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Dolphins logo talk PLUS Salguero mock draft pick

It's logo talk this morning.

As you may know, I confirmed Tuesday that the logo leaked via instagram on the Internet last week is no fake. It is the real deal. It is the Dolphins new logo .

And my column in today's Miami Herald gives you some insight that I gathered relative to that logo being unveiled in a month.

But here is something that wasn't in the column that I've saved for you here:

The Dolphins uniforms will be aqua and orange. That means all white sometimes. That means aqua jerseys and white pants sometimes. I suppose it can even mean white jerseys with aqua pants sometimes. But there will be no alternate jersey in 2013.

No orange.

And thankfully, no orange on orange.

By the way, I was on NFL AM this morning representing the Dolphins in the program's mock draft. (Why NFL AM couldn't get a better representative, I don't know). Anyway, this is the mock I was given as picked by experts and beat writers in the cities where the teams are located.












So with the No. 12 overall pick and with no option to trade down I selected Washington CB Desmond Trufant.

Here's my logic: The Dolphins need a cornerback. They lost two three-year starters since the beginning of 2012 and have no real replacements right now. I don't buy the Dimitri Patterson talk for one minute. Cornerback is also an elite position so I don't mind upgrading with such a high pick.

Milliner is gone but I've got Xavier Rhodes and Desmond Trufant on the board.

I went with Trufant.

He's smarter. He's more instinctive. He's more fluid. He is a much, much, much superior system fit than Rhodes. Rhodes is the pick if you're wanting a press corner. The Dolphins don't want that. They want a man who can play zone, play combo, quarters, all of it. That's Trufant, who by the way, comes from football pedigree as his brother Marcus plays for Seattle.

Rhodes is bigger at 6-1 but Trufant at 5-11 5/8ths is plenty big. He's also more willing in run support. He runs very well. And he has great ball skills.

Was he the best available player (BAP)? No.

Star Lotulelei was still on the board. But the Dolphins need a cornerback of the future more than they need a defensive tackle with a heart condition that grades higher.


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I'll take Trufant there......but with Lane gone, is one of the DEs a better option?

am i supposed to say first.....and second?--do I care?


All respect thrown out the door

Star and that's it? I don't mind the Trufant pick but as far as BPA you gotta think about Jarvis Jones, Jonathan Cooper, Bjoern Werner at least. I wish people would be more creative and look at ways to use Jarvis Jones in non 3-4 schemes. It's working for Von Miller. I'm not saying Jones is Miller but I think he could make a much bigger difference on defense than Rhodes or Trufant.

agree about looking at Jones, Werner, etc--still would take BPA regardless

Orange jerseys are the best... fail

I wish somebody would of asked me, I could have come up with a much better PBA (player thats best available) for the fins at 12.

The CB Position is a position of more need regarless of what may happen now in FA, si Armando I Agree with you 1000% (is that possible?). They just need to have multiple guys competing and have better players at CB, in fact they need to draft a min of two players; one with the 12th pick and perhaps another in the back end of the third or maybe the forth round but knowing these guys I wouldn't put it pass them to go after a DT (trying to build from the inside out) with their 12th pick so as to keep the Defensive Line the strength of the team.

Raiders, Cardinals, Bills and likely Jets all need a QB and the Browns take one. LOL...Going to be a long year in all those places.

How about the Ansah hype? 4.5 sacks last year and he's one of the best DE in the draft and taken second? AND Has admitted to a lack of stamina?


For this Past week Ive been all over this Desmond Trufant thing. If not, 2nd option, Darrius Slay. Similar size, similar speed, both ran under 4.4 40's.

Both not overly big, but far from small cb's too. Would mind a Slay/Trufant double-down draft either. LOL...

If Jonathan Cooper is still on the board @ 12 then you HAVE to take him. Trufant is a serious reach @ 12.

Why did they feel they needed to change to logo ? It is tradition. I would think they would be concerned with putting a quality football team on the field. I'll wear my old stuff.

The BPA (or BAP, lmao) at 12 is on the o-line or d-line. Taking any corner at 12 that is not named Milliner would be a reach and thus, not the BPA/BAP/PBA. Period!

the pick of trufant is a good one. Miami needs a corner, and trufant is on the board. Its a no brainer. A trade down would have been nice though.

