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Dolphins add Grimes as cornerback stopgap

The Dolphins have managed to bring players they want to the team as unrestricted free agents this offseason while at the same time holding their ground on what they pay players they believe come with risk.

The latest example of this is Miami landing unrestricted free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal. The deal believed to be in the $4 million range is not exactly what Grimes was looking for. He wanted a long-term deal that averaged $6-$8 million. Grimes' base salary in 2013 will be $2.75 million.

But because he didn't play last year due to an Achilles' injury, because his market did not include more than three or four teams, and because the market for corners is generally been depressed, Grimes accepted the Dolphins one-year offer today.

This is a good addition for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also signed TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal. They signed guard Lance Louis to a one-year deal and they signed defensive tackle Vaughn Martin to a two-year deal. This after they paid much bigger money for receiver Mike Wallace and linebackers Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.  

This is a good job by general manager Jeff Ireland. He stuck to his conviction on a price for Grimes and got it done.

"We are very excited that we were able to reach an agreement with Brent,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “His experience and history of play making production will add a great deal to our secondary."

Grimes is expected to be ready for the start of the season, according to an NFL source. Indeed, that may be conservative. Grimes is already running on his surgically repaired Achilles.

"I'll be straight in no time," Grimes told the South Florida media. He declined to give a specific time frame. He did say the surgeon told him 6-8 months recovery time. May would be eight months.

Grimes said he was not certain he'd participate in the coming OTAs. I would not expect it.

Grimes, 30 in July, was the Falcons franchise tag player in 2012. He played only one game in which he ruptured the Achilles. The previous three seasons he started 36 of a possible 48 games and collected 12 interceptions.

One more thing on the Grimes addition:

If he's healthy and back to his previous form he is a likely starter. And that means the Dolphins do not go into the draft with a major need for a starting cornerback high in the draft.

In other words, Ireland will have latitude as coach Joe Philbin said, to pick the best available player.

The Dolphins continue to have offensive tackle Eric Winston on the radar. He will sign with the team if the club convinces him to take a short-term (perhaps one-year) deal that is not for huge money. Winston, obviously, continues to believe he will get more somehwere.

We'll see.


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Darryl Dunphy says:

Tavon Austin. I think the key to any trade for the teams slotted 11-15 is this player. How many teams behind the 10th pick want this guy.
Darryl Dunphy, I like Tavon Austin and would draft him at #12 However I do not think that Ireland would. The Dolphin's regime seems to like him but drafting a guy who is and inch shorter, 11 pounds lighter and not as strong as Steve Smith of the Panthers most likely will not happen. Most people still call Wes Welker a system receiver. I like a guy who can create separation and pick up a first down. However most GM's are hesitant until the player proves himself in the NFL.

With the CB position secured, it's time to upgrade pass rush in the 1st round. Get the highest upside guy available that can also contribute right away and fit the current team's trend. (Ansah??) Heck, trade up to get one if you have to... Plenty of picks in round 2-3 to get depth/future players later on. Be sure to get a difference maker in round 1 if you want playoff.

Anyhow, hope they don't go into the draft thinking another OL in round 1 (Zzz...) unless a potential HOF Tackle is there at 12.


Valid points. Walter Camp has the Bucs taking Austin @ #13. So there is great validity to what you say.

We should've signed Matt Flynn and would've been playoff bound last year but Ross was too friggin cheap.


I posted that comment in another blog- I think Austin is the key to a trade scenario. I dont see him getting draft before #12. But I have to agree with dadsmithwest- LT/RT is the greatest must have right now. Martin will man one of those spots-who will man the other? Winston? A draft pick in the teens are 20's? Lane Johnson will not be there at 12. The only other tackle that might go in the first round is DJ Fluker and he is a RT and not a typical Philbin athletic lineman. Dadsmithwest says they have to trade up but I hate tradeup scenarios unless you are on the verge of winning a Super Bowl. Im under no illusions that the Dolphins are super bowl contenders yet but they are heading in such a postive direction it is exciting to be a fan. I am also not a fan of trading a significant pick to KC for Brandon Albert because he still wants a big contract. He has been injury prone himself.

So where is the tackle going to come from? If I were GM, I would sign Winston and draft Armstead or Long with one of my second round picks to groom. Thats what I would do.

We could've had both Matt Flynn AND Justin Blackmon instead of TanneBust. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE

Violin on the PBP claims the Dolphins want to move Martin to LT. If that were true the attempt to resign Long makes no sense. It would be great if Martin worked out at LT though. We can get a good RT in rounds 2 or 3.

