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Dolphins open some draft possibilities, close others

Practically every day, someone who follows me on my twitter feed asks me what the Dolphins are going to do in the first round of the draft even though the draft is one month away.

Last week, I said the Dolphins were heavily interested in Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

I jumped the gun.

Rhodes is a fine player. He looks the part at 6-1. He plays with some nastiness. And the Dolphins do indeed like him. But that has to be measured in degrees and I was told recently that he probably isn't the guy in the first round because he's not a 100 percent system fit for the Dolphins.

Me: :-(

Rhodes needs to be in a system where he's getting his hands on a receiver. He might be able to learn the discipline of combo coverages that inlcude a lot of zone work and playing quarters. But that's not his game. He's more a press corner, folks.

So there's that.

I also said early on in the process that I would scream if the Dolphins used their first overall pick on an offensive or defensive lineman. Since general manager Jeff Ireland arrived with Bill Parcells, the Dolphins have tried to upgrade those two units in the first round three out of five drafts -- with Jake Long, Mike Pouncey and Jared Odrick as first-round picks.

Well, guess what?

The Dolphins are open to upgrading those two spots in the draft again -- perhaps even in the first round. Ireland wants to sorely keep the defensive line, a team strength, very strong. Two days ago, I reported to you the club has parted ways with Tony McDaniel. Well, the Dolphins want to add a defensive tackle. And, as you know, a pass-rusher is something the Dolphins continue to consider in free agency and will consider in the draft.

And this is supposedly a great year for defensive ends. So that is a serious possibility.

The Dolphins also will look at offensive line, particularly offensive tackle. Indeed, even if the team signs Eric Winston to play right tackle, I don't believe the club sees him as a long-term solution. Even if the left tackle job is handed to Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins want a fallback.

Well, drafting a left tackle and moving Martin back to right tackle is a possibility.

I've mentioned Oklahoma's Lane Johnson on twitter as a possible first-round selection. The Dolphins like him. They don't love him. Yes, they agree he's a first-round talent but what I'm hearing is not at No. 12 in Miami's eyes.

So where does that leave the Dolphins in the first round? Well, that's the point. The Dolphins have worked this offseason with the idea of filling in as many gaps on the team as possible. No the cornerback spot is not filled, but I believe the club will get serious in the next day or so about trying to sign Brent Grimes or some cornerback option so that cornerback is no longer a glowing, ominous and obvious need.

Basically, the Dolphins want to go to the draft with a wide field of possibilities. They want to draft the best available player (BAP) and not draft necessarily for need. The club drafted for need in 2009 when Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were added in the first two rounds. Neither are on the team four years later.

Lesson learned, I think."

"I don’t know that we’re complete at any position," coach Joe Philbin said this week. "I think hopefully what’s happened with some of the free agency moves is it gives Jeff more latitude to just go find good football players.

"We’re as interested in adding, again that term, it’s a vague term, but good football players to the roster at a variety of positions. I don’t know that we’re locked and loaded anywhere. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t know that many of the other 15 [coaches] that are in the room today are locked and loaded at a ton of spots. We’ve got to add good players at every position."

Yes, I'd say every position except quarterback, linebacker, punter and kicker is a first-round option for the Dolphins.

The offensive line is an option, as I've explained. Defensive line is an option. Cornerback, but not Rhodes, is an option. Safety is an option. Running back, following the loss of Reggie Bush is an outside and long-odds options I suppose. Receiver pops back into the picture as an option. And tight end is an option -- although I do not see a tight end in the draft worthy of the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins have opened the field for themselves. Smart.


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Forget trading down again! GET THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE. If it is wr, draft him. If it is cb (Rhodes), get him. Don't duplicate the years when we could have had Pierce-Paul or Cromaritti or Patrick Willis. Get the best impact player available. I don't trust Lane Johnson. OU players are always overrated. I say get Armstead (OT out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff) in the early second. Come on Ireland, don't screw this draft up by drafting based on potential.


Posted by: Ativan | March 22, 2013 at 01:44 AM

Nah, not yet. But I did get my routes done early. Plowed all three of my rest stops too and they really didn't even need it.

What can I say, I do a GOOD Job!

Though I do hate working nights, there's only the Night Time Idiots to talk to here.

Still, nothing beats being self employed. Killer Truck, Kick Ass Tunes and nothing but the snow to deal with!

Life Is Good!!!!

Vance McDonald TE Rice!

This is the guy right here. If he's still there by our later 2nd round pick or our earlier 3rd round pick, we have to take him.

