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Dolphins have eyes on Cyprien, Tourek Williams

Last week I guess I went on something of a mini blog rant about how the Dolphins need to do a better job of identifying, scouting and picking up local college talent because it's embarrassing when other NFL teams come into Miami's backyard and find nuggets the Dolphins missed.

Well, I'm happy to report the Dolphins are at least taking steps toward making sure that doesn't happen this year. Today at the Florida International University and University of Miami Pro Days in Southwest Miami and Coral Gables, the Dolphins were out in full force.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland attended both Pro Days. He and New England coach Bill Belichick were the only GM or coach types that did that, apparently.

The Dolphins had five people at FIU and they had their eyes set on safety Jonathan Cyprien and DE Tourek Williams -- two undervalued but solid prospects.

Cyprien, the better known of the two, has flown up draft boards since the Senior Bowl. He did nothing to stop that rise as he reportedly ran the 40 in 4.5 twice. He benched 225 pounds 18 times. He showed he has the measurables to go with a solid tape.

Williams was also quite impressive, if not moreso. He ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds on some watches at 253 pounds.


I frankly don't know enough about this player. So I suppose I will do what other NFL teams might be doing. They're checking the tape of him because that's a freakish time for that size man.

Defensive back Junior Mertile was the fastest player at the Pro Day. He ran a 4.3 time on some stopwatches. According to FIU reporter Pete Pelegrin, the Dolphins also administered a Wonderlic test to the player.


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Just say no to Mike Wallace. DeAndre Hopkins looks like the real deal. Worth the 12 spot, IMO even if Hartline is resigned. Swope also looks like he can get YAC, though he's had multiple concussions.

You talking to me? You talking to Me?


Elam Is A Beast. Agreed.

Hopefully, 49ers Go TE in The First. The Ravens Could Also Be A Possibility. Hope They Pick Te'o.

Agreed, Football Sunday Is More Like Football Weekend. Football Is Only Really Played 4 Months Out The Year.

This is no time to speculate about the Draft. We have to settle down this business of FAs first. Day after tomorrow will be the first indicator where we going in that way.

Gosh darn, on the first page someone had the audacity to compare Hartline's play to Pete Rose:

ARE uuuuuuuuuuuuuu.................. fking kidding?

If Hartline's play was even remotely close to Rose's we wouldnt be potentially shopping 1 wr, let alone possibly 2, this offseason.

What the hell was your joint laced with? ROTFLMAO...

Carl I also get what your saying about Hartline as well but I aslo agree with who ever it was that said Rose was a bit of a stretch for a comparison. Welker would fit the hustler and gamer mode better.

I think Hartline is a bit sterotyped as the average "slow white" reciever and is actually quite fast. I would like to see him show a little more heart and grit and big playmaking ability. You know making some big plays out of nothing.

I mean we already have Bess who has great hands and will catch anything for 5,6,7,10 yds and get the first down but then gets tackled immediatly.

At any rate I really really don't see a better candidate than Hartline to fill our #2 wr spot for less than $6 million dollars at the moment. He increased his receptions and yards bigtime this year, maybe he'll get the td's up next year.

Dolfan Rick | March 07, 2013 at 08:06 PM

They mean it in the context of no elite talent on the top end and those with elite potential being projects in their own right. 05 was a similar draft with us at pick 2 overall and the top rated were Alex Smith, Ronnie, Benson, Cadillac ect..

It was referred to then as the worst draft talent wise in history from can't miss ELITE point of view. This draft is stacked with players especially at Safety, OL and WR just non considered Luck or MEGATRON like can't miss. It also hurts the draft when the BA Q.B. is Geno Smith followed by Barkley.

The talent scale says a run on OL, Pass rushers and CB's early leaving an interesting group especially at Safety and WR into RD-2.

They will probably replace our gone FAs, with another FA. Just saying.

Cyprien. That sounds like a pharmaceutical drug.

I here what your saying fin4life but i still think there will be a surprise or 2 in the top 15.

Of couse theres alot of time before the draft. The boards can change alot.

What will YG have for dinner tonight:
A) maple syrup flavored anus
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C) lubricant mixed with pajama juice
D) all of the above

Folks if you answered (D) then you are correct!
You have won another night of YG's senseless babble! Congratulations stick around FO your prize folks!

