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Dolphins open some draft possibilities, close others

Practically every day, someone who follows me on my twitter feed asks me what the Dolphins are going to do in the first round of the draft even though the draft is one month away.

Last week, I said the Dolphins were heavily interested in Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

I jumped the gun.

Rhodes is a fine player. He looks the part at 6-1. He plays with some nastiness. And the Dolphins do indeed like him. But that has to be measured in degrees and I was told recently that he probably isn't the guy in the first round because he's not a 100 percent system fit for the Dolphins.

Me: :-(

Rhodes needs to be in a system where he's getting his hands on a receiver. He might be able to learn the discipline of combo coverages that inlcude a lot of zone work and playing quarters. But that's not his game. He's more a press corner, folks.

So there's that.

I also said early on in the process that I would scream if the Dolphins used their first overall pick on an offensive or defensive lineman. Since general manager Jeff Ireland arrived with Bill Parcells, the Dolphins have tried to upgrade those two units in the first round three out of five drafts -- with Jake Long, Mike Pouncey and Jared Odrick as first-round picks.

Well, guess what?

The Dolphins are open to upgrading those two spots in the draft again -- perhaps even in the first round. Ireland wants to sorely keep the defensive line, a team strength, very strong. Two days ago, I reported to you the club has parted ways with Tony McDaniel. Well, the Dolphins want to add a defensive tackle. And, as you know, a pass-rusher is something the Dolphins continue to consider in free agency and will consider in the draft.

And this is supposedly a great year for defensive ends. So that is a serious possibility.

The Dolphins also will look at offensive line, particularly offensive tackle. Indeed, even if the team signs Eric Winston to play right tackle, I don't believe the club sees him as a long-term solution. Even if the left tackle job is handed to Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins want a fallback.

Well, drafting a left tackle and moving Martin back to right tackle is a possibility.

I've mentioned Oklahoma's Lane Johnson on twitter as a possible first-round selection. The Dolphins like him. They don't love him. Yes, they agree he's a first-round talent but what I'm hearing is not at No. 12 in Miami's eyes.

So where does that leave the Dolphins in the first round? Well, that's the point. The Dolphins have worked this offseason with the idea of filling in as many gaps on the team as possible. No the cornerback spot is not filled, but I believe the club will get serious in the next day or so about trying to sign Brent Grimes or some cornerback option so that cornerback is no longer a glowing, ominous and obvious need.

Basically, the Dolphins want to go to the draft with a wide field of possibilities. They want to draft the best available player (BAP) and not draft necessarily for need. The club drafted for need in 2009 when Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were added in the first two rounds. Neither are on the team four years later.

Lesson learned, I think."

"I don’t know that we’re complete at any position," coach Joe Philbin said this week. "I think hopefully what’s happened with some of the free agency moves is it gives Jeff more latitude to just go find good football players.

"We’re as interested in adding, again that term, it’s a vague term, but good football players to the roster at a variety of positions. I don’t know that we’re locked and loaded anywhere. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t know that many of the other 15 [coaches] that are in the room today are locked and loaded at a ton of spots. We’ve got to add good players at every position."

Yes, I'd say every position except quarterback, linebacker, punter and kicker is a first-round option for the Dolphins.

The offensive line is an option, as I've explained. Defensive line is an option. Cornerback, but not Rhodes, is an option. Safety is an option. Running back, following the loss of Reggie Bush is an outside and long-odds options I suppose. Receiver pops back into the picture as an option. And tight end is an option -- although I do not see a tight end in the draft worthy of the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins have opened the field for themselves. Smart.


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Draft for need and BPA are terms that get thrown around and pretty much meaningless. Teams set up a board based on need. The trouble happens when you need a player(s) and he's not there. It's called a reach.

If The Fins Trade Down In the First. Dashi Wants Another Teams Future #1.

Trade With The Bears. #12 For #20 and 2014 First Round Pick.

You Know That Has The Possibility Of Being A Top 10 Pick Next Year. The Bears Can Implode. And Their Coach Is A Little Sketchy. Boom Or Bust!! Like C.Kelly And The Bills Coach!!

