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Dolphins open some draft possibilities, close others

Practically every day, someone who follows me on my twitter feed asks me what the Dolphins are going to do in the first round of the draft even though the draft is one month away.

Last week, I said the Dolphins were heavily interested in Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

I jumped the gun.

Rhodes is a fine player. He looks the part at 6-1. He plays with some nastiness. And the Dolphins do indeed like him. But that has to be measured in degrees and I was told recently that he probably isn't the guy in the first round because he's not a 100 percent system fit for the Dolphins.

Me: :-(

Rhodes needs to be in a system where he's getting his hands on a receiver. He might be able to learn the discipline of combo coverages that inlcude a lot of zone work and playing quarters. But that's not his game. He's more a press corner, folks.

So there's that.

I also said early on in the process that I would scream if the Dolphins used their first overall pick on an offensive or defensive lineman. Since general manager Jeff Ireland arrived with Bill Parcells, the Dolphins have tried to upgrade those two units in the first round three out of five drafts -- with Jake Long, Mike Pouncey and Jared Odrick as first-round picks.

Well, guess what?

The Dolphins are open to upgrading those two spots in the draft again -- perhaps even in the first round. Ireland wants to sorely keep the defensive line, a team strength, very strong. Two days ago, I reported to you the club has parted ways with Tony McDaniel. Well, the Dolphins want to add a defensive tackle. And, as you know, a pass-rusher is something the Dolphins continue to consider in free agency and will consider in the draft.

And this is supposedly a great year for defensive ends. So that is a serious possibility.

The Dolphins also will look at offensive line, particularly offensive tackle. Indeed, even if the team signs Eric Winston to play right tackle, I don't believe the club sees him as a long-term solution. Even if the left tackle job is handed to Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins want a fallback.

Well, drafting a left tackle and moving Martin back to right tackle is a possibility.

I've mentioned Oklahoma's Lane Johnson on twitter as a possible first-round selection. The Dolphins like him. They don't love him. Yes, they agree he's a first-round talent but what I'm hearing is not at No. 12 in Miami's eyes.

So where does that leave the Dolphins in the first round? Well, that's the point. The Dolphins have worked this offseason with the idea of filling in as many gaps on the team as possible. No the cornerback spot is not filled, but I believe the club will get serious in the next day or so about trying to sign Brent Grimes or some cornerback option so that cornerback is no longer a glowing, ominous and obvious need.

Basically, the Dolphins want to go to the draft with a wide field of possibilities. They want to draft the best available player (BAP) and not draft necessarily for need. The club drafted for need in 2009 when Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were added in the first two rounds. Neither are on the team four years later.

Lesson learned, I think."

"I don’t know that we’re complete at any position," coach Joe Philbin said this week. "I think hopefully what’s happened with some of the free agency moves is it gives Jeff more latitude to just go find good football players.

"We’re as interested in adding, again that term, it’s a vague term, but good football players to the roster at a variety of positions. I don’t know that we’re locked and loaded anywhere. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t know that many of the other 15 [coaches] that are in the room today are locked and loaded at a ton of spots. We’ve got to add good players at every position."

Yes, I'd say every position except quarterback, linebacker, punter and kicker is a first-round option for the Dolphins.

The offensive line is an option, as I've explained. Defensive line is an option. Cornerback, but not Rhodes, is an option. Safety is an option. Running back, following the loss of Reggie Bush is an outside and long-odds options I suppose. Receiver pops back into the picture as an option. And tight end is an option -- although I do not see a tight end in the draft worthy of the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins have opened the field for themselves. Smart.


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Fish don't need air?

Oh, brother. When did the short bus start dropping off passengers here?

Although our team is not locked and loaded at any position , I do hear that you are fully loaded and that the bathroom door is locked Armando.

Please leave the fan on and consider a courtesy flush.

Posted by: Biology 101 | March 21, 2013 at 02:25 PM

After God created the Earths, he commanded the land breathing animals from the sea. Those that came forth became land creatures and those that didnt became sea creatures.