So You Show Up Now?


If You Don't Want To SPIT Out The Answer, Just SWALLOW The Truth!!

Just Stop Being A Hypocrite, Talking about Being Mature. When It Is You Who Is Trying To Agitate Dashi.

Running And Hiding!! And Using Grade School Insults!!

Grow Up, Grandpa.


On My Castro Conspiracy. I Have More Wood For The Fire.

Why Didn't Fidel Go To Chavez's Funeral?

He Is Still Alive Right?

Raul Went! And He Hates Chavez!!

Very Disrespectful For Fidel Not To Go!!

If He Is Still Alive.

PHINS 78.....

why is it that when i click on your sign in name in blue...it takes me to the YAHOO home page....

whats up with that....

Ain't never seen the Explosion that is going to happen in the Football Market on March 12.

: Say Something Smart | March 07, 2013 at 08:18 PM

The 49ers won't take a T.E. late RD-1 with V.D. and D.Walker (probably going back) on that team. If he gets past them for whatever reason the Ravens are another good bet if all the CB's are gone. I think Te'o falls into RD-2 with unspectacular combine and very forgettable last performance plus drama souring teams. The look on John Harbaugh's face watching Te'o run his 40 said it all, the book coming out of Indy is that he may not be able to play on pass downs in the NFL which kills any 1st RD value.

The analogy was comparing singles to first downs. They are valuable. Lead off hitters are rarely home run hitters, but they are extremely valuable to a teams success. THerefore, one can not call a player garbage solely on the fact of # of td's.

Most of you see two names together and can't get beyond comparing them side by side missing my point entirely. The attention span of todays society is to short for subtleties. I'm glad two people on the planet got it hehe.

And that is my final point on the matter.

What do you care about Fidel's health, pal? He fukkkked you Royally for many years and you never felt it. Leave that in hands that know.

Whats your your prediction oscar? Who will the new Dolphins be?

Thank You, YG.

Common Sense. In No CONTEXT!! Should Somebody Compare Pete Rose To Hartline!!


Not Even If You Have Never Watched A Baseball Game!!

Might As Well Compare Pelé To Hartline!!

The Only Thing Hartline And Rose Have In Common Is Skin Color.

We Can Only Hope Hartline Plays Football Like Rose Played Baseball!!

If Rose Was A Football Player!! He Would Be Ricky Williams!!

P.Rose Shattered A Catchers Shoulder In A Exhibition(AS Game)!!

Hartline Would've Fell Down Rounding First!!

Hartline apologists absolutely rave about his 2012 catch and yardage production.

What part dont you people understand about a totaly average wr easily being the best wr on a wretched wr corps? Who the hell else was Tannehill going to throw the ball to except for even more plain average running mate, Devon Bess?

Seems to me more like Hartline had no other choice but to catch some damn footballs. Hell, he was the most targeted wr on the team.

Still, the catches and yardage did not match up to tds he should have had with those same stats. Hartline apologist cry, "Tannehill overthrew Hartline at least 3-4 times".

Lets see what a 2012 Hartline vs Wallace says:

Brian Hartline 74 catches 1,083 yds
Mike Wallace (only) 64 catches (only) 838 yds 8 tds

So, in 10 fewer catches, Wallace has 7 more tds, and reached tat td number gaining 168 less yards.

Plus, Wallace did it playing in 1 less game(15 to 16 for Hartline), while having Charlie Batch as his starting qb for at least 4 gms.

I know, Hartline apologists, the next cry is, "You cant compare him to Mike Wallace". Well, you cant compare him to the Briane Hartline you apologist think that he is neither. LOL...

I think there is no possible way to know which new Players we will acquire, Rick. You have to let FAgency play out. For instance, if we lose Long, I wouldn't mind Winston here, etc.

Cyprien. That sounds like a pharmaceutical drug.
Posted by: mike | March 07, 2013 at 08:27 PM

If Ireland drafts him, hopefully e just what the doctor ordered for our other safety position.


Let's Settle On Juan Pierre.

I Know What You Mean About Singles and Doubles. Like I Said The Context Was Good, The Example Was Not.

