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Dolphins operating by familiar script but will finale be different?

Dolphins fans are reinvigorated these days. I know this because the emails to me saying as much have tripled. The traffic on this blog has multiplied the past three weeks. I have more people following me on twitter than ever before.

The Dolphins are seeing the fruits of this excitement also in some areas.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the sales of season tickets to new fans is proceeding nicely.

But ...

Yes, folks, there's seemingly always a but. The renewal sales are not doing well. Season ticket holders that spent their money last season are not so far buying in as well this offseason despite the apparent upgrades in free agency and the hope that some of the club's upcoming 11 draft picks will be contributors to turning the Dolphins into winners for the first time since 2008.

I have a theory why this is -- one I've shared with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee and others. I believe Dolphins fans who have seen much heartache and pain the past decade and have gotten their hopes up multiple times only to have them dashed aren't going to operate on sheer faith anymore.

Many want to see results before they invest in tickets again.

And here's the thing:

The Dolphins, who obviously want to make the point that things are different this time, are actually following a very familiar script this offseason in telling you why the results in 2013 will be different. It's uncanny, really.

So, bottom line, will things be different in 2013? I'm not sure. I think so.

I love the Mike Wallace acquisition. I don't know that the linebacker additions will produce as many big plays as the Dolphins hope. I believe the Dolphins will be just fine without Jake Long or Sean Smith because, frankly, neither player actually ever won a game for the Dolphins. I really would like the team to add a proven and experienced pass-rusher while one is still out there.

But I still have questions about the quarterback position. Everyone, including coach Joe Philbin, this offseason is telling me Ryan Tannehill is the real deal. He's going to be very good, they say. There are no warning signs for him failing, they say.

If that's the case, everything will be fine with the 2013 Dolphins.

But I simply am not certain that will be the case. I saw some good but some not-so-good play out of Tannehill in 2013 even as other rookie QBs were playing like Pro Bowl players. So I think the jury is still out and I'm not ready to endorse him as the real thing yet.

And if Tannehill isn't the real deal?

Suffice to say we've seen what will happen play out before.


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Ever read something and after you read it you don't remember what it was about? That just happened.

God help us if there is a sophomore slump...

This would be the real year Tannehill would have came out and all signs would have pointed to him being the #1 QB this draft and an easy choice for him to be a Kansas City Chief. We grabbed him a year earlier and started adjusting him to the NFL. He should get better but I'm still expecting more "growing pains" or rookie mistakes from him. Lets hope all of these additions speed that process up

Please trade down so we can add Lacy as running back. Lacy and Miller a very nice combo. load up on corner backs, run blocking o-linemen and kapow.

I think Dolphin's management while telling the optimistic side of the story concerning T-hills potential to the press, realistically they know he is not proven.I think that is another reason for the urgency in upgrading the offense this off-season, to actually witness how good T-Hill can be in the NFL.
If he does not show the potential they expected of him when taking the risk they took in the draft to get him, then they will start making contingency plans for the future which might include a draft choice in 2014,although I doubt it will be in the 1st round.
Ross revealed another facet in their QB situation while telling the press that the Dolphins had one of the best QB tandems in the NFL,which implies that Moore is still relatively young and can win with the Dolphins offense,especially one with more weapons if needed.

Offense Offense Offense. Here's how you help our QB avoid the sophomore slump. Upgrade the OL(hasn't happened yet), Run the ball (draft another RB) and surround the kid with talented playmakers TE's and WR's. Could use the first 5 picks on that side of the ball in my opinion.

It's amazing that you consistently look to find a negative rather than help with keeping spirits up. You are by far the worst sport journalist.. .and I use that term loosely. ..that we have ever seen. Please find another team to "write" for.

Adding Austin in first round will sell tickets for sure. Then fill all other holes with rest of picks.

@bc295, I would have to go a step further and say that 90% of the writers that follow the Phins are disgustingly negative. Whenever I read words written by Omar I want to punch him in the kidney. This team can go through a complete overhaul with players, stadium, uniforms and play schemes but if these negative beat writers and fans don't change as well then all this will be for nothing. Just look at the support the Seahawks receive. Yeah that have some good players but they are a great team because of that factor (hence away game record). GO PHINS 2013 and beyond!!!!

I think Tannehill is going to be the real deal. There is a spark in him that I saw this season that I never saw with Henne. Players coming in, they see it too.


Maybe the media is so negative in Miami is probably because this the 40.th anniversary since their last Super Bowl title. Maybe it's because this going on 29 years since their last Super Bowl appearance. Are you getting theme here ignorant dolphin fans, these beat writers have never seen this franchise win a damn thingi people. Most nfl people feel that all the moves the dolphins have done, your still an 8-8-9-7 team at best !! You guys can't win for trying, until the dolphins start making consistent deep playoff runs and appearances, they'll never be taken seriously or be relevant to the rest of the nfl and that's a true story delusional homer ignorant dolphin fans !!

