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Dolphins open some draft possibilities, close others

Practically every day, someone who follows me on my twitter feed asks me what the Dolphins are going to do in the first round of the draft even though the draft is one month away.

Last week, I said the Dolphins were heavily interested in Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

I jumped the gun.

Rhodes is a fine player. He looks the part at 6-1. He plays with some nastiness. And the Dolphins do indeed like him. But that has to be measured in degrees and I was told recently that he probably isn't the guy in the first round because he's not a 100 percent system fit for the Dolphins.

Me: :-(

Rhodes needs to be in a system where he's getting his hands on a receiver. He might be able to learn the discipline of combo coverages that inlcude a lot of zone work and playing quarters. But that's not his game. He's more a press corner, folks.

So there's that.

I also said early on in the process that I would scream if the Dolphins used their first overall pick on an offensive or defensive lineman. Since general manager Jeff Ireland arrived with Bill Parcells, the Dolphins have tried to upgrade those two units in the first round three out of five drafts -- with Jake Long, Mike Pouncey and Jared Odrick as first-round picks.

Well, guess what?

The Dolphins are open to upgrading those two spots in the draft again -- perhaps even in the first round. Ireland wants to sorely keep the defensive line, a team strength, very strong. Two days ago, I reported to you the club has parted ways with Tony McDaniel. Well, the Dolphins want to add a defensive tackle. And, as you know, a pass-rusher is something the Dolphins continue to consider in free agency and will consider in the draft.

And this is supposedly a great year for defensive ends. So that is a serious possibility.

The Dolphins also will look at offensive line, particularly offensive tackle. Indeed, even if the team signs Eric Winston to play right tackle, I don't believe the club sees him as a long-term solution. Even if the left tackle job is handed to Jonathan Martin, the Dolphins want a fallback.

Well, drafting a left tackle and moving Martin back to right tackle is a possibility.

I've mentioned Oklahoma's Lane Johnson on twitter as a possible first-round selection. The Dolphins like him. They don't love him. Yes, they agree he's a first-round talent but what I'm hearing is not at No. 12 in Miami's eyes.

So where does that leave the Dolphins in the first round? Well, that's the point. The Dolphins have worked this offseason with the idea of filling in as many gaps on the team as possible. No the cornerback spot is not filled, but I believe the club will get serious in the next day or so about trying to sign Brent Grimes or some cornerback option so that cornerback is no longer a glowing, ominous and obvious need.

Basically, the Dolphins want to go to the draft with a wide field of possibilities. They want to draft the best available player (BAP) and not draft necessarily for need. The club drafted for need in 2009 when Vontae Davis and Sean Smith were added in the first two rounds. Neither are on the team four years later.

Lesson learned, I think."

"I don’t know that we’re complete at any position," coach Joe Philbin said this week. "I think hopefully what’s happened with some of the free agency moves is it gives Jeff more latitude to just go find good football players.

"We’re as interested in adding, again that term, it’s a vague term, but good football players to the roster at a variety of positions. I don’t know that we’re locked and loaded anywhere. That’s not a bad thing. I don’t know that many of the other 15 [coaches] that are in the room today are locked and loaded at a ton of spots. We’ve got to add good players at every position."

Yes, I'd say every position except quarterback, linebacker, punter and kicker is a first-round option for the Dolphins.

The offensive line is an option, as I've explained. Defensive line is an option. Cornerback, but not Rhodes, is an option. Safety is an option. Running back, following the loss of Reggie Bush is an outside and long-odds options I suppose. Receiver pops back into the picture as an option. And tight end is an option -- although I do not see a tight end in the draft worthy of the No. 12 overall selection.

The Dolphins have opened the field for themselves. Smart.


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bbl when the topic is once again football.....

lol... but its true.. you my friend are wrong.. that may be whats hard to grasp.. I made the decision myself.. parents didnt go to church.. and I made my choice late in life..

Posted by: mattybfromnc | March 21, 2013 at 03:34 PM

Matty I don't know if he's still here but I believe I know the church he belongs too. I could be dead wrong so I'm not trying to act like an expert here.

I their belief is that "hell" is what you live on earth without God in your life. That's how I THINK they explain it.

As in without God's light you will be forever in the darkness here on earth. You would never be able to live life to the fullest and that is hell on earth.

Youre right Buster.. done with it.. It just intrigued me

The greatest fallacy of all is that Jesus Christ was a religious teacher. He was far from it.

Jesus Christ teaches "SPIRITUALLITY", not religion. Religion is a "MANMADE" way of worshipping GOD.

Spirituallity is all about how God has commanded us to live.