Atl fin and ALoco =

Dumbest person ever

Sure the Dolphins want to move Martin to LT. Its the cheap way out. They dont care if the OL is worse.

I have decided to change my mock draft around to this:

1- Oak OT Lane Johnson (yes after reading today I think he drops bc of other teams needs)

2-Miss ST Johnathon Banks (once thought to be a 1st rd corner slide to 2nd round, he will help with larger recievers)

2- LSU DE Sam Montgomery (another pass rusher for the DL)

3- GA S Shawn Williams (our future FS)

3- Penn ST DT Jordan Hill (either starks or soliai replacement

4- Mich ST TE Dion Sims (big body and known to excel in blocking)

5- FL ILB John Bostic

5- SC RB Marcus Lattimore (should drop bc of injury worth the risk)

Rest BPA

We can have had good Dolphin fans from the United States on this blog.
Instead we get Douchebag Steve from Ottawa. No one cares what you think you Canadian jack0ff,, go watch hockey

Call me a sour puss but I'm so glad the Gators lost. Didn't wanna hear all that crap at work tomorrow.

Cheap Fish?? Isn't that what they call your sister when she hanging on the corner??

Good points PA Frank...anyhow I really want Tavon more than an OT or trading up or down but know we have to get the tackle position covered. I too am hoping we can get a deal worked out with Winston. I don't know why we can't sign him to a multi year deal. He's been highly ranked for a while now with no significant injury history.

I am flexible and want to end up with one of the top prospects at 12 with a WR, TE or RB that can actually put points on the board. I'm ok with a DE too but have softened a bit on D. Moore after watching him slide down all the mocks out there. I hate Ansah as a 1st rounder. 4.5 sacks last yr against the competition he faced is not at all impressive.

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the new logo is embarrasing

Tavon? At #12? I just don't get it.

Mike Wallace is a bigger, as fast or faster version of Austin. When you already have Mike Wallace, why in the hell do you have an urgency to draft Tavon Austin at #12? You already have a bigger stronger version of him already on the roster.

heck, the team is embarrasing

While we're at it, why don't we just draft another qb #12 too. Makes as much sense as Tavon Austin when we already have Mike Wallace.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | March 31, 2013 at 05:42 PM

Cant put points on the board when the qb is consistently flat on his back or running for his life either. Dusty bottom is from KC, he says Winston sucks as a pass protector. I'll take his word for it.

I am the most smart football fan EVER!!!!!!!!

Unless Im missing something, we're still hoping Tannehill can be good standing in a vertical position. Unless he can be the nfl's first freak of nature and can pay qb from a horizontal position.

It just might make a small bit of great sense to try and get him the best protection available.

While we're at it, lets issue sling shots to our secret service agents, while protecting all of our U.S. Presidents.

Makes as much sense as taking Tavon Austin #12 at the expense of protecting the guy(qb) who supposedly needs to get him the football.

The FA moves have only made LT even a bigger glaring need. It's a no-brainer. The only issue to be seen now is how the board falls. Will Ireland have to trade up to get an LT he wants, or not.

Biggest need trumps BPA with our first pick.

The FA went so well, that many have overlooked the one big blunder, losing Jake Long. This is not the time to hunt for an acorn LT later on. We have ammo. Use it to fill our most desperate need.

What good is Wallace or Austin if Tannehill is running for his life or flat on the ground by the time they reach the 10 yard line?

Tavon? At #12? I just don't get it.

Mike Wallace is a bigger, as fast or faster version of Austin. When you already have Mike Wallace, why in the hell do you have an urgency to draft Tavon Austin at #12? You already have a bigger stronger version of him already on the roster.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!
The Dolphins need another WR within the first 3 rounds because in the event you have not noticed YG, WR's get injured. If Wallace goes down for a game or two where is the vertical threat. The Dolphins will be subjected to 'eight in the box' again. If this regime feels that Martin can play LT then Ireland can go RT in the 2nd or 3rd round allowing Ireland to draft a WR in the first round.

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Oline is our biggest current need. No doubt.

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I n case you missed it, yesterday I posted we'll se exactly what this fo and coaching staff feels of Martin as starting LT in 2013. Not what we think should happen, but by the moves that are actually made.

What makes me suspicious with Martin as starting LT, the fo nor coaching staff has yet to endorse him as starting Lt thus far this offseason. Don't you find this a bit curious?


It's possible that Winston's season with Chief's last year could have been somewhat of an aberration.

I mean the whole team sucked last year. Bowe didn't have a banner year either and the coach was fired.

I don't think the Texans wanted to lose Winton 2 years ago, they were up against the cap and lost Mario Williams as well.


