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Dolphins officially interested in Wallace, but ...

The Miami Dolphins have done what everyone expected them to do during this free agency signing period and have officially shown interest in prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. (That is now fact).

So, as I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the question is no longer whether the Dolphins actually want Mike Wallace. We're past that.

The question now is whether the Dolphins can land Mike Wallace?

I have no tangible information what it will take. Presumably a deal for Wallace is going to hit at least $12 million a year. And presumably, it will be done sometime next week. (That part is speculation).

More facts, you say?

Well, check the column because it discusses how the Dolphins have shifted their approach this free agency -- at least somewhat. Let's just say that their interest in 36-year-old Charles Woodson is significant because it shows the team is more willing to expand its search for talent.

Older guys are not out of bounds any more as long as they offer significant talent.

By the way, because it will take a good amount of money to sign Wallace and eventually a good amount of the salary cap you should know the Dolphins are at approximately $30.5 million in available cap space.

And, as many of you come to this blog or follow me on twitter to ask my opinion, I tell you exactly what I think of Miami's chances of getting Wallace ... in the column.



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Craig M....

I'll own that I wanted Carson Palmer.....

As long as your gonna come on here and own your Henne crush up until the day he was traded...

Kris | March 10, 2013 at 12:50 PM

I remember those debates well, the entire blog had an opinion and we ran with that one for a month.

I remember Craig leading the Henne charge with others thinking we should roll the dice on Mallett in the upcoming draft (2010) and others feeling we should trade for Palmer which at the time would have cost the 15th overall pick (Pouncey) and our #3 (traded for D.Thomas)

I was on the fence with Palmer and remember reminding everybody he had not been the same player since Pitt. DT Kimo Von Oeffelmen cheap shotted him and his career. It was obvious in watching him after he came back that he wasn't the same and he NEVER got it back. He refused and still does to step into the pocket and set his feet gunning the ball into the middle of the field.


it was a nice place to live...I went to the ESPN building just so I could say ate there.....

I didn't take any pictures...but I ate some over-priced bar food.....

inner harbor always great @ night tho....

Ron in OC, good post

craig did love henne, told him 2 years before he gave it up that henne was horrible

Marino once famously said his best asset were his feet not his arm because it's were he got his power to really push off on the ball and I NEVER forgot it!

Palmer since the injury has become a QB who always throws from the drop back position and if the pocket collapsed on him will throw off his back foot were he's become an Int. machine hanging to many passes into the deep middle, although in being fair I agreed he was a good stop gap QB and better than Henne even with his troubles just not for our high #1 that Yr.

I was on the fence regarding Mallett and his obvious talent at #15 were Rob OC loved him but must admit I loved him in RD-2 and remember watching that draft when we traded thinking we would draft him before the head scratching Thomas pick came in and D.Murray (some will remember I liked this player even with the injuries) still on the board.

In regards to that one we were all wrong given the Pats are always on the look out for a back up not exactly trusting Mallett either till last Yr. (his 3rd) so we'll see after Brady hangs them up. In honesty we all felt that Pouncey was the guy with about 80% putting in that Yrs. Mock draft-a-thon we had with even Mando joining in. The others led by DB/YG wanted M.Ingram and how's that panning out for the Saints, really? They have a FA RB in Ivory and Sproles taking the majority of the snaps but DB/YG did want Graham RD-3 with Kris screaming Gronk and me debating Hernandez, so all the arm chair GM'ing didn't exactly make us look all bad either.


you're right...

and I was on the side of Sign Palmer...draft Mallett....and the story ends the same as it does today...Palmer gets sent packing....and Hopefully Mallett would have been groomed to be our QB for the next 10 years...

Them was the days eh fin4life?

How u been man?

I remember a ton of debatin' going on fer sure. I was one of the Mallet stalwarts. I saw on PFT where the Browns may be trying to swing a deal for Mallet with Hoodie. Something about how they don't really want to part with him but if Cassel comes available then maybe at the right price.

I just want to see the kid play to see if my gut feeling that he can be a good QB in the NFL is true or not is all.