We should draft a qb with one of our second round picks. I believe a good project qb would be Mike Glennon of nc state. I don't believe that the coaches have a lot of confidence in Tannehill. To me, he is Henne all over again. I the coaches sense the same thing and are trying to cover their mistake in drafting him by signing all of those new players to take the fans attention away from the qb issue. I hope that I am wrong. If Tannehill does not look the part in preseason, then they had better start Matt Moore or Pat Devlin in game one. If Moore had started last season, it would have been us and not the ravens holding the trophy.

With this article, Armando is talking about the elephant in the room- is Tannehill for real? His receiving core last year was not sufficient enough. This year, it will be. The offensive line must be bolstered to protect the future of the franchise. This is why the more I think about it, I think we need to take one of the two highly rated guards with pick 12- Warmack or Cooper. The three best OT will be off the board at that point. The tackle position, I believe, will be addressed before the draft. In the second round, the two picks can be spent on DBs.

Sign Dumerville in FA then draft austin and get best players available thereafter

Dolphins fans the key to this season is going to be your secondary and pass rush period !! Let's see shall we Brees-Freeman-Ryan-Newton-Brady twice-Flacco-Big Ben-Dalton-Luck-Rivers !! You can score all the points on offense but what good is it if you can't stop nobody on defense on a consistent basis dolphin fans !! Another true story !!

bomd david bond, it could have been Brady back there and we wouldnt have won the superbowl.. This team had faaar more holes in it than to be that competitive... Moore is a very good back up.. its why he signed a contract to be a back up when there were chances for him to go compete for a starting job.. would we have won a couple of more games last year? maybe but hinder the progression of T-Hill.. He got PT experience something he was lacking..
I really think Ireland has set Moore up to be traded.. I say that bc a QB is going to get hurt at some point and Moore contract is set up to pay him more if he starts..

Your questioning of Tannehill is wrong on several premises, Armando, chief one being he only had 16 starts as a College QB. We all know you like to rock the Boat, but please be more imaginative and creative in how to do it, before the Boat sinks.

I believe in tannehill. Certainly far more than I ever did in Henne. He shows fire and leadership Henne still doesn't have. The other QBs either had a great running game, great WRs & TEs or both. Realistically tannehillll had neither. Now he has a full compliment of WRs a burner, a true number 2 and two guys who catch everything everywhere on the field. He has a seem TE but could use another TE. I'd like to see them trade back to the early 20's and get eifert and an extra pick or two later in the draft. Grab a RB, either Lacey in the 2nd or another big back Le'Veon Bell late 2nd early 3rd. I'd grab Marcus Lattimore in the 7th even if he had to start on the PUP list.

This is one of the best drafts in a long time to have lots of picks. It's loaded with depth. There will be starting Calibur players as RFAs when the draft is over. Ireland should find plenty of acorns!!

You complained all season that he had no one to stretch the field, to open things up. Now that he has some speed to help, you are doubtful about his talent.
If that speed can make him 10% better, and if we can get Lacy to threaten the line of scrimmage, a decent tackle and a decent guard. We will win a lot of games.
These coaches are "team" coaches and can get the job done. They do not want a single "hero" to win games. They want a group of guys that when combined, can be versatile and unpredictable from game to game. I think they are successfully putting together that team.
If you want to have a "hero" to lay in bed and fantasize about, change to the Pats or New Orleans.

Heck, I'm concerned and a big fan of T-Hill. I believe he can be the real deal too but ONLY if he has the right players around him. There are "must haves" that will determine the success of the team in 2013 moreso than the QB play.

MUST HAVE LIST...We must have a Y TE (a guy that can block very well and catch passes). Another RB to split carries with Miller (I don't believe Thomas is an answer). The O line also must have a RT.

Tannehill we be just fine, he's not Wilson-Luck-or Rg3 but he's better than what the dolphins have had post Marino era !! He needs more weapons though and a consistent defense that can cause turnovers and sack the QB on a consistent basis !!

I can't understand these bloggers saying the Miami press writers are "all negative." There's no SOLID reason they have to write something positive.

1--Tannehill didn't play as well as the team hoped
2--Building foundation with UFAs instead of drafting well
3--Losing almost every year of the last decade
4--Owner making no changes to a losing front office
5--Blowing almost every draft for 10 years
6--Trading away high draft picks for underperformers
7--Focusing team resources on O-line for years, and still getting it wrong
8--GM's bad reputation amongst players league-wide causing us to miss on huge signings
9--Failure to land Harbaugh, Manning, Fisher, etc.
10--Maxxed out salary cap on a losing team

Where's the sunshine you bloggers keep expecting the beat writers to generate? GTFO if you fail to understand other's justified viewpoints.

