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Dolphins officially interested in Wallace, but ...

The Miami Dolphins have done what everyone expected them to do during this free agency signing period and have officially shown interest in prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. (That is now fact).

So, as I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the question is no longer whether the Dolphins actually want Mike Wallace. We're past that.

The question now is whether the Dolphins can land Mike Wallace?

I have no tangible information what it will take. Presumably a deal for Wallace is going to hit at least $12 million a year. And presumably, it will be done sometime next week. (That part is speculation).

More facts, you say?

Well, check the column because it discusses how the Dolphins have shifted their approach this free agency -- at least somewhat. Let's just say that their interest in 36-year-old Charles Woodson is significant because it shows the team is more willing to expand its search for talent.

Older guys are not out of bounds any more as long as they offer significant talent.

By the way, because it will take a good amount of money to sign Wallace and eventually a good amount of the salary cap you should know the Dolphins are at approximately $30.5 million in available cap space.

And, as many of you come to this blog or follow me on twitter to ask my opinion, I tell you exactly what I think of Miami's chances of getting Wallace ... in the column.



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I'm out fellas. Gonna head over to San Juan Cap to visit my bro and his family.

Tues will shed light on a lot of things for different teams around the NFL.

Nice rappin Fins with y'all.


Why doesn't anyone ever say we should have taken Flacco instead of Long?


Everybody is under the impression that Jared Cook is looking to break the bank at 10 Mil. plus.

I'm not so sure he just didn't exploit a nice little loop hole to get out from under the FRANCHISE Tag in a Yr. his stock is high.

While the tag is nice for that one Yr. payday it doesn't do anything for you longterm in terms of guarantees in a sport were your one play from getting shelved for injury, labeled either damaged goods or breaking down.

In a FA were we need to get it right I would look long and hard at Cook should we lose out on Wallace. I believe in this group the BA after Wallace is Cook not Jennings!

I will look with great interest at what he wants given he just might be looking to exploit a unique situation to get the big money guarantee.

If it went this way the draft is full of options with our multiple picks RD-2,3.

....I am in the group of bloggers that hope we draft a reciever reguardless of who we sign this year(free agency..)

My dream scenario would include Deandre Hopkins(on the wagon, boat, limo, plane...whatever..He is the guy I want) Wallace, a complimentary tight end, Fasano at H back, Clay at fullback(some of the most inventive and cool groupings we ran were with Clay in the backfield last year).

That would be a pretty good start IMO. Now the issue is will we be in a position to get a Hopkins? He may be gone by our second round pick. But who knows. Would we try and move up to grab him? Is he a guy on our radar? I have been watching as much video as I can on some of these guys. And Hopkins looks as versitile as any in this years group. He catches balls all over the field. He plays in the slot, in motion. even out of the backfield sometimes. Over defenders, deep, across the middle..with his hands behind his back,juggling chainsaws..The whole package.

As far as Palmer. Of course we look smart now that we passed on him. The warning signs-red flags were so blatant. Yet because we stunk so bad at the position. Many(myself included) would have took a midget butler if it meant getting rid of Henne. We were a desperate fan base. And as evidence by most of our opinions reguarding players. Many of us were wrong, not about Henne, but anyone to replace him. It was that bad

Couple new tweets and stories, @OmarKelly: RT @EyesOffTheBalls: Parcells put Bush as a "buyer beware" in his ESPN free agency special. He points out that http://t.co/vivCNInQaf »ouch

Another one, @EyesOffTheBalls: Bill Polian said Mike Wallace is the best free agent "because he can take the top off the defense....Miami is the http://t.co/B6LK9X4KL6

DD, I with U on Hopkins. I also like Robert Woods. Either would fit nicely with Hartline and Wallace.

I like daves idea.Not gonna complain if they land wallace but man hes a one trick pony.Jennings goes over the middle he can beat u deep plus he makes so many clutch grabs.Yeah injury bit of concern I get it.As for Austin yeah hes o the shorter side but this isnt a Parcells ran team now I dont think they are necessarily looking for 6'4 Wrs.If thats thecase why would they go for Wallace.Pretty sure hes 6foot or smaller.Phins looking for speed Austin has plenty of that.My fear is in draft they are going 2 force picks out of need instead of best player I mean they have nothing for cbs right now.When u force picks out of need its proven that is when u make mistakes.As posted all the high round mistakes they hae had recently they cannot afford 2 blow this opportunity in draft with all these high picks.In my opinion they need 2 hit on at least 3 of these 1st 5 picks they have.