But Mando, Who's going to block for T-Hill? The end of last year he was running every play to avoid the pressure. The further along in the draft you get the harder it's going to be for someone to step in from Day 1 and be a starter on this line without T-hill taking a lot of sacks, pressures and hits. Not sure this is a good plan for your franchise QB.

Been all over Trufant over Rhodes. Guys here can attest to that.

Also, Ive mentioned a trade up to #10 to take Lane ahead of the Chargers. Then go with a corner similar to Trufant in speed, size and skill. Darius Slay, Mississippi.

If not going Lane, I would love to have both Trufant and Slay. LOL...

White fact masks,,,OUT. The best pass defense is a great pass rush,,,period.

Yeah, I'm kinda bummed about no alternate jersey. I think from a marketing standpoint, that's a bad idea. Up here, Skins throwbacks are popular, even the tradition-loving Steelers get in the game with their hideous throwbacks. Alternate jerseys give the fans something to look forward to, increases jersey sales, changes things up from time to time, improves the overall culture of a team. They need to re-think that next year (orange jerseys, white pants).

I don't get this Jonathan Cooper or Warmack with the #12 at all. Only 312 oline pick making sense would be OT(Lane) if there. I would still trade up to #10 to get him. The Titans guy would still be there at #12, so it should be a cheap and easy trade up.

Taking a OG at #12 addresses no glaring need. Yes, we could use an upgrade at OG, but it is not a glaring need that's priority over OT or corner.

Why reward Ross for poor performance? If he cant win and wont pay his own expenses then he really needs to sell the team (which he may do after a handout).

Mando is just trying to support his panic column yesterday which fretted over the Dolpins lack of movement on the cornerback front. He's showing that the Dolphins will be telegraphing their picks and picking for need/desparation instead of BPA. I still think corners are overvalued these days since they can't even touch the receivers.


Fins had white Face masks in the early 70's. You need to make a correction on that. Its all over PFT. Its not the first time in history fins donned white facemasks. They actually Donned them in the Shula era. LOL...

I dont care about them hosting A SB if they're not in it. Make the handout only after they win a SB. Give Ross some incentive to improve his crap team.

Posted by: mia73 | March 27, 2013 at 09:13 AM

If you were gm I would have to highly reconsider remaining a Dolfan too.

Posted by: Dr Alan | March 27, 2013 at 09:15 AM

Further proof dolfans aren't all city of Miami fans. fret not, you wont be voting out of towner. LOL...

I know its sounds crazy but with slay been available later in draft they pick austin.Thill needs protection but we arent running a 5-7 step passing attack its 3-5 quick get the ball out.

We have to trade up to get Milliner
or trade down and get Trufant later (Rhodes will be pickup before Trufant)

Great pick Mando!

I was talking on here yesterday with a few of you and I am on the Trufant bandwagon. I hope we get him! He has more then a few youtube highlights if anyone is interested in taking a look.

I didn't want this draft to come down to picking for a position of need but it is what it is at this point. Even if Miami signed Grimes or Nnamdi or someone else still wouldn't solve the problem. There's good reason those guys are still available. Miami needs a guy who can get take aways. Trufant by all accounts is the better player now with better balls skills.

Rhodes too many red flags already. All I hear is if he don't work out at CB he can play safety. Thats not why we're drafting him and to me that means he doesn't have a position he's good at right now for NFL.

I would feel that cb's Trufant and Slay, then Georgia safety Shawn Williams mid rd.

The last combo Fin safeties from the same school(UF) weren't to shabby. Jarvis Williams/Louis Oliver.

We can do it again with Reshad Jones/Shawn Williams, both from UGA. LOL....

B Grimes would be the better move at CB. Trade down for Eifert or maybe Cyprien

Posted by: spree | March 27, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Exactly why I also say trade up to #10 and take Lane from the Chargers. I believe Slay and Trufant are similar players even though I would rate Trufant higher.

Can you please tell me how you can make this logo look good on a hat.

