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Dolphins agree to deal with TE Dustin Keller

The Miami Dolphins and tight end Dustin Keller are closing in on a deal that would bring the prospective New York Jets free agent to Miami.

According to league sources the sides are in the final stages of getting a deal done. Although there is no definitive agreement yet, both sides believe one will be done barring last minute snags.

Terms of this deal are not available.

[Update: The deal is done. It is for one year.]

Keller, 29 in September, has 241 catches in the 72 NFL games he's played the past five seasons. He was the New York Jets first round draft pick in 2008.

The Dolphins needed to add tight end help for multiple reasons including the fact they lost Anthony Fasano, the starter since 2008, to the Kansas City Chiefs via free agency.

The club also wanted to upgrade the position with superior pass catching.

Keller brings some of that. He has never caught fewer than 45 passes in a season he played all 16 games and that despite the Jets obvious troubles at quarterback.

Keller is not considered a great blocking TE. He is considered a better pass-catching threat than the Dolphins have had since Randy McMichael, who last played in Miami in 2006.

Keller visited the Dolphins on Wednesday and Thursday. He was looking for a long-term deal but his price was clearly beyond what the Dolphins were willig to pay long-term. By signing a one-year deal, the sides agreed Keller would have a chance to prove his true value in 2013 and return to free agency in 2014 for a chance to get a better deal.

The Dolphins were previously linked to Oakland's Brandon Myers but showed no significant interest in him.


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That's a fair price reg, thanx for your answer!

FOR H-I-R-E-L-A-N-D!!!!!! PLAYOFFS 2013 BABY!!!!

don't let these additions be in vane, miami needs a beast of a powerback that can pick up blitzers to allow tannehill time hit wallace down field, we also need a stud runningback who can get those tough short yards, glad reggie isn't there to insist he can get them, because he couldn't, and unless jonus grey is at 100%, we had better get lacey with our #1 pick. this all means that the huge hole that is now the secondary(sean smith's departure) must be address via freeagency to allow us to use that first rounder and probably a second rounder to snag the best powerback in the draft -LACEY!


The Steelers are a mess.

I know its early for predictions, but after last season, FA, the up coming draft, The Dolphins look like the AFC's 5th best team (9th in 2012) and the NFLs 13-15th (21ts in 2012).

I like Shields, but he's turning 26 and averaged 3 picks/season. I wonder if we can do better in the 2nd rd. I would also be cautious about using the picks now since it limits are ability to move up or down in the draft.


I know that you are probably a man but just for today I would like to call you 'Annette,' a 40ish brunette housewife living in the Minneapolis suburbs who has a successful dentist husband (Ron) and two teenage children, Bradley and Melanie.

You love 'Dr. Oz' and Greek food and dream of a trip to the Italian Riviera.

It is nice to know you, Annette!

whatever floats your boat @ 2:12....

How are those FA waters Jake? Chilly? Coming back to Miami with his tail between his legs it appears. Just get over yourself Jake...and stop thinking you're all that. You were great the first 3-4 years but now after numerous injuries you are simply good and better than a lot of guys. But no one will pay 11+ mil for good and injury prone. This is your new reality.

If the Fins go to TE's that are more pass catchers and less blockers then they need to game plan for Tannehill throwing on the run and quick patterns by WRs. There's a way around everything if it's planned correctly.

JL deserves prob a 3 year 20 Million and make 8 to 10 million guranteed hes no where near an 11 million dollar man and can choke on a d i c k if it thinks that.


You're right there. I didn't realise he'd been in the league for so long, and now I take a closer look at his production he's not worth a 3rd. But Billichek see's something in him.

I'll be interested to see how he does without Wallace in front of him.

Andy, like Swopes and Bailey as late 2nd, or 3rd round picks.

I think people say that about Rhodes because of how nasty he is. The guy had every bit the athleticism of a CB tho, for sure. I hope he does the cone and shuttle at his pro day but all the other measurables are very, very impressive.

I think he's more athletic than Trufant overall but is also a cvery worthy 1st rd pick. can't go wrong either way IMO

Thank you, Annette!! (Kris).

I cannot wait for our next salon date! Lance is just a wizard with highlights!