The Problem Is P.Rose Is A G.O.A.T. (All time Leader In Most Hitting Categories)

Hartline Is A Flash In The Pan.

I think Everybody knows that Hartline is a #2 at best, YG. But we need those also, can't have all #1s.

More time between comments now. YG thinking...

Everbody but Hartline and his agent know it oscar.

They know it, Rick, they are just not marks.

Truth Hurts!! Right Oscar.

I'm Just Speaking The Truth.

You Guys Might Not Want To Admit It. But Fidel Has Been Gone For A While.

My People In the Know Are Saying They Are Going To Announce Fidel's Death In 4 Years Or Less. Right Before Raul Officially Retires The Hoax Will Be Over.

With As Self-Centered As Fidel Is!! He Would've Made An Appearance at The Funeral!!

You're A "Psychologist"

You Know Fidel Is A Sociopath!!


Don't Believe Everything The Media Feeds You!!


which was only 1 less than his # of giggles on taking two at 12.

teo :)

if we don't sign hartline and belichek snags him, what will mr. flopper say then?


I would like to know that we have a #2 wr that we can feel confident in to score more than 1-3 tds a year.

Most of the balls came his way last season and all he could muster was 1 td? He's mr catch and hit the ground. He had one of the lowest YAC stats in the league last year. That's the primary reason he only had 1 td.

The 2nd reason he had only 1 td is that he doesnt separate consistently enough. Yet apologist can only harp, "Tannehill overthrew him at least 3 or 4 times."

This happens to all wr's. All nfl wr's get overthrown to at least 3 or 4 times. Hell, maybe all of the rest of the times he didnt get enough separation to have the ball thrown to him.

When he was being thrown to and actually caught the ball, he went striaght to the ground. Reason he also had one of the lowest yac yardage's in the league. Explain this Hartline apologists?

Im sure its because the league uses to much chalk on the sidelines to deliberately sabotouge Hartline's yac yardage. LOL...

?? The Man was seen not 2 weeks ago on TV. Yeah, right, a Double.

I predict that if we don't sign Brian Hartline, a coach with a SB ring will, and yesterSlop will never mention the subject again.


Perfect Way To Describe Hartline.

Sort Of Like When OJ McDuffie Was The Best Wr On The Fins!! Because The Other Wr's Sucked!!

Hartline Isn't Even Better Than C.Chambers!!

Oscar and Carl,

Hartline Is A #2!!

Reason You Should Never Compare Hartline To Rose!! Rose Was Arguably 1 Of The Top 5 Baseball Players Ever!! Certainly The Greatest Hitter Ever!! By A Wide Margin!!

Write less in lenght, YG. You don't write that well.

When People want to deceive Themselves,they sure will Do so.

Some on here like to argue for arguments sake knit picking at every little thing. NOBODY compared the career of P.Rose to B.Hartline, EVER!

The post said that Rose was a scrappy player who was an on-base machine manufacturing runs for his team being a true team player.

Later stating that maybe Hartline can be that type of team guy for us but in the context of team (doing whatever it takes to fill his position moving the chains) not in the context of comparing ones career to the other.

Later someone posted that if comparisons were made then Hartline could be compared to Ishiro or Jeter. That was a comparison and a DUMB one by the way!

In one you have one of the best batting %'s of all time (Ishiro) consistently over a loooong career.

The other one of his ERA's best PURE players and HEART AND SOUL of his team for close to 2 decades (hoisting 5 rings with Mariano.


The only thing I took from what originally was said was that every team in every sport needs consistent role players. Like Welker has done since 07 which is were I would have made the reference about what we aspire Hartline to be and could be from a talent prospective but time will tell given 5 Seasons of over 100 rec's.

It's why one has to be mindful on here about what one means given the Gallery is full of those ready to twist words for arguments sake.

All that and I didn't even make the statement but give it a rest already!

That's a horrible analogy...

It's not like we have only a couple of holes to fill. If we don't sign Hartline, what are the chances his replacement will be more productive for us in 2013? Tell me their names please?


Fidel Hasn't Been Seen Publicly In Over 2 Years!!

Notice Anytime They Showed Him!! They Showed Him With Chavez!!

