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Dolphins interested in Rashard Mendenhall

The Dolphins will obviously add a running back to compete if Reggie Bush is allowed to walk in free agency as I've reported. Bottom line, they need more bodies because Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Jonas Gray and Marcus Thigpen aren't enough bodies to take to training camp.

And a competition between Miller and Thomas for the starting job seems less that inspiring because Miller seems to clearly be the better back.

But Rashard Mendenhall to the Dolphins?

Well, that's the buzz going around the NFL as voiced most loudly by NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah on his twitter feed over the weekend. Jeremiah, a former NFL scout, obviously has connections around the league so he's as credible as most.

But Rashard Mendenhall to the Dolphins?

Apparently the Dolphins are eyeing more than one prospective Steelers free agent. Obviously the Dolphins cannot sign Mendenhall until 4 p.m. on Tuesday when unrestricted free agency's signing period begins. So we're talking interest in the abstract right now.

But Mendenhall is an interesting guy.

Yes, he has loads of talent. Yes, he is a load himself at 5-10 and 225 pounds. Yes, he is very fast, having clocked in the 4.4s coming out of college. He was even fast enough to be Pittsburgh's kickoff return man earlier in his career.

Mendenhall, 25, also has two 1,000-yard seasons to his credit, those coming in 2009 and 2010.

But Mendenhall is something of an enigma and 2012 was a disaster for many reasons.

In January 2012 he suffered a torn ACL injury to a knee and had to spend his entire offseason rehabilitating the injury. Unlike Adrian Peterson who recovered from a similar injury like a champion, Mendenhall languished and simply wasn't the same player.

He not only played only six games but languished by gaining 3.6 yards per carry. And when coaches didn't think he was trying very hard, they deactivated him for a game against San Diego. Well, Mendenhall didn't bother to show up for that tilt. And so he was suspended for the next game against Dallas.

Mendenhall also stirred some controversy in May 2011 when he got on twitter and chided Americans for celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden. One of his tweets seemed to suggest he didn't blame bin Laden for 9-11 by raising the possibility of a conspiracy theory.

Mendenhall tried to walk back his position by first tweeting he was just trying to stir conversation and then apologized outright through the Steelers. But Champion Sporting Goods dropped Mendenhall from an endorsement deal.

Mendenhall's, cough, interesting history, diminished production, and Pittsburgh's difficult salary cap situation are undoubtedly reasons the Steelers haven't re-signed the player. That the Dolphins are reportedly interested in Mendenhall -- something I've not idenpendently confirmed -- might be yet another example of the paradigm shift the team is undergoing in its approach to free agency.

The Denver Broncos are also reportedly interested in Mendenhall.


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I really don't like this 3 day window prior to the start of free agency. There is way too much speculation about which teams are interested in which players. Its like a first date where she gets a little frisky but then drops the big "NO!"

The Dolphins are reportedly interested in;


Hopefully we can at least land Wallace!


Good post. I think I read somewhere that Gibson was 3rd for WRs with the most 1st downs (or 3rd highest %). The Patriots, Packers and Saints all have Offenses with multiple receivers and are considered the best Offenses in the league. The Lions have the best WR of the last three years in Johnson but nothing else and look where its got them...

The Patriots are masters of the 5-10 yard pass and beat you play by play with 3rd down completions.

I would be ok with Gibson, Hartline, Bess and a WR from one of the first two picks in the draft. Use FA money on defensive backs and help for the offensive line. Draft a pass rusher.

"Mendenhall's, cough, interesting history, diminished production, and Pittsburgh's difficult salary cap situation are undoubtedly reasons the Steelers haven't re-signed the player. That the Dolphins are reportedly interested in Mendenhall -- something I've not idenpendently confirmed -- might be yet another example of the paradigm shift the team is undergoing in its approach to free agency."


This is the ONE running back in FA that makes perfect sense. He's still young & he's a big physical back with speed. This is a guy that I believe the coaches would want to meet in person & watch workout.

I'll probably be in the minority here but I actually wonder if the Gibson interest will spell the end for Bess. There's a lot of talk the team wasn't happy with Bess at the end of last season. I think ,maybe he has one more year left on his deal. I wonder if the team isn't looking to add a guy like Wallace AND Gibson AND cut Bess. I doubt the cap hit would be much.

Just speculating...

..Dashi..Reggie is who he is. We will never have the opportunity to improve at the running back spot with him as the feature back. His last 2 years were probably his most productive as an all around back. That should tell everyone everything they need to know about him. It just isn't good enough for your feature back.