That I can understand.. you are your own living hell.. I can understand that.. I guess I took it as he didnt believe the concept of hell.. and I was thinking his concept of hell was there wasnt one at all.. a Physical place thats 1000 feet below ground.. I dont think that either..


Matty he has a great point there! Great debate guys and I love that it's staying respectful.

To The Idiot From earlier!!

Is This Offense Predicated On The TE?

Did The Fins Overpay For Cook? Or Wallace?

Did The Fins Sign 3 Wr's? Or 1 TE?

No Huddle Is Predicated On Speed!!

The Fins Will Use 1 TE!! While At Minimum The Fins Will Have 2 Wr's On The Field.

WCO Is Usually 3 Wr's And 1 TE. And Most Passing Situations The Fins Will Have 4 Wr's Instead Of 2 TE's!!

But Please Explain How The Fins Run A Lot Of 2 TE Sets!!

Again!! What Your Vision For An NFL Offense Is(Patriots) and What The Dolphins Run!! Are 2 Totally Different Things.

T-Hill Throws Out Of The Shotgun Over 60% Of The Time. With Usually 3 Wr's And 1 TE!! And That Was With Having Worst Wr's Than TE's!! Now With Our Top 4 Wr's!! Expect The Fins To Throw Even More To The Wr's!!

wasn't this a football blog? what's with the religious talk? I will say that I will quickly start praying to all of the Gods after a bumper sticker just seen on internet: Hillary C / Michelle Obama 2016
Now that is beyond apocalyptic.

I know that's a hard concept for you to grasp...

Posted by: ...but it's true | March 21, 2013 at 03:42 PM

I spoke too soon. "but it's true" with all due respect you are the one non believer here and are also the one that has been the most disrespectful during this religious debate. It's cool, I'm just pointing out that you keep talking down to people because their opinions don't match yours.

So you don't believe in a higher power.
And you have a hard time being accepting of others beliefs. Hmmmmmm it's all good.

Dolphins need to solidfy the OL. The Wallace/Kelleher signings will mean nothing if he only has 2 seconds to throw the ball. The key to a great offense is a good QB and a real good OL. The receivers are running backs are behind that in priority. The OL dictates the success of their QB and running backs. While I was high on Martin his lack of quickness and quite honestly his weakness are a concern. Martin was either run by or run over too much. He is a natural left tackle so hopefully he will bet better.

If the priority is still playmakers, then it's going to be a DE. Look, they got their receiving playmakers. 12th overall pick is to high for TE, C, S. So it's got to be DE.

Please take the "being" out of that last post and I might sound like I am modestly educated :)

Last time I checked, it's the team with the most points on the board that wins. Take Tavon Austin, and run up the score! Let them try to keep up. Take a corner in the second and one in the third. Then Oline and DE.


Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 21, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Very true, good post.

Matty he has a great point there! Great debate guys and I love that it's staying respectful.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 21, 2013 at 03:49 PM


STFU Phins78. You think your like the blog president or something

Posted by: FYI | March 21, 2013 at 03:51 PM



What do you believe in/
Heaven or Hell/
I don't believe in Heaven
'cause we livin' in Hell/
so what's your life...

Raekwon the Chef, educate yourselves.

All right guys, I'm out again for a bit. Hopefully something football related will happen so we can start a new subject. See ya

The message Jesus Christ gave us was most of all, can be summed into 1 word:


One of Jesus Christ's most subtle lines almost goes uncomprehended by most:

"Lean not to thine own understanding."


"In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

These two pasasages alone can be simplified into think before you act and consider is it what you want(selfish self serving motive), what "you" think God wants. God can fish for himself. Remember that too.

Let your life and deeds be what draws others to God, not your self serving hypocrasies.

John Waters is the true Living God.

Don Shula is God!

Mike Ditka is the Devil!

From Beasley's article on Shula and Ditka. They had this too say in regards to the new helmet rule:

Ditka: “I know what they’re trying to do, but I think Don agrees: You can’t legislate hitting out of football,” Ditka said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Added Shula: “It’s unbelievable.”

Shula, seated at the head of the table, pointed to a nearby picture of Larry Csonka and mused that his warhorse of a running back wouldn’t have been too successful under these concussion-conscious regulations.

I have to wholeheartedly agree with these two Hall Of Famers. To review....

Ditka: "It makes NO sense."

Shula: "It's unbelievable."

Goodell, with fellow sissies like Fisher on the competition committee, are simply ruining the game of Football.

Where is Craig M? The blog isnt the same w/out him telling people they're comincal, wrong & an alias of YG all the time.


