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Dolphins and Cowboys in HOF game

PHOENIX -- The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins will kick off the 2013 preseason in the NFL Hall of Fame Game in August

The nationally televised NFL preseason game is scheduled for an 8:00 p.m.  at Fawcett Stadium on Sunday, August 4th and will be broadcast by NBC. The game will feature two teams for which Bill Parcells worked. Parcells is being inducted into the Hall of Fame that week.

This year’s contest marks the Dolphins’ fourth journey to Canton. Miami is 0-3 in previous visits. Miami suffered losses in the Hall of Fame Game to the Bears in 2005, St. Louis Rams in 2001, and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1978.

The Cowboys return to Canton for the fifth time. Dallas holds a 1-3 record in the Hall of Fame series. Their last appearance came in 2010 with a 16-7 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. That game was preceded by an overtime loss, the only sudden death occurrence in Hall of Fame Game history, to the Cleveland Browns in 1999.  Dallas’ two other appearances were against the Oakland Raiders in 1979 and the Chicago Bears in 1968.

Tickets to the 2013 edition of the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio will go on sale at 11:00 a.m. EDT today.


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Oh no, Miami has lost pre season games ? The horror !

This game always takes place too early .. just be happy for the players to avoid injury.

Bill, good question from the last blog re: 2014 cap shape. I wouldn't worry .. the Dolphins still have at least $26M in cap wiggle room next year AND they only have one contract that is really unmoveable in Mike Wallace ($24M in dead money). Gibson has $2M in dead money attached for 2014 too so I guess he's in pretty good shape for being committed to. otherwise, all these contracts are disposable. ireland and Aponte are being pro active and at the same time being good stewards for the franchise. Depsite how the team does this year, I think the franchise will be stupid to get rid of him just on the job he's done in the last two years. If you have doubts about his drafting ability then well, get some better and senior scouts to help him out .. but otherwise keep the path.

Kinda cool. Whoever beats Dallas is doing the Lord's work.

fyi & me i don't really care..............Ben V of the PBP on Joe Rose ripping Fins' FA

Great. Now Miami will have to play five preseasons games. More injuries for sure.

billcale (from the last blog),

I have to disagree with your comments. Too often Ireland has been criticized for sitting on his hands and being too conservative in FA. He hasn't done that this year. I don't believe his sole motivation was because he was 'saving his job'. I actually think Ross has made him secure in his job and he's planned his approach dilligently. It remains to be seen if he's made the right moves but I don't believe making decisions for one shot at this has been his motivation. I'm OK with his approach to this.

Hey Mark, where are you getting your cap figures from for next year? If it's on the Internet, can you post the link? What does "unmoveable" mean?

On what grounds would someone have to rip the Dolphins' free agency? They're a better team, added some significant pieces to areas of weakness,a nd didn't sell out the future. Maybe they overpaid from some players but last I checked our owner can afford it and has no problem shelling out. Some people just don't know how lucky they are to have an owner like Stephen Ross.

sure Bill, meant to do it last time but I guess I forgot ...


And when I say a contract is unmoveable, it means there is more dead money attached to the contract than we are actually paying out to the player (i.e. there is no cap benefit in cutting that player). The less dead money you have, the more manageable your cap. Dead money stems from bonuses paid at the inception of a contract. ireland and Aponte did a great job in ensuring the bulk of the dead money is to be digested in 2013.


I think I read that after 2014 is the time for the team to make a decision on Wallace. He's on the team for at least two years and then his contract gets a little uncomfortable (I think he only counts something like $3.25mil against the cap this year). So this gives the team a good opportunity to see how he fits and maybe they renegotiate down the road. Bottom line, they'll have options after 2014.

I guess the source of concern regarding the cap is that we only have 12 of our current 22 starters signed for 2014 but you've got to figure there will be anywhere up to six future starters that will present themselves stemming from last years to next years draft (2012, 2013, 2014 drafts) so that number is nowhere as bad as it seems. We are fine for the foreseable future...


We'd have to think guys like Pouncey and Jones will be must resigns going forward. Wake is tied up, as are Hartline and Wallace. We're going to add some new draft picks this year and next. This thing will all work out. They'll have decisions to make on Soliai and Odrick and I'm sure Starks will have moved on by then. I'd say we're in pretty good shape.

Craig, you're right. Wallace's contract is a minimum 2 year commitment. This year and 2014. After that, the cap figure starts becoming a lot bigger than the dead money so he has two years to prove himself in order to earn the $12M in 2015, $13.6M in 2016, and $13.6 in 2017. The dead money attached in these three years are $6.6M in 2015, $4.4M in 2016,and $2.2M in 2017. So you can see that the team can get significant cap savings if Wallace busts out. So if anyone is concerned that he will be satisifed and not have monetary motivation ... you shouldn't. There is a significant financial carrot dangling out there for him for a while.

yeah Craig, I don't think anyone should think that we will find ourselves in NYJ cap heck anytime soon. We have a tonne of cap flexibility left going forward.