If Reggie was scoring 4-5 more TD's each year, if he was running for 1300-1400 yard seasons. If he was closer to the side of 25 then 30, if he could block better..I could go on.

I understand that I am describing the perfect back. Very few of them in the game. I get it. But shouldn't we have the opportunity to find that guy?(they are out there)

So, every year we Dolphin fans hear the same thing. “Ireland and Co. are aggressively shopping Free Agents.” Every year we do not land that big name, then Ireland’s press conference goes something like; “We were just turning over rocks but we got our guy, the one we were after all along” “Gibson”. Now I like Gibson but he’s no number #1 WR. IMO I would like very much to just build WR through the draft anyway so no biggie to me. Plus the WR’s in this draft would be a better option than any of the FA’s. Not because they will be better this year but because they will grow with Tannehill and be better in the long run.

What I am complaining about is all this media hype that Ireland is going to land “BIG NAME HERE”. So when I hear that Miami could possibly spend 13+ million on 1 player that just makes me want to puke.


I'm not sure Mendenhall makes sense. Is he a difference maker? Doesn't adding him mean they don't trust either Thomas or Miller? Don't we need to find out who these guys are?

I think a mid-round pick or cheaper vet might be the way to go. What do people see as being the market for Mendenhall?

Buster, not saying he was bigger, but mendenhall misses a lot fo time. Reggie in his two years was pretty durable...


LOL Is Someone Who Is Sarcastically Making Fun Of YG. Not YG.

Some People Here Don't Get It When Someone Is Being Sarcastic. And Real Good Sarcasm Is Difficult To Know On The Internet. Because Sarcasm Is More In The Delivery Than The Actual Words. Reason Some Of You Guys Think Dashi Is Being A Real Richard Sherman When I Say Things.

Oh, And Mando If You Read This

Loved The Last Article On Wallace And The Fins Chasing Free Agents. But Like Someone Said The Other Day. (Even If The Analogy Was "Great!!") Don't Point It Out. It Devalues What You Said. Or Like Dashi Says "Don't Laugh At Your Own Jokes" It Makes Them Less Funny.

And The Analogy? Where Did You Get It From?

Must've Been Watching That Dog Sled Movie With Cuba Gooding Jr. In It. (Oscar's Favorite Actor Because Of His First Name)

Personally, My Favorite Cuba Movie Is Radio. Because It Shows Even A Retard Like Dashi Can Learn Football.


WNP, Shefter also said not only him, but OTHER teams around the league basically expect Wallace to Miami is a lock. So looks like by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have our "#1" WR. We'll see how well that works out (though I won't criticize Ireland for making that move, I guess it makes sense out of the FA WRs available).


Ireland's going all in. It's either going to take this team to the next level or its going to cost him his job. Either way it's the RIGHT move, just as drafting Tannehill at 8 last year was the RIGHT move. These moves don't always work out but nothing is accomplished by playing it safe all the time. He's been unable to add the WRs needed for this team for some reason with the draft. Perhaps this end up being the right move.


Reggie Is "Durable" Because He Is Scared To Get Hit!! What Happens When Reggie Gets Hit!!?

Hartline Is Extremely Durable. He Will Last A Lifetime In The NFL With The Way He Plays!! Falling At First Sign Of Contact!! (Have Seen Some Of You Using My Flatline Reference. Without Proper Consent!! Copyright Infringement;)

Reggie Is Easily Replaceable. Would've Preferred The Fins Go After M.Turner! Or S.Jackson! But Mendenhall Will Do! Plus, It Is More Realistic The Fins Starting L.Miller Over Mendenhall, Over The Other 2. Some Players Demand To Be The Starter!!Reggie.

Mendenhall Has Been In A RB By Committee, Before. Plus, Rishard Doesn't Dance.

wallace is down here now.hmmm.?
ya'll h8ters can watch the jets then.
tannehenne over throws 90% on his long ballz,wallace will b able to chase it down now huh?

Wallace and Gibson would be a sight better than last years wr corps and I would still expect them to draft a wr or 2 in the first 5 picks.

...Wow..We could possibly have 2 ex Steelers on the roster by weeks end. This would be a huge shift from Dallas rejects, and a sign that at least we were looking to good teams for their leftovers..

To be serious for a second. Craig asked what the market would be for Mendenhal. I don't know. I would guess he will make less then what we paid for Reggie last year. Around 2-3 million. Just a guess.

