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Dolphins operating by familiar script but will finale be different?

Dolphins fans are reinvigorated these days. I know this because the emails to me saying as much have tripled. The traffic on this blog has multiplied the past three weeks. I have more people following me on twitter than ever before.

The Dolphins are seeing the fruits of this excitement also in some areas.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the sales of season tickets to new fans is proceeding nicely.

But ...

Yes, folks, there's seemingly always a but. The renewal sales are not doing well. Season ticket holders that spent their money last season are not so far buying in as well this offseason despite the apparent upgrades in free agency and the hope that some of the club's upcoming 11 draft picks will be contributors to turning the Dolphins into winners for the first time since 2008.

I have a theory why this is -- one I've shared with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee and others. I believe Dolphins fans who have seen much heartache and pain the past decade and have gotten their hopes up multiple times only to have them dashed aren't going to operate on sheer faith anymore.

Many want to see results before they invest in tickets again.

And here's the thing:

The Dolphins, who obviously want to make the point that things are different this time, are actually following a very familiar script this offseason in telling you why the results in 2013 will be different. It's uncanny, really.

So, bottom line, will things be different in 2013? I'm not sure. I think so.

I love the Mike Wallace acquisition. I don't know that the linebacker additions will produce as many big plays as the Dolphins hope. I believe the Dolphins will be just fine without Jake Long or Sean Smith because, frankly, neither player actually ever won a game for the Dolphins. I really would like the team to add a proven and experienced pass-rusher while one is still out there.

But I still have questions about the quarterback position. Everyone, including coach Joe Philbin, this offseason is telling me Ryan Tannehill is the real deal. He's going to be very good, they say. There are no warning signs for him failing, they say.

If that's the case, everything will be fine with the 2013 Dolphins.

But I simply am not certain that will be the case. I saw some good but some not-so-good play out of Tannehill in 2013 even as other rookie QBs were playing like Pro Bowl players. So I think the jury is still out and I'm not ready to endorse him as the real thing yet.

And if Tannehill isn't the real deal?

Suffice to say we've seen what will happen play out before.


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To Garbage Post reality bites, you're not in the caliber as the broncos pats colts texans period !! Like I posted earlier this team will be battling the chiefs chargers and titans for that last playoff spot if they're lucky and that's a true story Garbage Post !!

Did you know? Then why are you here ass?? To prove you are morally superior or because you have no life?? Or is it you are just a douche who likes to be in others business??

Did you know? Then why are you here ass?? To prove you are morally superior or because you have no life?? Or is it you are just a douche who likes to be in others business??

I'm a season tix holder as well, and won't renew until June or July. No need to rush and start paying interest on those cc.

Armando, why are you so negative today???

T-Hill is not Henne. And if he would have had RG3 and Luck weapons, he would have done better than them. Our WRs sucked last year, that's why we signed 2 excellent WRs this offseason.

Now a team like the vikings you can feel the excitement Seahawks fans is off the charts excitement. Miami it's a waitnsee approach, they have to 1.st prove it on draft weekend 2-prove it on the field with true playmakers on defense until then silence !!

Every One Is Entitled To Their Opinion.

Now What You Should've Done @9:08 Is Put Your Name On It. Great Post, All Valid Points. If You Are Only Looking At The Box Score And Not Watching The Game. But We All Can't See The Half Glass Full. We Need Ignorance For Brilliance To Shine.

1--Tannehill didn't play as well as the team hoped
2--Building foundation with UFAs instead of drafting well
3--Losing almost every year of the last decade
4--Owner making no changes to a losing front office
5--Blowing almost every draft for 10 years
6--Trading away high draft picks for underperformers
7--Focusing team resources on O-line for years, and still getting it wrong
8--GM's bad reputation amongst players league-wide causing us to miss on huge signings
9--Failure to land Harbaugh, Manning, Fisher, etc.
10--Maxxed out salary cap on a losing team

All These Must Be Your Opinions Of What You See. Because None Of This Is Reality.

1--T-Hill's Job Was To Gain Experience. He Did That, With No WR Or Running Game. Also While Limiting Mistakes. 13 INT's In 400+ Attempts Is A Lot Less Than 15 Other Starting Qb's.