It would be pleasant to share broth sipped from tiny pastel ceramic cups with you.

We can talk of squirrels twirling around glued to turntables and observe photographic evidence of Ethel Merman lactating on fudge.

I love you very much.

Lets see the Wallace stories are shifting to Miami backup plans....dejavu Another Ireland mishandling of potential signings.....hope I'm wrong and we do indeed land Wallace but looking like another pathetic outing in free agency....maybe Ireland will get fired finally.....
Miami re signs Hartline Moore and Franchise Randy and we let go Bush Long and Sean....instead of previous seasons of 7 wins and three 6 win seasons we will evaporate into 3 wins...way to go Ross...keep signing minority owners and destroy the do,phins.....all this will end with quality signings and not dropping quality players...not sure if Ross and Ireland are just dumb and dumber or mr & mrs......


Lots of complimentary wr pieces in rd 2. The best value guy could be USC's Robert Woods. The guy looked destined to be top 5 draft material bfore his the knee injury.

If the knee's back in top form, he would be definitely like getting top 10 wr in rd 2. What do you think?

As far as Palmer. Of course we look smart now that we passed on him. The warning signs-red flags were so blatant. Yet because we stunk so bad at the position. Many(myself included) would have took a midget butler if it meant getting rid of Henne. We were a desperate fan base. And as evidence by most of our opinions reguarding players. Many of us were wrong, not about Henne, but anyone to replace him. It was that bad

DarrylDunphy | March 10, 2013 at 03:43 PM

Can you imagine had Ireland been associated with a move that would have left us with no pick till RD-4 in 2010 (our #2 was in Denver)?????

I bet the phone lines will be going off the hook tomorrow in Oak. were they'll be ripping Al posthumously for that one burning his name in effigy! About the only positive thing left the faithful in Oak. is that there isn't anybody left alive to rip for that one!

fin4life | March 10, 2013 at 02:36 PM

After the 2010 draft Parcells was gone and Ireland balked at this move given it was done Mid-Season. Nobody rips Ireland on here more than me but got to give him credit for not hitting the Wannstedt In-Season desperation knee jerk (circle jerk) reactionary mode on that one!

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 10, 2013 at 03:46 PM

I was actually watching the show live on espn. Got lots of good info.

I get where your coming from Tim.However,u cant just drop all this money on FAs just cause u have it.If u get a few bad contracts out of it u really hurt yourself down the road.As the phins among other teams have proven in the past.Yes I hope they make some plays have alot of holes 2 fill lets just hope they get it right an right now Ireland needs 2 prove me wrong cause I have absolutly no faith in him.

YG, I missed it but interested in what was said.

Parcells said the Pack, among other teams, are headed for cap pergutory really soon.

So Frank, I guess we should have just resigned them all because that has worked out soooo well the past few years?

Bill Parcells and Bill Polian are on ESPN right now arguing about spending wrecklessly in FA. Polian and Parcells are saying what I said a while ago that you spend that big mnoey on the true franchise QB. You can destroy your franchise by having a couple of players earning one quarter of your salary cap. I believe the cap is at around 120 million. To give Wallace that much money knowing that in the future you will have to give a franchise QB 20 million (hopefully Tannehill) is wreckless. They would own 35 million out of the 120 million. What do you do about a pass rusher, a shut down corner, a big time LT? You have to build a team, a WR does not have that type of impact on a team that it is worth sacrifising the franchise for.

I can believe that YG. If you have past success, the cap is going to bite you in the near future. That's why love him or hate him, Bellecheck and his team have certainly been the best at keeping a competitive team throughout the years while finessing that cap space

..YG..Woods is probably more reasonable then Hopkins given the draft order right now. He was incredible as a junior. If he is that player I'm all for it. But there was no doubt his injuries hampered him last year. He is an interesting prospect for sure.

Orlando, it's 'reckless' not 'wreckless.'

Bon Jovi and Steely Dan both sucked.