And Only People That Have Filmed Or Taken Pictures Of Fidel Are His People!!

And The Newspaper Bit?

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The Conspiracy Isn't Is Fidel Dead!!

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Why Is He Allowing Raul To Make So Many Reforms?

fin4life, at 09:05 PM

You hit the nail on the head about the intention of my post, and I thank you for your effort to filter out the distortion.

Yes, they Harline is a #2 wr, but what they wont admit is that Hartline's a middle of the pack #2 wr at best.

Most times he simply a bottom rung of the ladder #2 wr. There has got to be at 25 other nfl #2 wr's that produce more tds than Hartline.

I just dont get some dolfans. Continuosly cry about the state of affairs over the past decade. Yet argue vigorously for a wr that has scored 6 tds over 4yrs, and only 1 td when given opportunity has a #1 wr.

At no point did Hartline garner double teams last season. So it seems league dc's highly disagree with your value of Hartline as even a remotely powerful weapon.

Oronde Gasden was a greater td threat than Brian Hartline. LOL...

Debate and challenge is fine, but can we stick to the intent of what was written and not the easy twisting of words to feed your attacks?

I guess not.

Both Henne and Tanne missed a wide open Hartline deep on several occasions. It is a team game. Still.

Posted by: Carl | March 07, 2013 at 09:07 PM

Im not so concerned about number of catches and yardage. I want wr's that get the ball into the endzone. Thats how you play to win the game.

We could use any of our 1st 3 picks and get a wr that score 5-6 tds his first season. 5-6 tds from Hartline in a single season feels like asking for a miracle.

Hartline Trips On The Yard Lines On The Field.

Reason He Always Falls Down Next To The Sideline.

Hartline Also Tries To Hurdle Every 5 Yards.

And The TD Has To Much Chalk For Hartline's Liking. Reason He Is Allergic.

Fidel had to allow changes, bud, because of Us. No options.

The Truth, you know...

My observation here is that one can not speak with nuance or be subtle, if it isn't a blatant pie in your face statement, some will twist it as they choose to foster their criticism, while others just don't read and think about the words at the same time.

This blog is a perfect microcosm of the state of the cognizance of the general population. About 2% can read and interpret what was written without coloring or jading it one way or the other.

2 bloggers understood my point clearly, which if you run the numbers equals more than 2% of the blog population, so believe me, I am thrilled.

The comparison to McDuffie is more on target. OJ was Marino's slot go to underneath chains mover as was intended when drafted in 93 with Fryar and Ingram the deep threats.

JJ took appart Marino's toy because he was HELL BENT on running the DAMN Ball! Should have left well enough alone and built his D, although time proved him right when Marino couldn't finish a full Season from 97 on.

If asked I would say Hartline could be a modern version of Ricky Proehl (only slower) He played out of Position because of need Ireland all but admitted it on HARDKNOCKS.

I believe he could be an asset when played to his role but not at 6 Mil. a Yr. but that's just MHO. It seems the CAP at this rate will have to exceed 250 Mil. just to resign your own in the next decade, insanity!


Every single starting wr in this league can say their qb overthrew them 4-6 or more times a season. Yet they still find way to score 5 or more tds per year.

Enough with the Hartline excuses. He hasnt been overthrown anymore than any other starting wr in this league in 2012.

I may be a genius.

It is easy to see why many here are not happy with any Miami receiver nor will they ever be. They, mostly, grew up in he Mrtino Era where the Mark brothers would catch 10-15 TDs apiece. Not happening now, anywhere. Besides, it was Marino the culprit, not Duper or Clayton.

Yesterday, I laid out my point as clearly as possible that your average 3rd grader could understand it. Every response you have made indicates you are arguing a different point entirely.

I'm not here to change anyone's opinion, only to listen to their opinion and have them listen to mine.

You don't listen.

Posted by: Say Something Smart | March 07, 2013 at 09:17 PM

Maybe Hartline is intentionally falling to the ground when he sees the chalk lines. Maybe he thinking he'll get a quick toot in. LOL...

Although we obviously need an injection of talent on our wr corps, we do need some continuity as well.

Hartline and Bess will give us that. Then if Patterson or Allen or Hopkins or whoever we draft beats them out for playing time, so be it.

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