2--This Year's Foundation Was Built Last Year. We Drafted Our Qb Last Year. We Drafted Our LT Last Year. We Drafted Our RB Last Year. We Drafted Our DE Last Year. We Added Better Pieces In Free Agency This Year. Better Quality Less Quantity. Plus, The Dolphins Are The 2nd Youngest Team In The NFL And Still Have 11 Picks To Use This Year.

3--This Is How We Know You Are Bitter. What Does Last Year Or Last Decade Have To Do With The 2013 Season? Philbin And T-Hill Have Only Been On The Team 1 Season. Ireland Has Only Really Had Full Control Of The Team For 3 Seasons. And Ross Has Only Owned The Team For 4 Seasons.

4--Yes, Because Ireland Is The Worst GM In Football!! GTFOOH!!!! Who Fixed The Cap Mess That Parcell's Left? Who Is Responsible For The Fins Having 11 Picks? Who Is Responsible For The Fins Having The 2nd Youngest Team in The League? Who Hired Philbin? And The Fins Should Fire Dawn Aponte? Mike Dee?

5--Another One Of Your Asinine Statements! "Almost" Is A Very Misleading Word. You Almost Could've Been A NFL Pro, You Almost Could've Been President. You Almost Make Sense. Except, Again, 10 Seasons? Talk About Holding a Grudge!! Plus, Have You Seen How The Patriots Or The Jets Have Drafted The Last 5 Years? Yeah, Again, Ireland Should Get Fired!! GIAFB!!

6--Which high Draft Picks? V.Davis? What Did The Fins Get For Jason Allen? Jamar Fletcher? Ireland Actually Got Something For Vontae. And Again, Which high Draft Pick? I Only Know 1 High Draft Pick Ireland Traded!! And We Still Haven't Even Used The Pick!! Ireland Got The Same For Vontae That The Fins Got For P.Surtain A Real NFL CB!!

7--Philbin Has Only Been On The Team 1 Season. And Last Year Had The Best O-Line The Fins Have Had In The Past Decade. Again, With This Decade Thing!! You Must Be A Century Old!!

8--Another Misconception. From A North East Hater. Who Has Signed The Most Quality Free Agents? Who Signed 2 Of The Top 5 Free Agents Out There? Who Kept Their Leading Wr? Who Kept Their Backup Qb That Can Start In Over Half The League? But I Know You Are Looking At The Last Decade!!

9--Harbaugh Wasn't Leaving California. Manning Has To Have "His Offense". Fisher? Really? Mr. Mediocre!! Jeff Fisher Is A Average Coach!! You Must've Been A Spo' Fan!! Philbin Is A Great Coach!! And Has A Great Staff!! And Tannehill Is A Good Young Qb With His Whole NFL Career Ahead Of Him.

10-this Definitely Shows Your Hate Is personal!! The Fins Still Have Over $20 Mil In Cap!! And Will Have Over $20 Mil In Cap Space Next Year!! Plus, All The New Contracts Are Cap Friendly!! #10 Really Shows You Are Just some Bitter Jets Fan!! Who Hates Their GM!! Hates Their Coach!! And Hates Their Owner!!

But Again Keep Spewing Your Negative Propaganda Based Of Your Skewed Opinion Of The Team You Love To Hate!! While Dashi Speaks The Truth Truth!!

Armando is negative because the team hasn't won anything yet. And he rightly suggests the team made moves in the Spring which didn't change the trajectory of this stalled team.

However, I feel it COULD be different this time because I believe the coaching and philosophy is finally on the right path. Explosive offense, increasing turnovers on defense, speed and intelligent players is a very good strategy. Now its up to the players to execute.

Can Tannehill lead the team? Well, I'd say he proved it in his rookie year. We were 2 FGs away from going 9-7 instead of 7-9 in Year 1, with very few weapons and a team not built around the systems. Giving Tannehill another year of experience, a wider array of weapons, and building the team around the systems SHOULD produce more wins. And we only need 3-4 more wins a Season to become relevant year in and out.

I'm cautiously optimistic. Not overly optimistic, but I am at least pleased the organization is seemingly trying to do everything they can to improve.

There is no question that this is the fish-or-cut-bait season for the Dolphins organization. If the wheels fall off of this thing Jets-style by the end of the season, I cannot say what will happen. I think that fans can realistically hope for a winning season and perhaps even one that sees Miami in the playoffs. 7-9 and 8-8 won't cut it, not with all of the moves in the off-season.

