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Dolphins operating by familiar script but will finale be different?

Dolphins fans are reinvigorated these days. I know this because the emails to me saying as much have tripled. The traffic on this blog has multiplied the past three weeks. I have more people following me on twitter than ever before.

The Dolphins are seeing the fruits of this excitement also in some areas.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald the sales of season tickets to new fans is proceeding nicely.

But ...

Yes, folks, there's seemingly always a but. The renewal sales are not doing well. Season ticket holders that spent their money last season are not so far buying in as well this offseason despite the apparent upgrades in free agency and the hope that some of the club's upcoming 11 draft picks will be contributors to turning the Dolphins into winners for the first time since 2008.

I have a theory why this is -- one I've shared with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee and others. I believe Dolphins fans who have seen much heartache and pain the past decade and have gotten their hopes up multiple times only to have them dashed aren't going to operate on sheer faith anymore.

Many want to see results before they invest in tickets again.

And here's the thing:

The Dolphins, who obviously want to make the point that things are different this time, are actually following a very familiar script this offseason in telling you why the results in 2013 will be different. It's uncanny, really.

So, bottom line, will things be different in 2013? I'm not sure. I think so.

I love the Mike Wallace acquisition. I don't know that the linebacker additions will produce as many big plays as the Dolphins hope. I believe the Dolphins will be just fine without Jake Long or Sean Smith because, frankly, neither player actually ever won a game for the Dolphins. I really would like the team to add a proven and experienced pass-rusher while one is still out there.

But I still have questions about the quarterback position. Everyone, including coach Joe Philbin, this offseason is telling me Ryan Tannehill is the real deal. He's going to be very good, they say. There are no warning signs for him failing, they say.

If that's the case, everything will be fine with the 2013 Dolphins.

But I simply am not certain that will be the case. I saw some good but some not-so-good play out of Tannehill in 2013 even as other rookie QBs were playing like Pro Bowl players. So I think the jury is still out and I'm not ready to endorse him as the real thing yet.

And if Tannehill isn't the real deal?

Suffice to say we've seen what will happen play out before.


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Posted by: I see | March 24, 2013 at 12:47 PM


If a gm drafts 1 great player in a single offseason. The 6 misses will never be remembered. If he drafts 2 very good players a year, he could embark upon the "genius label". No one will remember the 5 misses per draft he had. LOL...

Does anyone know if Ireland asked Wallace if his momma's a hooka?

Posted by: Just Wondering | March 24, 2013 at 12:49 PM

Na.............. Probably only asked if his mother's 1st name was "Fanny". LOL...

The Dolphins are an Arena caliber franchise. Incompetent clowns running the show.

Tanny was ranked WORSE then Henne ever was. Do top QB's get shut out?

I am curious what it is like to love your team and respect the "writers" covering them. We have the worst set of writers ever. Mando and Omar have no respect for the team, their craft, or the fans whatsoever. I blame the Herald and the Sentinel; these two hacks are probably doing the best they can. Which is the problem.

Dashi you're a clown at the end of the day dude, you're just a pom*pom waver dude I'm a realist buddy. Please explain 40 yrs since last title 29 yrs since last sb appearance 21 yrs since last afc title appearance never drafting home grown talent. Never drafting Marino's heir apperant poor on and off field personal decisions. Poor font office decisions poor drafting please explain all of these transgressions Dashi !!

I'm not the one claiming I am 95% right.

Thanks for reminding us that during the playoffs when the field was already narrowed down you called the Broncos to win it. Then with only two teams left, you called SF to win it.

Not sure where you studied math, but getting 1 right and 9 wrong doesn't quite get you to 95% LOL.

Dashi Wanted Jake Franchised!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 24, 2013 at 12:52 PM

So you wanted to pay 15 mil for a guy no GM thought was worth more than 8.5 mil???

Sorry, I am going to have to score this as another wrong.

Maybe you just need to work on your math skills in calculating percentages? If you proclaimed yourself 8% right nobody would take issue....but when you claim 95%...you will bring out the fact checkers.


