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Dolphins add Grimes as cornerback stopgap

The Dolphins have managed to bring players they want to the team as unrestricted free agents this offseason while at the same time holding their ground on what they pay players they believe come with risk.

The latest example of this is Miami landing unrestricted free agent cornerback Brent Grimes to a one-year deal. The deal believed to be in the $4 million range is not exactly what Grimes was looking for. He wanted a long-term deal that averaged $6-$8 million. Grimes' base salary in 2013 will be $2.75 million.

But because he didn't play last year due to an Achilles' injury, because his market did not include more than three or four teams, and because the market for corners is generally been depressed, Grimes accepted the Dolphins one-year offer today.

This is a good addition for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins have also signed TE Dustin Keller to a one-year deal. They signed guard Lance Louis to a one-year deal and they signed defensive tackle Vaughn Martin to a two-year deal. This after they paid much bigger money for receiver Mike Wallace and linebackers Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.  

This is a good job by general manager Jeff Ireland. He stuck to his conviction on a price for Grimes and got it done.

"We are very excited that we were able to reach an agreement with Brent,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “His experience and history of play making production will add a great deal to our secondary."

Grimes is expected to be ready for the start of the season, according to an NFL source. Indeed, that may be conservative. Grimes is already running on his surgically repaired Achilles.

"I'll be straight in no time," Grimes told the South Florida media. He declined to give a specific time frame. He did say the surgeon told him 6-8 months recovery time. May would be eight months.

Grimes said he was not certain he'd participate in the coming OTAs. I would not expect it.

Grimes, 30 in July, was the Falcons franchise tag player in 2012. He played only one game in which he ruptured the Achilles. The previous three seasons he started 36 of a possible 48 games and collected 12 interceptions.

One more thing on the Grimes addition:

If he's healthy and back to his previous form he is a likely starter. And that means the Dolphins do not go into the draft with a major need for a starting cornerback high in the draft.

In other words, Ireland will have latitude as coach Joe Philbin said, to pick the best available player.

The Dolphins continue to have offensive tackle Eric Winston on the radar. He will sign with the team if the club convinces him to take a short-term (perhaps one-year) deal that is not for huge money. Winston, obviously, continues to believe he will get more somehwere.

We'll see.


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Only a Jests fan would still be supporting Irescum.

Zonk, MJ, Fin 77, Monte

Is it that hard for you to find a girlfriend? You need to find a better thrill or you are going to die very lonely and sad.

YG4E....Show me how Tavon is a reach at 12 and I'll show you how flawed the value based system is on skilled players. Just recently Gronk and Kaepaernick were 2nd round selections and Russell Wilson a 3rd rounder. And recently added Grimes went undrafted.

There's just no perfect way to measure desire and player development. I've seen mocks that have Lacy falling into the second round. It happens every single year. Every year just look at the past drafts.

The one thing we can count on is Irescum to make the wrong decisions.

It is not a question if Tavon is a reach at 12. It depends who is drafting him. For us it would be a luxury pick we can't afford. No offense is going anywhere without a competent LT.

It doesn't make sense that we broke the bank for Wallace, added Gibson and Keller, and then ignore getting a top LT. No LT renders those players useless.



I believe we will trade up and have two picks in the top 20. I think they target LT first, then Eifert. We desperately need help at TE.

Posted by: Bodine | March 31, 2013 at 10:33 PM

EXACTLY! Glad someone here fully understands.

Bodine you need to understand what was posted previous to now. I posted that we'll need to go OT in the first if we don't get a FA OT like Winston. And then went on to say I'd really want Tavon as my pick as BPA.



Posted by: ALoco | March 31, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Not sure. Do Cracker Jack prizes count?



Posted by: ALoco | March 31, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Do Cracker Jack prizes count?


Tavon is an exciting player, no one could argue that. The reason I say we pass on him is that aside from a greater need at LT, it is too hard to gauge the durability of a guy that small in the NFL. 12 is a pretty high spot considering Coradelle Patterson may be there. Tavon may be one of those guys that is good at avoiding injury, or he may be one of those guys like Pat White, that gets creamed once and is psyched out for good.

Trade the 12th pick for Philip Rivers.