My thought that is he would be a huge upgrade to Daniel Thomas. I know that some will say we need to find out what we have in Thomas. I know he was a second round pick. And it would be another of our premium picks gone.(pretty amazing that if you look at our picks from 2008 to now how many of our top 2 round picks may be gone)But I say Phooey..Thomas has just been a flat disaster. Not what you want out of your second round pick, especially a guy you moved up to get.


If Mendenhall could be had for that price, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't get rid of Thomas quite yet, cause his cap hit is next to nothing. There's really nothing to be gained with getting rid of him.

To be honest, I fully expect the pricetag on Mendenhall to be much more than the $2-3 mil you are suggesting. We know Denver is interested and there will be others (maybe Chargers, Cards, Lions, Packers). I could be dead wrong but I fully expect the pricetag on Mendenhall will reach the $5-6 mil range. We'll see...

Personally I think 2-3 million would be too much for Mendehall.

He hasn't been the same since his need surgery. I would kick the tires at 1-2 maybe. I wouldn't cut Thomas just yet though.

Meh, I was just throwing those thoughts out there. i don't really care about the RB position ... not a great concern for me. I only stand up for Reggie because I still think he could be a good multi use player in both the running AND especially passing game. But it doesn't look like it will happen and I have to let those thoughts go.

Anybody check out Christine Michael's results from his pro day and combine?? Guy is a physical freak... but low production yards wise in college. Workout warrior I guess. And who named this guy anyway???

I know it's not the topic of the day but for me it's either Patterson or Rhodes right now for me at 12 in the draft, depending on how everything shakes out in FA. I know Eiffert deserves consideration here too, I'm just having a tough time with pulling the trigger on him at 12. To me, he's still a guy who should go in the 20's. These are the three guys I'm kicking around right now. I suppose Keenan Allen deserves some consideration here too but I need to study him a bit more.

I'm pretty high on Rhodes right now, to be honest.

Busted Up FA's

1. Jake Groves
2. Justin Smiley
3. Reshard Mendenhall

Did I ring a bell?

YG4E we wonder who you are going to be too. That's always a question on everyone's mind, 'I wonder who YG4E will pretend to be today.' Looks like you chose LOL for now.

..Craig M. Of the teams mentioned above(SD, Den, Det, Ariz) I don't think any of them are in a position to pay Mendenhall a contract that would give 5 mil a year. Now of course they could make room, do some shuffling. but from just a glance only Den, SD, and us have cap space right now. I don't think we will pay him anywhere close to that(we don't have too). And the other teams have much less room to spend(both under 10 million)

So if indeed this was the market For Mendenhal(us, and the other 4 teams) I would say that it would make his number significantly less then 5 mill a year, just because the demand isn't there.

Now there could be more teams that are interested. That could raise the value. We are in a good position. We don't have to make this move. So I don't think we would be inclined to do a deal that was not in our best interest economicaly.


Craig M,

I was thinking Rhodes as well. We still have to see how free agency shakes out but I doubt we sign more than one cb. If we do sign even one.

Dolfan Rick,

I like everything about Rhodes. Good size, good speed, good coverage skills and can tackle. To me, and it's just my opinion, he's be a good replacement to Smith, at a fraction of the price. Now he'll have some learning to do once he comes to the NFL but I like this guy as the long term answer at one of the starting corner spots for years to come.

Posted by: ralph | March 11, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Dearest Ralphiest,

I find it highly amusing multiple alias posters like your highly esteemed self would accuse multiple posters of having multiple personalities. When in fact you are the multiest personaliets aliaslicious posterbillionous type-a-trillionest imposter of them all.

Thanks for stpping by.... LOL...

No RB in FA please, waste of $$, draft one later

Wallace and Gibson is not a bad addition to what we have today, and gives us 4 WR's, maybe one is traded?, Bess?

Also, need a T, TE and Safety before draft....Would like Cook, Phillips (the U), and Winston

That would be a good class of FA's...Phillips intrigues me because when healthy, he is great, worst case he helps a young kid from the draft

I think Rhodes and Grimes would be a solid CB duo for at least 3, 4 years.

Craig, Rhodes and Eifert definitely in the conversation. If one of the three OTs fall to 12 we will have to take one if we haven't sorted out this JL drama or he hasn't been replaced.

Patterson I don't think has seperated himself enough athletically to be the guy @ 12. Allen??? Who even knows who this guy is ... he can't/won't work out. Too risky at 12 IMO.


