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Dolphins officially interested in Wallace, but ...

The Miami Dolphins have done what everyone expected them to do during this free agency signing period and have officially shown interest in prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. (That is now fact).

So, as I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the question is no longer whether the Dolphins actually want Mike Wallace. We're past that.

The question now is whether the Dolphins can land Mike Wallace?

I have no tangible information what it will take. Presumably a deal for Wallace is going to hit at least $12 million a year. And presumably, it will be done sometime next week. (That part is speculation).

More facts, you say?

Well, check the column because it discusses how the Dolphins have shifted their approach this free agency -- at least somewhat. Let's just say that their interest in 36-year-old Charles Woodson is significant because it shows the team is more willing to expand its search for talent.

Older guys are not out of bounds any more as long as they offer significant talent.

By the way, because it will take a good amount of money to sign Wallace and eventually a good amount of the salary cap you should know the Dolphins are at approximately $30.5 million in available cap space.

And, as many of you come to this blog or follow me on twitter to ask my opinion, I tell you exactly what I think of Miami's chances of getting Wallace ... in the column.



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Why is Mike Wallace considered a great receiver. Yes he is fast, but when did he become great?? I would love to have Wallace but im not going to fool myself of him being a great player. His numbers have number represent greatness.

jets didnt really get burnt when ryan took over they went on a spending spree. it got them to 2 afc title games. posted by dusty bottoms
Ok your right they went to 2 AFC title games. However they lost and mortgaged the future without winning a Super Bowl. They were two wins away and now.........

Meant to say he never put up great numbers.

Wow Craig...a time found where we both agree with each other....Fins don't have a choice...they need to make a move on a veteran receiver that is going to make the WR squad and THILL better. I am fine with Wallace or Jennings. Just want to know we got one of them before heading to the draft.

Proven WR's are always preferred over possible college players.

Tannehill is developing into Chad Henne 2.0.

Some interesting names have popped up, James Harrison, Captain Munyrian, Adrian Wilson, Eric Winston, Phil Loadholt, Aaron Ross, Dawan Landry, Chris Houstan, Chris Gamble, Charles Woodson, Marcus Trufant. These are some free agents I would be happy to see land in Miami as well as Mike Wallace.

I'm with you on the need for a DE. We MUST have pressure on Tom Brady to win this division. I believe it's a very pressing need and if don't get one in FA we have to land a DE in the draft.


Agreed man. We're on the same page.


The Jets failed. They went for it....all in. And they didn't get there. They are paying for it now. If you don't win the Super Bowl, you've failed. Everyone else is second place. They don't give out medals for going to the Championship game two years in a row. Would we take that right now? Of course. But the Jets are a mess. I want us to have success but not be in salary cap jail down the road, which is where the Jets are right now.

Definately need to improve the 2nd dary. I can see the additions of Marcus Trufant, Aaron Ross, Captain Munyran, Chris Gamble, Adrian Wilson, Charles Woodson, Chis Houstan as possible f/a targets. Pick up Aaron Ross, draft Xavier Rhodes at # 12, and sign either Adrian Wilson or Charles Woodson and team them with Reshad Jones and a weakness could be turned into a strength.

Listening to espn the nfl network and all the other new England patriot cheerleader networks is pretty comical the way they report wich team gets him, if the dolphins sign Wallace they will have overpaid for a guy who just wants money and can only run one route but if the almighty do no wrong patriots sign Wallace they made another great move and outsmarted everyone to get the top free agent this year etc etc I mean if the guy is good he's good if he's not hes not but then again the patriots could sign some 90 year old amputee in a wheel chair and espn would tell us what a great move it is





I hope they get Wallace and draft a receiver too and have and awesome 4 wide set, this would also make Fasano better as well.I am all for building the offense up our defense could use some help but our o was really bad at times last year and we have to score some points to even have a chance to win our division

Say no to Wes Welker. He's not what we need. He wouldn't be hapf the player here he is in NE and he's 32 years old. We need a guy that stretches the field and that's not Welker.

Possible f/a pass rushers to help Cameron Wake are, James Harrison, Dwight Freeny, John Abraham, Osi Umanurya, Cliff Avril, Paul Kruger, Michael Bennet, and Connor Barwin.

