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Dolphins interested in Rashard Mendenhall

The Dolphins will obviously add a running back to compete if Reggie Bush is allowed to walk in free agency as I've reported. Bottom line, they need more bodies because Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Jonas Gray and Marcus Thigpen aren't enough bodies to take to training camp.

And a competition between Miller and Thomas for the starting job seems less that inspiring because Miller seems to clearly be the better back.

But Rashard Mendenhall to the Dolphins?

Well, that's the buzz going around the NFL as voiced most loudly by NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah on his twitter feed over the weekend. Jeremiah, a former NFL scout, obviously has connections around the league so he's as credible as most.

But Rashard Mendenhall to the Dolphins?

Apparently the Dolphins are eyeing more than one prospective Steelers free agent. Obviously the Dolphins cannot sign Mendenhall until 4 p.m. on Tuesday when unrestricted free agency's signing period begins. So we're talking interest in the abstract right now.

But Mendenhall is an interesting guy.

Yes, he has loads of talent. Yes, he is a load himself at 5-10 and 225 pounds. Yes, he is very fast, having clocked in the 4.4s coming out of college. He was even fast enough to be Pittsburgh's kickoff return man earlier in his career.

Mendenhall, 25, also has two 1,000-yard seasons to his credit, those coming in 2009 and 2010.

But Mendenhall is something of an enigma and 2012 was a disaster for many reasons.

In January 2012 he suffered a torn ACL injury to a knee and had to spend his entire offseason rehabilitating the injury. Unlike Adrian Peterson who recovered from a similar injury like a champion, Mendenhall languished and simply wasn't the same player.

He not only played only six games but languished by gaining 3.6 yards per carry. And when coaches didn't think he was trying very hard, they deactivated him for a game against San Diego. Well, Mendenhall didn't bother to show up for that tilt. And so he was suspended for the next game against Dallas.

Mendenhall also stirred some controversy in May 2011 when he got on twitter and chided Americans for celebrating the killing of Osama bin Laden. One of his tweets seemed to suggest he didn't blame bin Laden for 9-11 by raising the possibility of a conspiracy theory.

Mendenhall tried to walk back his position by first tweeting he was just trying to stir conversation and then apologized outright through the Steelers. But Champion Sporting Goods dropped Mendenhall from an endorsement deal.

Mendenhall's, cough, interesting history, diminished production, and Pittsburgh's difficult salary cap situation are undoubtedly reasons the Steelers haven't re-signed the player. That the Dolphins are reportedly interested in Mendenhall -- something I've not idenpendently confirmed -- might be yet another example of the paradigm shift the team is undergoing in its approach to free agency.

The Denver Broncos are also reportedly interested in Mendenhall.


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Posted by: BP | March 11, 2013 at 03:17 PM


Quin is the safety I would grab. Grimes and/or Houston for CB. Looks like Fins will be drafting two CBs if they dont

I'd rather start Carroll over almsot all the rookie corners this year... Rookie CB always get tortured at first.


I like Quinn too. And Houston. I wouldn't be interested in Grimes, not because he's not a good player, but because I don't like small corners, he's coming off an injury and I think he's going to command big money. Houston yes. Lewis yes. Williams yes but Grimes not as much.

Matt Moore's cap hit for this year is 2.5 million according to Beasley

Craig, I see the "small" point but the kid broke up a ton of passes last year which makes him look like a possible get. We will know shortly though, 24 hours will start the frenzy


Hard for me to disagree and say he's not a good player. He is.

I'd rather we sign one of those other guys cheaper and then draft a guy like Rhodes in the draft. It's not that Grimes isn't a very good player, just that he comes with some question marks.

Craig, spare me your nonsense. They took your BS down too. Once again, conveiently leaving out facts to make your case? LMAO!

You troll me like a jaded ex lover. Go annoy YG. He enjoys it.

Anybody really want to see another 2nd pick used on a RB? Especially one who resembles Lamar Miller so much?

I don;t see a point in taking any RB with a pick before the 3rd. The most athletic RB is Christine Michael who a) has a girl's name and B) wasn't even productive yardage wise in school.

This isn't a great crop.

In fact the best RB is really broken - Marcus lattimore.

