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Dolphins have eyes on Cyprien, Tourek Williams

Last week I guess I went on something of a mini blog rant about how the Dolphins need to do a better job of identifying, scouting and picking up local college talent because it's embarrassing when other NFL teams come into Miami's backyard and find nuggets the Dolphins missed.

Well, I'm happy to report the Dolphins are at least taking steps toward making sure that doesn't happen this year. Today at the Florida International University and University of Miami Pro Days in Southwest Miami and Coral Gables, the Dolphins were out in full force.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland attended both Pro Days. He and New England coach Bill Belichick were the only GM or coach types that did that, apparently.

The Dolphins had five people at FIU and they had their eyes set on safety Jonathan Cyprien and DE Tourek Williams -- two undervalued but solid prospects.

Cyprien, the better known of the two, has flown up draft boards since the Senior Bowl. He did nothing to stop that rise as he reportedly ran the 40 in 4.5 twice. He benched 225 pounds 18 times. He showed he has the measurables to go with a solid tape.

Williams was also quite impressive, if not moreso. He ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds on some watches at 253 pounds.


I frankly don't know enough about this player. So I suppose I will do what other NFL teams might be doing. They're checking the tape of him because that's a freakish time for that size man.

Defensive back Junior Mertile was the fastest player at the Pro Day. He ran a 4.3 time on some stopwatches. According to FIU reporter Pete Pelegrin, the Dolphins also administered a Wonderlic test to the player.


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Ireland Is On His Job.

And Expect Big Things Starting In 5 Days.


And yes, I am hung up on tds. As a famous coach once quipped:


Not garner stats. TDS WIN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 07, 2013 at 02:13 PM


Part of "PLAYING TO WIN" is putting your players in a Pos. to win by scheming to their particular skills and strengths. After we traded for Bush I thought we'd see him on punt returns, in the slot, running draws ect...

Even breaking 1,000 in 2011 it felt as if we burned an asset, last Yr. I expected him to be used more in the W.C. mold ALA Roger Craig but for whatever reason it NEVER materialized. It seems he's headed to Det. and feel he puts up big #'s in that O and suspect you'll see him used alot in the pass game.

Thank-you there is a God !! Hell get them both Cyprien in Rd.2 you do this and I'll give you a pass on Hartline contract extension. Just draft him Ireland do it !!


Everybody can argue to DEATH the ins and outs of signing a player like M.Wallace but to me the key is how we plan on employing him to our O more than about his ability. In 82 Shula drafted Mark Duper in RD-2 (52 overall) and he couldn't get on the field with Duriel Harris always hurt and Ceffalo ahead of him in the run oriented scheme we ran with Woodley at QB. He was on his way to making ZERO contribution in 83 before Marino came off the bench at home Vs. Buffalo already into Oct.

The point is you can have Brandon Marshall on your team with a FAT contract but if you don't properly use him you get what we saw in 2010-11. Or a double digit TD player who scored all of 9 TD's while in aqua-n-orange (3 one Yr and 6 the next with Moore at QB in 2nd half of 2011 Season) I have FAITH that Philbin and Sherman played it close to the vest last Yr. in an understaffed team with a Rookie QB and ZERO short yardage run game (J.Lane and Thomas are probably on the way out as well) seems some on here including Mando forget the need for a FB in the O were running making the Pos. one of need as well when discussing needs on this team and players who fit the scheme.

Why do you hide? Hoping some will forget how badly you were owned the other night?

I don't know why we'd get rid of Hartline just when he is showing productivity. Don't you expect a 4th rounder to need a few years development? So why dump him just when he is arriving? I don't buy the touchdown argument, and I'll tell you why:

Pete Rose.

He was invaluable and got to the HOF on his insane ability to get to first base. He played his part in helping his team win. If Hartline can keep moving the chains and let's assume he and Tannehill still have upside together, well...he is doing his part to put himself or others in a scoring position.