I do agree that he might be suspect as a LT and the way the Dolphns go will let us know. He may have been under a weight training program to get stronger. Well we will see. I did not think he was strong enough for LT but I will rely on Philbin's decision. That said the Dolphins will need another speed WR in the 2nd or 3rd round. I think going with a LT at #12 is most likely to happen.

Would be nice if we could sign a FA RT before the Draft. That way, Ireland would be free to Draft without any major needs.

Okay, Rick...here's my thoughts on LT....Maybe the FO is not completely certain that Martin can handle the spot left empty by Jake Long leaving...

....as the days turn into weeks, the value of the remaining FA's go down until we have the draft...then depending on needs the stocks go up or down...

....so maybe Ireland is waiting for KC and/or Albert (LT) to get antsy, and a trade deal is worked out favorable in both draft position compensation, and more favorable money (read cap space hit)...

.....they KNOW that Albert can handle the LT chores...but want him at their price and terms....

...which has been the Fins m.o. throughout the entire FA process....

..just my opinion....

Gay-turds destroyed, Duke to follow

Dolphan Rick,

Aberration season for Winston? Well, seems like 31 other gm's see it more than an aberration. If not, he would have signed somewhere for big bucks by now.

I guess his game tape suggests to the so called experts, 2012 is a little more than aberration. So much so, his demand for 5 million dollars and a multi year contract has so far fallen on deaf ear.

Hiya Oscar....

btw..i agree Oscar..that would be nice....

why is the Winston signing taking so long?

gocanes..please read up...I just gave a possible reason....

My comment was removed because it didn't fit the agenda of showering the team with praise ? Who is the Communist pri*k who censors these comments ? I thought the Cubans in exile were against Communism...

Here's the long and short :

The Dolphins moves are bogus.
Ireland is a dreamer.
Wallace and Tannehill are busts.
The team will blow again.
Ireland will be fired.
The stadium deal will be voted down.
The teams logo will flop.
Anyone who disagrees is on crack...

Btw, Mr. Censor...blow me.

...well....I guess Boycott the Logo convinced me....I'll just watch Equestrian events this Fall....



Just a suggestion YG. Losing can be contagious as well as winning. We'll see how it shakes out.

Just wishful thinking but it would be great if we didn't have to spend the 1st rder on an OT.

DOLFAN RICK..........

True Buster,

The Chiefs want 2 picks for Albert. I'm thinking a 2nd rder at the most.

Yes...and that plus Long-like money as part of his demand is what is making it hard for Ireland to pull that trigger....

...but the money is available....so I have a question....how old is Albert....27?

ok Buster, I initially missed your post, but you make sense; just think Eric would work well here
What do you all think of Giovanni Bernard with one of the 2nd rounders?

LOL Aloco. What are going to talk about if our Garage Manager is successful??

rick id stick to my guns on albert and offer only the 2nd rounder. if it gets late and they panick maybe they bite. or maybe shoot one last offer to them of a 2nd and 6th rd

DO;FAN RICK.......



Kind of a negative basta-d, isn't LOGO?




....btw..Albert is 28...so ...he would be good to last 5 yrs....barring major injury......so the question becomes what about the Albert deal is stopping the Fins?.....

...has to be the two draft picks that KC wants..what are they asking...two seconds....??????...gocanes...i'm not very familiar with Bernard...

....but if the decision is to go OT....I would rather they trade up for Lane Johnson and get a superior player, YOUNGER than Albert.....projected by everyone as a first year starter....costs WAY LESS money than Albert....

..and we have the extra pick in the 2nd to give for the move up....

...yes, it's true..hate to give up a pick...BUT for a player who will be a DOMINANT CORE player....I think the FO just may be considering it..

...and then not jumping all over Albert, or Winston, makes more sense....

Boycott the Logo is another worthless troll who's comments should be removed. A no nothing Jets douche who spouts nonsense. Yes, you are an idiot, yes you should be censored, yes you should be banned from this site. Go spout your negative garbage elsewhere.

..so what I'm saying is...instead of big money and 2 picks for Albert....

...why not Rookie money and only one pick to trade up for Lane Johnson....??????



...or...another option, the Fins could wait to see if Johnson falls to the #12 spot....

..if he does not, they can still make a draft day trade with KC for Albert.....and take whomever they are targeting next at 12...

ALoco...I'm not saying that...it's been discussed...they have entertained offers for Albert in exchange for 2 high picks...

...I haven't speculated what they will do for LT...but i have read that they have a player on roster whom they are prepared to plug in there....

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