Dashi Is Right "About" 95% Of The Time.

Just Like Someone Is Forgetting That I Put Jake Long Or Player Of Equal Value. And This Whole Off Season Dashi Has Been With Ireland Gong For Value Instead Of Overspending.

And Dashi Has Never Said I'm Right On Everything Football 95% Of The Time. Dashi Is Said He Is Right About Everything Dolphin "About" 95% Of The Time.

Ireland Is Very Secretive With His Words, But Very Telling With His Actions.

After Free Agency Last Year. Who Didn't Have A Gut Feeling T-Hill Was Going To Be The Pick.

Right Now. We All Have A Feeling Ireland Will Either Go CB Or LT With The #12 Pick.

And Didn't Dashi Say This About The Same time Ireland Needed To Sign Jake?

Dashi Always Gives More Than 1 Scenario To Fix The Problem.

Right Now. I'm All For Ireland Signing B.Moore And E.Winston. and I've Been On The B.Moore Train For A While. Since I Knew A.Levitre Will Be Out Of Our League.

4 Things That Hindered The Miami Dolphins Last Season

LB Play
CB Play
WR Play
OG Play

Mace, you are stating factual evidence of the past. Nobody can argue with that. Right now, hope springs eternal, people are feeling genuinely enthused more so than in the recent past. Will it all pay off or smack them in the face yet again? Only time will tell.

We don't have just one QB in the roster remember??? Dolphins are a team not just a collection of individual players. And I trust both of them to the last breath.

Tannehill just needs a bit more experience and confidence (time). The best we can do meanwhile is to give our QB department the BEST OL in the NFL.

Andre Smith could be a step in the right direction we can take right NOW.

Why is It 95% Of The Time Dashi Post Something, You Just Have To Answer Vindictively.

My Bad Dashi Wasn't Born Before The Dolphins Went To A Superbowl. My Bad For Not Crying About My Wife From 40 Years Ago.

I Understand Your Demand For Excellence!! But Blaming People For Something They Are Not Responsible For Is A Very Communist Way Of Thinking. Hitler Like If You Ask Dashi. Bush League. You Are Acting Like A Boehner!!

Do You Blame Jesus For The Sins Of David?

I agree only time will tell. But first thing first if were ever going to start winning again it all starts with quarterback.

Why is It 95% Of The Time Dashi Post Something, You Just Have To Answer Vindictively.

Posted by: Dashi | March 24, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Why is it that you must post something? LOL.

I mean is there some valid reason you can't express yourself like an adult instead of like a bipolar teenager taking the wrong meds?

I see Frank from Pa, fellas all I'm saying is guys like Dashi doesn't understand why fans are negative !! I like Tannehill but the gm has to prove it on draft weekend. Fellas l'm on board I've been on this ship for 43 years guys. I just want to see us compete for Super Bowl titles again. I'm proud to wear my Orange Pouncey jersey fellas, don't get me wrong !! Guys like Oscar&Dashi are your typical delusional dolphin fans guys .


Not Even Optimistically Speaking You're A Realist. You Are The Most Pessimistic Person Here. Always Talking About Failure.

That Is Like Craig Calling Himself The Biggest Homer And Has The Dolphins Going 4-12!!

Real F'ing Positive. Real Realistic.

An Adult Like You Who Hides Under Different Names.

Child Please.

How Do You Know That Was Even Directed At You?

I See?

Dashi Pissed You Off A Couple Years Ago!!! And You Still Hold A Grudge!! Like If This Was 1972!!

Give It A Break. Nobody Cares. I Rendered You Useless. You Destroyed Your Own Opinion. Nobody Believes Anything You Say.

Actually, the 2013 fins give me the feeling of vujeda...the feeling that none of this has EVER happened before.

What will that look like when Wallace, Gibson, Hartline, Keller, and Bess (maybe?) are all on the field at the same time?

I've never seen that in aqua & orange before.

should be interesting, looking forward to it.