We Have Enough Picks This Year. We Need 2 First Rounders Next Year!! So We Have A Chance Of Trading 3-4 Picks For J.Clowney!!

12 is too high for Tavon Austin. I just hope New England dosen't get a shot of drafting him.

I know we are stacked at WR now, but that Austin kid from WV is going to be great. I would take a play maker with the fist pick regardless of if I have them graded lower in the first round.

Any of these guys would do:

Lane Johnson OT
Austin WR
Warmack G
Eifert TE
Vaccaro S

The way the rules favor the offense in the NFL, it would seem that offensive weapons should be the focus. Even with a good defense, teams will give up points. If you don't have a good offense, you won't be able to score enough points.

Trade #12 For Revis

Draft E.Lacy And Te'o In The 2 nd Round.

Get A RG And RT With The 3rd Round Picks.

Get A TE With The 4th.

Get A Qb And A Kicker With The 5th Rounders.

Get Another DT and DE With The 7th Rounders.

Arthur Brown is probably an OLB and a good one.

You guys want to discuss ILb, there is only one worthy of a 1st round pick ... Kevin Minter, LSU... 131 tackles, some big plays, and is the most explosive ILB in the draft...

Why do we call it a "BUTTERfly??"

How stupid! Are they made from butter? NO! Do they eat butter? NO! Can you make butter from them? NO!!!

Who came up with this stupid name, anyway? It is ridiculous.


I am happy with TE Tyler Eifert. He is very good and can develop nicely. He was huge part of Notre Dame success (No.2 team in NCAA).

I keep insisting TE will help you win games, score touchdowns in the new NFL. TE is super important now. If you are old school you will say tight end is not worthy no.12 overall.

Posted by: Jaimesolera | March 21, 2013 at 10:35 AM

NO, I don't believe you draft a TE that high unless he show greatness in college. These guys where very good but greatness? no

where can i see this stupid logo?

Any running back in this draft not named Lacy is probably not any better than what we already have.
Plan "B" should be offensive line #1.

Why else would they have given Keller.ONLY a 1yr deal if they didn't have plans on takine either Eifert or Ertz early in the draft. Keller has not been an injury prone player till his hammy last yr and is only 29. They k.ow the players most likely to help them immediately will most likely be gone at 12 leaving a perfect time to get their Gronkowski of the future...

Dashi, no comment on Michael? You are going up and down the list of RBS but no mention of Mike Sherman's recruit?

Fwiw people have begun mocking Austin as high as No 9 to the Jets

IF there's an ironclad, 100% guarantee that Revis is completely recovered from that serious injury and can absolutely return to the same level of play he was at prior to it--then yes, it would be worth exploring if the Jets would be willing to trade him for that pick (and if it was the best offer on the table, they'd be stupid not to, division rivalry be damned).

But that (to me) is a HUGE question mark that I don't think any of us here even remotely know the answer to.

Interesting to ponder, though.

Miami absolutely MUST fix their OL & CB position 1st & foremost. Unless Milliner is available at pick 12 which I sencerely doubt, the pick then MUST be OL. One of the truly dominate offensive lineman (Joekel, Fisher, Warmack, Johnson, Cooper) will be available & Tannehill's current OL isn't going to cut it.

wally, the smart fans know where to look and have already seen it.

A.Brown Is A Great LB. But He Already Ran Away From Miami Once. His Mental Make up Is Shaky.

K.Minter Is Good, But Haven't Heard Anybody Mention Him Above A Second Round Grade.

But If He Is Available In The Second. Pull The Trigger. Look At The Seahawks And B.Wagner.

Te'O will be a disaster in a locker room. Everybody will be giving him a hard time. Locker rooms, especially football are brutal. He won't be able to handle all he is going to get. Stay a mile away from this guy

Hey DASHI: what do you think about Michael Mauti??? he could be available in the last round.

Posted by: you must be in the other category

and you must be in the quere catagory....

Just for fun.....