I'd love to add Wallace who immediately upgrades our vertical assign game but at $12-12.5mil/year? Tough decision when we have other holes like at OL , pass rushing DE opposit Cam Wake, LB and in the secondary with Sean Snith probably moving on (and with what he wants, wave bye bye!..he isn't worth it). Also, there is a strong WR draft class.
We've been hard on Ireland, and usually justified, but he's got some tough decisions to make with the cap space on hand. Hope he makes the right ones because it'll be hard for him to have another opportunity like this with all the picks we have plus the cap space.

Call it fail but when was last afc title game we were in. Play away twice if they had a better qb would of been there. Ill take those chances for us for once

I agree with Craig about the need for a proven commodity and draft. I just don't like the idea of signing Wallace for that much money.

I like Charles Clay, but he hasn't developed as fast as we had hoped. I would love it if we signed Wallace, and drafted Tyler Eifert at #12. A good TE is a young developing QB's best friend. F/A possibilities for us at TE are Martellus Bennet, Jared Cook, Dustin Keller, Fred Davis, and Kevin Boss. I would really like Eifert at #12 though, has more upside and we can have more money to chase a Phil Loadholt or Eric Winston at RT.

I meant VERTICAL PASSING GAME. Good points by John "The Dolfan", lots of veteran pass rushers out there in FA. Get Cam Wake some additional help. He probably is more flagrantly held than most other DEs.

Love the pats beibg favs to land smith. Throw at him all day long

Craig that's true! I grew up in the 70's and 80's and just want the Dolphins to be a perennial contender again. This is the time to build a foundation of a team that can contends for years so will I among spending it I don't want to regret this decision down the road. If Tannehill was Marino, sure go for it. He isn't not yet and probably never will be. Yes there is a huge need for a WR but there is a huge need at tackle, safety, cornerback, defensive end, tight end and a guard that can pull. So I call Wallace a luxury that makes the vocal minority happy but not the true fan. To me if Ireland pulls this move without addressing the other areas, which would mean he'd have to be perfect in the draft, it smacks of desperation. It is short sighted...

That was suppose to say while I am not spending it....

Predictive text sucks!

Osi would be a solid add

Jennings, Bolidn, Clark.

Connor Barwin would be an interesting get. So would Elvis Dumervill if he is in fact cut by the Broncos. They'd be good bookends for Wake.

elvis cant stay healthy ever. no thanks on jennins. boldin isnt needed. whos clark?

IF, IF, Boldin comes free I would love to see the Fins sign him. He would make THILL much better. He goes for every ball and usually comes down with it.

Love Boldin!

Think the safety form San Fran would be a great get with a veteran pass rusher and Bennett or Cook.

be interesting to see what they do with harvin. looks to hold out if they dont deal him

Call it fail but when was last afc title game we were in. posted by dusty bottoms
The point is that building a team with long term viability is done by finding your own stars in the draft. If the Dolphins get Wallace, also spending a lot of money on Welker would by dumb. In fact spending money on Welker's skill set would be dumb. I really like Welker but the timing and skill set for the Dolphins is just not there.

Probably Dallas Clark. Is my guess. Instead of breaking the Bank on a LT like Long (RT get less money in f/a then LT) How about leaving Martin at LT and signing Phil Loadholt or Eric Winston to play RT. I don't trust the guy from the Bengals, I think if he gets big money he'll get lazy. Phil Loadholt would be a great addition, the guy just helped pave the way for the 2nd greatest single season rushing record in NFL History. He is also younger than Long and just entering his prime.

I'd take a shot on Danario Alexander. Has had a bunch of knee injuries, but he's a RFA with no compensation. Not saying he should be our priority but he could be a great bargain and depth guy, who might come cheap. Had some big games last year and has some skill. Worth the risk, at the right price.

Boldin isnt about to go from the Super Bowl and Flacco to the Dullfins and Tannehill! Use your heads, people.

course it would pro, we have no need for welker


Elvis can't stay healthy? HUH? He had one season where he missed the whole year but other than that he's missed 2 games in 5 years. So are you saying Tom Brady can't stay healthy, because he missed one year?

The problem with Dummervill is not his health but that he'll want more money than we can afford. He'd be the prefect bookend for Wake but not sure we can make it work.

Phil Loadholt should be our next priority after signing Wallace. If you don't have an offensive line to allow Wallace to use his speed to get open, it won't matter how fast he is if Tannehill has no time to get him the ball. It appears we're not going to re-sign Long. RT's come cheaper in F/A then LT. Keep Maritn at LT and sign Phil Loadholt and draft Jonathan Cooper at #12. We would have a serious O/L for years and years.

not true craig, dumervill always banged up, after missing entire year missed 2 games the next year and blamed down year on being injured the whole time. last year nicked up all season. not a big fan of his but id take him if he was a passing down specialist


I like Loadholt a lot too. Can't honestly believe the Vikings would let him go. My guess is a deal gets done with the Vikings before Tuesday but it's just a guess.