I typed a reponse to you on the last blog....

in short...

Ireland has been in "save my job" mode since drafted Tannereach @ #8....yo appease the fan base...

see the rest onthe other blog....

Trade a couple of draft choices for Philip Rivers and jumpstart the offense.

This is good news - It is basically a scrimmage game. About this time the players want someone different to tee off on. I think this gives them and extra preseason game that we don't have to buy a ticket for.

Not a big fan of 5 pre season games but will give them more time to evaluate later round picks and undrafted players.

Also Billcale...

I think Craig M @ 9:34 hits the nail on the head ans sums up the situation nicely...

NICE!!! We could use the extra preseason game for practice!!! GO FINS!!!


You and I agreeing on something? This must be that one of ten thing you were talking about. Probably means we'll be in disagreement over the next nine....LOL.

Have a good one today....

Craig M, the biggest cap hit on Wallace will be next year. This year is 3.5 million. Next year 17.5 million. 2015 13 million then the last two years is 11 million per.

Ireland is acting out of desperation for a last ditched effort to save his job. It wont succeed and we'll have a new GM in 2014.

how many did they play in 72'?
stop crying.

Here's a rule change the NFL needs to implement: NO OVERTIME in preseason games.

Ross will do anything to make an extra buck. Including sacrificing his team for a little more money. Honoring our opponent Tebow was insane, We lost that home game in front of 20,000 Tebow faithful. Hard Knocks was just for the money. So is a 5th exhibition game.


What I read was that the Dolphins are locked into Wallace for the next two years. After that it becomes easier to make decisions. I don't have the exact figures in front of me but flexibility arrives AFTER the 2014 season.

Shula 73,

Not surprised that you're not excited about any of these moves. Is there ANYTHING that would make you happy as a Dolphin fan? Seriously? ANYTHING? I've never seen you post ONE postive thing here about the Dolphins. And who's Phinmanski to you. Just a coincidence that he shows up when you do and posts the same negative drivel ad naseum?

I agree we are stronger in some areas but still have significant areas that need help...O-line(T),CB, and a pass rusher opposite Wake..I think all the areas can and will be addressed in the next couple of months.Plenty of flexibility in the draft.Can move up or down...Find a (T) and rusher in FA.

Reading with interest regarding Wallace & cap. The Dolphins need to draft and develope a WR this year any way you cut it.

Craig M,

There isnt much positive about 4 consecutive losing seasons and the worst FO in the league. Tired of getting my hopes up for these clowns. The only thing that would turn me positive is piling up W's. The time has long passed for moral victories or trying hard. And I can assure you I am not anyone else.

Mark, Craig, Kris- I guess the answer is no, you guys are not worried about the future cap. Ok, but I think I'll stay in worry mode until we get a little further down the road. Mark, thanks for the link and, yes, we will have a number of starters to FA again next year- with less cap room.

I am not hating the changes- some good additions, some good subtractions. The draft will be telling for me. But so far I see OL and DL with CBs sprinkled and late round WRs. Not what I want to see.

cocajoe ... have to develop as many positions through the draft as possible .. much cheaper. I hope the front office does some kind of cost analysis on which positions are most expensive to fill by adequate vets and put emphasis on those in the draft. For example, we all saw how expensive WRs are but centres, guards, and TEs, not so much ...

Billcale, it makes sense to worry a bit about the future cap, but I think the team will be ok. The team still has a good chunk of cap room available for 2013. They can take the extra that is left over and roll it into extra space for 2014.

I disagree 73. Indeed the heat is on for Ireland, but his actions this off season are not in desperation. I say to you that he is finally acting in an aggressive manor to acquire personnel for a purpose. He has been given a plausible direction. Instead of filing a decayed ingredient list; he is obtaining fresh ingredients to crate a culinary extravaganza.
The draft may be the proverbial icing on the cake.

I think its time some of the haters become Jets fans. FOR H-I-R-E-L-A-N-D!!!!

I'm starting to think Warmack or Cooper might be our pick at 12. Maybe that's the right move. Both guys are quality. Jerry moves to backup or to RT (ideal backup). Maybe he takes over at LT next year for Cogs.
Add Winston in FA and let's get this thing going. Still needs at CB, regardless of what Ireland is trying to say.

Lookit that. We are on National TV already.

"Ireland and Aponte are being pro active and at the same time being good stewards for the franchise. Depsite how the team does this year, I think the franchise will be stupid to get rid of him just on the job he's done in the last two years. If you have doubts about his drafting ability then well, get some better and senior scouts to help him out .. but otherwise keep the path."

