusher. We had all of the same guys on Dline last year and at times we couldn't get to the QB. We must be able to generate more pressure from the DE position opposite Wake to beat the elite QB's in this league.


I agree about the two needs- actually 3 if you count the other CB position. If the Dolphins stay at 12 in the draft, the top three tackles will be gone. Fluker, will not be picked at 12 bc he is not Philbins type of OL. I dont want them to trade up and give up future picks. I would rather them sign Winston and draft a Tackle to groom.

Pass rusher opposite Wake I think is where they might go at 12. If Ansah is there they grab him. If not, they grab Werner. Its a slight reach but there are evaluators- Mike Mayock comes to mind, who have Werner ranked in their top 10-15.

If they truly go BPA however, Cooper might be the pick. Unsexy pick, but so vital and this guy is a consensus top 10 guy.

Trufant, Austin, Patterson, and Eifert are some of the more popular picks for 12 but they are reaches. My ideal scenario would be The Dolphiins trade down and pick up future picks for some team thats hot on Austin.

PA Frank..I hate giving up picks too but I don't see a good way out of this scenario without Winston or trading up. It doesn't seem after looking at all the mocks that Johnson will be there at 12.

I classify the OT and DE as "must haves" I would call the other corner a "need". They do have Marshall coming back from injury and can use a mid round pick on a CB. But if they really want the corners to get better...increasing the pass rush will cut down on the time we need to cover.

trade pick 2b in trade up scenario pick
1st=OT L Johnson OKL
2nd=cB D Slay MISS ST
3rd=cb=TJ Hayden HOUS
4th=Rb J Franklin UCLA
5th=Ss T Jefferson OKL
5th=OG=E Watford JMAD
7th=ss S Thomas SYR
7th=OLB K Greene RUT
7th=K D Hopkins FLSt

Assuming Grimes regains former mobility, this might be the best move of FA. Gives time to find a good CB in draft and train him. Good move.

Other than the obvious needs of LT, CB and DE the Dolphins need to get another WR within the first 3 rounds. The draft is deep enough with speed receivers. If Wallace gets injured the deep threat has to be there for the Dolphins to keep teams from playing '8 in the box' as was undertaken against them last season.

Last year before the season started I knew they were playing for this year with the moves made trading starters for draft choices and letting another starter go to the Jets.Its nice to be right sometimes as an outsider.
Well its this year and it looks good so far I hope it continues that way in the draft.

I think we are pretty much set at WR Promichael.

I have two concerns about our offense at this point. The first being our offensive line being mobile enough for Zone pass protection. The second is a need for redzone playmakers.

I think we need to put a quality short field playmaker on this offense, whether it be a huge WR or TE that can win jump balls or a bruising RB.

I don't see LT being a critical first round pick need. I also don't believe with the depth of CB in this Draft that this will be first pick. I predict a playmaker at 12. Vacarro, Anash, Eifert, Allen are what I predict. Getting a player opposite Wake or a #1 TE is just as critical, if not more then LT. I also believe we will get another WR and Bess will be traded on draft day.

Happy Easter All!! Ansah,Patterson,Jordan,Werner 1st rd.

The team is far WORSE then last years. It will take 3-4 months just to get any kind of chemistry with all the new players. Losing Bush and Long and Fasano was just idiotic with all the cap room they have. OL, RB, and TE are all big questionmarks as well as the QB position. And so many questionmarks are never a good thing.

I don't know how you think we can get worse. We actually have playmakers on offense now!
Bush and Fasano were the best of terrible offense and Long is always hurt. He is hurt to the point that he isn't better than average when he is playing by mid season.

Bush of course makes huge plays. He also puts the offense in a lot of 2nd/3rd and long situations because he was incapable of picking up 4-5yds consistently between the tackles. We Need our RB to get us in those 2nd and 5 or 6 scenarios so that the pressure isn't solely on T-Hil to make a big play. Hopefully L. Miller can do that for us.

Don't be fooled into thinking Tanny stunk for us because of all the big numbers by the other rookies. He did an above average job with inconsistent players around him. We know what Hartline is capable of when he isn't focused on from the beginning of last season. With Wallace and Gibson in the mix, he can put up 7-10 catches for 100 yds a game consistently this year.

....true AtlFin...soooooo May, June, July, August....and here comes Sept in time for the season...

...just don't see a chemistry problem here....

....I do see a "who's gonna step up and set an example situation"......but that's part of changing the fabric of any team.....

...and the first step in that process is changing personel...which has been in progress for two months now....

...with the previous guys eg Bush, Long and Fasano, it wasn't a championship fabric.....so we progress.....

regarding the draft.....I think if Lane Johnson is still on the board at pick # 12, he doesn't go any further..

...whether we sign Eric Winston or not.....


I completely agree with everything you have said. The fabric of our team had to change. We know what it gave us. Long couldn't stay healthy and it made him average at best by mid season. Fasano was inconsistent at best because he struggled to get open vs top teams. Bush was the type of player who could run for 200yds one week and go for 30yds and a costly fumble the following week.
Consistent players lead to consistency on the scoreboard. Everything had to change.

I don't see how OT isn't a critical need in the first rd. The longer we wait in the draft the more development the player will need to the NFL game.

I want to score points but the team needs guys that can block in front of T-hill too. T-Hill took a lot of hits last year even with Jake. So you guys want a 2nd yr QB and RB to flourish behind a mediocre leaky oline?

Exactly right dadsmith...that's why I think Lane johnson is our pick if he is there at #12...

Cant expect Wallace to have anywhere near the same lofty numbers that he had with Big Ben.

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