I actually wonder if Ireland will take a shot on Vollmer. Athletically talented guy and I think he'd welcome the opportunity to hurt the Pats. Another guy I'm surprised has been signed by his team yet and again maybe something gets done before Tuesday.

it all starts with wallace, we need to sign him asap so we know what we have and who else to go for

Martin is a turnstile at LT. He's not nearly strong enough to play LT. Tannehill will be running for his life without Big Jake.


Started all 16 games last year. 11.5 sacks. Started 14 games in 2011 with 9.5 sacks. Nicked up? Most of these guys are nicked up. Not sure what you're looking for but this guy is a quality player.

never said he wasnt, said hes always banged up. which he is. 3rd down specialist would be fine. not overpaying for him though.

Definately need to address the O-line if we let Jake Long walk. We don't even have Nate Garner re-signed at this time. Even if we sign Wallace, it will do us no good if he isn't given the time to get open. Plus it could kill Tanehill's development like it did with Tim Couch and David Carr. You can't let a young QB take a beating and expect him to develop. I like Vollmer too, but Phil Loadholt is a man's man upfront. Just look what he did for All Day Peterson. Imagine what he could do for Lamar Miller.

course it would pro, we have no need for welker

Posted by: dusty bottoms |
If the Dolphins go after Welker that would be another WR with a multiple year contract at $10M or more. The Dolphins have a dire need for a FA TE or DB or OT. So the cap space has to be spent on several positions of need. If the Dolphins get Jennings or Wallace they can then get another speedster in the draft at the rookie wage scale which makes more sence with a team that has multiple position needs. I really like Welker's ability to move the chains but he would not be afordable after picking up Wallace or Jennings.

This three days will be good for the Dolphins. They'll know where they are with Wallace and Jennings and others. They'll be ready to go come Tuesday. Hopefull there is a well thought out plan after these two.

Martin held his own, hopefully he gets stronger this offseason. He was getting pushed around. I hope we can re-sign Big Jake. But if we can't Phil Loadholt, Eric Winston, Jermon Bushrod, Sebastion Vallmer, are some tackles that can come in and help out this O-line.

pro are u reading, we all agree we have no need for welker


You said 'elvis can't ever stay healthy'. I'm saying that's GREAT production from the position and the stas show he's right there starting every game. So your point is what again?

Third down specialist? You kdding me? This guy is a PLAYER and he'll get paid if he's on the market.

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose Antonio Brown over Mike Wallace. Either they are really stupid...or we are.

craig does bush stay healthy? players like that. i cant help u if all u do is look at agmes played.


I gotta disagree with you on Martin. If you project his stats over a full season he was MUCH worse than Long and everyone berated Long. He's a real question mark going into this season to play LT, IMO.

Loadholt I like but I'll be shocked if he's still available come 4pm Tuesday.

"Mike Wallace is a one trick pony"



I would take James Harrison over Elvis Dumerville. Harrison is a free agent, Elvis has not been cut yet. Could you imagine Harrison and Wake together? The havok they would cause opposing QB's would be exciting to see.

martin was def worse than long but also made about 1/15 of what long made. and long wasnt good either

Martin needed TONS of help at LT!!! If you didn't see that, you weren't paying attention!


Reggie Bush stayed healthy for here in Miami, yes.

What are you basing your information on with regards to Dumervill? 'Can't stay healthy'? None of these guys are healthy. It's life in the NFL. They are constantly nicked up. But the good ones find a way to get on the field every week and suck it up. So you're judgoing him on what? Being nicked up? I'm saying they all are. Not getting your point at all, man. It's the nature of the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers chose Antonio Brown over Mike Wallace. Either they are really stupid...or we are.

Posted by: Legume | March 10, 2013 at 10:59 AM

. Well, we all know Ireland is ignorant.

harrison will probaly play like a mad man next year looking to prove something, could have year like porter did for us when he came. but i dont see philbin picking up a player like harrison

Can someone tell me how many times in the last 30 years a star WR free agent helped a team win the SB?

Posted by: Legume | March 10, 2013 at 09:02 AM


I see nobody has a response. Yet........

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