You're probably right with all that you've said above. I just see a great need for us to fix our secondary and to me Rhodes is the prefect guy at the right price. Not saying we shouldn't also add someone in FA too. If we do, I'd expect Marshall or Patterson to get chopped to free up some cap space.

Just think, we could be looking at adding Wallace, Mendenhall and Lewis. That'd be a pretty good trifecta...

Allen is the most complete WR in this draft, that's who he is. Regardless if he works out or not, someone will get a good player by drafting him. Will that be us at 12, who knows? If we sign Wallace, i think Jeff takes BPA at 12 and picks up another WR with one of our 2nds or 3rds. I do like Allen though, more than any of the WR's in this draft but I also am not sure we take him at 12.


D.Tomas is Very Similar To JJ.Johnson The RB.

Well Not That Bad.

But Big Back That Amounted To Nothing!!

Who Did JJ Draft As A RB In The First? John Avery.

Agreed. Ireland Has Had Some Blunders. Ireland Does Also Draft For The Best Player For The Coaches System. Vontae and S.Smith Were For Mike Nolan, P.Merling All Those 3-4 LB's. D.Thomas Was A "Wildcat Qb", P.White Was A Wildcat Qb, The Fat Linemen, The Garbage Wr's, Sporanus Was A Horrendous Coach.

Dashi Believes In Philbin. Mike Sherman Knows What A Football Player Is Suppose To Look Like. He Has Scouted Most Of These Draft Picks Out Of High School. He Developed Some Of These First Rounders Out Of High School. These Coaches Have Input!! And Have Taught Ireland A Thing Or 2 About Football.

This Years Draft And Free Agency Should Be Even Better Than Last Years. Philbin Knows The Roster. Most The Players Know The System. Ireland Knows The Prototype Of Player Philbin Company Want. Reason The Whole Building Was At The Combine.

Stop saying FAs don't win SBs! Look at a few examples, Shannon Sharp to Ravens,Drew Breez to NO,Bolden to Ravens,Deon to SF...
FA are an important piece of the puzzle! If they are an upgrade now verses waiting for a rookie to fumble in the NFC Championship game; San Fran!!!
I would sign Gibson, Goldson,Talib,Lavitre,Winston with my money, and take best WR at 12.

IMO, this will be the wr class, teams who did not pick one, will be kicking themselves in the ass 4yrs from now for not doing so.

4-5yrs from, this could possibly be looked back upon as one of the greatest wr classes ever. Im not talking in terms of one great individual superstar, Im talking the entire class as a whole.

Remember this should Ireland land Wallace and signs Brandon Gibson. Because if Ireland signs Gibson too, he may skip drafting a wr from this class altogether.

Mark In T - Allen will be working out this week. I believe Thursday when Cal. has its pro day.

On the bright side, 5yrs from now, this wr class could be one helluvah nice fa class.

4 Wr's.

Wonder If Mando Would Want To Take Credit For This One?

Mando Did Post One Time The Fins Were Thinking Of Signing Hartline, Wallace, And Possibly Jennings. 3 FA Wr's.

Even I Thought The Fins Were Only Going To Really Pursue One. Cause It Would Cost To Much Against The Cap. 1 FA Wr 2 Draft Wr's.

But If Ireland Manages To Sign Hartline, Wallace, and Another Veteran Wr(Jennings, Boldin, Or Even Welker). The Offense Will Be Instantly Upgraded With Legit NFL Wr's.

Give 8-5 Another Chance As A Training Camp Invite. At Least This Year He Has No Personal Problems and Philbin Has Already Established How That Relationship Is Going To Work.

4-5 Wr's. No Need For A TE.


There are at least 6-7 wr's in this class with very good potential to be a pro bowler at least once in thier pro career. A few will see multiple pro bowlers.


Hate to burst your bubble fella. But its been quoted, not just reported, Boldin will choose to retire if he doesnt remain a Raven.


In your examples of FA's each of those teams were already contenders for an SB, except New Orleans who added Brees but didn't win an SB for a number of years during which they built a team around him (for example drafting Carl Nicks).

Bolden and Jones had big games for the Ravens but it was Flacco, drafted 18th) who won the SB. It took him five years to reach an elite level and Torrey Smith and Ray Rice (both drafted) we're also important.

Tennehill is a few years from reaching that level (if he ever does) and so, as I mention in my post, FA is for adding pieces (as you state above) but the draft is far more important to this team. Wallace will not win Miami a SB unless we draft winners on both sides of the ball and Tennehill improves year on year.

Come on man! Mendenhall?

What Franco Harris wasn't available?