The Tannehill factor is the key one. With so many proven weapons at his disposal this season, there is no excuse for him to have a breakout year. If he does, then all will be going as planned.

The next issue is what to do about New England. If we have succeeded in closing the gap with them this season, then these off-season moves will have justified themselves.

Correction: there is no excuse for him NOT to have a breakout year..."

Pro Sports is merely a category of the entertainment industry. It serves no more purpose than a sitcom or a soap opera.

It is only there to get you in front of the tube so advertisers can bombard you with propaganda.

Once again daShe takes the troll's bait and goes off, playing right into the trolls hand.

You have to admit the troll manipulates daShe and odi like a jack in the box.

Tannehill was a huge dissapointment especially for a 1st rd pick.

Tell em Dashi..I couldn't agree more.

This a team that is building. The current coaching staff is key to all of this. I had questions about Sparano and his decisions almost immediately but have a lot more faith in Philbin. Every year I watched the team finish training camp with more questions then answers. I blame that entirely on Fatcells. He hired a guy that was never even a coordinator in this league.

The only excuse I can see for T-Hill to struggle is the Oline. That has to be addressed.

Pats resign Vollmer. Tackle market getting thin.

The same mindless homers that loved Henne love Tannehill. TOO FUNNY!

All anyone needs to do here is suggest some terrible QB is better than ours, or that we are the worst organization in sports, and you fools start trying to debate them seriously. You just never geit it.

It amazes me how naive most people are.

(See Vegas Mike, Fin 77, MJ - they do it all the time, if they are not all the same person)

Posted by: Dumbo Land | March 23, 2013 at 02:54 PM

Dashi is definitely the Defender of the Faithful. Way to go. Where's the TM at the end of your name gone?

dadsmithwest, you cant start building until Ireland is finished destroying.....



I think fans are cautiously please with what has happened thus far. It's not like a fa franchise qb has been sign this offseason. But there are several reason for the the "DELAY" of 2013 season ticket renewals that are far from that which you have proposed here. Like:

1. Heatmania or "Streakmania"
2. Mens basketball Hurricanitis
3. Team finished 7-9 last season.
4. It's still "PreDraft"

I believe all 4 of these things are contributory to the slowing of season ticket renewal right now.

Once the Heat streak ends, the Hurricanes ncaa run is over, and the draft has been concluded. Then we season ticket renewals take a sharpening rise.

Dashi you're an half ass clown I'll get back to you in a second, Dc dolfan right on the money on your last post !! Fools like Dashi don't get it, all you fools in here put too much empathis on what Tannehill does. Unless you have playmakers who are going to create turnovers on defense or a complimentary pass rusher to Wake. What good is an explosive offense with a very suspect defense on the other side of the ball !! As for you Dashi history has everything to do eith the present, maybe if this franchise have taken a franchise QB over a fat a** OT with the #1 overall pick you wouldn't be in the situation you're in today !! Maybe if this has been franchise wouldn't been so self-righteous and arrogant about who plays for them and who doesn't you wouldn't be in this situation today !! Maybe if they drafted better through the years Dashi they wouldn't be in this situation today. Remember Dashi 40 yrs since last sb title 29 yrs since their last sb appearance 21 yrs since their last afc title game appearance !! Dashi you can be in denial all you want, but at the end of the day those are the cold hard facts about this franchise. And that's a true story Dashi face the cold hard facts !!

We had the 7th ranked defense in the league last year. Sure there is room for improvement but suspect? A little over stated.

To me, it's very simple for Joe Philbin. If Tannehill sputters, bench him and name Moore the permanent starter. Moore has not had the luxury of playing with a Dolphins team as good as this one will be. He will be very productive and will win a lot of games Tannehill cannot. Philbin has to know his job is not safe either if this team goes 7-9 again.

Dadsmithswest post at 10:29 puts QBs in their second year in great perspective. I think Tannehill, in this system that he knows and now has weapons to use will be ahead of some of the QBs on that list.

To gain a little perspective we need to look at what some of the best QB's in this league have done their second season. If we have higher expectations then these guys T-hill is in big trouble. I threw out the highest and lowest of the list below and came up with an AVG of 18 TD's and 14 picks QB rtg 81. T-Hill can accomplish that this year and no I'm not saying he's going to be one of the best. I'm saying to expect more of this kid than the best have done is ridiculous.