Time to stock up on old hats I guess. This is a very poor, poor choice. Should have hired Adidas. I love my dolphins but if this is the logo my wife is going to be really happy that she no longer has to spend money on Dolphins Gear.

This sucks from this fans point of view. Will still root for my boys just not the gear.

God these guys screw everything up. How did this man make Billions!

New logo

It's not that I hate it but are the so called creative genious's at Nike fell asleep on this one. It's just to bland. They faced the Dolphin in the opposite direction, took off the played out cartoon helmet which I expected but outside of that it lacks any pop and sizzle that a team from Miami should have.

I actually have seen a demo/BS mock uniforms that were much more creative and appealing. Nike failed on this one.

You're right mando, Star and Sheldon Richardson were the best players on the board but Trufant is a top 10 athletic talent in this draft, and is also a better athlete than most of the guys picked ahead of him. He also plays a premier position which the two DTs do not and you also can't downpay the fact that the Dolphins have severe depth at DT while they are thin at CB. If this is the way it pans out, I would not be upset in the least. Good job Mando..

Brent Grimes? Better than drafting Trufant? Hopefully youre not basing that on your crystal ball Grimes will be 100% the player he was before the achilles.

Personally, I believe Grimes will be solid at best. Reason teams aren't all over him and cb's like Sean Smith are even long signed by now.

32 gm's disagree Grimes will be the exact same player he was before the Achilles injury. If not, he would have been tier 1 of fa signings. Right now he's only a value signing. Hence, he isn't signed, attests to his present grouping.


I actually don't have a problem with the new logo. The dolphin is sleeker, and I like that it's not as cartoonish (though I'd prefer the orange or red eyes, that was cool). And the starburst is MUCH better. I think it'll look fine on a hat. My only gripe is no alternate jersey (and I would have preferred a different color combo but it is what it is, looks like they won't get away with the aqua/orange. Not like I'm changing allegiances over it.

Andy/YG, I'm on board with Trufant. I like the CB pick more than OG in the 1st round. I just don't see the use of picking a 1st round lineman unless it's a LT and you have pretty much all other positions covered. Just like RB, it's a bad draft strategy.

Lane might will be the pick if he falls to 12, but thinking Eifert, Patterson and Austin could all be in play. Ross sounded so giddy when he was saying they are not done adding playmakers, so he might be giving some insight to what Ireland is thinking.
On the logo front, if anyone has fishing pictures in Dolphin gear or any team for that matter send them to fishingherald@gmail, I am planning to add team pride fishing section in the near future on my fun fishing site...fishingherald.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 27, 2013 at 09:41 AM

You read my comments, Ive been talking Trufant at least a week now. I don't get a "good job" YG4E? ROTFLMAO..........Bwahahah........................

If that was tru YG, then why has Nnamdi not signed yet? Why are 32 NFL GM's not all over him. Has arguably the best corner in the game (2 years ago) fallen off that much that Sean Smith signs a deal before him?

Werner is a bust, Jones' measurables are horrible ... Trufant is a way better pick than either. if you are going BPA (not BAP), then the only ricals there are Star, Johnathan Cooper, and Sheldon Richardson. And most of you would've wanted Irelans burned alive if he drafted another lineman.,.. darned if you do, darned if you don't I guess...

Dashi isn't going to like this, he's been all over the Xavier Rhodes bait a month or more now. LOL...

Andy, I actually liked a few of the fan contest entries better too. Dolphin looked more intimidating. But wait to see this on the jersey/helmet, I think it will grow on people.

YG, when you start talking football, i go by your post. You're a blithering idiot. The very essence of one in fact. You discovered Desmond Trufant like I discovered Lake Ontario on my drive to work. I came about my Trufant knowledge by studying the player, his measurables, and comparing them to his peers in this class. I know his 40 time, the results of his agility tests, how explosive he is, how productive he is, and how big he is compared to the top 20 corners in this class. I didn't come about his play out of the back of my arse like you did.

we should take rhodes or trufant at #12, then trade back into first round for Tavon Austin. Or which ever works out with their draft spots


BIG MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nnamdi was making like 13 million a year before cut. He;s probably talking around 9-10 million to sign with a team right now. Many of the teams who had cap space no longer have it. Handful of teams that may have cap space are still mulling over value vs 1 Nnamdi and does he singlehandedly make them a contender orover the top team.