Have to agree with Mark in Toronto on this one. Ireland has definitely come a long way from the "WR draft incident."

Also what some people I think fail to realize is that people get better at their job. Sometimes you don't hire someone on what they know, but you hire them on what they can become. It speaks of Ireland's intelligence to be able to adjust to the situation he found himself in Miami.

Craig M...


When Ireland signed Wallace that was him putting chips on the table and throwing the dice, you have to throw the dice if you want to win. I hope it works out.
The flip side is that O-line and DBs are still f'ed up after 5 complete seasons.
And our top draft picks keep leaving for no compensation.

Mark: "For example, we all saw how expensive WRs are but centres, guards, and TEs, not so much ..."

Exactly. It seems like we will be shopping the draft for OL, DL, TEs and CBs- maybe. The (highly paid) WRs, of which this class has many good ones, will be put off until the later rounds like last year. This is part of the FA that I'm not liking- how it appears to be shaping the draft.

Hard Knocks was just for the money. So is a 5th exhibition game.

Posted by: Phinmanski | March 19, 2013 at 10:09 AM


The NFL decides who plays in the Hall of Fame game.

Your ignorance may as well be in neon.

All I want to see is Tanny to Wallace for a 15 yard out, then take them off the field.

I say to you that he is finally acting in an aggressive manor

Posted by: Fins of Fury | March 19, 2013 at 10:31 AM


"Manner." A manor is a house or estate.

read aramndos tweets,

Phinchickski....you're an idiot

1- 5 1- 7.

Philbin only talked to 1 prospect at the combine&senior bowl and I will guarantee you that Ireland will trade down and pick K.Allen and cut Bess !!

I think there is a bit of Ireland on the hot seat. I mean there have been planes flown over the stadium with signs demanding he be fired. Those empty seats at real, and if we start out poorly the heat will rise quickly.

That said I like the Wallace signing, although it is majorly risky, hands and attitude questions. I like the linebacker shakeup alot in that those two players accounted for a lot of cap but not many big plays. Smith leaving is addition by subtraction look at his first downs allowed and touch downs allowed, he won't be missed. I wish we could have got something for Long but with a tackle heavy draft I guess it wasn't in the cards. Clemons coming back is a prove it place holder deal, his replacement may be coming in the draft, I get that signing. Starks hopefully won't play under the tender but under a contract. I would prefer a higher motor player in his spot (Odrick) but that wasn't the plan. Helping the WR depth was key and adding two young vets was smart if you want immediate results. The Keller deal hurts a division rival and upgrades our big play ability from TE. That was a move I thought really will make a difference if Keller is healthy.

The draft will be interesting as we will most likely be upgrading the secondary there. Two corners and a safety minimum hopefully we get the ones we want. Probably need at least a guard and tackle, mid round WR and TE, and a linebacker an maybe a HB.

Ireland is as desperate as a man sinking in quicksand. Finally, we can say bye bye to Jeff Ireland.

As for Shula 73, I like your passion. But if you've given up then move on. I've been in this since 1970 so I get it. But if "Show me don't tell me" is your mantra, and your team is the Dolphins, then shut up and quit whinning. Wait and see. Then comment. Support your team bro....bottom line

bill, we will have to see ... i don't think the draft will be shaping up as drafting for need other than an OT. Despite what a lot of people think, Marshall and Patterson wouldn't be the worst CB duo in the league.

Personally, I also think the best athlete in this draft is also an OT ... Lane Johnson. Would be nice to get him but most people think he's going to SD.

Not a big fan of preseason games especially when now miami has five meaningless ones but what it does do is get miami in training camp a little earlier than usual to work out and get a jump start on rookie evaluations...I could care less about the HOF game other than avoiding injuries and not having the starters out there more than a series or two....and just be vanilla scheming...

Be interested to see the primetime schedule this year..my guess is miami gets at least three games on national TV...

My bad.

Too bad 90% of the players Parcells drafted or signed for Miami are no longer here after just 5 Years. I wonder if THAT will get mentioned on his speech or during the telecast.

That cool were playing the hof game I can see the dolphins play live preseason game on tv..


Over the last 15 year the NFL competition committee has changed so many rules that the NFL is now an outdoor version of Arena Ball. Not content with that now the competition committee is changing even more contact rules in an effort to make it the outdoor version on Lingerie Football.

From Philbin's interview at the owners meetings Miami will be brining in 2 to 4 more WR's. He says Miami will have 10 to 12 at camp and at the moment we have 8. So I say do not count out Tavon Austin at 12.

I have about 7 players on my favorite list for the pick at 12 and he's one of them. In no order the rest below.

Lane Johnson

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