Aikman 11 TD's and 18 picks rtg 66.6
S. Young 8 TD's and 12 picks rtg 65.5
P. Manning 26 TD's and 15 picks 90.7
T. Brady 18 TD's and 12 picks 86.5
Brees 17 TD's and 16 picks 76.9
Marino 48 and 17 picks 108.9
Kelly 19 and 11 picks 83.8
Favre 18 and 13 picks 85.3


I think this has become a more pass happy league which is elevating the stats for QB's. So, I think it is reasonable to think he could prove better than this average. Just look at Andy Dalton as a prime example. Out of all of those QB's his stats are better than everyone there but Manning and Marino.

mace taggart,

With addition by subtraction and then addition again, I believe we have increase the playmaking ability on the defensive side of the ball.

Ellerbe is a better coverage MLB than Dansby, makes more impactful run stops too. To see this, you need look no further than this year's sb.

Wheeler is speedier than Burnett. Speed is essential in these zone pass defense Coyle likes to play. The windows qb's will have to throw into on the 2nd level of our defense has just gotten a bit smaller.

I believe these too moves alone are designed specifically to counter The Pats TE attack. It may not completely shut them down, but it should slow it down and make the situation become a little more manageable than in the past.

But of course, cb still and will be addressed before season begins.

Mace, the defense has not been our biggest weakness. No defense is going to completely stop the high flying attacks of the top teams now, we saw that all through the playoffs.

You need to score points fast and furious in this league no matter how good your defense is. No team is going anywhere without an explosive offense.

I'm The Clown because I Don't Look At The Last Decade And Blame It On Ireland!! OK,Clown!! F'ing Bozo!

You're The Clown!! Because You Only Hold On To The Negative. Name 1 Thing That I Said That Was Wrong. You Cast A Wide Net Of Erroneous BS!! And Try To Blame It on the Person That Is Fixing It.

Dashi Gives You The Facts. And Dashi's Opinion Which Is A lot More Realistic Of What Has Been Going On The Past 5 Years. And You Come Up With Statements Using "Almost" and "Amongst". REMEMBER!! Dashi Is "Almost" Right About 95% Of The Time. You Say So Yourself That Is A Big Discrepancy!!

Admit It, Dashi Crushes All Your Ignorant Opinions With Educated Hypothesis Of What Is Going On. Dashi Speaks The Truth Truth.

J.Jones Is A Bust. The Self Proclaimed Best Player In The Draft Ran A 4.9-40!!

Posted by: daShe | March 22, 2013 at 08:35 PM

Kind of like your self proclaimed being 95% right when it's only 2% LOL.

R.Tannehill Threw Less INT's Than Matt Ryan.

Sherman and Philbin won't let Tannehill fail. He has way too much upside and Philbin and Sherman haave a boatload of experience.

The kid is smart as hell too. My only reservation is that he is somewhat injury prone. We need to get the offensive line squared away. It shuold be priority 1 at this point. That and CB's.

On The Jake Long Situation?

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: daShe| March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

Ireland Probably Wants To Sign Jake To A 3 Year Deal!! Jake Wants More Years!! But Ireland Has All The Leverage!!

Can't Wait To See The Final Deal When It Is All Said And Done. Bet It Favors Ireland.

Posted by: daShe | March 16, 2013 at 12:53 PM

just move to South Florida from Lawrenceville New Jersey and I'm a big Dolphins fan and I want to get season tickets can anybody help me out on where or how to get these tickets I will be at the Dolphins draft party will they sell them there


I believe Sherman's going to cut Tannehill loose this season. Last season was about developing Tannehill. It served no purpose to cut him loose without a receiving corps and being a being a raw rookie to boot.

I believe we see far more rollouts and Tannehill threatening the defense with his legs legs this season. Tannehill does have legit dual threat ability. I believe we see that unveiled a much more this year.

Dennis, congrats...you are already writing like a typical, illiterate Floridian.

I can't wait to see the team hit the field this season. It is going to be awesome. I know it is going to take a few games and some frustration for Tannehill to adjust to his new speed demons. But he will. I am hoping when he throws left he hits receivers on the fly, making them stop.
I absolutely love the linebacking moves. They were very smart and very good. Bringing in a winner and a great second guy as linebackers was brilliant and reducing salary at the same time was outstanding.
We will finally start to be competitive in every game. Last year the team seemed a little in awe of other teams. This year we aren't going to see that as much and by next season this team is going to be all out winners. 10 wins this year and 12 next.
That numbnut that writes for the NFL Rosenthal isn't the brightest bulb on the tree. But he does love New England.