Why are people mentioning Finley at TE? He isn't even a FA or did I miss something in the last 24 hours?


If GB signs Jennings, they can't pay Finley and will most likely cut him. That is where we scoop him up.

Plausible but, doubtful. They can restructure Finley nd sign Jennings. They could cut him but, I doubt it.

I believe Miami will draft Jarvis Jones with the 12 pick if he is still availible. Right it down.

Pete, odd that pItt has such a low tender on Sanders. I thought he was one of the reasons theyw ere ok letting Wallace go. Can't imagine them losing him too.

I believe Miami will draft Jarvis Jones with the 12 pick if he is still availible. Right it down.

Posted by: NFLbs | March 15, 2013 at 02:29 PM


"Right" it down?? God God almighty.

Can we do Remedial English classes on this blog once a week?

LOL, budtki@verizon.net made no sense. Finley??? We just signed Keller. Jennings?? He wants 10 million plus a year and we just signed Wallace. Once he said Dansby/Burnett being proven talent he lost me.

Woodhead signed with Chargers, Welker to Denver and Volmer not signed. I believe the Patriots have weakened their offense so far this off season.

Right as in it is the right pick. Sorry you could not see the medifor in that.

Damn...Im glad they got keller for one year and all..but reports showed they were interested In grabbing Dennis pitta from baltimore that wouldve been a super move.......Just sayin!!!!

Kris, you sound dreamy , ahhaa

hahaa, medifor ....

Right as in it is the right pick. Sorry you could not see the medifor in that.

Posted by: NFLbs | March 15, 2013 at 02:38 PM

Yeah, sure.

Dashi, I hope you're not in the long list of know-nothings who are advocating drafting a RB in the 1st round. That's an OUTDATED DRAFT STRATEGY dude. Don't know how many times I have to tell you people.

ADRIAN PETERSON, THAT'S the ONLY caliber player you even THING of drafting in the 1st rd from that position

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 15, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Don't know about that. Trent Richardson is looking like an awfully nice pick for the Browns and Doug Matin ain't looking too shabby either

After The Draft If Everything Looks Good. Ireland Deserves An Extension!!

Great Decision Mr. Ross!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 15, 2013 at 01:53 PM

let's not blow smoke up Ireland's arse until the Fins are winning football games. Before this, the Fins have been an abomination, and I think he has been a big part of that.

Show me, that's all I'm saying

Keller is not faster than Clay and isn't among the leagues fastest seem threats at the position.

Keller is old and will be 30 when the season begins.

Keller can not block and is closer to 5'11 than he is 6'2

Phins still have an underwhelming group of wrs who aren't explosive and do zero after the catch outside of Wallace.

Gibson is a possession wr and wouldn't add much more to this wr core other than being another slow target than struggles to separate.

Phins need to draft a rb high and most certainly need to take a wr with size and speed to help Wallace.

There isn't one te in the upcoming draft who is faster than Cook....4.6 isn't going to stretch the seam much.

Good job. One yr is better then nothing, if Keller is as good as he says he is then sign him long term next yr, hes not to old.

Age 30 for a te that is suppose to threaten the defense vertically in old. Antonio Gates isn't getting behind as many defenders as he used to...wonder why....age. Guys like Jimmy Graham..Pitta...Gronk....are young an explosive. Young and explosive usually go hand and hand when speaking of offensive playmakers.

Keller is not 30, won't be 30 when the season starts and won't be 30 when his one year contract runs out. Come back with FACTS next time

Fact is Keller is not an explosive TE. Just because he has been productive against one of the worst secondaries in the NFL for the last 10 years doesn't mean he is a top tier te. Those jacking off over this signing need to sit down and hope we draft a big ...faster target early in the 2nd rd of the draft.

This has been a very succesful offseason for the Fins. The best ever.
Kudos to Ireland and his team.

Keller was rated 3rd best FA available behind only Bennett and Cook. He is a top tier TE. Whether the Fins draft a TE is irrelevant. You can't even get Keller's age right, it makes it hard to argue your opinion when you start off by lying to try to make your point

Brandon Gibgon in. Hmm...Davone Bess.

These People not fooling around, they insist on good hands, separation and YAC. Uff...

come on .. give them a chance to show the results of the deal, they need to prove what they think is best

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