Hey Dashi I^m not that negative dude, Tannehill and the offense will click not even worried about it !! Will they be enough playmakers bought in here to create turnovers on defense that's all I'm saying !! Tannehill will be fine, everyone should just concentrate on a pass rusher to compliment Wake and more playmakers in the secondary on defense PERIOD DASHI PERIOD !!

You just moved to Miami and don't know how to get Dolphins tickets? Did you also just move to Earth? Gtfoh with that bs.

Hi Dashi!

DC said it earlier...this organization gives guarded hope and optimism that they are a different, hopefully better team than they have been in their recent past. Being guarded is appropriate, because they haven't played a game yet...we will see.

There are changes beyond personnel on the field that need to be made. They need to build a dynamic playbook and execute the plays during games. They can't run they same offense and defense, and expect to win many games - being predictable in the NFL makes you middle of the pack. Being dynamic and executing well gets you deep in to the playoffs.

What I believe we as fans, Armando, the players and the front office wants to see.

Tannehill had a decent season considering the receivers he had to throw to and the fact he was kept in the pocket by Sherman for much of the year. They'll need to let him roll out more considering the O-Line might not be as stout as previous years. The Fins couldn't even field a dangerous 3 or 4 receiver set as they had a bunch of garbage receivers after Bess and Hartline. They had zero receivers that could beat a corner that had safety help. It hard to make plays when you can only use a portion of the field and an incredibly limited route tree and formations.

Brilliant observation. Next time tell us something we don't already know.

Sign Andre Smith now and draft Warmack in the first round so he can lend a decisive hand to J. Martin whenever he needs it, move Incognito to RG so he can help Smith with his superior mobility and we won't even miss Jake Long anymore.

As long as JI has a good draft we will be able to trade-up next year and pick the best OT available -just in case- (I seriously expect J. Martin to boom!).

An Adult Like You Who Hides Under Different Names.

Dashi Pissed You Off A Couple Years Ago!!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 24, 2013 at 01:29 PM

You use more names than most here. We know it and you know it.

I wasn't here a couple of years ago. My first post here was shortly after the SB. Looks like you have issues with lot's of people.

You didn't answer my question.


Based on what Ireland did with the lb corps(speed = tighter throwing windows)here's my cb draft forecast:

1. Desmond Trufant 5'11 190 lbs 4.38 40. Say hello to our new "big corner".

Projected as a 1st rd'er, I see him as a trade down scenario. I see him as definitely our 1st pick if a OT is signed in fa. He has size to defend the bigger wr's and the speed to defend the smaller ones.

2. Darrius Slay 6'0 192 lbs 4.36 40. If we go LT 1st rd, Slay has dolphin cb written all over him. Big, and extremely fast. I wouldn't even be against taking both he and Trufant, 1st/2nd rd.

3. Tyrann Matthieu. Finish off one or both of the above by adding the honey badger to play nickel.

I choose the above corners because of size speed combo. Remember, speed = tighter coverage. Tighter coverage = smaller throwing windows. Smaller throwing windows = increased chances for turnovers and sacks.

Sacks, because tighter throwing windows will force many qb's to hold the ball slightly longer due to indecision.

Like I said earlier I see, Dashi is a clown dude too damn homerish for damn !! I dislike most of this damn roster !! Pouncey is my main man after that Fields Carpenter Tannehill Wake after that this roster really blows until proven otherwise !!

dishi, are you that brown stuff in the skinny bottle that sits way in the back of the fridge?

Can only pop in for a second but lots of interesting Dolphin news in this article,

Mace, you have to like Starks and Jones, no?

