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Dolphins have eyes on Cyprien, Tourek Williams

Last week I guess I went on something of a mini blog rant about how the Dolphins need to do a better job of identifying, scouting and picking up local college talent because it's embarrassing when other NFL teams come into Miami's backyard and find nuggets the Dolphins missed.

Well, I'm happy to report the Dolphins are at least taking steps toward making sure that doesn't happen this year. Today at the Florida International University and University of Miami Pro Days in Southwest Miami and Coral Gables, the Dolphins were out in full force.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland attended both Pro Days. He and New England coach Bill Belichick were the only GM or coach types that did that, apparently.

The Dolphins had five people at FIU and they had their eyes set on safety Jonathan Cyprien and DE Tourek Williams -- two undervalued but solid prospects.

Cyprien, the better known of the two, has flown up draft boards since the Senior Bowl. He did nothing to stop that rise as he reportedly ran the 40 in 4.5 twice. He benched 225 pounds 18 times. He showed he has the measurables to go with a solid tape.

Williams was also quite impressive, if not moreso. He ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds on some watches at 253 pounds.


I frankly don't know enough about this player. So I suppose I will do what other NFL teams might be doing. They're checking the tape of him because that's a freakish time for that size man.

Defensive back Junior Mertile was the fastest player at the Pro Day. He ran a 4.3 time on some stopwatches. According to FIU reporter Pete Pelegrin, the Dolphins also administered a Wonderlic test to the player.


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Say Something Smart,

I would gladly take Rhodes, Hopkins and Woods. I think most fans would take those first three picks and feel like Ireland finally did something right.

Posted by: Bonez | March 08, 2013 at 01:19 AM

I agree, I like Rhodes too. Another guy I'm hoping we get in FA is Martellus Bennett, the TE with the Giants. He looked really good towards the end of last season.

It hasn't been posted yet but I would bet Hartline's new deal has a low 2013-14 CAP Number giving us an out around 2015 with minimal hit with only 12.5 Million guaranteed in this 30.775 Mil. deal. Or a Bigger hit this Season dropping off in terms of his guarantee in 2014. It hasn't been made a matter of public knowledge yet online or anywhere I can find yet but I'll bet it and will go further saying we sign Wallace and draft a WR RD-2 and again RD-4, my gut feeling giving Philbin time to prep his guys in the coming couple of drafts to eventually faze this group out. Ireland has shown a real lack in the skill dept. (WR's/T.E.'s) and can't believe he made this deal without running it past his new Coach who some forget dropped alot of the last group of Ireland hires in FA before last Season (D.Carr,Ocho, Guyton ect....)

1- Elam Or X.Rhodes
2a- D.Hopkins
2b- R.Woods


Sounds OK With me

Say Something Smart | March 08, 2013 at 01:10 AM

I would be pleased as punch with this group as well.


I think a play will be made for Jennings but we won't get anywhere near his asking price. Instead we will get a vet who has flashed at times, Donny Avery comes to mind. That way we have a few vets who can contribute and mentor our draftees until they develop.

Well I'm off to bed. Good night guys.

One down, a few to go.

Fasano is a no brainer also. He just needs a companion seam threat.

Hartline 5 year deal. So we are Done for the next 5 years. Boy ol boy. I bet all you will blame Ireland but he did what most of you wanted so don't cry later.


That group stinks

We s u c k again.

I recall someone saying no diva receiver won a Superbowl. I cannot remember a starting white receiver winning one. Am I wrong?

I guess you never heard of Fred Biletnikoff or Howard Twilley.

They again, why would you have heard of Twilley? He played for (and won a Super Bowl as a starting WR) with this obscure franchise called the Miami Dolphins.

Wes Welker is another of those obscure names, Justin.

Maybe you shouldn't post drunk.

There you go YG4E.. Confirmed Hartline signs 5 yr deal worth 30.775 million 12.5 guarenteed

how do you know Philbin didnt have word on Hartlines deal and that he didnt want to keep Hartline? How do you make that Assumption?

They must have shown up because of your article. It has nothing to do that Cyprien could not work out at the combine.

Brilliant news on Hartline. I was always confident he was gonna stay with us. Now lets sign Mike Wallace and Eric Winston in Free Agency and then focus on the Draft.

Lets just hope if Wallace signs,Ireland can still grab a WR in the 2nd. Justin Hunter would be awesome.


This group totally reeks of awesomeness!!

Is the Hartline deal another *Uh, oh* moment by Jeff Ireland? $6M/year is not meant to ride the bench. So, if Jeff lands Wallace at big bucks, does that mean he will downgrade the priority of WR in the draft, going with Wallace, Bess and Hartline? Would we be looking at later rounds for WRs again this year?

Maybe it's a *safe* signing? -conservative Ireland aiming for, at a minimum, the production WRs achieved last year. That could mean no big name WR in FA but a focus on that position in the draft.

Sorry folks, but a Hartline signing at that much money is a bad omen for me. Hartline is a proxy- a player waiting to be replaced by the lead guy. At $6M/yr, that's apparently not how the team views him.

Remember... Ireland and Philbin thought they had a bevy of talented WRs last year- right up until they put them on the field and asked them to run routes and catch balls. The replacements they shuffled in and out of Miami during the year showed the panic- not the proficiency- associated with talent acquisition.

Expected Cyp to run in the high 4.4's was a 4.6/4.7 guy when I left in 2010. Glad he was about to improve to the point that he did. Hope he is there in the 3 round for us.

Just to correct fin4life, in the '83 game he mentioned against Buffalo Marino did not come off the bench. That was actually his first NFL start.

Carl.....you lost me on the Morse code post.....I'm on Google right now trying to find out what the devil you're talking about...

Would not shock me besides free agency and draft, dolphins make some trade for impact player...jeff ireland has his job and name on line..he would not want regrets he did not add as much talent to this roster to win as possible...if ireland turns miami into a great team he will get all the credit around all nfl...its a win win vs loose loose situation as can be..

Florida always produces best players! Can't argue that if you go research and find facts!

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