HBCU Classic Sports
2013 Draft Rankings (1-20)

Name Ht Wt. Pos. School

1. Terron Armstead 6’5, 306 OL AAMU
2. Keith Pough 6’3, 240 OL Howard
3. Brandon Hepburn 6’3, 230 ILB FAMU
4. Kejuan Riley 6’1, 206 S Ala St.
5. Vernon Kearney 6’1, 180 CB Lane
6. Jamal Johnson-Webb 6’5, 315 LB AAMU
7. Brandon Thurmond 6’1, 260 DE UAPB
8. Derrick Washington 6’2, 230 RB Tuskegee
9. Rogers Gaines 6’5, 320 OL Tenn. St.
10. Bill Ross 6’3, 230 LB UAPB
11. Travis Harvey 6’2, 185 WR FAMU
12. Joseph LeBeau 6’2, 220 LB Jackson St.
13. Jakar Hamilton 5’11, 220 S SC State
14. Trabis Ward 5’11, 205 RB Tenn. St.
15. Deauntre Mason 6’3, 230 QB AAMU
16. Chris Slaughter 6’3, 185 DL FVSU
17. Mike Mayhew 6’0, 210 RB NC A&T
18. Jimmy Daniels 6’2, 230 DL Ala St.
19. Xavier Proctor 6’6, 274 DL NCCU
20. Terron Jones 6’9, 320 OL Ala St.


Mark, I like the idea of Mendenhall if he's cheap. If not, I'm sure they can find a cheap body in FA or late in the draft who is big & can pick up a yard or two when necessary.


I troll YOU? That's funny! You're the clown that says, 'I'm done with you' but here you are again, right on cue.....CLASSIC!

So, I guess instead of Armando verifying your claim they took your nonsense down. Interesting....

I'll wait for your response to me with 'baited breath'....LOVER!


lattimore's an interesting guy. Tons of talent. I guess it depends if you believe he can come all the way back after the injury. Certainly worth the risk in the 4th, IMO but higher than that, then maybe you're missing out on an good player.

Mark in Toronto, I would absolutely take Lattimore in the later rounds. Kid went through a ton to get back to where he is. Even if he sits another year, so be it. I'm pulling for him to do well

Who cares, turdbrain? WHO CARES! You're utterly & completely pathetic.

I'll be done with you whenever I wanna be. As long as you continue to troll me, I'll counter. Don't like it? You know what to do. Which is impossible for you to do which is shut up.

Your life is so unfulfilling you have to troll me & my catchphrases about you.

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How you like dem apples?!

finz have that rb from nd.?j gray.

On an on and on and on....

Sound like another poster on here?

Looks like more work for The Herald's IT guys.

Craig, Booby, since it looks like we are getting a free 4th pick for Langford/Henne, why not use it on a stash away talent like Lattimore ... that would be a wise move.

LOL, yeah Mendenhall on a reasonable contract, why not? I wuld agree that someone who runs tough and hard to complement Miller would be of use.

Sheeit, should read *Bobby

Stupid fingers ...

Percy Harvin just traded to Seattle for Hawks #1 in draft an apparently conditional 3. The Vikes now all in on M.Wallace bidding WAR with the Dolphins.

Greetings Dolphin Nation, just dropping in and giving you my 2 cent. I know longer feel comfortable getting players that are being released due to a serious injury. I'm not too happy with Jeff Ireland myself but everyone is entitled to 5th chances.

Rd. 1 Eddie Lacy Ala
Rd. 2 Robert Woods USC
Rd. 2 Steadman Bailey WVU

The rest should be CB, OL, and DE. Sometimes you have to be lucky but other times you have to be sure. I was looking at the AFC East PF (Point Fielded) and PA (Points Allowed). We allowed the least amount of points in our division so my draft wish is that we address that FIRST and trust the coaches to find/draft serviceable replacements for the other parts. Until next time....EFF the patriots, the jets and the bills.

Answer: Craig M
Question? Who Cares?

I'm still here because maybe, just maybe troll, I'm not YG? Look deep inside your fatself & you'll know it to be true!

You'll grasp at any straws except the only logical conclusion! HErald IT guys could have banned me but, haven't? Think about it.