YG going Mel Gibson @ 3:38...

I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but I think you can SAFELY cross DT off of the 1st round draft list.

Solia and Starks form the base. Both are getting older and have contracts coming due.

Also, it's true, McDaniels is gone.

But the bottom line is this: Solia and Starks will get us through this year. Odrick has proven that he can at least be a decent rotational guy playing inside or out.

Add in the inspiring play of man-beast Kheeston Randall and we're not doing to bad. If Randall's improvement continues this year, like last and we'll have a nice "Find".

I'm sure we will draft a Defensive Lineman at some point in this years draft. A good GM has to anticipate next years......"Developments". But I think they'll do it in a later round, taking a flyer on a Kid with upside and potential. With all things considered it's just not as pressing of a need as some other areas.

if its a lb I hope we go with alec ogletree

odin, i wouldn't cross DT off the list because of one man, Sheldon Richardson .. a true freak and playmaker ... just happens to be DT and if they are true to their BPA philsophy ... he may be the BPA ...

need someone to start in 2014 as well... nobody may be a better value per dollar than him...

Rdubs, Minny would be stupid to trade their 2 ones for the Phins one. On the draft value chart that all teams still use the Phins pick is worth 1200 points, the 2 Minny pick are worth 740 and 720. That is too big of a price to pay for Minny to move up.

By God I think I've "Got It."

The Bears offered Urlacher a 2 million dollar contract. He turned them down and the sides have agreed to part ways.

Bring in Urlacher on an incentive laden 3.5 million doallar........ONE YEAR deal.

This would be great! Urlacher of course plays the middle.

Wheeler, who Pro Football Focus ranks as the 2nd best 4-3 pass rushing OLB plays the weakside.

Ellerbe, with his speed, size and athleticism plays the Strongside.

Think about it, Ellerber - Urlacher - Wheeler? Sounds GREAT on paper.

I Know what you're thinking, Urlacher will be a progress stopper. Thats untrue, in fact, he'll actually help in this way.

Ellerbe will be able to learn some from Urlacher. This means Ellerbe will have played and learned from Ray Lewis AND Brian Urlacher! That's an amazing thought.

This way, when Urlacher gets injured by mid season(and we know he will), Ellerbe will have benefited from playing with him. Ellerbe will be farther ahead and ready to step in the MINUTE Urlacher goes down!


urlacher is injury prone, old and slow no way we pick him up.

they keep saying they dont see a TE worthy of 12....but they see something else as possibility. okie dokie....let me know when you figure that out.

tavon austin is a special teamer.


I hadn't checked out Richardson until I saw you posting about him the other day.

I read up on him and then watched a few clips. in his case, "A True Freak" might be an Understatement.

At his pro day he ran a 4.81 and that's at 6-4 300 lbs. Richardson was asked what teams showed the MOST interest and Miami was one of them.

The interesting thing about Richardson is that he has lots of room to increase his strength. Not saying he's weak, I'm saying he has a lot of upside.

He's considered a top pick and that's with the Junior College route PROBABLY setting him back some.

I don't know if Ireland would take him or not at 12. With our overall situation, it would be a tough choice for me. It probably won't matter though, quite a few Mocks have him going 3rd overall to the Raiders.

B E.....................

urlacher is injury prone, old and slow no way we pick him up.

Posted by: FYI | March 21, 2013 at 05:04 PM

FYI there is such a thing as "Tongue In Cheek" Humor. Perhaps you've HEARD of it?

Try re-reading this excerpt from my post and do try to use your imagination(LOL):

This way, when Urlacher gets injured by mid season(and we know he will), Ellerbe will have benefited from playing with him. Ellerbe will be farther ahead and ready to step in the MINUTE Urlacher goes down!

But Hey! Thanks for re-stating the OBVIOUS - Dooh!




Hay, don't look now everybody, but the non trolling ALoco(ahem).....MIRACULOUSLY and SUDDENLY......learned how to Spell!

Oops........He did it.....AGAIN!

Ha Ha.......you Schmuck!



I heard there's a good looking old dude driving around the block in an Escalade.

Time to go to "Work", no?

What lie Fee-Aaaag?

Name it......better yet, Copy and Paste it.

Come on Big Bu-oy, do that or stick it back in your head and speak ONLY when you're spoken too, Capisce?

Well, I guess he can't come up with any proof.

So once AGAIN, he's guilty of what he accuses others of.

What a Brain Dead Simpleton.



Thats nice "ALoco(ahem)".

Copy and Paste the Proof....


Admit YOU are the Liar and Apologize.

Maybe I will Forgive you, but apologize for your lies FIRST.