Every single solid living thing on this earth, owes its existence to the sea. All except for one creature. That creature is called: Man.

God created man from the "dust of the earth".

The Truth 101.


I said it yesterday, Geno Smith going in the top 10 will be huge for us. That means a top 10 talent will drop to us. We can either pick that player or someone might trade up for them.

I really think one of the DT might fall to us.
We will see...

Henry, I knew you weren't trying to pull anyone's leg which is why I asked where you heard it. Man, I'm not a fan of giving up any top two round picks and a huge contract to a guy .... same thing we did with marshall. I hope Ireland learned something that year and saw that Ozzie gave up a third for Boldin instead and won the superbowl. Can't give up picks AND money unless it's for a franchise qb .... just my opinion anyway...


You left out the parts with 900-year-old men building boats and living in the mouths of fish.

Stay at 12 and draft Tavon Austin out of WVU.

DC, Caribbean works too. Let's rip it up like the two old guys in Grumpy Old men in 30 years ...

I don't why some people keep saying trade down because honestly I just can't see anyone worth trading up for from teams below us. Neither do I see anyone worth trading up for from No. 12. Its just one of those years. As for Austin please don't fall for the fastest guy in the draft trap. Will he still be playing in 3 yrs? Nope. Just bite the billet and take what's there. Like it or lump it it's OL and move on. But does 1 bad game in 3 yrs make a certain player overrated?

ahahhahahaaaa @ 2:29

2:32 is agood for a laugh ... the Buffet Killer expunges from the body .....

Posted by: Enjoy Your Fairy Tales | March 21, 2013 at 02:34 PM

Its far better to believe there is a God, then die and find out there really isnt a God.

Than not to believe there is a God, then die and find out there really is a God.

If you believe, then die, and find out there really isnt a God. It costs you absolutely nothing. If there is a God, there wont be casualty insurance great enough to cover what happens to you. LOL....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 21, 2013 at 02:40 PM

Already knew you were brain dead, there was no need to confirm it. LOL...

Osi U, D Freeny, or Elivis Presley will be a much better pickup for the Dolphins that drafting a DL. They are known commiditites who at least we know can pressure the QB. Wake needs someone on the opposite side of him. Cmon Ireland get your hand off your c o c k and sign one of these guys.

Actually, most Christians don't even believe in the concept of Hell nor do they think 'non-believers' will be denied Heaven.

If you want to be in the Fundamentalist crowd, good for you, but do NOT presume to speak for me or millions of other Christians who do not share you beliefs and grew up in churches where many Bible stories are seen as parables, not factual events that actually occured.

Draft still depends on what FA's are signed going forward: if we can somehow get Dumervill, Winston, Grimes, good draft to trade-down: say to Vikes for their #1 & 2, then Ireland considers Fluker (who could always move to G), Pugh or Bailey at G, Giovani Bernard at RB, Austin WR, Jenkins at DT, Poyer at corner.

vacarro in the first round a beast of a safety stop some of the n.e tight ends

Recently, the Miami Heat winstreak has reminded me of Muhammed Ali. In particulary the George Foreman bout.

Many of these lesser team are taking the big bad George Foreman approach. The Heat? The "Rope-A-Dope" approach.

They wail away with the Heat on the ropes. Tire themselves out. Then at the end get knocked the fk out!


Yesterday's Goon,

What was your role with the Cambodian Khner Rouge in the 1970s?

is this how you're picturing me now YG?? You going to share your innermost day dreams of me like you were doign with the other posters on Sunday???

How am I dressed now in your dreams YG???

I really don't get the love affair with these past their prime FA DE's.

Why would you waste signing them to stop the growth of these young guys.

We need young hungry guys to mold, not guys looking for a paycheck.

Posted by: Patrick | March 21, 2013 at 02:51 PM

First of all, to be a christian its primary to believe Jesus is lord and savior, and also faithful to forgive our sins by authority appointed to him from the father in heaven himself.