I think Armando is being a bit disingenuous in this piece. There may be similarities in this season or that... But for God's sake... Its football. How many scenarios are there really going to be?
What can a team REALLY do differently. Teams start out in February, dump who they know they are dumping, wait for Free agency, dump a few more... hire a few NEW guys... Watch Combine, fans argue and speculate with mock drafts, Manager creates Big Board for Draft, draft, OTA's, camp, play season.. Wash, Rinse, spin & Repeat.
Just what exactly are teams to do? What "Difference" is Armando looking for? Perhaps they could consult the Orical..? Perhaps they could fire and hire new coordinators every season...(never mind,Sparano already tried that) Perhaps they could make a pilgrimage to Mecca?
Look, Miami is doing what they can. They have a head coach who is no pushover and isn't a gum chewing idiot wearing shades at night, They drafted the best QB for they're system and so far, he has not made a fool of anyone. They have being true to their word and got some play makers... They have some cash to add some more help and still have an entire draft with 6 picks in the first 4 rounds... We are not even in Training camp yet and Armando is wondering if we will win or lose next year...I own season Ticket, But I NEVER buy them until June. I don't think I'm alone.

I think this entire piece by Armando could easily be filed under "It's Sunday and I don't have much to say because nothing is going on".... But trying to make sense of a season that doesn't start for 5 months is as silly as Being a Jests or Patsy fan (Yeah You... Home... Jerkovvvv).....


OK. My Bad, We All Know Which Centennial Fan Dashi Is Talking About. My Bad I Thought You Were Oscar, or One of His Many Incarnations.

Just Saying Don't Be Harping On Bad Times. Good Ones Are Coming.

Yes, We Have Seen Free Agent Spending Before. But Have We Ever Seen A Wr Corp Like This Year? Wallace, Hartline, Bess, Gibson.

FB's Like Clay, J.Lane, And D.Thomas. (I Would Make D.Thomas Play FB In 2 RB Sets With L.Miller At Tailback.)

TE's-- Egnew, Keller, And Whatever They Get In The Draft.

Ryan Tannehill Is The Most Talented Qb Since Marino To Wear A Dolphin Uniform.

Ryan Tannehill Has More Athletic Ability Than Matt Ryan!! Or Joe Flacco.

And He Is Also Smarter.

Sherman And Philbin Know How To Coach Offense. The Only One Dashi Will Doubt In The Coaching Staff Is Coyle. And He Did A Good Job With What He Was Given. The Pass Defense Improved. Not A Lot Of Big Plays Given Up. The Safeties Played Real Well.

First of all I woudl like to state that I would like kick mace taggart right in his little troll balls. Get the hell out of here and go root for the jets you disgusting little troll. We could be the Lions or the Browns. They havent seen anything in God knows how long. Fact is, we as Fans need to support our team regardless of what the percieved situation is. I have been a fan since 1974 and have never stopped. Even if this team were life long stinkers like the Lions I would still support becouse I am not fair weather.

Dashi Only Uses 1 Name!!


If we do what I suggested at 2:17 PM, plus add a safety like:

Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse
Height: 5-8. Weight: 213.
Projected 40 Time: 4.42.
Projected Round (2013): 2-4.


Shawn Williams, S, Georgia
Height: 6-0. Weight: 213. Arm: 30. Hand: 8 1/4.
40 Time: 4.46.
Projected Round (2013): 3-4.

late(3rd-4th rd), the entire secondary is revamped.

Remember, even if we took Shawn Williams, the big fast safety from Georgia, because Clemons is only under a 1yr contract, he has a full season to develop and overtake Clemons as 2014's starter.

Also, being from Georgia, Im sure Reshad Jones would welcomely and willingly take this kid underneath his wings.

Dashi Only Uses 1 Name!!


Posted by: Dashi | March 24, 2013 at 02:31 PM


So how do you explain this:

What Happens If The Programs Are Smaller? It Is Still 128bit.

A Smaller OS Let's You Use Even More Of Your Hardware To Run Your Software.

As Long As You Have Software Developers Your OS Will Succeed .

You Can Install It On Anything Except A Mac.

Linux Based. Right?

Posted by: Truth's Daddy | March 16, 2013 at 11:02 PM

Dashi why do you lie? Why are you in denial?

Dashi have you every played 3 dimensional checkers with extraterrestrials?