He's 6-4 265 and ran a low 4.6. Despite his size, he's considered a Seam Threat! Wow! 31 reps on the bench too.

The Kids a Strong, Tough Monster. The knock, they say he needs work on his blocking. That's really not too bad, considering you can teach blocking.

Look this Kid up, he's worth a look.


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Yet, I go through these posts and see you THINKING you're responding to me hour after hour, day after day.

It's pretty funny, actually. Clearly, I am WAY into your head at this point and you seem totally incapable of doing anything about it.

Like I said the other night, you're just not very bright.

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I'm not kiddng odin. SERIOUSLY, I've read at LEAST 25 responses from you on this board THINKING it was me.

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You poor, wrinkled old alcoholic fading from relevance. This message board pretty much IS your validation as a sentient human being, isn't it?

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The Dolphins will take Rhodes despite what they say.

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The post is pretty interesting. I really never thought I could have a good read by this time until I found out this site. I am grateful for the information given. Thank you for being so generous enough to have shared your knowledge with us.

Going Lane Johnson would work with his athletisism etc for LT. Moreover this time of year one can not give away what players are under true consideration. Martin may work at LT but he really did not look strong enough at times last season. Long was a great run blocker but was never a great pass blocker against the better speed rushers in the NFL which is why this regime did not want to pay his asking price. The injuries and not being able to finish a season were also a factor.

deal the 2nd rd pick for alberts. draft rhodes in first

All these free agents we picked up...Yeah,that's nice... But the most important thing is the draft. Ireland needs to have a draft like Ryan Grigson did for the Colts last year. Or the draft the Seahawks had...Do that and we're in the playoffs...

Mark in Toronto, I saw some highlights of Sheldon Richardson last night...Wow...This guy is a freak...I wasn't a big fan of gettting a DT with our first pick, but this guy might be worth considering...But we need to sign a free agent CB if we're going to go down that road...We have absolutely zero corners on our roster...

TAVON AUSTIN !! Take the best offensive player/weapon in the draft. Can play the slot, 3drb, punt returner who is a tough matchup and game changer.

Offense Offense Offense. I want guys who can score TD's. Give me Eifert, Austin, Patterson, Lacy. If we must a OT that will help the offense. Trading down is fine but not necessary...let's just get playmakers.

Some of these articles along with these posts are absolutely insane. There is no such thing as a position not being worthy of a certain level pick- perhaps with the exception of your kickers. I mean really, if a tight end is going to elevate the offense, and potentially elevate the team then you take him if you like him.

u guys not understand that we have zero corners worth a shart on this team

GMoney..my thoughts exactly. If the team wants Lacy, Eifert or Austin and can't trade down fine draft the guy at 12. Draft value talk is soooooooo overused and overrated.

Problem is the only corner worthy of the #12 pick is Milliner...And he'll be gone...

Brent Grimes is going to make a decision any day now...Let's keep our fingers crossed...

no such thing montreal. take the best corner, rhodes looks to be a solid one. oursecondary is a joke currently, should sign grimes

bill connors, Rhodes is a reach at #12...

Heck, a lot of people have that Missouri corner ahead of Rhodes...Forget his name...

so was tannehill, thats where we pick

bill connors, apples and oranges again...Teams reach for QBs all the time...It can turn your franchise around...A corner? Not so much...

teams reach for every pos every year

I like Rhodes, he's an aggressive corner...But I don't think he's worthy of #12...We'll see...

well we pick 12 so we need to take him. not gonna watch brady throw all over our garbage corners like always, time for a change

When you get cute and play around thinking you're smarter than the other 31 teams is when you lose players you covet. Best way to stop Brady is with a relentless pass rush. I'd be on board taking a legit DE to do that..and hell no to Ansah. Pfft..4.5 sacks

I think we go either OT or Pass Rusher...Or we trade up for Milliner...Remember Darlington said he heard the Dolphins want to trade up...Who's the guy they would like to trade up for?? Nobody knows...Maybe Milliner...Maybe not...

Trade the dam pick and fall back in later the round I say. Not only do we pick up an extra pick or two but then we can pick something we would perfer. I say get the TE from ND in the 1st. And then in the 2nd round go for a T and a CB.

tired of trading back for garbage eddy

Jarvis Jones!!!!

He's a versatile player who can give you pass rush and impact plays. He stunk it up at his pro day. There's no other way to put it. He ran a a 4.92 40 yard dash and only a 30.5 vertical and his bench wouldv'e tied for 16th among LBs at the combine. With all that said that's a great player for anyone who has watched him play. Forget his measurables, he's a player that shined in the SEC as force. He always shows up and can downright dominate a game at times. At the #12 spot if he is there you take him and have a PLAYER!