I remember Craig M and a number of others on the give Henne another few years worth of "continuity", a gaggle of stars on offense to figure out if he can play or not. This just in... perennial back-up! I'm sure that will get the hackles up on some still pro Henne bloggers but oh well.



I mean really....

did anybody see Palmer bein more than a stop gap...or Orton....or any QB that isn't/wasn't drafted by this organization.....

Its really non news that he is no longer a Raider.....as a matter of fact.....its such a non news factor...that I haven't even seen it on ESPN yet....

so your the one kris......who still watches espn

I was Ingram because I think we had dumped Ronnie/Ricky back then.

Gotta be careful with the Bama rb's I see. Though Trent Richardson had 11 tds last year. Reggie Bush outrushed him 986yds to 950yds.

Bama rb's tend to look far more scarier when playing at Bama.

ingram is awful but richardson is gonna be a bad dude


slow day....I need to be packing my bags for work...I already lost an hour with this stupid time switch.....so gym time tommrow...I will actually be waking up @ 3:30...WTF....

It'd be impressive if someone of average intel could keep track of all the names making fun of Craig.

It's ignoratly pompus(Craig) to think someone of YG's could. It's impossible! Sorry YG, no offense.

Imagine the look on Craigs face if Armando ever told him the truth. Kodak moment!

kris go pound the old lady from behind a couple times, should knock off those bad calories u ate today

Im sure Trent Richardson will have his 1,000yds seasons, but, he's a long ways from becoming Cleveland's next Jim Brown.

At Bama, Richardson looked like the 2nd coming of Jim Brown.

nobodys jim brown, nobody


Thanks man.

You are one of the longest tenured posters I can recall when I first showed up on this blog scene a few years back.

You, NJ Phin, DG, ALoco, CM, Odin,(DM or DG), Marc, Mark and a host of others (not trying to leave anyone out) and I all hashing out the pro's n con's of the Fin sitch.

It really got hot and heavy during the Brandon Graham vs Derrick Morgan vs Rolando McClain debates. Seems non of us could gloat on any of those boats. For one reason or another none have panned out as anything close to 1st rounders.

The Eagles are talking about moving B. Graham to LB. Derrick Morgan is playing and makes a couple plays here and there. And the second coach on the field Rolando McClain has been cut by da Raiduhsss.

Dems da breaks.

Glad to see ya on bud.


Posted by: Delusions of Grandeur | March 10, 2013 at 02:30 PM

Armando did tell pompous CraigM I dont use aliases. The guy's just in such denial that there could only be one poster(me) that thinks he's a total douche. LOL...

I'm more amazed that Joe Flacco would eat someplace as drearily pedestrian as the Cheesecake Factory.

Guys like you, sure, you don't know any better..but a starting NFL quarterback wasting time in that crapfest? Wow.

The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins contacted free agent WR Brandon Gibson on Saturday, and talks are said to be "serious."
The real juice to the story is that "some believe that Gibson could earn a contract comparable to the one given to Brian Hartline" last week -- five years and $31 million with $12.5 million guaranteed. While it's unclear how talks with Gibson would affect a Mike Wallace pursuit, we'd guess that he would likely be a fallback option. Miami is also said to be interested in free agent Wes Welker.

Unlike last year, the Dolphins are covering their a@@es at WR which I REALLY like. Gibson is not Mike Wallace or even as good as Hartline IMO but Gibson's 51 catches for 691 yards & 5 TD's certainly wouldn't hurt. If we get a starting TE & draft a WR like Hopkins this offense is still going to be better if we can't get Wallace & sign Gibson.

BTW--I think this a bullsh#t report b/c I believe Wallace will be a Dolphin come Tuesday but at least there appears to be some kind of Plan B.

Its really non news that he is no longer a Raider.....as a matter of fact.....its such a non news factor...that I haven't even seen it on ESPN yet....

Kris | March 10, 2013 at 02:25 PM

Your right about Palmer becoming a foot note has been that hasn't even garnered the press but for us Dolfans it's news for sure. Can you imagine had Ireland been associated with a move that would have left us with no pick till RD-4 in 2010 (our #2 was in Denver)?????