As for winning a sb, every superstar is only as good as the players around them.

In order to win a sb, yes, superstars have to live up to their billings. However, in almost every instance, a player few expected, also stepped up to become a "supporting star" in their own right.

Thats why they say that this is a "TEAM" game. No one does it exclusively alone.

Texas, I thought I read that he was not workign out on the pro day.

Craig, getting excite about the talent linked to Miami. Even heard we were hot on Jared Cook which Armando didn't really touch on ... btu those prices Mando quoted were crazy. has this guy ever even been to the pro bowl?

Actually YG, not like you to spread false or dated info but as of today, Boldin said he won't take a pay cut and his agent said he would be willing to sign with other teams.


YG mocked me a few weeks ago for ne saying Cook would be a good guy for this team to go after. Said 'there was no way in Hell' Cook ever made it to FA. Will he be pricey? Yeah. Too pricey? Maybe. I think I'd look at Bennett as an laternative but I'd have interest in Fred Davis too and perhaps even Meyers in Oakland. Anything to upgrade the position really. I can't take another season of Fasano being our only option.

The priority resigning that must happen that hasnt happened yet is Anthony Fasano.

No, he isn t a superstar or even close to superstar status. Still he is a very important pice of our supporting cast puzzle.

Instead of going after Cook or spending a high draft choice at TE in the draft. The entire dolfan nation needs to take a deep breath and see what develops of Michael egnew in the upcoming 2013 season.

We can not continue taking on big contracts and not at somepoint in the closley upcoming years not run amuck to salary cap pergutory.

'The Palm Beach Post hears from "someone (it) trusts" that free agent Mike Wallace to Miami is a "done deal."
ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today have all insinuated as such over the past 24 hours, making the evidence that Wallace is planning to take his talents to South Beach overwhelming. Wallace's rep could drag talks out on Tuesday for the sake of squeezing a few extra dimes out of an obviously desperate team, but it doesn't appear anyone else has near the desire level to get a deal done.'

Way to go Jeff...Might as well go out swinging in a contract year. No one can fault you for trying.
Source: Palm Beach Post
Mar 11 - 9:53 AM


Again, youre so full of yourself. You arent important enough to mock. I simply made a statemnt base on a report I made and posed as "according to a report I read".

Geesh this bum is so full of himself. Reports can be erroneous at time too. Go after thje reporter dickhead.


Anthony Fasano? How is HE a priority signing? You kidding me? For his blocking? Don't we have a ton of guys who can block? If Fasano was a priority he would have been done by now.

What's the danger of not signing Fasano? Means we have to sign a guy like Kevin Boss. I'd be fine with that.

Fasano a 'priority signing'? In your dreams, maybe.

Craig, YG's an idiot. No point in even trying to reason with the buffoon.


Oh yeah, dickhead, Ive read reports stating the Giants are trying to do everything possible to resign Martellus Bennett. So go ahead and make a post "Im mocking you" on that too. LOL...

Actually YG,

You mock people who's oopinion doesn't match yours. I'm no the first and I' won't be the last. And for that I'm a 'dickhead'? OK bud....good point.

Your comment to me about Cook 'Use your fukking head. If we had a guy like Cook wouldn't we do everything we could to keep him. Honest to God, some Dolfans have shtyte for brains'.

Was there mention in there of anything about a 'report' or were you just expressing your opinion?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 11, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Well, if true, it would only mean there isnt a deroggatory term invented in English language that fully does you and your twin Craigm's inneptitude.

St. Patricks Day and the Catholic Church picking a new Pope in the same week.

Must be party time for alcoholics and pedophiles.

We can not continue taking on big contracts and not at somepoint in the closley upcoming years not run amuck to salary cap pergutory.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 11, 2013 at 11:59 AM


You make a comment like that and then say 'Fasano is a priority signing'. Fasano is a complete and total waste of money, IMO. And I'm not going to sit around and see if Egnew makes it. The time for patience and conservative moves for this team has passed.

Just wondering if you're going to throw a hissy fit if they don't resign Fasano, as you did with the Hartline, Bush and Moore moves. This should be interesting to watch.

Actually YG,

You mock people who's oopinion doesn't match yours.

Posted by: Craig M | March 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM




It gets tiresome reading how FA doesn't work. We are not talking about signing guys at the end of their stellar careers. We are talking about signing players in their PRIME. Wallace, Cook, Winston, Mendenhall. All an immediate upgrade.

Posted by: Craig M | March 11, 2013 at 12:06 PM



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