Secondly, Jesus has declared that which is done in moderation is no sin. He has covered us in his sinless blood.

3rdly, We are still yet but, saved sinners. Accepting him has not graduated us to status of perfection. Hence... a forth coming... "All that is crooked will be made straight." "All that is in parts will be made whole.

Keep your eyes on the lord, not man. Focus on living right ourselves, not on what we think others should be doing. Because we will always see the plank in our brother's eye, and not the logjam in our own.

"Trade down, trade down, trade down." Any suggestion which teams would trade with Miami?


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 21, 2013 at 03:03 PM

All bs aside, I bash you and you me, but I pray that one day you seek the lord. He is dilligent to forgive even your sins. I pray you recieve this great blessing, even before your forehead grows cold.

..The rumor of the Albert to Miami trade started Monday morning by Peter Kings on NFL radio. I was listening, and King mentioned that the Phins would be a natural fit because of our bounty of picks, money, and the loss of Jake Long. It would be an upgrade at the LT position for the Phins.

I don't know how much of this is true if any. Now if you google Brendan Albert Trade you can read all the rumors, with no substantial proof. The rumor really took off yesterday when John Clayton reported that the Cheifs would do a deal for a second round pick. How he knows this, or if this is true is up in the air.

Would Albert even except a reasonable deal from the Phins? The Cheifs had to franchise him. I'm sure he is looking for more then what Long got in St.Louis. I'm not saying that we didn't pay Jake Long we wouldn't pay Albert. I'm suggesting that I don't know.

Does it make sense if we could? Albert is a better LT at this point than Long. Does the team feel that the guy we may target in the draft will be gone, or that we won't be able to reach a deal to trade up? I don't know how the team has evaluated the LT's in this draft. We all have our own ideas as to what the solution is. That doesn't mean the team does. The biggest issue to me isn't this year. It is the contract in the future? He is going to want a pretty large chunk for multiple years. Can we even do it?

Oh man I love this blog. What happened in here since I left?! LMAO You guys crack me up, this is part of the reason I come back. During the slow times I know some of you get pretty funny, good stuff.

Trade down, trade down, trade down." Any suggestion which teams would trade with Miami?
Posted by: Dolphanta | March 21, 2013 at 03:08 PM yeah,all the teams that pix 13-32 will.

Patrick.. i think it is you who need not speak for Christians.. bc i dont know what kind of chruch you went to but there is no Heaven without Hell.. You being a Christian have to believe in Hell bc Jesus himself broken down the gates of hell.. which is part of a Christians salvation.. wow bro

I'll jump in with my unwanted opinion on the religious discussion. "there wont be casualty insurance great enough to cover what happens to you. LOL..."

YG are you Catholic? It seems that way. I was brought up Roman Catholic and yes it does explain a lot. I left after the denials from Rome on the molestation cases. Absolutely disgusting and irresponsible and I couldn't support them any longer.

But that whole thing about going to hell if you don't believe in God is a made up farce by the church imo. The bible says you can basically apologize or accept him after death and still be taken into heaven. Those who do not believe during their life on earth(after death) will wait for the end days, when it is over everyone who didn't believe will be allowed to choose to follow or not. Even murderers are said to have the ability to ask forgiveness and be accepted by God.

Obviously churches have decided what they want to follow and not follow from the Bible. They have interpreted things from the book to suit their own agendas.

On the same note so do people who don't believe. A perfect example is right in this blog. Someone called the Noah's Ark and another story a fairy tail. Some are of the belief that those stories are just stories and they were put in the bible as lessons, not to be taken as factual events from the worlds history. So the people who choose not to believe because of the "fairy tales" are misinterpreting something they never even studied imo.

Either way I don't begrudge any man of his belief.

I do know two atheists. Both of them are complete narcissists. One admits his narcissism the other is unaware. A common trait among non believers is narcissism because there is never a higher power than themselves.

