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Dolphins agree to deal with TE Dustin Keller

The Miami Dolphins and tight end Dustin Keller are closing in on a deal that would bring the prospective New York Jets free agent to Miami.

According to league sources the sides are in the final stages of getting a deal done. Although there is no definitive agreement yet, both sides believe one will be done barring last minute snags.

Terms of this deal are not available.

[Update: The deal is done. It is for one year.]

Keller, 29 in September, has 241 catches in the 72 NFL games he's played the past five seasons. He was the New York Jets first round draft pick in 2008.

The Dolphins needed to add tight end help for multiple reasons including the fact they lost Anthony Fasano, the starter since 2008, to the Kansas City Chiefs via free agency.

The club also wanted to upgrade the position with superior pass catching.

Keller brings some of that. He has never caught fewer than 45 passes in a season he played all 16 games and that despite the Jets obvious troubles at quarterback.

Keller is not considered a great blocking TE. He is considered a better pass-catching threat than the Dolphins have had since Randy McMichael, who last played in Miami in 2006.

Keller visited the Dolphins on Wednesday and Thursday. He was looking for a long-term deal but his price was clearly beyond what the Dolphins were willig to pay long-term. By signing a one-year deal, the sides agreed Keller would have a chance to prove his true value in 2013 and return to free agency in 2014 for a chance to get a better deal.

The Dolphins were previously linked to Oakland's Brandon Myers but showed no significant interest in him.


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How Many Of You Are Going To Switch Back To We Should Sign Keller After Hearing This?

Keep Up The Good Work Ireland!!

Sign Keller!!
Bring Back Jake!!
And Sign A CB!!

And Free Agency Will Be A Success!!

Mando, interesting. Keller didn't go visit any other teams that I know of.

I find his lack of interest on the market alarming. Or could it be that Miami put the full court press on stopped him from going elsewhere?

Maybe his leaving Miami without a deal was a plot to get more money out of the phins knowing all along that's where he wanted to sign?? A scare tactic if you will.

Either 1, another need filled & glad to see ireland get off the sidelines!

Mando why does Darlingon break every story first ?

I hope its for under FOUR

Good Job Jeff....

back in the good graces....we NEEDED this one....

Dont makesense u suk up to Ireland more than Darlington


No TE In This Draft Is Worth A #1!! Look At Keller!! He Is Physically Way Better Than Any TE In This Draft!! And Dashi Wouldn't Give A #12 For Him!!

Not sure why all of you excited about Keller, to me hes very similar to Fasano.

1 year is basically an inusrance policy in case they can't get 1 in the draft. Or it's a prove it to me deal. Either way I'm ok with that regardless.

Now TE may not not as big a priority as it seemed. Best part is, it weakens the jets further.

They better trade revis for picks! They've lost 8 starters in FA on an already weak team with little cap space. They need bodies!

Should have read the post...and NOT just the headline....

I don't like the ONE YEAR deal...but I guess we can fix this during the season....or draft one of the MONSTER TE's that I keep hearing about...and they will be ready to take the reins in 2014...

In any case...GREAT JOB MR. IRELAND....

Now walk away from the Long deal...


how so...please explain....

Walk away from the Long deal?

More like run away from it!

Keller checks Another Draft Need Off The Board!! And For 1 Year!! Ireland Is The F'ing Man Right Now!!

Fins Also Are Bringing In Another LB!! To Challenge Misi!! T.Howard!!

Only Real Needs Right Now Are O-Line And CB's!!

And We Have Enough Cap and Draft Picks To Answer 1 Of These Before The Draft!!

Awesome ... one less thing for the trolls to troll about ...

Ireland is the man and you people can SUCK IT !!!

Wait a sec, Dashi, don't get ahead of yourself. We need a blocking TE. Dustin is more of a seam stretcher. Perhaps one of those big Rookie TEs in the Draft?

Kris I agree with you about the contract. (I am an overly optimistic Dolphins fan and an Ireland fan , so my opinion is probably sh@t to most.)

I would prefer a multi-year deal, but this means if he comes in and delivers we can re-sign him and if he falls flat we can just cut ties. We must applaud Ireland for not buckling to his agents demands and sticking to his plan

Clue and DC....

Keller has out matched the Fasano production in nearly EVERY AREA ecxept TD...and he has done 2 and a HALF season's LESS games played....

you can't just look @ a stat....and regurgitate it...you have to compare time frame....games played...who they played with....on and on and on...

Dashi, not sure Eifert isn't on par or better athletically than Keller was coming out but your're absolutely right ... no way we go TE at #12 ... down to Xavier Rhodes or Lane Johnson @12.