J Long says this is "the best I've felt in years.". Heard that one before...fool me once...see ya later Jake.
Also Pete Rose is not allowed in the HOF, just FYI. Though personally I think he should be.

Don't vote to use public funds to renovate the stadium until:

2. Dolphins make the playoffs

We will win the games by scoring more points than the opponent....you can bank on it.......wink

Don't screw this offseason up Ireland!!!


You Cannot Be Serious.

Dashi Doesn't Hide From Anybody!!

And If I'm Not Mistaken ... It Was You Who Exposed Himself. (Employee Of The Herald For The Past 20-25 Years)

You Cry When I Say I'm Out ... You B'tch When I Don't ...

What Is It?

Give It A Break Clown.

Some days I Have Time ... Some days I Don't.


Stop Talking About Dashi!!



Must've Struck A Cord ... If You Are Still Singing The Same Tune From The Other Night.


Yes, I stand corrected, but we both know Pete Rose was in the top 10% of all those in the HOF.

Good post though Carl. Its like Armando and others always dishing about how OL never scores points so screw em. Yeah, great logic because lots of points go up if your QB is a human practice pad and the RBs are getting blasted in the backfield. Unreal the retardation of folks sometimes. Philly followed that mold a couple years ago. Screw the interior, assemble a fantasy team. "Playmakers" at all of the "important" spots. Tell me again how that worked out?

Oooohhhh yeah

Are You Comparing Pete Rose And Brian Hartline?

Pete Rose And Wes Welker? Maybe.

If Pete Rose Was A Wr. He Would Average 100+ Receptions For 12+ Years Straight. By The Time Pete Retired He Would Be The All Time Leader In Receptions. Pete Rose Would Be The First Wr To 2000 Receptions.

Plus, Pete Played Baseball Like If He Was A Football Player. Hartline Plays Football Like He Is Playing Soccer.

Come To Think About It Even Welker Couldn't Hold Rose's Jock.

Oh man Pete Rose is one of my personal all time favs, and Bench. Always loved the Reds. Barry Larkin?? Fahgidabouddit. The year they swept the A's...amazing. Rose broke the rules, no doubt. Get over it. Because who's not gambling illegally? Besides me.

Also Pete Rose is not allowed in the HOF, just FYI. Though personally I think he should be.

PG13 | March 07, 2013 at 06:24 PM

I've never been a big MLB Fan but do remember as a boy all those images of Rose going all out on in-field plays trying to make 1st also arriving with the ball crashing into 1st basemen trying to cause the drop. Approached Baseball with a Football mentality like Kirk Gibson after him all the while being the ULTIMATE OVER ACHIEVER.

Should be in the HOF on merits as a player but it can't be forgotten either that he did the most despicable act in the History of Pro Sports by betting against his team while Manager of the Reds putting his Pitching staff in Positions to lose ect...

There have been more despicable acts by Pro Athlete's for sure but non quite as ugly in the heat of Organized competition than those committed by Rose, purposely putting his team in Position to fail in order to cover loses with his Bookie!

Don't know anything about these players, does anyone follow their team or go to their games?

Then Pete Rose would bet on football while he's coaching a team and well..........Goddell would fine him a draft pick and put him in the Hall of Fame!

Why let hartline go, he's a good reciever , young , healthy , productive,lock him up! There's a lot of people dogging ireland, which I'm not his biggest fan but the dolphins looked a whole hell of a lot better last year , and he's responsible for a lot of that, let the cards settle this offseason , then lets judge ... But we are on the uprise and New England might have some trouble in the afc east!!!

Rose never admitted to betting against his Reds. So, that post is a bit over the top.

The point isn't to compare Rose and Hartline. Some of you have no idea of 'context'. The context is, Pete Rose was not known for hitting home runs, he was known for getting on base. A player getting on base is analogous to a player getting a first down. So the point is, not every player has to be a TD threat to be considered valuable. Having a player instrumental in moving the chains and keeping the offense on the field is though.