Let's look at the numbers Dolfans: Its been 39 years since we won the Super Bowl. If you are under 44, you don't remember this. Its been 28 years since we were in the Super Bowl. If you are under 33 you don't remember this. Its been 20 years since we were in the AFC Championship Game. If you are under 25 you don't remember this. Its been 12 years since we won a playoff game. If you are under 17 you don't remember this. Fortunatly for me anyway, I do remember all these things happening, but I understand the younger generation not having these memories to fall back on. I hope at least they remember the AFC East title team of 2008, but of course that ended with a playoff loss. The younger crowd is skeptical, and I get it. Lets hope this free agent period and more importantly the 11 draft picks coming next month are the start of many good and cherished memories to come for all Dolfans of all ages. It really is awesome watching the Dolphins win it all, I know because I remember it. I'm looking forward to my 42nd year of being a Dolfan this fall. Can't wait. GO FINS!!!

Posted by: I see | March 24, 2013 at 12:07 PM

I fail to see anything incorrect with the 3 dashi posts you just copied and pasted, The only wrong is your comprehension of them.

Dashi stated Long will be resigned at Ireland's price. If Ireland had signed at 8.5 million or more, it wouldn't have been at Ireland's price. Therefore Ireland allowed big Jake to walk.

So just as dashi posted, it had to be at "Ireland's Price". So, exactly what's false about what dashi had posted?

Please clarify your retorts specifically. Waiting and willing to listen.........

Post like kindry's and Wisconsin Phin Fan's are much more enjoyable than the negative ones!

I've seen it all as well Wisconsin, although I was only 8 in 1972.

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: daShe| March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

How is the last statement above true? Ireland did not sign him at his price.

Ireland did not have the leverage either, Jake did, as he is now making more elsewhere.

It didn't get done.

Ireland did not sign him at his price.

Ireland did not have the leverage.

Wrong, wrong and wrong = 0% right.

I don't disagree with you about certain defensive needs. Vernon was drafted as an edge rusher opposite Wake. Its his second year so we will see if he becomes a legit esge guy. Umenyiora is probably going to sign with Atlanta. John Abraham deemed not a fit. Freeney looking at Denver. Dumervill might be cost prohibitive. Based on these facts, you would like the Dolphins to draft a guy like Ansah or Werner at 12. No cornerback is worth taking at 12 IMO. I have no problem with that. But to say the 7th ranked defense in the NFL is "suspect", that's incredibly foolish. This team needs to improve offensively more than anything and they are trying.

You also mock Dashi but all of his points are valid. The team is finally being run correctly by the front office- yea it took a long time but the ship is being righted. Ireland's last two drafts without Parcells over his shoulder have been good. Now, 11 picks and less needs to fill after a successful free agency. This team is absolutely heading in the right direction.

Dolfan Rick, I was also 8 in 1972, and the first two years I was a Dolphins fan, they won the Super Bowl and I thought this was how it would every year. Unfortunatly, I've been waiting 39 years for it to happen again.

One can't just blabber over and over that they are 95% right when they are 95% wrong. It is ok to brag only when you can back it up.

It Will Get Done When It Is Done!!JAKE IS #1 PRIORITY!! And Ireland Will Sign Him At His Price!!

Posted by: daShe| March 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

How is the last statement above true? Ireland did not sign him at his price.

Ireland did not have the leverage either, Jake did, as he is now making more elsewhere.

Posted by: I see | March 24, 2013 at 12:24 PM

1. The Jake Long saga was over when it was over. Jake Long dragged it out as long as possible before making a deal.

2. Ireland did have leverage over big Jake. J-Mart started the last 5 games of the year at LT. We have 5 of the first 86 picks. And other options are still available.

3. Did Jake sign his price? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ireland's ultimatum was: My way(price) or the highway, Big Jake!

Big Jake chose the highway. The only way he could be resigned is had he chosen Ireland's price.

Therefore, what dashi said is correct. "He will resign at Ireland's price." If not, it was out the door with him. Just because Long didn't resign at Ireland's price, doesn't make the statement any less true. Unless Ireland caved in and resigned Long at big Jake's price.