Orlando, except Polian just finished praising Wallace as the best receiver out there in the market.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 10, 2013 at 03:55 PM

Basically, about how unlike fans think, gmship is about far more than going out getting and signing players. Pretty much your system, and what are the most important positions in your system. That's where the is money is supposed to be spent.

So fking much I would have to write a book here to tell you all about it. Bu something that really applies to right now, 10 million of cap money has to be reserved for operational costs(draft picks, injuries, unrafted college fa's, practice squad, etc...).

Armando said we have approximately 30 million in cap money left. By Parcells/Polian info, deduct 10 million of that for operation costs. So really we have 20 million left to fa shop or resign or remaining fa's.

Deduct 12 million from Wallace signing, that would leave 8 million.

However, Ireland could create more cap space by restructurig a contract here and there. Or releasing a player or two here and there.


Thanks editor.

YG, I don't think the cap hit for this year would be 12 million if we sign Wallace.


We have 3 season before even thinking of wrapping a qb up lonterm. We can afford to spend right now because Tannehill is now making peanuts.

Polian / Parcells,

Would I imagine be in a Pos. to know given at both there respective last stops they left their teams in CAP HELL!

The Colts had to practically dismantle their team to get out from under last Yr. and were just lucky to have tanked an NFL Season for the best QB prospect since, well the guy he replaced.

Parcells freely spent putting us in a real tight squeeze before weaseling his way out of town signing broken down OL players to big guarantees (Grove 14 Mil. owed after being let go for what amounted to a Season)

Why would anyone listen to the Tuna about GM moves? Parcells did such a horrible job in the FO HERE the team still hasn't recovered. He hired Sparano and they will forever tarnish him in my mind.

Dolfan Rick, it wouldn't be. The cap hit on Bowes 5 year 55 million deal this year is 4 million. It will increase to 9 million by year 3. I don't believe Bowe will see year 4 or 5 of that contract when it rises significantly.

YG, exactly!! We all know Dansby is probably history next year along with a couple of others. I think we are fine for awhile


We have 3 season before even thinking of wrapping a qb up lonterm. We can afford to spend right now because Tannehill is now making peanuts.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | March 10, 2013 at 04:12 PM

Your 100% right but we still need to watch what we give up in guarantee's given they say the CAP is supposed to stay in or around what it will be 2013 for sometime.

Steelers are not making an offer to Wallace. They are having no problems letting him walk. I know some out there say that they don't have cap room but teams make room for great players. If it was Big Ben they would make the cap room.

Polian is saying best free agent to sign is Andy Levitre and Sebastian Vollmer. Value FAs.

...Also. Look at our contracts in the future. Take next year for instance. We could clear over 9 million if we part ways with Dansby, another 4 million(possibly this year) with Dimitri Patterson. I"m not saying we will. I'm just saying that if we had to clear money to save some on the cap we could. We do not have a bunch of large contracts.

The one issue is the players whos rookie contracts will be close to expiration. The 2010 class. But who outside of Pouncey, and Jones(who is a RFA) would really be worth resigning? looking at these numbers. We look pretty good for the next few years as far as our cap numbers(from what I think I am interpreting them as..I may be off)

As YG said..And he is absolutlety right. We can tackle the Tannehill contract when we have too. The new CBA came at just the right time for us as far as taking a first round quarterback..He makes very little compaired to what he would have a year prior...This really helped us as far as the cap goes.

Orlando, the Steelers have a set number on what they pay their receivers. Look back and you will see that has always been their philosophy. Would the Steelers like to keep Wallace, of course they would but they believe receivers are easily replaceable in the system they run.

Orlando, no problem and glad you took it in the right spirit. I only 'correct' intelligent posters here (like you) so that their material reads better.

Others are so hopelessly clueless why bother!

Unfortunately, Tannehill isnt even worth the peanuts he makes.

The thing is YG, we just saw with Hartline and Bowe, the signed contract will not be the cap hit if properly structured. We are maybe looking at a 5-6 million cap hit on Wallace. That leaves 14 million. Adam Beasley claims the Dolphins will clean out another 10 million in "low hanging fruit" shortly. So at worse we will still have 14 to spend, at best 24 million. We can still do some damage with that. I'm being optimistic

Sign Wallace, Cook and resign Long and possibly Clemons. Would wrap up a good free agency and have us ready for the draft.