Rose never admitted to betting against his Reds. So, that post is a bit over the top.

PG13 | March 07, 2013 at 06:55 PM

He denies it but others have said he did and whether true or not depending on how much of what a self proclaimed Gambling addict says you choose to believe or not, life is 100% perception maybe unfair but factual and the allegation will haunt him for life, I don't think he ever gets in.

We got it Carl, just so you know. You see, we got it, cataloged it and then opened another drawer.

When making comparisons one must consider the big picture, not the microscopic point. Hartline was a victim of the Sparano Henne offense for his first 3 years. Rose was on a championship team with super star players all around him. Hartline in 4 years has had 3 different QB's, 3 different OC's, and two different HC's. That doesnt' include a couple of seasons with the worst oline in the NFL.

Keep it real.


Good Question Where Are All The FIU Fans?

Mando, Seems To Be A FIU Fan. And We Had A Couple Here Before Last Season, Rambling About FIU Is Better Than UM!! Same Clown That Wanted Matt Moore As A Starter!!

Cause If I'm Not Mistaken? Ireland DID Draft Players From SFLA!! Last Year. And Has Drafted Players From The State Of Florida The Last Couple Of Seasons.

I Like The Way M.James Looked At The Combine And Senior Bowl!! And Was L.Millers Running mate At The U!! James BP 28 times and Ran A 4.5!! Not Bad.

Yeah I don't think he will ever get in either. But I think he should get in.

Rose has to be the greatest player in any sport not to have made it in.


I got the context of your point perfectly I just veered off topic and yes I think Hartline is a positive cog in the Wheel and more rounded threat than Bess on a Football field.

Carl...no one thinks Hartline is Rose.


I Understand Your CONTEXT Perfectly!!

You Are Just Using A Bad Example.

Pete Rose Is The Greatest Hitter Of All Time. By A Pretty Good Margin.

If You Want To Compare Hartline To Ichiro? That Is OK!! Even To Derek Jeter.

But Not Pete Rose.

If Pete Rose Was A Qb He Would Be Dan Marino With A Ring! If Pete Was A RB He Would Be B.Sanders If Barry Played His Whole Career!! If Pete Was A Wr He Would Be Jerry Rice With 500 More Receptions.

Pete Rose Averaged 200+ Hits For 20+ Seasons!! Never Been Done!! And Never Will Be Done!! Only Player With Over 4000+ Hits In The Modern Era!! 25 Time AllStar!!


You Basically Are Comparing M.Chalmers To M.Jordan Because They Played Basketball!

Cool PG, FIN. People will interpret me like I am saying Hartline is a superstar. I'm just saying he's earned his position on the team. Many forget not every player on the SB winners are All Pro's.

"Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins ran a forty-yard dash of 4.52 at the Tigers' Pro Day.
Though Hopkins' two "unofficial" times at the Combine were 4.50 and 4.50, he was given an "official" time of 4.57. So the Pro Day forty is an improvement. Per NFL Draft insider Tony Pauline, Hopkins' Pro Day receiving workout was described as "dazzling" by scouts on hand. With elite ball skills, Hopkins is drawing Roddy White comparisons and would be a great second-round pick."


Although I agreed with you when you first wrote that article I believe this is the guy Ireland should have been watching. This kid can flat out 'ball.'

Yeah I don't think he will ever get in either. But I think he should get in.

PG13 | March 07, 2013 at 07:05 PM

You know a final thought on Rose, I really believed after Jim Grey's ill-timed attempt to get Rose to talk about the Gambling issue and the HOF during the 99 All Star Break were Rose was honored really swung public opinion in Pete's favor.

If you remember the Yankees as a team decided not to give Grey anymore interviews with a N.Y. player (Don't remember which one) telling Grey so after the game. There was this swell up about getting him into the Hall already and when it didn't happen I felt it never would.

17x All star.

My bad.