Speaking of on & on...I guess you don't see what everyone else sees daily.

Same Sh8t, different minute from you. Get some new material TROLL. You attack every post of mine, that's what trolls do.


Corner back Deangelo Hall is available. Sign him for cheap money.

I'm out for the day. Seriously Craig, you could ruin a wet dream. You're a friggin joke! But, I am thrilled to point it out daily for 1 & all.

The floor is all yours your Highness. Have at it TROLL.

Then again, WHO CARES?

YG, you post here so incessantly that a lot of it is beginning to sound like a conversation with yourself. You seem to think everyone else is invested in these weird tangents you go on but it's more like sitting in a subway next to some homeless guy mumbling to himself.

Mark in Toronto, I would absolutely take Lattimore in the later rounds. Kid went through a ton to get back to where he is. Even if he sits another year, so be it. I'm pulling for him to do well

bobbyd12 | March 11, 2013 at 03:52 PM

If we receive compensatory 4th rounder as has been reported I would consider taking Lattimore then and there. All UM fans know that the only reason F.Gore wasn't a high #1 pick was due to 2 severe knee injuries (one to each knee with multiple ligament damage) and after rehabbing (with micro-surgery what it is today comebacks aren't what they use to be and the injury not the career killer it was once) Gore has gone on to have a spectacular Pro Career were he carried S.F. before the arrival of H.C. Harbaugh. The McGahee injury in 02 Fiesta Bowl also comes to mind in what was one of the ugliest injuries I've ever seen and he returned for steady career as well. Lattimore with multiple picks through RD's 2-4 is worth the risk if there late 4th.

Boldin to the 49ers!

This is not FIRELAND like, a problem child like Mendenhall? dont see it. I'll give a you a RB name to look at Chris Ivory ( Saints, Combo of Bush ( speed, catch & Thomas, Power

fin4lifw, I don't believe there will be any bidding war. I believe the Fins gave Wallace his 12 million 5 year contract and that's it. Minn won't go that high plus with an 8% state income tax, they can't compete. Fins announce Wallace signing tomorrow I believe


I'm right here posting under one name since day one, LOL. You? You're three inconsequential little letters (which fits you well and is also what YG likes to use at the end of his posts. Accusing you? Me? NO. Just pointing that out....hint, hint).

You also love to use the vulgarity (wet dream, you're a sick puppy), just like YG. THAT's the crap The Herald should be cleaning up.

Boldin traded to 49ers for sixth round pick.....what a steal!!!!

Boldin to 49ers for 6th rid pick. I guess that's why you trade him. Someone wanted him badly enough.


I'm all in on lattimore in the 4th if he's there. Not sure he will be but we'll see. The extra 4th could also be a good trade up chip for someone we really want.

I like Mendenhall too. I'll be shocked if he signs for $2-3 mil a year, as DD suggested this morning. Someone will overpay for this guy because he's only 25 and has two 1,000 yard seasons under him.

Yeah but it's also a good move for the Ravens. I gets the contract off the books and perhaps allows them to sign a guy like Ellerbe. Most people will embrace this for the Niners but this is also a REALLY good move for the Ravens. They were going to chop this guy and still have cap consequences.

Boldin to 49ers for 6th rid pick. I guess that's why you trade him. Someone wanted him badly enough.

bobbyd12 | March 11, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Perfect fit on this team and probably pushes D.Walker out of equation and into FA market were I like his route running ability. Also looks like Ravens tagging Pitta with 3rd RD tender as RFA. Adding 2 possibilities for us at T.E. Given the pickings at the Pos. via the draft and the money Cook or Bennett command in the open market I would seriously consider giving up the 3 to Baltimore offering Pitta a deal while waiting to see what offers Walker gets.

Here's a clue, I'm not Craig M. Believe it or not there are other people who can't stand your holier than thou attitude and know you are both LOL and YG4E because you use the same exact phrases when attacking people.

Hey YG,

When does Boldin have his press conference to announce he's retiring?

Looks like you missed on another, bud.

Craig just ignore him and let me mess with him for a while. Just sit back and watch him get mad. Pretty soon he will be making fun of Canadiens.