Basically what we're saying to you is Tannehill wont be getting the ball to Austin very often if he's lying flat on his back. I don't think T'hill can throw from the lying flat horizontal position.

Therefore, we better get someone to help protect his blind side. The fo and coaching staff aren't exactly endorsing Martin as LT starter so far.

Have any of you ever had your rib cage shaken? It hurts to the core of your soul. It is no surprise many pro receivers still get alligator arms over the middle.

Todays LB's are monsters. The hits can be vicious. More than one current NFL player has suggested the hits are so fierce it won't be long before someone dies on the field. Investing a high 1st round pick on a tiny player is doubling your risk.

Do we really need to draft 11 players??? I don't see it. We are not 11 players short on the 53 man roster. Look for Ireland to trade up once or twice.

As far as defensive needs, lets not forget about Vernon and Wilson, two players with plenty more upside.

anyhow I really want Tavon more than an OT or trading up or down but know we have to get the tackle position covered. I too am hoping we can get a deal worked out with Winston. I don't know why we can't sign him to a multi year deal. He's been highly ranked for a while now with no significant injury history.
Posted by dadsmithwest

What about "have to get the tackle position covered" do you not understand? So you are debating a point I already made? WOW...do you guys drink a lot here? LOL


Seeing how none of the coaches nor fo are endorsing Martin as the starter. Then exactly what does signing Winston at this point really solves?

Also, if he's so highly ranked, why doesn't anyone want to pay Winston a paltry 5 million a year? If no one wants to pay you 5 million as a OT, then you cant be very good.

He isn't getting A or B player money. Teams like him, but for only C player type money.

Biggest need are LT, TE, CB/S, DE - I can see the Phin dropping down the draft picking up an extra 2nd pick, if a team has interest. Taking the BPA LT or TE (eifert) and trading that extra 2nd pick to GB or KC for Shields or Braden (Shields)and Solidify two positions. Millner, Lane, and Fischer will be gone before the 12th pick, and trading up is to pricey. Also KC will be trading Braden for less as the draft gets closer (KC cant afford him at the franchise price) is he worth a trade who knows but LT and CB are the most expensive position in Football after QB. Winston or McKinney will be picked up.


I understood your follow up post to me perfectly. I was just following up with my own thoughts.

Ireland has done an excellent job so far but they MUST fix the O-line now! Doesn't make sense to get all these weapons if Tanne will not have enough time to set and pass. Martin is NOT NFL quality starting LT! They must trade up either in the first or second to get a better player. Then in practice, Tannehill must be instructed to throw 1000 passes everyday, 500 of which need to be long passes, until his arm feels like a noodle. It will recover and get much better!


Read my post from march 31 @429. Its on page 6 in this blog. I agreed 100% with fixing the OL but the question is where does the LT/RT going to come from? A brandon Albert trade would cost valuable picks but the guy wants Jake Long money! Didnt we just let Jake Long walk for that kind of money (8+million)? Albert has been injury prone as well, just not as often as Jake Long. My answer this year is to sign Winston, move Martin to LT full time, and draft some OL to groom. Guys like Armstead or Long.

Dasdsmithwest and few others are proponents of trading up in the draft this year. That is also looking like a possibility bc none of the three top tackles will be there IMO. I dont like trade ups unless you are on the verge of winning a super bowl and we are not there yet.

Ireland has done a great job in the last two drafts and in this years FA. We are looking like the real deal. However, this has got to be his toughest decision. Pull the trigger on Albert? Trade to get on of the top three LT? Sign a free agent as a stop gap like Winston? Im not even against them giving JAred Gaither a look if the coaching staff can coach him up correctly bc the guy had no drive to play in SD last year but he is only 27.

My guess is that the Dolphins are not sold on Martin as LT but depending on how the dominoes fall they will play him there. If I were Ireland- I would sign Winston to a two year deal to play RT, move Martin to the LT and draft a few LT/RT in the draft this year to groom.

How bout Ireland takes Tavon Austin with the 12th pick then flips Bess to a WR starved team for a 3rd or 4th round pick?? What u guys think?

I will be curious and also considering what you really are currently talking about below.

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