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Dolphins officially interested in Wallace, but ...

The Miami Dolphins have done what everyone expected them to do during this free agency signing period and have officially shown interest in prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. (That is now fact).

So, as I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the question is no longer whether the Dolphins actually want Mike Wallace. We're past that.

The question now is whether the Dolphins can land Mike Wallace?

I have no tangible information what it will take. Presumably a deal for Wallace is going to hit at least $12 million a year. And presumably, it will be done sometime next week. (That part is speculation).

More facts, you say?

Well, check the column because it discusses how the Dolphins have shifted their approach this free agency -- at least somewhat. Let's just say that their interest in 36-year-old Charles Woodson is significant because it shows the team is more willing to expand its search for talent.

Older guys are not out of bounds any more as long as they offer significant talent.

By the way, because it will take a good amount of money to sign Wallace and eventually a good amount of the salary cap you should know the Dolphins are at approximately $30.5 million in available cap space.

And, as many of you come to this blog or follow me on twitter to ask my opinion, I tell you exactly what I think of Miami's chances of getting Wallace ... in the column.



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You dont like seeing JLo and Serena Williams' fat rumpuses on the big screen? Better than hearing Buffett's fins to the left song!


Moss, Burress, Hartline, Bess Welker. Miami Dolphins Wide Receivers 2013

The 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR man has a lot of nerve asking for a handout for HIS stadium!

'Rams will release SS Quintin Mikell.
Mikell graded out as a top-five safety in Pro Football Focus' 2012 ratings, but he's going on age 33 and was owed $6 million. The Rams do not value aging safeties enough to pay that kind of coin. They now have needs at both safety spots and figure to pursue free agents like Louis Delmas, Kenny Phillips, and Chris Clemons. Mikell should not lack for suitors because he can still play. He racked up 101 tackles, three sacks, and four forced fumbles in 2012.'

Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
Mar 10 - 10:52 PM

The DB market is going to be FLOODED this Tuesday. I know he's 32 but this guy can still play. Talking about a a guy who missed one start in the last 5 years. Not bad.

schiano IS the right coach

dusty bottoms | March 10, 2013 at 09:13 PM

I think so as well, he was the best Assistant Coach at UM under Butch and the discipline really went out the window as well as efficient Offensive out put when he left Yr. 2 under Coker to be a H.C.

Think Ireland is so bad?

Look at what the Jets did with Sanjizz
The Bills with SuckPatrick
The Raiders with Palmer
KC with Cassel Quinn and company
Cards with Kolb

The list goes on....

Minn possibly with Ponder, cle with weeden, jax with gabbert & henne (lmao). And on and on and on...

Yet people say Ricky Speilman is a Good GM (lmfao) simply cause probably the best RB of this generation fell into his lap! They forget the trash he did down here. trading a 2nd or 3rd for Lamar Gorden to try and save their own skins. Drafting a LB that gets knocked the fuuuuuuuuuuu out at Iguana Cantina. Still LMFAO at that one!

Ireland has set records for most draft busts ever by a GM.

Anyone can get knocked out Philly. Especially you! I guarantee, if a fight broke out in a club, your jaw be knocked

Cmon bro. Mustachio took Jamar Fletcher. Saban gave us Ronnie Brown and Jason Allen. cam gave us Ginn and the fam. Who has Ireland takin that is a str8 up bust like most of those. Ronnie was servicable but at #2 overall.....ehhhhh, just aight i would say. And im talking past 2 years since Tuna left, dont give me the Pat White BS.

Straight Line speed, nothing more. No moves. No route discipline.

As a Medical Professional, I recommend not signing this overrated WR.

It won't be Ireland's first or last mistake. It will, however, be his most recent.

Chicken Philly, first off u dont know me tuff guy! Secondly, Eddie Moore was a punk! I would much rather have Koa Misi on my D, a guy who knocks another guy out THREW a door, than Eddie "twinkle toes" moore, wiping up the Iguana Cantina floor with his face. But i bet you would rather be clubbing, slammin Jaegerbombs or maybe sipping daquari's with Eddie Moore. You also probably enjoy peeing sitting down, so who am i to judge?

WE Had Welker.. We DIDN'T Know how to utilize him.. So we traded him/let him go to the Pats. He Became a Star there. Why would we want him Back. He would be invisible again here. Also Mike Wallace ISNT Going to be a Dolphin.. YUP I SAID IT! Ireland couldn't land Payton Manning, couldn't land Jeff Fischer & isnt going to land Wallace either. So WHY Do we have to keep talking about it??? Its Just Hype for the Media & Wallace's Agent & Publicist to get him the highest contract they can, because the higher his contract is.. the more money the agent & Publicist will make....

Posted by: upstatefinfan | March 11, 2013 at 12:46 AM

You said it LOL...who the fkk are you?

Bush signed here. Dansby signed. Cogs signed.

Quintin Mikell is being released. He'll be a fin by wednesday.

He isnt the one changing his name around just go throw shyt at other people's comments, kinda like the monkey's in the zoo.

Mikell needs to be a fin by tommorow or Tuesday. Good way to start FA. If Wallace does'nt sign here i think its more about Ireland n Philbin thinking there's more "value" in signing Jennings and another player (be it Winston, Mikell, whoever) than just 1 burner type WR with average to below avg hands and route running, who you will have to pay as the 3rd best WR in ALL OF FOOTBALL! and nothing else.

Not that fantasy football is relevant to real football when signing players but think about it....in your draft next year will u be picking Wallace ahead of Roddy White, Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson, B.Marshall, V. Jax even Percy Harvin? Probably not. Why? Cause he's nowhere near the 3rd best WR in the game!

I have no problem with giving Wallace a $12M incentive laden contract. However, a $12M guaranteed contract is not going to get it done, and only put us into cap issues down the road. Someone above said to name a FA signee that dominated for their team afterwards? I'll make that question tougher - name a WR FA signee that was a top producer for their new team? I remember all the hype about Anquan Bolden and how much we needed him. He's been average at best for the Ravens, and really only looked good late in the playoffs after so many years of mediocrity. Not saying he wouldn't be an upgrade for us ... but at what price?

Peter king reports that the dolphins will not have much competition for Wallace because other teams don't want to give him 11 mil

There is a reason nobody wants to give Mike Wallace 11 mil. He's not worth it. Can't argue his speed and the Dolphins desperately need that. Be his is a lousy route runner and dropped a lot of balls last year. Not sure what Mando's love fest is with this guy

I do like the Fins approach of considering sprinking in some veterans that we can definitley use. If Woodson has anything left in the tank, he's a great addition. Gibson could help in the red zone. But the Fins need to think DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT. Ireland either gets it right this year or leaves the facility permanently!

One play maker "mike wallace" alone is not enough! Dolphins must draft a patterson in draft..tight end needs upgrade also....why did we not go after percy harvin!!! ??? Ireland did not even try to land best playmaker in nfl in percy harvin....makes me nervous he's not going all out to add talent! But once we sign mike wallace, how fast until we sign next free agent...best players go fast, day one!

We need to draft wr patterson, his upside is way higher than any other wr in draft ! Patterson has nfl superstar potential...a taller percy harvin is what some nfl experts compare his skills to..if dolphins go four wide imagine :mike wallace, bess, hartline, patterson......pretty darn good! Go phins

Percy harvin just traded to seahawks, where was ireland???? Seattle is going to be crazy great on offense!

Seahwks land a #1 nfl draft pick, now will go after a wr in nfl draft.....wake up ireland....

I mean vikings get a #1 draft pick to draft a wr in first round..

Does anyone know know what Wallace and our other targets are asking for or are we guessing at this point?

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