I like Mendenhall too. I'll be shocked if he signs for $2-3 mil a year, as DD suggested this morning. Someone will overpay for this guy because he's only 25 and has two 1,000 yard seasons under him.

Craig M | March 11, 2013 at 04:22 PM

I agree with you here 100% this is a young player who just 2 Yrs. ago was seen a real up and comer in the NFL. I don't see him signing anywhere under 4.5 per with incentives pushing the # higher.

The Baltimore cap casualties begin.

And just to think a mere 8 hours ago the Burrito fart YG said Bolding would retire before playing for another team.

Another mighty air biscuit floated by the fountain of misinformation

D'Angelo Hall chopped today by the 'skins. Still a good player, IMO. Not sure what the pricetag will get to but he'd be a guy I'd inquire on. Not saying he's the ANSWER but worth exploring.

3rd round tender for Pitta ... yeah I'd do it without blinking.

fin4lifw, I don't believe there will be any bidding war. I believe the Fins gave Wallace his 12 million 5 year contract and that's it. Minn won't go that high plus with an 8% state income tax, they can't compete. Fins announce Wallace signing tomorrow I believe

bobbyd12 | March 11, 2013 at 04:17 PM

We are the better fit for him given our QB's ability to air it out plays better to his strengths as a player but ESPN's Clayton reporting 11th Hour offer from Vikes a real possibility now.

I would take Lattimore in the 4th but doubt he'll be there. Too much talent and after the seasons Gore and A Peterson had, I'm sure a GM will figure the injury history shouldn't outweigh the potential and will take the risk. I can almost see teams like GB, NY Giants, SF with fewer holes to fill just taking the chance.

fin4life, maybe, I'm not a big Walker fan though. Rather have Bennett or Cook. As far as Mendenhall goes, I don't think the guy can get a big contract with the negatives around him. I maybe wrong but I've seen multiple sights list him as a 3 million dollar back in this market.

no way in hell on hall. with wallace a done deal here per report on bleachers we need to add cook and 2 legit corners now


He'll be blaming on a 'report', like he did with the Cook fiasco.

I'm telling you, there was NO report that he made reference to with Cook. It was all editorial and opinion.

harvin will make seattle so dangerous

Where did YG go? Is he at the park being pushed on the swings by LOL? (wink!wink!).

Anquan Boldin for a 6th Rd pick, and to SF. Who are they trying to hoodwink here?

Mike Wallace no es rapido, el es veloz. Please apply your Spanish in a correct way.

I believe Pitta will be a 2nd round tender and the Ravens would have a chacne to match our offer, so idk if its worth it or not. Might be able to pull it off since the Ravens are in cap hell thanks to Flacco.

Not counting on Wallace until its set in stone 24 hours from now hopefully. I don't know why Ireland is inquiring on Gibson. Maybe a smoke screen or a backup plan, but his numbers are very pedestrian.

I hope Fasano gets resigned as the number 2 at maybe 3-4 million. Good blocker and has caught his fair share of TDs.

3rd round tender for Pitta ... yeah I'd do it without blinking.

Mark in Toronto | March 11, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Real NO-BRAINER for me as well, looks like Ravens CAP situation is hurting them BAD! ESPN reporting the Colts and their 47.5 Mil CAP windfall are all over P.Kruger. Lots of losses looming for S.B. Champs will be interesting to see how there GM Newsome works the draft were you can almost feel trades in their horizon to add through CAPPED rookies.

Ozzie must be pissed as all hell. I wonder why?

I think his boss caught him texting his posts from behind the fryolator and made him get back to mopping the floors. He will be back soon enough.

I must say Mr. M & Mr. Obvious are steadfast in their ignorance.

They continually belly ache over what names YG uses. Knowing he might be a troll, they continue to talk to him.

Ask yourselves why? It's contradictory at the very least. Sometimes, as in this case, it's easy to pick out the stupid people you meet in life.

Those 2 are in a league of their own.

Ozzie, or anybody else, cannot perform their duties to Corp. without adequate funding.

go get grimes or houston

'49ers acquired WR Anquan Boldin from the Ravens in exchange for a 2013 sixth-round draft pick.'

Unbelievable. This is why the Niners are my favorites to win the SB. Said that last year too.

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