That Is The Advantage Of Sherman Babying T-Hill. Teams Won't Expect Him To Run. He Now Knows When To Run And How To Run. T-Hill Still Forgets He Is A Qb And Thinks He Could Dive Head First!! Or Jump Over A Pile!! But T-Hill Ran The Spread-Option In College With Sherman.

While RG3 and R.Wilson were Using The Whole Playbook And Weapons. T-Hill Was Told To Run The Red Zone Offense With No Wr's Or TE!! Or RB! Plus Told To Throw More And Keep Mistakes To A Minimum.

We Forget T-Hill Threw 13 INT's!! 6 INT's Came In 2 Games. 8 INT's In The Other 14 Games!!

And Let's Remember The Texans Game. 3 INT's. 1 Tipped By JJ Watt And 2 Tipped By L.Naanee!! And JJ Watt Had A Monster Game.

The Titans Game. The Other 3 INT Game. The Whole Team Came Out Flat. That Is The Game Reggie Fumbled To Start. And Dansby Allowed a TD Right Away!! The Defense Got Ran All Over That Day. I Remember On 1 Of C.Johnson TD Run. He Broke To The Second Level, Cutback Left Got Rid Of Dansby, Cut Back Right Got Rid Burnett, Cut Back Again And Got Rid Of Dansby For A 2nd Time. And CJ Wasn't Tearing The League Up Last Year. But He Looked Like Barry Sanders Last Year Against KD & KB!!

Food for thought: While Tannehill didn't throw as many TD's as Luck, he did throw fewer INT's per attempt than Luck, and a higher comp% with virtually no weapons to speak of. I find that to be encouraging.

Yesterday, sorry bro...you can't add or redefine what was written.

He didn't say Ireland would only sign him at his price. He said Ireland WILL sign him at his price.

Martin wasn't leverage, it's obvious already they are suspect about him being ready to play LT.

Long made the decision, he had the leverage to take either offer. Ireland had to sit and wait for that decision.

Posted by: I see | March 24, 2013 at 12:32 PM

I agree with this post. Dashi isn't 98% right. If he were, he would have a gm job long before now. Even the greatest gm's of all time have never been 98% right.

As gm, to be 75% right 1 season of your career is nearly ticker tape parade worthy. So, if dashi wants to look like an idiot boasting he's 98% correct in all of his post, then let him. LOL...

Ryan TanneBust had less TD's then Dez Bryant!

There are some great comments on here, especially about all the negativity surrounding this team. I love what they've done and I think Tannenhill is going to be a very good QB. I would really like to see them take care of the o-line though. If they get a FA tackle I think they should still draft a premier guard or visa versa. Go Fins - and the new logo better not be lame.

If we may take a break from the bickering....thoughts on who will play LT...RT???

Yesterday, after further though, I would agree both sides had their own leverage. The statements as written though ended up to be false.

Ross/Ireland will never build a winner. Ireland cant find any talent and Ross is too cheap to pay em even if he did.

I think the very best GM's are even under 50% right.

GM's themselves have stated that if you can score 2 long term starters in each draft that is excellent.

Does anyone know if Ireland asked Wallace if his momma's a hooka?

I think the FO will learn from history, and not waste a decade on fiedlers/hennes et al.

I Don't Want To Do It Because Then I'm Falling Into Your Game. But Do You Want Me To Post Where The Rest Of My Post Says "Player Of Equal Value".

Of Course Dashi Wanted Jake Back. You Can Even Say Dashi Was The Only One Here That Wanted Jackie Back!! Dashi Wanted Jake Franchised!! And I Also Would've Preferred Peyton Manning To Win The Superbowl!!

Just Like Dashi Was The Only One On The Ireland ==Express== When The Road Was Rough.

Or The LB Situation. (Predict The Unpredictable)

But Keep Gassing Up "Dashi" "95%". Let Me Guess You Never Have Received 100% at anything In Your Life.

How Does Dashi See This Offense Running? 4 WR Spread WCO With Zone Blocking.

Having Someone Protecting The Left Side Is Important. A Solid OT Is Necessary On Both Sides In This Offense. Both Tackles Are Going To Be Playing On An Island Most Passing Situations. Usually 4-5 Players Will Be Going Out To Catch A Pass On Most Plays.

Tanny same as henne, what are you watching?

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