If you believe or don't believe that's fine. It's when you argue with or put others down for their beliefs that you cross over into the realm of insufferable narcissism.

"Put your faith in the lord gentlemen.." "Your ass belongs to me!!" Welcome to Shawshank!

I normally dont get in these types of conversations on a football blog but your views are very skewed if you were taught that you dont have to accept Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior to enter Heaven.. Its the foundation of being a Christian.. Please name the church that you went to that taught you this.. Unless im mistaken and misread your post..

DEE MILLINER my fellow fins! It's as simple as that! this team needs playmakers and we have ELEVEN draft picks so TRADE UP FOR MILLINER Please Jeffy Boy!
We can take linemen in the second and third rounds no sweat!
We need to start taking the ball away from opposition so milliners the man for me!
I may not know as much as you guys being from England but I love my Dolphins !

Patrick at 2:51, right on. I just wrote a similar post before I read yours. "Parables" was the word I was looking for.

If people believe those stories to be factual events then they must also believe in Santa Claus. They were put in the bible as lessons or suggestions on how to live a good life on earth while supporting your fellow man. No one lived in the mouth of a fish. Unbelievable.

man u, get the lsu db. he is the same and wont cost the phinz pix.

Agreed that they are parables Phins78


I dont see any merit to the Albert rumors at all. All the proof you need is that KC, having the 1st overall pick, franchised Albert in the first place.

Why? When they have pick of the litter opportunities between Joeckel, Fisher,at the very least.

The franchise tag number is $9.83 million. Then that team would have the hassle of getting Albert under longer term contract. IMO, KC franchised Albert so they wouldnt have to spend their 1st overall pick at LT.

Matty...he is correct...there will be a final judgement , according to the Word, at which all those who have lived will have the opportunity to accept or deny...
it's in there, I read it...

..however..that doesn't mean a person who has recieived the Truth can turn his back on it...

78, mohamed atta and lucifer r awesome poker players, i suggest u start practicin'

I agree as well.. im not denying you wont have a choice when you are brought before him.. or that you can ask for forgiveness.. asking for forgiveness is accepting that there is a God to ask forgiveness from.. Im not saying youre wrong.. thats why i asked him if I misread what he stated..

You're partially mistaken. Yes, my church certainly taught that Jesus was the "savior" but like MANY churches we do NOT accept the existence of a "hell" nor do we think every other person on the face of the Earth (the vast majority of people, in fact) will be denied an eternal life for not believing exactly the same thing.

Jews do not believe in Jesus as a deity. Neither do Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, or a myriad of other religions across the globe. Only Christians and Muslims believe this.

Our church did not preach that billions of other humans would be 'punished' for believing differently. We simply worshiped OUR understanding of Scripture and try daily to live up to the Biblical admonition to "JUDGE NOT" and "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR."

I find that many Christians are unable to do that.

OK ,...and just to make the discussion pertinent to this blog.....professing Christian ethics...then calling someone else a moron...is not exactly leading by example.....just thought I'd mention that

Again, there are MILLIONS of Christians who totally and emphatically deny the ecistence of Hell. That is a FACT.

You are more than welcome to believe in it yourselves, and I respect that, but if you are not aware that MANY Christians do not share your version of reality then perhaps you need to learn a bit more!


No offense, but I would much rather be castrated, wrapped in barbed wire, and have my tongue cut out than become a Catholic.

More power to those who choose this religion. But Im not about earthly religion, Im about what happens when I go before our maker.

To declare a man(Pope) as our earthly emmissary to God. IMO, approaches blasphemous, if not blasphemous itself. My only accepted emmissary to God is his son beloved. Jesus Christ, King, Lord, and Savior to all whom accepts him.

..Yg..I agree. I think the issue would be how we get him under contract. I haven't put much stock into the rumors. As they are just that...I'm sure Albert wants a large sum, over multiple years. I would be surprised if this was anything more then just a rumor.