Am I the only one who thinks that the Dolphins should seriously consider bringing Dwight Freeney in to play opposite Cameron Wake? I understand that there are age issues, and possibly money issues as well with that move, but I don't think there's going to be a HUGE market for him, and he's definitely still a better than average pass rusher, if his demolition of Jake Long this past season is any indicator. And speaking of Long, the Dolphins need to stop fooling around and sign him already. Pay him his 8-10 million a year and be done with it. Martin is NOT going to be able to hold down that spot, he was terrible as a RT. Anyone who thinks differently is delusional

If the Fins want to upgrade the Safety position AND net home grown talent they should chase Florida S Matt Elam in the draft. I personally would much rather have Elam over the consensus number one ranked Safety Vaccaro or LSU product Eric Reid. Elam had twice as many INTs as each of them his Senior year.

He BLOWS ball carriers up and will cause turnovers through hard hits guaranteed. He seems to have an innate skill at figuring trajectory on the fly to arrive at the exact spot the ball carrier will be to smash him.

He will be a physically superior Bob Sanders that tackles and supports the run as well as anyone.

The Fins could do a ton worse than to trade back a number of spots, gain a draft pick or two and tab this menacing Tazmanian Devil of a Safety.

I would also rather have them draft Elam than take the 2nd or 3rd best DE/LB or OL as these player positions are taken ahead of them.


The Writers That Vote Baseball Players In The HOF!! Are Some Of The Most Self Centered Hypocrites Ever!!

Like Barry Bonds Once Told Them!! You Have A Bunch Of Punks Who Never Played The Sport at Any Level, Even Little League!! And Act All High And Mighty!! They Don't Look At The Stats, It Is Just A Popularity Contest!! Of Who They Like!!

Bonds Also Said He Wanted To Whoop One Of Them Right On The Spot!! In The Same Interview! But That Is Another Story!!

Pete Rose Major League Records!

Most career hits – 4,256
Most career outs – 10,328
Most career games played – 3,562
Most career at bats – 14,053
Most career singles – 3,215
Most career runs by a switch hitter – 2,165
Most career doubles by a switch hitter – 746
Most career walks by a switch hitter – 1,566
Most career total bases by a switch hitter – 5,752
Most seasons of 200 or more hits – 10 (shared)
Most consecutive seasons of 100 or more hits – 23
Most consecutive seasons with 600 or more at bats – 13 (1968–1980)
Most seasons with 600 at bats – 17
Most seasons with 150 or more games played – 17
Most seasons with 100 or more games played – 23
Record for playing in the most winning games – 1,972
Only player in major league history to play more than 500 games at five different positions – 1B (939), LF (671), 3B (634), 2B (628), RF (595)


Pete Rose Has More Baseball Records Than Hartline Has TD's!! His Whole Career!! College and Pro!!

daShe will you get lost for now and let the adults converse? Your childish meanderings are boring and annoying.

PaPhinfan, Yes, you are probably one of the few. Freeny is a "luxury", who will have limited playing time. Fins are not looking for type of player IMO. If you are going to dish out that cash, might as go for Cliff Avril. With Starks bing tagged though, I think that possibility is also gone.
As far as Long goes, he is not interested in 8 million. That bus has left the station. Jake is gone.

Posted by: PAPhinPhan | March 07, 2013 at 07:22 PM

Your not the only one that has mentioned Freeney on here but it seems doubtful to happen.

Starks was resigned so Odrick will still playing DE and the Dolphins want to get Vernon more rotations at that spot as well.

@ 7:32pm

You CLEARLY missed my point. Try reading it again in 10 years when you have matured some or improved your reading and comprehension skills.

Rob in OC | March 07, 2013 at 07:28 PM


I posted something similar not long ago. You can make an argument about the OL starved Packers at 27 being a target in trade down were Elam is probably still on the boards (More than likely still there) adding an additional 2 and maybe even a 5 but be mindful of the 49ers who have 5 picks in top 100 as well trading up if necessary to replace Goldson and his BIG contract demands with a better player.