Odin From Yesterday,

On The Running With Your Head Down. Agreed. On Some Of It.

Yes, If It Is Incidental Contact. Then Yes, Don't Call It. But If You Lead With Your Head. Then Your Dead.

D.Thomas Is Looking More Like A Waste By The Day. And With The New Rule E.Lacy Will Drop To The 2nd Round. Just Ask Te'o He Got Scared In That Hole!! He P'ssied Out!! E.Lacy's Running Style Is To Rough For The NFL!!

Te'o Has A Tramp Stamp!! It Reads E.Lacy!!

(Oscar/Aloco Has One To It Reads D.... {Fill In Accordingly} .....)

Miller Runs With His Head Up. And Can Run The Zone Runs That Sherman And Philbin Want. Plus, He Is Great Catching Screens and Turning Them Up field. The Fins Have 4 RB's On The Roster. L.Miller, D.Thomas, M.Thigpen, J.Grey. As Long as Bush Is Not Back There DWTS. I'm Okay With What The Fins Have.

I'm Only Interested In The Fins Getting 1 Of These 4 RB's

The Kid From UNC

E.Lacy's Running Style Is To Rough For The NFL!!

Posted by: Dashi | March 21, 2013 at 05:48 PM

Exactly Dashi, nice post!

This is one sentence that should not be typed......EVER!

The Helmet rule makes it impossible for these kinds of runners. Csonka would have never been if this is allowed.

Wheeler, Ellerbe, Urlacher. Agreed. This Would Be A Pretty Good LB Corp.

Have You Heard About This Years K.Dansby ... Jarvis Jones. The Self Proclaimed Best Player In The Draft. He Could Still Be There At #12. But J.Jones Doesn't Sound Like A Philbin Player.

I saw "GOD" last night "OOOH GOD OOOH GOD"

Kaddu was a high motor guy at Oregon. I thought he should've received some playing time last year. I mean, its not like they were going anywhere.

Yeah Dashi, if Urlacher could stay healthy.

Can you imagine Ellerbe, Urlacher and Wheeler playing behind Wake, Starks, Solia and......maybe......Osi or Dumervil?

Putting the aging Urlacher and Osi dreams aside. This is a good example of how close Ireland/Philbin are getting.

I wouldn't be against a short term deal for some of these vets. But man, if Ireland can pull a couple more young studs out of this draft? We'll be knocking on the door of dominant!


Agreed. It Does Change People's Running Style. Real RB's!!

This Rule Has No Effect On R.Bush's Running Style.

I Look At It For What It Is. Insurance. R.Goddell Doesn't Want To Be Held Liable If Somebody Breaks His Neck On The Football Field. How Big Do You Think That Concussion Lawsuit Will Be If This Happens!!

Say Goodbye To The NFL. The Guy In The wheelchair Owns The League.

The troll has odin in the palm of his hand. Turns him into a degenerate chimpanzee at will.



Posted by: ALoco | March 21, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Good post. Clear. To the point. True.

I Don't Know About Osi.

He Seems Like A Guy That Complains If He Doesn't Get His Way.

Sort Of Like A.Bradshaw.

Good Player But Might Not Be Worth The Hassle Anymore.

Hey guy who came up with and maintains the ALoco character. Odinseye is right, if you're going to pretend to be someone you are not at least stick to the script. ALoco can't spell remember?

Phins78 is a drip.

Dansby Demanded To Be On The Field At All Times.

Kaddu Should've Seen Action. But Just Like L.Miller And Egnew!! He Didn't See Playing Time Because He Had Progress Stoppers Ahead Of Him!!

Philbin Allegedly Wants All 11 Picks To Work!! I Would Be Happy With Getting 4 Guys To Develop.

Ireland Said Last Year He Got 4 First Rounders In The Draft. T-Hill, J.Martin, O.Vernon, and L.Miller.

Hopefully, Ireland Can Get 4 First Round Talents This Year.

#2 Goodell was a small part of the new rule. He was more instrumental in changing the rules regarding hitting offensive players including qbs. The defensive players and all of the other people I mentioned were the ones who pushed for this.

And guess what? Goodell loves it. He's sitting back ecstatic now because he can blame the players if people like me question him. "It's what they wanted". YES because you tilted the playing field toward the offense.

Goody toe shoes Goodell, doing a bang up job ruining the sport we grew up with and loved. Too late to complain now folks, it's past fixing.

Nice name, as you know I used to sign in under LouD all of the time before I was stalked all over the internet. That was back when I used to actually care. Either you're trying to make me mad or you are just trying to be funny.

Epic fail on both. :)

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