I bet the phone lines will be going off the hook tomorrow in Oak. were they'll be ripping Al posthumously for that one burning his name in effigy! About the only positive thing left the faithful in Oak. is that there isn't anybody left alive to rip for that one!

The guy's just in such denial that there could only be one poster(me) that thinks he's a total douche. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 10, 2013 at 02:34 PM


There are many who think that.

Of course, the same is true with you.

LOL @ dusty.....

I'll be back in later...got to get myself organized for tomorrow....

Gotta be careful with the Bama rb's I see. Though Trent Richardson had 11 tds last year. Reggie Bush outrushed him 986yds to 950yds.

Bama rb's tend to look far more scarier when playing at Bama.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 10, 2013 at 02:27 PM

Eventhough Bush had more yards, Richardson ran much better. His li.e wasn't great and he basically willed himself into the endzone from the goal line.Also a Much better blocker.

agree derek, cheesecake factory is close to dog food

With all of the WR's we are talking to FA, I'm inclined to think we will draft for O-line and Secondary in the early rds

yes there is fin, hue jackson made that trade alone

Rob in OC | March 10, 2013 at 02:22 PM

I had a feeling like wise that we missed badly after taking Thomas with the trade back into RD-2 and Mallett still on the boards. I would also like to see him play to put that to bed once and for all. I hadn't heard the Cleveland rumors but might be a good fit for him, he'll have a run game and they have a ton of space to get him help if they pull that off next week before the draft.

By the way in this whole Wallace thing I'm beginning to kind of fear the Colts and their 47.5 Mil to spend in fielding a contender quick, adding Wallace and still with a ton of room to add S.Jackson and even Harrison to replace Freeny if they wished going all in on DB's in the draft. They're quietly just sitting there? Talk about arming Luck quick and the players mentioned would consider playing on his team with ZERO hesitation.

Well with Flacco, we see that Cheesecake Factory AND McDonalds is the breakfast and dinner of Champions eh?

That's were he went after signing his bajillion dollar deal.

Hey come to think of it, WR Chris (8 cinco) Johnson use to grab Mikey's D's all the time.

Maybe there is a connection with this diet and succeeding in the NFL? Har har har, nom, nom, nom...lol


gonzo wanting 7 mill and allowed to skip training camp if they want him back hilarious

fin4life @ 2:46. Good point.

Indy came from nowhere to be a thorn in a lot of teams side. Luck looks like advertised. Still say as many times as we hit him that game we shoulda won...dammit!

They are a team with cap space and some talent. No one will sleep on them in this coming year. As with all the stud QBs of last year (including Tannehill,Wilson,Luck and RGII.5) people have to temper there expectations. I mean Cam Newton came out of the gate like a cannonball and thudded much sooner in year 2.

The Colts should be a team to reckon with if they aquire some more talent.

I will be interested to see how they play now that they no longer have to "play for Chuck" win one for the Gipper thing going on next year. Different dynamic with B. Arians moving


Interesting Espn segment on tv right now. Polian and Parcells talking about how gm's manage the cap. Both say of the available cap money 10 million has to be put into reserves as operating capital.

This means:

Armando say we have approximately 30 million in cap money left. 10 million of that gose into reserve as operating capital. Meaning we actually have 20 million to spen in fa.

So 20 - 12 million(Wallace) = 8 million.

So, we basically have 8 million left and Fasano, Clemons unsigned. I believe Fasano gets resigned for sure. If Woodson is signed, Clemons is definitely out, unless Woodson signs for vet minimum.


I forgot to mention your T.E. enthused search in 2010 as well were you were even looking at some smaller school kids who could be Rook FA finds that Yr like Schuylar Oordt. It seems we talked the Pos. to death that OffSeason with the Trifecta ignoring it all together. I believe Darryl went as far as driving to some Pro Day to see some T.E. in person, LOL!

Those were the days on here we really had a group going on off doing there Homework and believe we were all so disappointed with the draft haul that we've never done it again.

please get rid of fatso

Also, Parcells/Polian says the 10 million reserve is part of the money to sign your draft picks.