So from what I am understanding you to say is that your church is choosing which parts of the Bible to believe and take teachings from? I ask because it refrences Hell in multiple places but your church chooses not to acknowledge this? Im just trying to make sure that I understand..
In the end we all will be judged by God and have to answer to him. At that point Im sure He will make the call.
Im not judging im asking how your church can ignore what is stated..

Back to football.....I think the Fins trade up or down or stand as is...depending on who is picked from #1 to #11, and depending who calls them, or whom they call...

...I don't think it's possible for anyone to accurately know ahead of time how it will all play out..

......but I only hope that Ireland and Ross et al have a better handle on it this time around...

..so far, seems they have a plan in place and are making progress...if FA is any indication....

2Watt explain. Poker players? Not following you bud.

..One last thing about these Albert Rumors. There are no parameters of a deal. Just rumblings IMO because Long is gone. If there was information about what the Phins may be interested in offering, or what kind of deal they were looking at to complete this trade. I would take it a bit more serious. But to me it is just writers stirring the pot.

Ive been to many chruches, certainly not all but have yet to come across one that doesnt recognize the exitense of Hell.. I guess when trying to take in the entire Bible, how one can deny the existence when it talks Satan and his place of evil..

wow...somehow my habdle changed to ck for two posts....lololol.my bad

Christian ethics...then calling someone else a moron...is not exactly leading by example.....just thought I'd mention that

Posted by: ck | March 21, 2013 at 03:30 PM

Jesus Christ called the Jewish cleregy of the that day:


He also commanded his desciples to go out and be wise as serpents and as meek as lambs.

Sometimes to be as wise as serpents requires using language they understand. Being wise as serpents also means being of their intellect, but not partaking in their wine.

* handle

Matty, I can fully guarantee you that YOUR church also practices exceptionalism as well. You could not exist if you didn't.

When is the last time you read Leviticus? Do you FOLLOW God's commands in it? The dietary restrictions--breaking any of which is a sin? The admonitions to stone to death adulterers? To remove body parts of others as punishment for their sins?

Of course you don't. But in the LITERAL word of the Bible, you are sinner---even destined for Hell.

So, you might want to brush upon he "actual" Word of God before pointing fingers at what other sects of Christianity do or don't accept as the truth and how to live life.

You really wind up pointing a finger right back at yourself, friend.

Ill be honest Patrick.. I have many friends from different aspects of Christianity and thats the first time ive heard of a Christian not believing in the existance of Hell.. Ill research it, thanks for bringing it to my attention..

"But Im not about earthly religion,"

No offense taken YG, I agree and is why I left the church when I was old enough to better educate myself on their hypocrisies.

But you used a belief that is born of the church (those who do not believe will perish) and I was assuming you followed them if you believe their teachings.

Posted by: mattybfromnc | March 21, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Its fruitless to argue a religious practice of others. Jesus Christ thanked the Father that all he has given him from the beginning of time. He was not given all men by the Father.

Those whom are given to Christ from the beginning of time. Their hearts will one day change, true wisdom will not be witheld from them, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

"A guilty conscience needs no convictor".....

The only reason ANY of you are Christians or whatever is because that's what you were brought up believing and were conditioned to accept. No different than growing up speaking English or growing up liking mashed potatoes,

If you had been born in India or Yemen or wherever you'd believe what they believe there and wouldn;t give a ceap about Christianity.

I know that's a hard concept for you to grasp...

Patrick im well aware of the fact that I am a sinner, however if you repeant and ask for forgiveness you are forgiven of your sins.. I mean I know we can agree on that.. Im not pointing fingers just stating that I cant wrap my head around the fact that we can believe there is a Heaven without a Hell.. I admitted earlier that I struggle trying to understand that.. so please read what I state.. Ive never stated or acted as if Im better or know more than you.. my first post may have seemed that way and I apologize but friend im trying to understand not condem.

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