Maybe the renewal fans arent re-upping b/c they dont like this owner. His ridiculous statements and logo change play into that. Why do we need a new logo? We do not. The seasoned fans like the logo just fine the way it is. I say this new owner is pissing off the veteran fans and thats why renewal sales are slumping.

Fantasy.. just to touch on a few things you stated..
#2 theyve stated that they want all of their holes filled in Fa so when they draft they have draft for the future and develope players..
#6 what high draft picks have been traded in the past 5 yrs
#8 this is disproven by the players signed. Just because Clark talked junk and he asked Bryant if his mom was a hooker, which was asked after Bryant said his dad was a pimp and he told about his moms drugs habits
#9 Harbaugh wasnt coming here bc we already had a coach, Fisher is a mediocre coach that hasnt won jack.. why would you really want him here?
#10 Fatcells screwed our salary cap up with huge contracts and dead money we were payingout. Ireland has done a good job getting the cap where it is and the picks.. even next year theyre going to be good..

As soon as you read Troll Fintasy's first line about Tannehill not playing up to expectations you know the rest of his post is garbage. Don't waste your time.

"Ever read something and after you read it you don't remember what it was about? That just happened."

Those two sentences were far more entertaining than Armando's got-nothing-new-to-say column. At least in the internet age we know he didn't LITERALLY mail it in...

Veteran fan..
Maybe the owner is tired of living in the past.. with our last SB coming 40 years ago.. All the "veteran fans" are living off of that... Its time for a change all around.. just a thought. And if someone isnt buying season tickets bc the logo is changed then go cheer for the Jets.. thats ridiculous

lol true Garbage Posts.. i got caught up in his garbage..

Complete BS...Tannehill exceeded my expectations for a rookie QB. Not to mention with an offense line that couldn't protect very well, a RB who disappeared half the season and a depleted WR.

Tannehill played well for a rookie; not every rookie can be a pro-bowler right out of the gate. I expect too see a 2nd year result along the lines of 85 QB rating, completion % around 60,about 4000 yards, 25 TDS, and perhaps half that in interceptions. The team clearly plans to open up the offense and think Tannehill can chuck it. I'm telling you, the staff almost seem giddy in the interviews and stuff I watch. They look like a group that feels like they hit a home run.

Fintady I'm with you dude, these fans just don't seem to get if !! If they don't draft real playmakers on defense, then what good of acquiring all these guys on offense if you can't create turnovers or rush the passer on defense !! All these fans care about is offense, maybe that's the reason why only 1 Super Bowl appearance in the last 29 years. This is the 40.th anniversary of this franchise last title, I hear a lot of fools in here say"this was once a proud franchise" yeah 30-40 years ago when this team was very relevant !! Like I posted earlier, until proven otherwise this franchise is still a joke nationally and still very irrelevant in and around nfl circles !! A couple of deep playoff runs and consistent playoff appearances then the perception of this franchise will change !!

Its the same crap Dolphins. A minor league franchise run by incompetents.

Beware the "Brides of March."

Most football fans are cognizant of the foibles of using free agency to build a team. Adding a player or two to shore up an otherwise competent roster is one thing; selecting mercenaries to create a core is quite another. Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com has some thoughts on the 2013 Dolphins here:

Ireland doesn't appear to be finished with his FA spending, either. So far he has created contracts which blossom in later years in order to allow for more acquisitions this year.

So why isn't he filling remaining holes? Well... an alternate thought says he has FAs and draft picks from last and previous years that have potential but so far have proven inadequate. He wouldn't want to pay dearly for FAs and have them resting on the bench as backups if some of his previous acquisitions jell. He'll most likely wait until prices and contract terms become more reasonable or as other factors dictate more timely action.


never said they wont buy season tickets just b/c of the logo change, but I think it all adds up to a slow erosion. I personally think we should embrace our tradition not turn away from from it.

For the draft - if Warmack or Cooper are there at 12 we gotta take them. IMO

Tannehill was a huge dissapointment. Another Chad Henne except this was a wasted 1st rd pick instead of a 2nd. They should try him at WR because he isnt an NFL QB.

HEY!! You negative jerks!!
There have been 47 Super Bowls. The Dolphins have won two.
That means we have won more than our share.
If you want to beat up on the Dolphins, go post on the Jets web site.

Hey ALL!

My HOTTIE just arrived! She is looking FINE!!! And READY!!! Yeah! Got to RUN!

I'll be back in 15 minutes.


Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage? No player stays on the team more then 2-3 years. Cant buy a jersey cause your favorite player is gone in no time.