I Like Those CB's Also. Except For TM, But I Wouldn't Spend A #12 For Them.

Vacarro At #12?


Those 2 Are Good Possibilities. (E.Lacy And C.Patterson at #12 Can Also Work)

Even J.Jones? Is The Guy Related R.Jones? Cause He Tanked His Pro Day. He Already Has Medical Issues.

But Agreed With Faster LB's. The Fins Can Apply More Pressure, The CB's Can Take More Chances. The Safeties Can Play Deeper.

I Heard Misi Is Working At MLB. That Better Be Just So He Can Learn The Defense Better.

Te'o At #12? It Could Work. Te'o Had 7 INT's Last Year. He Can Cover For A LB.


I said Trufant in a trade down situation. Slay in the 2nd or trade back into the bottom of the 1st rd. Alford with the 2nd 2nd rd pick.

Then "the honey badger" as nickel corner with the 4th rd or 1st 5th rd pick.

Read my entire post son. LOL...

The dolphins are at least trying to become relevant again, let's be real here though Ireland job is on the line. That's the only reason why Ireland is being pro active let's see on April 25.th-27.th that's his moment of truth no excuses Dashi's of the world !!


Also, the link Bobbyd12 posted did not say that Misi is working at mlb. It says the dolphins have discussed Misi at mlb. That's a long fking ways from saying Misi is working at mlb.

The link also say Ellerbe may still be the starting mlb.

I expect the Dolphins to draft at least one or both of these 2 cb's:

1. Desmond Trufant
2. Darrius Slay

Both run consistent with Ireland's prototype for big fast cb's. Robert Alford and Tyrann Matthieu could be drafted as nickel possibilities. But I really don't see drafting a nickel corner unless its taking a chance on Matthieu's play making ability.

I Don't Deny Being Truth's Daddy!!

That Is The Truth Truth.

Did You Ask Dashi? Dashi Wouldn't Deny This.

Heck If Somebody Uses"!!" You Should Already Gain Suspicion. Is It Dashi?

Just Because I Don't ™, © , ®, Or Anything In-Between Doesn't Mean That I Can't Post.

Now Who Are You?

Don't Worry ... Dashi Don't Care.

But If You Ever Ask Dashi This He Will Tell You.

That's Why Even If You Guys Accuse YG Of Flipping And Flopping, At Least You Can Point It Back To Him.

Craig Disappeared Since Dansby Left??

Oscar, Mr. 1001, Aka The Centennial Fan, Bka Grumpy Old Man,CBC Dashi's Bottom B'tch!

The fact is Ireland has come through very well since last year and is improving with the Fatcells leash cut away from him. The fact is in 2012 they drafted a starting QB and OT. DE and RB were rotational players with the chance to start this year. A DT and WR that got on the field too.

Anyone that would have suggested this team would sniff playoffs last year with a 1st year coach and QB would have been called crazy. Guess what they were 2 missed FG's away. They are relevant now and will be better after the draft.

Yesterday's Gone seriously dude, I couldn't agree with you more, get 1 more wr te og and Matthieu and he's hit a grand slam off season for Jeffrey boy !!

Dashi, how about Alec Ogletree at 12? I could actually see this happening. Ogletree, Ellerbe, Wheeler. I've heard some people say Ogletree would be better at outside linebacker, which is fine with Ellerbe at middle linebacker. Miami would have an elite LB core if this happened.

Prototypical CB's?

YG, Love How You Gave The Physical Stats For The First 2 And Then Just Said Honey Badger Is A Good CB. Great Description.

The Fins Will Draft 1 CB Early. 1 Safety Early. How Does That Sound?

How Is It That Teams Discuss In the Offseason? By Practicing. They're Trying MIsi Out At MLB In Certain Situation. They Want To Make All 3 LB's Interchangeable. Switch Them Around In The Game. Not Just Have 1 LB Always In The Same position.

I'm just hoping we don't see any major reaching for a player that involves drafting them way too early, drafting a player that doesn't fit our offensive or defensive schemes, and doesn't involve trading multiple picks (3 or more) to move up unless it's us moving into the top ten picks.