The 1 Year Deal Is The Beauty Of It.

Keller Is Not The Answer. He Is An Insurance Policy In Case We Can't Get A TE In The 2nd. And/or To See If Egnew Develops.

Ireland Will Never Spend A Top 15 Pick On A TE!! He Knows Better Than That!!

Top 15 Pick!! Make Sure The Guy Is A High Quality Starter.

Who is Captain Butt Fumble going to throw to now that Keller is gone?

They are still trying Mark...

haven't you heard...

Keller = Fasano...lol...

It's just that Keller had some physical problems last year and Ireland is a careful Man, very careful.

Now we don't need to worry about Keller getting open against us when we play the stinkin' Jets. As for blocking, in blocking situations we could use an extra lineman. We needed a TE who can get open consistently.

Kris, I said it earlier .. no way Keller is on par produciton wise with Fasano.

When the FUKK did Fasano ever put up 800 yards receiving? That's almost three years for Fasano.

Dashi just like Vontae Davis, Jake Long, Ted Ginn right


4 Wide!!

Dashi Has Been Saying This For A While. Keller and Egnew Can Line Up Wide!! That Is More Important Than In-Line Blocking In This Offense!!

We Need TE's That Run 4.5!! And Can Catch Fades In The Red zone.

Our TE's Need To Be Able To Line Up In The Backfield.


Agree...the possibility is still there....

Kris, someone get a hold of #1 in Montreal ... he'll be pumped ...

Keller 500 more yards than Fasano career wise in 26 fewer games ... but people can still go on saying Keller = Fasano ... sure and Hartline = Calvin Johnson.

You don't know Football, Shitwood. We need 2 TE formations where they can block efficiently or either go out for a pass equally well, specially in the Red Zone. Otherwise, where is the deception?

Great job!! One year deal makes me believe more then ever we drafting a TE in the Draft. BTW, where's the TROLL who told me yesterday once they leave they never sign??? Huh, huh??? That's why you use a million names, cause you would look like a FOOL cause you get so many things WRONG!!!

The good news is we got rid of 10 Ireland players!


Just like you, I enjoy a fulfilling bisexual lifestyle.

PERFECT way to handle the situation....

We need a starting caliber TE on the team going into the draft so that we have flexibility and can take "best talent available" and not be pressured to draft on "need."

Cook was the best chance to upgrade over Fasano but he got paid too much and I'm glad Ireland didn't over pay for him. Signing Keller allows for flexibility in the draft. Getting him on a one year deal provides flexibility long term and gives Keller incentive to prove he is actually worth a long term deal.

I said the other day that the stats for Keller and Fasano are pretty similar. So, we don't take a step backward. He might not block as well be he is faster and should be open regularly. Neutral move overall, which is fine for now.

Well then...OK,Keller gets a year to prove he's worth top end TE money, then renegotiate. My gripe with him is that as athletic as he seems he doesn't bring it every game (accept against the fins). He looks the part, built for the part, and but now he needs to be the part. Kudos to Ireland for the Job he's doing. Very saavy so far.

Brian hartline ypc 15.0 ... Calvin Johnson ypc 16.0 ... not much difference porduction wise ....

you see how silly that reads

same when you compare Keller to Fasano

Jake Long Has Been To Multiple Pro bowls And Was On Pace For A HOF Career Before The Injuries!!(and Still Might Be Back)

Ireland Didn't Draft Ginn.

And Vontae Was A Top 30, Not Top 15 Pick. And Ireland Still Got More From Him Than Jason Allen!! A Nick Saban Pick!! Ireland Actually Managed To Get A Good Pick For Him.

Dashi does not care for, or understand, the Running Game. You'll never make it, son.

Mark in Toronto, agreed 100%. Keller does not equal Fasano, not even close. Keller is going to be a seam threat that Fasano will never be. I am happy for this move!!!

Does anyone think Seattle is going a little overboard? I think that is a better comparison to the Eagles dream team. They are going for broke and will be in 2 years. I know I sound like I am jealous, but.....

any contract terms yet?
I am good with a 1 year deal, I still like the idea of trading down and snagginf eiffort in round 1, or hoping ertz falls to them at round 2

Squandering 3 picks on D Thomas was MORONIC!

This might be quite clever by Ireland.

Keller helps us win now, Ireland and Philbin are determined to make the play offs.

The cap hits in 2014 are huge. letting go of Keller would help, a drafted TE, clay or Egnew can then stup up.

It helps Keller prove himself after his injury. At 30 yrs of age we might get him cheaper. Redoing his contract in 2014 will allow us to avoid a cap hit then.