BUTTERFLY The name is derived from Middle English buterflie, butturflye, boterflye, from Old English butorflēoge, buttorflēoge, buterflēoge, perhaps a compound of butor (beater), mutation of bēatan (to beat), and flēoge (fly).[2]

....so you can keep calling them butterflies I guess...lol

Dolphins are finalizing the Trade for Revis. Should be announced by 2p.m.

Dashi, grades on Minter are borderline 1-2 from what I've seen. I'm not saying to take him at 12 .. you know my top 5 are Lane Johnson, Sheldon Richardson, Eric Fisher, Tyler Eifert, and Johnathan Cooper. I'm just saying that he's the best ILB in this draft.

Wow... Aparrently announcing a trade for Albert as well...

Henry, where'd you hear this? I don't buy it...

Trading away all the picks Henry, come on ...

Posted by: Harmel | March 21, 2013 at 11:19

Congratulations! You just won the exhaulted Dumbest Post of the Day' award. Anyone you would like to thank?

Whoa Revis trade....Albert trade..????

Where does this come from????


Cause I Believe If Sherman Knows The Kid Can Play. He Will Make It A Priority!!

Same Thing With R.Swopes Or The OLB. Or the RT.

Like Philbin with the packers.

Ireland isn't the only one making the decision.

For years the Dolphins staff has been talking on improving the OL, and they can't get it fix it. Enough ! We're tired about it. It's unbelievable the incompetence of this staff. They select 1st draft picks as if they were disposable dishes. Long, Davis, Allen, Brown, etc. After 4 years, they're done. They simply don't have an eye on talent, they just want to fill a hole. This staff is pathetic. How can you build a team if every 4 years they start all over again. Marshall, one year, Bush, two or three ? I don't even know, Fasano, two ?, etc etc.
These morons don't have any respect for the history of this team, nor for the fans.

Ireland and BP before love DE's. If they move Odrick to DT which is where he should be they would have a big need for a DE. Odrick can play both and i'm sure he will but i can see the biggest need in the front 7 at DE. I'd be surprised if they didn't go DE with the first pick. Stop gaps are all that are out there in FA so maybe they get Osi for a year or two but they need to draft one early. Not sure who that would be but PLEASE stop drafting OL so early. They don't make plays and win games!! 1st rd should be for play makers only - guys that change the game.


You guys acutally believe that idiot who thinks were trading for Albert and Revis. SMH

@ Marchcool : Thats because Joe Philbin hasen't drafted any of the offensive lineman. The simple fact is if you cannot protect Ryan Tannehill & block for Lamar Miller then all our great FA signings are for nothing.


Hey people; I haven't heard anything about trades for Revis or Albert, someones pulling your legs.

You guys acutally believe that idiot who thinks were trading for Albert and Revis. SMH

Posted by: Clue | March 21, 2013 at 12:44 PM

You have to remember that EVERY day is April Fools Day for a few of these guys.

Draft Patterson and scare the crap out of opposing defenses, Keller and Hartline underneath will rip up defenses and our RB's will have wide open fields to roam!!!! The rest of the draft can be dedicated to needs

Advance this draft to to the 2017 offseason. We have 11 draft picks. 5 in the 1st 86 players, plus a 4th and two 5th rd picks. So that means 8 players that you expect to make this team.

Also meaning 8 players that you expect to resign in fa.

I think we had 8 fa's entering fa this year, we/ve resigned only 4(Starks, Hartline, Moore, Clemons). However, its highly unlikely we have 47 million in cap space in 2017's offseason.

I said all of that to say this. In lieu of 2017's fa, its highly unlikely we're able to resign 8 of these 11 draft picks. So cashing in some of these draft picks right now, by trading up, really isnt a bad idea.

We get a higher grade player, plus head off at the path, some of 2017's offseason fa resigning issues too. This puts every player from the #3 overall draft pick on down in play for us in this draft.

Hey brock I agree with you on HO-NEY BADG-ER. HO-NEY BADG-ER

If we sign Grimes and Winston...this FA would have to be rated an A based simply on filling needs, and leaving ALL options open throughout the draft....