Most reports have Harbaugh and his group seriously eyeballing this kid at pick 31 but now they also have pick 33 along with next to last pick in RD-2 again and can see them packaging something to move ahead of us if they feel we've targeted their player. They can also afford to do this on loaded team with few needs.

Two bloggers understood my point on the money, whether they agree or not, what more can I ask for.


Agreed. Elam Will Be The Best Safety We Can Draft. With The First Pick In The 2nd Round!


From The Looks Of It Clemons Isn't In The Plans. C.Woodson has A better Shot with The Fins Than C.Clemons.

Would Love To See How That Would Work Out With Elam And Jones? UF And UGA Are Big Rivals. Not Saying It Will Cause Friction. Just That The Relationship/Chemistry/Competitiveness Will Be Different. Maybe For The Better.

Clemons Is Suppose To Be The Mentor For R.Jones. But From Day 1 Jones Saw Clemons As Equal.

Elam Also Set The Secondary Up! Which Can Only Help R.Jones! Having 2 Leaders Back There!!

Clemons Is A lot Like Dansby In That Aspect! They Can Only Worry About their Responsibility!! Don't Have Enough IQ To Do Multiple Things At The Same Time!!

Do any of you that follow the college game respect any of these media analysts or are they all just talking head fodder to keep the sites humming in the offseason?

I watch about two college games a year, big games, and I never catch a good one. The last time I saw a good college game was the Flutie game waaay back. So, I have no way to judge the draft really.

I watched the Ala ND game just to check the buzz on Teo. I got no buzz.

What Part Of "Your Context" Was OK!!

YOUR "EXAMPLE" (Pete Rose) Was Wrong!!

When You Realize/Comprehend "I AM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND YOU"

Just Telling You That Using Charlie "Hustle" As An Example For Hartline!! Is Not Correct! (Asinine, Is The Correct Word!! But Again, I'm Not Trying To Offend!!)

That Is Like Me Saying B.Hartline And Jerry Rice Are Similar!! Because They Play Wr!!

Blog Patrol,

Will You Please Explain To Everyone How You Work Here.


I watch alot of Football Pro and College (Wife says to much) and Elam is a real ballhawk would make our D better instantly. The problem with him is if we traded down the 49ers will make a move on him at the bottom of RD-1 as well. This kid goes late RD-1 will not be there in RD-2.

bout damn time, league is full of South Fla Talent, that went unoticed in college, same for NCAA football

These two got it, and I feel certain they understood it. You, no. Maybe they can explain it to you, but it isn't worth it, just one more opinion in the wind.



I got the context of your point perfectly I just veered off topic and yes I think Hartline is a positive cog in the Wheel and more rounded threat than Bess on a Football field.

Posted by: fin4life | March 07, 2013 at 07:08 PM

We got it Carl, just so you know. You see, we got it, cataloged it and then opened another drawer.

Posted by: PG13 | March 07, 2013 at 07:02 PM

English is becoming like Morse code these days.


and people hear


Anybody that has worked at the Miami Herald for the past 20-25 years knows the influence that the Cuban government exerted over that publication.

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 05, 2013 at 11:00 PM

Please Explain.

None Of Us Has Worked At The Herald For The Past 20-25 Years.

We Have Been reading The Herald. But Worked? No.

Please Explain, Oscar.

I'm Still Waiting.

daShe will you get lost for now and let the adults converse? C'mon, please? Come back when odi and kris are here.

Bout damn time, league is full of South Fla Talent, that went unoticed in college, same for NCAA football

Posted by: dee | March 07, 2013 at 07:57 PM

Isn't it kind of weird how everyone one is saying that the top 10 isn't that strong in the draft this year and we keep talking about awesome players that will be at the bottom of the first rd.

Guys like Elam, Austin, Eifert, and Trufant.

It makes you wonder where they'll actually end up going. Some may end up in the top 15 when its all said and done?

Oscar always insinuates as though he is in cahoots with Armando.

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