Ireland spends big money on Wallace, adds and subtracts smartly at LB and now a short term contract at the right time and in the position.

Good work so far. Now Long for the right money and we're almost there.

Keep it together Clue @11:54....

lets talk football....your attacks are useless to someone who doesn't give 2 sh@t what you think of him (me)....


Your Delusions Of Being The OC!! And Mike Sherman Being The OC!! Are 2 Totally Different Things!!


Write It Down!! Remember It!! Do Whatever You Want!! Look At The Offense!! Look At The Priorities!!





Tell Me What You See?

4-5 Wide With TE's Lining In The Slot Or Wide From Time To Time!!


Oscar's Soprano Football!! 2 TE's!! Power Football!!

Anybody knows who is the better blocker of the TEs in the Draft? If you identify him, thats who we are going for.

I like the Keller move to be clear. See him as a good signing.

I agree with Mark in Toronto that stats are not everything. But it's not one stat that I am looking at. Instead I looked at their career stats and then focused on the the past three years. I feel this tells a pretty real story.

Keller and Fasano are almost identical for Receptions, Yards and TD's. For their careers and over the past three years.

If Keller was the Calvin Johnson of TE's he would have been over paid on day one of FA making more than cook. He is not that good. He is a servicable starting TE.

Not everyone can be signed long term with backloaded deals. We have 4 big ones on the books as it is. If Keller was reasonable, sure. But, he wasn't.

So, Ireland did the next best thing w/a 1 year deal to fill the need this year. Now he has time to fill it long term with a draft pick or FA next year.

Best part is, his contract is on the books this year & he can add another important piece (CB or OT) and get him done long term.


Read more on Finsnation

Bobby, Pete,

yeah, great move. And it's one year. Like you guys said, advantages ... just get him into the program. if he's productive .. he will stay and we will find a way to pay him... not like we will be in cap heck in 2014 ...

Ireland is doing an amazing job, of putting himself in the position of selecting the best available players at his spots in the draft....KUDOS!!!

Tannehill has a new friend named Keller.



You Don't Understand The Dolphin Offense!! (Look At College Spreads)

And You Can Run Out Of 4 Wide!!

Good OLine!! And Deep Threats!! CB's Don't Tackle As Well As LB's!! And If The Fins Draft E.Lacy #12!! No CB In The League Will Want To Play Miami!! Just Ask Te'o!! He's Still Removing The Tattoo Of Lacy's Foot In His Back From The BCS Game.

heehee, Dashi. You forget that Philbin is instituting a WCO, much different than those widespread Os that abound now and that relies= in passing as in the running Game. Do not always think about your wishes but also on those of Others.


I'm fine with the Keller addition. I'm THRILLED it's at Ireland's terms though. I LOVE the 1 year contract. Now we see what he has left, and if he's fully healed, and if Egnew grows into anything. This is perfect for the team.

If Keller is a dynamo, then welcome to a long-term contract. If not, then everyone will thank Ireland next year.

Ireland is certainly bringing in pieces for Tannehill to work with (I hope we ALL agree). If the offense sputters, DON'T look to the GM. Look to the HC/OC/QB/QB Coach, but NOT Ireland.

Keller slept on it and woke up in Reality.

JPAO, how are they similar at all???

Career stats

Keller 72 games, 241 rec, 2,876 yards, 17tds
Fasano 108 games, 205 rec, 2,373 yards, 24tds

on a per game basis

Keller 3.3 rec, 39.9 yards, .2 tds
Fasano 1.9 rec, 22 yards, .2 tds

keller is almost twice as productive on a per game basis and has been more productive career wise with 36 fewer games played

The Fins Won't Draft A TE Til The 3rd With This Move!! Great Move Ireland!!

What Makes More Sense?

A No Huddle 2TE Offense?


A No Huddle Spread?

Oscar, WCO You Pass To Run The Ball!! You Don't Run To Set up The Pass!!


Russell Wilson Has Plateaued!!

By the way, I'm basing my statement above on the assumption Ireland drafts with a WR or TE high in the Draft (1st 2 rounds).

Ireland is doing an amazing job, of putting himself in the position of selecting the best available players at his spots in the draft....KUDOS!!!

Posted by: Steve G | March 15, 2013 at 12:03 PM

I agree and this is a key. You don't want to draft the 3rd best OT in the first when you can get the top TE or top CB.

If he can sign a OT on a 1-2 year deal...a stop gap..the draft is wide open!

Agree with the last paragraph DC....100%

the rest is debatale...but what isn't....

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