...and I think the chances are like 5 to 2 that we get one of them at least...

Maybe its ignorance, but I don't understand going to zone coverage. WRs run their routes unencumbered (timing intact) and top QBs like Brady pick it apart in the soft spots or transition zones.

Right mark...and that's why the coverage will be dictated by the situation....no way any team oplays strictly zone all game.....

also to whomever posted earlier, the new fin logo doesn't have a mean eye.


Jaison it was me who said it. You're right, there is no eye. I mixed up an earlier version with the new version in my head. I just checked to confirm. Still, who cares? If they win I really couldn't care less what they are wearing.

It's just funny to me that people call the DESIGN girlie when we've been watching our players parade around in pastels for years. Where was the outrage over the girly color? Some of the toughest guys in the sport wore those colors and won. A logo is meaningless.

About never buying gear again, whomever said that, yeah okay, sure. lol

I would like to know what's taking Miami so long to get Eric winston signed. He's probably asking for too much money.

You are right Buster & I hope we at least get Winston, because he's the safer pick up.

I do like the BPA approach.

But I think there are more inputs than just the BPA.

One input as I read the Armando's post is:
"The BPA who fits the system".
That's why is unlike to take Xavier Rhodes with the 12th pick.

Thankfully, "the BPA who fills a need" is no longer a priority.

Other input that should work will be:
"The BPA who will be an impact player".
That is the case with Swopes, in later rounds (late second, i don't think Swopes will last beyond that). Because he already knows the system and the QB.

Phins78--check again!

The newer 'tweaked' version does indeed have an eye. I will try to find the link but if you look yourself you can google something like 'dolphins, new logo, leaked' and probably find it. It's the one shown on a (supposed) new jersey sleeve.

Miami plays zone defense about 65 to 70% of the time. That is why Xavier Rhodes isn't a fit with the #12 pick. As I said before, unless Milliner falls to us at #12 we won't be drafting a CB at pick 12.

Hard not to draft for need when you only have 2 genuine good starters in the OL with practically no depht at all. I agree there are no Kalils this Year, but I think Jonathan Cooper would be a great fit for our System and worth a shot at #12.

To be a little more specific, the 'tweaked' version differs from the leaked December logo in that it now has eyes..the sunburst is significantly different..and the color scheme is altered and a little bolder.

is a damn CATOON CHARACTER. An anthropomorphic porpoise wearing a helmet that is better suited for a stuffed childrens toy.

Posted by: tj turner | March 21, 2013 at 11:24 AM

Hahaha Exactly!

Did anyone see the logo Ellerbe leaked? Very similar to the current logo except the helmet is gone and the eyes are a menacing redish orange color. The Dolphin looks possesed! I actually like this one a lot and would be very happy with it. I'll try to find the link.

Jaison, the logo in the story "New Dolphins logo all but verified" is different from the one that was posted at the sentinel. That one was in a plastic wrapping and someone was pulling the sleeve out. On the sleeve was the exact Dolphin I described. He has an eye but it's closed yet still mean looking.

Yeah Oscar Cooper is probably the target


This was Ellerbe's leak. Did anyone see it?

I think Johnathan Cooper has a real chance of being a top 10 guard in the NFL for the next 15 years. The guy is flat out good & he will remind people of Larry Little.


This is the link to the logo with the Dolphins snout and tail pointing up (winning!) and a definitive eye.

I prefer Ellerbe's but am fine with both. I guess I care more than I thought:)


Phins78--yes, I've seen that Ellerbe 'leak' and also LOVE that logo.

From what I can tell, though, (and I've looked pretty extensively) it has no connection to the team and was designed by a fan--albeit VERY professionally!

It would have been my preferred one as well, but I'm 90% sure at this point the 'jersey sleeve' logo is the real deal.

I'm fine with that one as well, and think most folks will ultimately get totally used to it and also see it as an improvement (people always initially resist changes) but that OTHER one is really, really good!

...Martin- Cogs - Pouncey - Cooper - Winston

....would anyone take that at season's end if Martin proves he can handle the left side?????

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