If I am Atl, I would do that as he played really well for them last year.

The draft and FA has few options to get anywhere close to his skill level at TE.

The reason why TE Jared Cook is even on the FA market is he wanted to be franchise tagged as a WR as he lined up in the slot 56% of his plays last year. According to the language of the CBA one could make a case for that being his designation.

TE franchise around 7 mill
WR franchise around 10 mill

It should be interesting to see how things unfold.


Have you by any chance lost a kitty? Fluffy and brown. My Grandmother Rogers taught me how to answer the phone. There are three sticks. Have you ever heard of a steel pan?

So guys,

If we sign Wallace for 12 million, basically we only have 8 million left to shop r resign our own players.

8 million left almost assures Jake is gone. Unless he agrees to accepting less money to count against the cap his first year. Or we clear more cap room by making some releases.

yes yesterday, we dont need 10 mill to do that though. plus u can lower cap numbers like they did with flacco only being 6.5 this year. we have plenty of cash to spend still

yes rob but atl has very little room to work with and want s jackson badly





fin4life @ 3:01

Haha...so true. You have a mind like a steel trap my friend! There was a period after that draft when none of our thoughts, choices, dream players etc ended up going to our team.

I did step back and say, I don't want to invest that sort of time again nor do I have it to give any longer.

Being a follower of the NFL draft process is just something that gets into your bones. Like any vice it is hard to totally put down and walk away. I just throw much less time at it nowadays.

Still can be fun as heck. Kinda liken it to the rush one must get as they cast out into that perfect spot while fishing or the time right after you pull the slot handle in Vegas.

Right now all 32 teams slot machine wheels are spinning.

Let's see who wins the flesh jackpot with all cherries bud.


Rob in OC | March 10, 2013 at 02:59 PM

I'm not so sure you see the 2nd Season collapse we saw out of Cam with Luck, RG3 or Wilson. Much more level headed and all 3 have a better supporting cast than the one Cam had in Yr.2

For starters teams began to play the Panthers alot like the late 80's Defensive College book on the Wishbone.

Play the WR's man given they're mainly decoys and stretch the play to the sideline attacking the QB (Pitch man) to disrupt the timing on the play.

I felt the Giants really exposed them attacking Cam before the pitch on their Monday nighter were they really hammered Cam and he nearly lost a bunch of balls even when he was able to get the pitch which the Giants LB's were sealing anyway to the sideline.





Justin, are you 15-years-old or just kind of 'slow?'

Go get Johnny Knox and pair him with Wallace and Welker


You shouldn't be insulted man...your name would fall under the (I am not trying to leave anyone out) portion of my post.

No one can forget you and ALoco with the broken locked in caps. Trademarks for sure.

You have been here since before I got here. There was quite a bit of muscle talk with NJ and his gym etc. That was some classic blogging back in the day.


To each his own, but the idea of obsessing over these college kids (did someone say one guy actually DROVE someplace to watch one work out??) just seems spectacularly bizarre and more than a little creepy to me.

Sure, if it was your JOB to do that but to get all buggy and sweaty-palmed about it as a fan? Ugh.




Agreed, with the rookie wage scale the teams should need less operation capital in general...I wonder if Polian and Parcells are reflecting on their older numbers?

Also, I know they want S. Jackson after getting rid of Turner but TE Gonzales was huge part of that offense.

It will be interesting to see if ATL pulls off both desires.







Posted by: JUSTIN CREDIBLE | March 10, 2013 at 03:17 PM

I chuckled at that one. Cheers,




On the blog...everyone is an MMA fighter behind the keyboard.

It's all good, you did your part.




Why does it have to be a "paradigm shift" Armando?? Why can't we just sign some damn playmakers?


Thanks man, you too.

Let's hope the Fins make some killer moves and get back into the second season race.


ROB IN Oso will they made ofd to get Jeff Irelands 2 or 3 differnet player? I think it will be WALLACE and thd eth over player of the Green bay also I seen Wel Welker but now he is old so hvm to move the same before. how much money is that to??

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