Tannehill was a huge dissapointment. Another Chad Henne except this was a wasted 1st rd pick instead of a 2nd. They should try him at WR because he isnt an NFL QB.

Posted by: NFL ANALYST | March 24, 2013 at 10:09 AM

That was some great, insightful analysis. Too bad it didn't get anyone riled up.

Keep tryin bro! I mean, what else do you have to do on a Sunday?

Does anyone remember when the Dolphins were relevant?
Me neither.

I give J.Ireland a realistic 30/70 chance of drafting an entire draft of playmakers !! His track record until proven otherwise is very suspect when it comes to the draft !! Ireland must finally man up and get the job done or else, personally there still not in the patriots broncos colts texans class !! You be lucky to be battling the chiefs chargers and titans for the last playoff spot. Well that's better than what you've been used too the last 13 years !!

Any other Dolphins Blog in progress that it has not yet been corrupted as this one is?

Does anyone remember when the Dolphins were relevant?
Me neither.

Posted by: MJ | March 24, 2013 at 10:14 AM


We do remember that your last 14,000 posts (under all your familiar names) were all negative sound bites looking to stir something up.

Still not working....

Even Henne never ranked as low as TanneBust....

The good news is we got rid of 9-10 Irescum players. HAHA

go fins go!! t-hill will show u all he should have gone before rg3 in 2012 draft

FED UP (MJ ect),

If you had a life you'd be happy and not FED UP.

Wallace, Gibson, and Keller seem pretty excited to play with Tanny.

Very sad. Same Troll day after day. Neither a Dolphin Fan nor football intelligent. Can you imagine having to deal with this guy in real life?? Must be a miserable person who is a huge disappointment, there is no other explanation. Needs to see a therapist.

Armando, you wrote:
"I saw some good but some not-so-good play out of Tannehill in 2013".
for a QB with 19 games under his belt before turning Pro IMPO the kid did very decent job in his 1st year -remember Payton & Bress the were mediocre in his first 3-4 years-. and Phibin is a football guy, 50 times better than Sparano he know what he is talking about. I guarantee that Tannehill is practicing under some supervision in this dead time.

Let's talk logo!....The one with the swimming Dolphins "makes me want to cry".

Yo Oscar !! Can you seriously blame these realistic fans for having negative feelings towards this franchise. Let's see shall we last Super Bowl title=40 yrs ago last Super Bowl appearance 29 years ago last AFC title game appearance 21 years do you understand the frustration Oscar do you !!

To gain a little perspective we need to look at what some of the best QB's in this league have done their second season. If we have higher expectations then these guys T-hill is in big trouble. I threw out the highest and lowest of the list below and came up with an AVG of 18 TD's and 14 picks QB rtg 81. T-Hill can accomplish that this year and no I'm not saying he's going to be one of the best. I'm saying to expect more of this kid than the best have done is ridiculous.

Aikman 11 TD's and 18 picks rtg 66.6
S. Young 8 TD's and 12 picks rtg 65.5
P. Manning 26 TD's and 15 picks 90.7
T. Brady 18 TD's and 12 picks 86.5
Brees 17 TD's and 16 picks 76.9
Marino 48 and 17 picks 108.9
Kelly 19 and 11 picks 83.8
Favre 18 and 13 picks 85.3

Cautiously optimistic, thats the best we can be. This team has been a loser since the last few years of marino's career, and most of my life. Our history is an embarrassment. When people talk football i say im a dolphins fan, and they look at me with those sad empathetic eyes... and i say "yep, a disgruntled dolphins fan, but a phins fan none the less", And ill be a fins fan for life.... but.... Its show me time, and really, it has been that way most of my life. I enjoy armandos posts, those coming down on him here r delusional, or just havent been a fins fan long enough to understand our history for the past 4 decades. I love the action the team is taking, i hope we can turn it around, but i been around to long to get my hopes to high. Nevertheless, win or lose, ill still be a fins fan

Mace taggert Garbage Post alert!! Talks about "realistic fans" when in fact it's one worthless troll posting under hundreds of different names. There are plenty of Franchises who have never won a Super Bowl. Franchises in much worse shape the the Dolphins. If you want to take out past years failures and post negativity then find another team or hobby.

It is only a game, nothing more,

Grown men bickering daily over a silly game played by fat, dumb slobs. You sound no different than teenage girls talking about nail polish.


It appears the proven experienced pass rusher you covet will be down to Freeney and Abraham. Dumervil and Osi appear to be close to signing elsewhere.

Not kidding at all my verification image for the last post was she lic mee...hmmm

I am a season ticket holder, I don't renewal until June or July. No need to renewal early. Alot of season ticket holder think like I do.

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