One way or the other this season will be the proving ground for Tannehill, Philbin, and Ireland and as a fan I think there won't be any excuses for any of the above if we don't succeed. For me success will be the team in the hunt for a wild card and making the playoffs. For Ross it may just be a winning season.

Ogle tree At #12?

Another Possibility.

All These LB's Graded Worst Than Expected. If Ogletree Would've Ran A 4.4!! Hell Yeah!! Ogletree At #12!!

Dashi Will Be Happy With Best Defensive Playmaker At #12. CB, FS, LB, DE.

Or Another Cornerstone For The Offense. LT, RB, WR, OG

JUST Chose The Best Available.

Agreed, With The Post From Earlier. Ireland Has Until After The 2nd Round Of The Draft To Gain My Unconditional Trust. Else Fire Him!! And This Is Coming From His #1 Fan.

Anyone who thinks Ross/Ireland will EVER sniff playoffs is sniffing glue. The worst FO ever?

Ireland's Best Draft Strategy To Keep His Job.


Those First 5 Can Have An Immediate Impact, While The Remainder Can Develop And Add Depth. Dashi Will Even Be OK If The First 3 Are Day 1 Starters.

I think Ellere is the starting MLB (the leader and QB of the Defense)having played with Ray Lewis. They are expecting him to be able to set the tone and show leadership by example. The exact reasons the Ravens wanted so badly to keep him to be that Ray Lewis replacement guy. The priority guy the Ravens wanted to resign. If you can believe it Ireland stole him from Newsome.

Dashi Only Uses 1 Name!!


Posted by: Dashi | March 24, 2013 at 02:31 PM


I Don't Deny Being Truth's Daddy!!

Posted by: Dashi™ | March 24, 2013 at 03:01 PM

Dash, does 1 + 1 = 2? or 1?

Prototypical CB's?

YG, Love How You Gave The Physical Stats For The First 2 And Then Just Said Honey Badger Is A Good CB. Great Description.

Posted by: Dashi™ | March 24, 2013 at 03:18 PM


get a grip man. You don't need a big corner playing in the slot. Matthieu adds turnover potential in the slot. He's a proven turnover and big play threat at the highest level of college football. The SEC!

Getting Matthieu 4th-5th rd to be your slot corner is an absolute steal dude.

Had not Matthieu not had the drug problems and played this college season. Some experts would have looked at him no later than a 1st rd pick for sure. Wake the fk up man.


RonSon you proved your willingness to avoid facts (already sniffed the playoffs) and have you no objectivity with all due respect you are a troll. If you wish to engage in debate bring facts or theories/ideas supported by fact or sound reasoning. I have seen none of that from any of your screen names. Really is that all you have?


good article.....nice comparison between now and 2010.....


It would have been nice if you put a "touch" more positive spin on it..imo....

but hey....its your name on the article.....

Still....nice comparison...


Also I do not see the fins drafting a safety early. Why? Because more urgent needs have to be addressed with the 1st 2 picks. I definitely believe its cb and LT.

The 2-3 safeties the Dolphins covet most will most likely be gone by our 2nd 2nd rd pick. It would be crazy to reach after that. Therefore, I see guys like:

Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse
Height: 5-8. Weight: 213.
Projected 40 Time: 4.42.
Projected Round (2013): 2-4.


Shawn Williams, S, Georgia
Height: 6-0. Weight: 213. Arm: 30. Hand: 8 1/4.
40 Time: 4.46.
Projected Round (2013): 3-4.

This is if Shamarko Thomas drops to 3rd. I wouldn't reach for him with the 2nd 2nd rd pick when you could have Georgia's Shawn Williams 3rd-4th rd.

Think about Shawn Williams(Georgia) for a moment, same school as Reshad Jones(Georgia). Last time we did this we ended up with the decent tandem of Louis Oliver and Jarvis Williams(Gators). Not too shabby was it! LOL...

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