LOL..Everybody in this draft wants to trade down except maybe those needing a QB. The biggest problem is if you trade down too far all the picks you were considering could be gone. It's a risky gamble to try and get an extra pick we don't really need.

Eddy, if it would be that easy, every team would trade down...LOL!!

Can't we just draft the best prospect at a position? TE, DE, CB, RB, OT...It would be much better to get guys that are closer to ready to play in this league rather than guys that need to develop. I'm not sure I'd even want to trade up if you can accomplish that. Just sit tight and see if you get an offer. I wouldn't go down more than a 3-5 picks though.

Agreed with putting pressure on Brady...I've always said the best way to beat a great QB is by bringing on the heat...Ask Dan Marino if he likes Bruce Smith...

Draft Tavon Austin. The most dynamic player available.

says u wvf, we have zero corners for the 1000 time

i asked marino, he said he loved bruce, hated paup and olivadotti

Lane Johnson or Sheldon Richardson.

That is all

DE or CB for me

Granted this is a pretty weak draft.

I dont think an OL should ever be taken in the 1st few picks. See Jake Long.

Well what about Russel Okung or Joe Thomas? just because Tony Sparano ruined Jake's career playing him against scrubs in a Dallas pre-season game .. don't blame the approach. You will see it again this year when Craig Fisher goes first.

Philbin played Jake all presesason last year. Even Sparano knew better then that.

Geez these canadiens are friggin clueless! LOL

Morning YG, dream of me again?

Armando: Where I disagree with you is that you are implying that PICKING FOR NEED was the problem in these past drafts. I say that the GM (who selected these draft choices)was the problem. Sure, we are all excited about this draft, and this entire off-season, but If Jeff Ireland screws it up by taking the wrong guys then we'll be right back where we were. The Long choice is an exception, I truly beleive that Long was the correct pick and IF HE HAD REMAINED HEALTHY he would have been a long term Dolphin. Pouncey was a good pick as well. The CB choices were just not the right guys, we DID need CB help that year and we do again now!

Gonna be a looong 5 weeks till the Draft..

Does Mike Nolan Know What A Football Player Looks Like?

Does Spo Know What A Football Player Looks Like?

You Just can't Blame Ireland!! When He Has Shown He Picks The Player The Coaches Want. Ireland Does The Acorn Shopping.

Nolan Was A Horrendous Evaluator Of Talent and Mediocre DC!!

Sporanus Is Spo!! Nothing More ToSay.

Philbin Did Not Play Jake All PreSeason. He Didn't Even Play Dansby All Preseason!!

But Keep Talking Out Your Ass.

Lacy Rd 1. (AL) RB
Greg Reid (FSU/Valdosta) CB and electrifying punt returned Rd 2.

Address OL later.

Get more playmakers for this boring team.

T.Austin Isn't Even Better Than T.Y. Hilton.

Some Of You Don't Understand The Concept Of Great College Career, Horrible NFL Player. (Guys Don't Fit The Pro Prototype)

Who Remembers Not To Long Ago, Everyone Who Won The Heisman!! Sucked!! They Didn't Do Anything In The NFL!!

In College System Trumps Skill. That Is Why Guys Like Chip Kelly, Urban Meyer, Steve Spurier, BYU Coaches, and Even Nick Saban. Are More Successful In College Than The Pro's.

Jarvis jones is gonna fall in our lap at 12 then Truffaut and howie longs boy in second

Nick saban can suceed in the NFL if he wasnt a controlling egotistical a hole.


So his system won't work in the NFL.

And I Don't Know if he is that good a talent evaluator.

For As many Players of his get drafted. Not a lot of them are successful.

Name 1 Saban qb.

Dashi, Alabama bread and butter is there defense under Saban, he could care less about the his QB's. didnt he go 9 and 7 his only last seasonw ith the Dolphins?


Agreed. Defense and The Running Game.

But Still Saban's Draft Picks Have Been Mostly Bust. For As High As Alabama Players Are Drafted You Can Count With 1 Hand, How Many Are Good NFL Players.

Soprano Went 11-5 His First Season. Wannstedt Won A Playoff Game.

Didn't he Pass Up D.Brees?

Didn't He Pass Up A.Rodgers?

Didn't He Draft J.Allen?

Didn't He Trade A 2nd Rounder For A Qb?

N.Saban has A System. It Belongs In College Not The NFL.

Sabans 2nd draft was widely considered the worst in NFL history with zero contributions.

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