Hell, if Nnamdi would take Sean smith mone Ireland would sign him today. No questions asked. LOL...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 27, 2013 at 09:51 AM


I already knew speaking to you would be like opening the lid of an unflushed toilet. Soooooo....... predictable! Bwoosh.............. blop-bloop.... bloop-bloop! LOL....

YG, I agree with you on getting Johnson early if a trade with the Titans can be pulled off. My only concern is what if he gets picked even earlier than that.

I'm guessing it wouldn't take much to trade from 12 to 10 though. Maybe a 4th and a 7th or something.

Trufant is a decent pick Mando, but I wouldve liked Cooper. I don't think Trufant is much better than Taylor or Wreh Wilson who the Dolphins have a decent shot at with pick 42.


Please dolphins get the BPA, it's a deep draft at cb & ol and we have 11 picks let's hope the scouts did a great job of evaluating talent . But the first pick should be best player available hands down no matter what position.

Don't give up on Dimitri Patterson.

He has skills and is decent cover corner.


I agree bro that in picking an O-linemen that if you are not picking a LT then you should wait. However only because I've seen him not just beat the competition but simply maul/dominate/destroy opposition that if Miami went with Chance Warmack I wouldn't gripe one bit.

However accroding to Gil Brandt he believes the talent level of guards and OTs after Joeckel/Fisher/Lane Johnson/Warmack is all similar in Cooper (UNC), Warford (Kentucky), Pugh (Syracuse), Fluker (Bama), Kyle Long (Oregon). So yeah waiting to round 2 seems like a much better value if you don't get one of the top guys however he does have Warmack as a top guy but again a guard at #12 is sort've tough when you have a glaring need for 2 starting CBs.

Uniforms bro IDK. Wait and see mode. The pale aquas from the 70's and even early 80's was much more Miami then the darkish green color that we've see of late. So they might just work out but the dolphin and sun could've been far more creative.

We will not pick at twelve. And if we did it would not be a corner.


Im not sure I would try to trade up any higher than #10 for Lane. But Joeckle and Fisher should take care of Lane not boing any higher.

Look at the mock Armando posted, There really aren't any teams there where Lane outweighs their most urgent need. Therefore, the Chargers look like the only serious threat to take Lane.

New logo = mas mula get it!

Andy NJ,

Guys wanting guards forget Philbin's is a zone blocking scheme. He doesn't necessarily need mauler guards. Just quick and very athletic ones.

Just like Xavier Rhodes isn't necessarily a fit in our defensive scheme. Warmack isn't necessarily a marriage made in heaven to our offensive scheme. Thios is far from a Bama offense here.

The direction of the colors are great! The Logo Not So Much!!! A simple "M" would be better than that thing! Good luck selling that to men, maybe the women fans will like it! My friends are already giving me crap about it!!!

If you knew it would be so unpleasant to discuss with me then why even try? It's no secret that I detest you with good reason.

YG 4,

Agreed Philbin seems to prefer zone blocking and athleticism but at the same time and granted their not his guys but Jake Long who's gone was wanted back a lower price wasn't athletic, Incognito a PB alternate last year isn't athletic neither is Garner who was tendered or John Jerry. Pouncey and Martin who were drafted are more of the athletic mold so maybe they continue drafting that way but to simply say Warmacks not a scheme fit to me doesn't quite fit with what Philbins been saying. He says he prefer those guys but Warmack is athletic enough. He might not be the MOST athletic guard in the class but he's plenty athletic for the position and on top of that you're right a dominating mauler to boot.

I don't think he ends up the pick anyway because of what I been hearing about how close the next group like Pugh, Long etc in round 2 are. I think the pick is CB, pass rusher or even Eifert (slim but possible)

New Dolphins logo on the Helmet Photo:


I actually like it on the helmet.

Plenty of athletic interior linemen in later rounds. here are the ones I thought tested out well..

Brian Schwenke
J.C. Tretter
Garrett Gilkey
*Justin Pugh
Jeff Baca
Hugh Thornton
Brian Winters
*Alvin Bailey
Eric Herman

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