Then we draft:
Xavier Rhodes
DeAndre Hopkins
Matt Elam
Stedman Baily
Justin Pugh
Jon Bostic
Brandon Mcgee
DC Jeffferson

Or something like that. A corner would have to be taken high if we don't get one in free agency. I'm curious what the Dolphins think of Richard Marshall. They may have him penciled in to start.

YG does have a good point in saying that we have 3 years to worry about resigning Tannehill. If we do sign Wallace for that huge number then I hope that the deal gives us flexibility to cut him after 3 years.

If we do sign Wallace, we are going to have to draft well because all our eggs are going to be in the Wallace basket for the next 3 years.

Dolfan Rick, personally I would rather see the Fins sign Grimes and Houston which would fix the CBs, Quin as a safety and Bennett or Keller as TE. The draft is deep in OTs and we of course can use one to replace Long.

YG, exactly!! We all know Dansby is probably history next year along with a couple of others. I think we are fine for awhile

bobbyd12 | March 10, 2013 at 04:16 PM

All 3 LB's maybe gone after this Season forcing replacements in 2014 FA period.

Dansby underwhelmed while a Fin although played entire time out of Pos. when bothering to show up in shape.

Burnett has had a history of injuries from his time at Univ. of Tenn till being drafted in Dallas to S.D. We've been lucky and maybe the only one worth bringing back in 2014.

Misi is a liability in pass game and with the 4/3 switch maybe best suited moving to DE were he played in College.

Parcells said he would be very concerned about getting Jennings. He said that his primary concern is getting the same Jennings as the past Jennings in GB.

Thats fair enough Bobby. I could live with your version as well.

I sort of combined what I would like to see happen and what I think their going to do.

I don't see them signing 2 cb's in free agency. I just don't.

I also heard that the Dolphins loved Cook.

I am at a crossroads thinking about Sean Smith. Most experts out there say that he is the best CB in FA. If we lose him then we will be without a starting CB. Marshall, Patterson, etc. are not starters. CBs are expensive and according to the experts most out there are not as good as Smith.

I am not crazy about Smith but this is a bad year to be looking for a FA CB. So do we draft two CBs early. How bad would it be if we have dynamic playmakers on offense but give up a ton of points on offense next year.

I still think the team improves by moving Moore to starting QB and Tannehill to WR.

Dolfan Rick, I have no problem with Cook either. 6:5 246 not as big as Bennett but more of a hybrid who can split out. Would give us another dimension, I like the guy

Nat Moore, thanks for the input on something that will NEVER happen.Thanks for stopping by on your way to the Sun-Sentinel

Who cares what Parcells says. The Parcells led regime is responsible for the horrific free agent record that the Dolphins have had. Big Bill is a dinosaur who fleeced owner Wayne Huizenga into hiring him as a personnel executive without any experience.

I think they should go after Welker as well...and stick it to the Patsies!!

Well, if we slice Dansby next year, look for our 1st rd 2014 pick to be at LB.

Hell, it still isnt totally out of the question to pick a mlb with one of the 1st 3 picks this year. It would give an entire year for him to learn the defense and take over Dansby's role in 2o14.

Unless, he's already in house, in the form of last year's rookie Josh Kaddu. Kaddu could be being groomed to take over ansby's job in 2014.

In 2014, Kaddu would still have 2yrs left on a 5th rd rookie contract. We're talking HUGE SAVINGS if Kaddu could take over for Dansby in 2014!

dont forget its not your money its ross's and he should spend it on wallace

Cook worries me a little. I looked at his stats and his numbers are solid but not spectacular. That scares me when it comes to giving this kid a huge contract.

Plus, looking at the remaining cap money, I really dont think we can make 2 big fa splashes without doing a lot of cap fanagling.

dolphin interested in Welker. Touche mr, Belicheat...

Parcells had us in the playoffs in year one. He is a great football guy and he's in the HOF for a reason. Pay attention to EVERYTHING he says.

YG, Cook is a TE not WR. I think he didn't want to be franchised and considering how many times he was used as a split out, he may have won. Cook will get 4-6 million per year I think. His problem is blocking, not catching, that's for sure. I believe Bennett would be better for us but Cook will be a viable option. We shall see

We could draft Kevin Riddick in round 3 or 4, he looks like a player...

I still think the team improves by moving Moore to starting QB and Tannehill to WR.

Posted by: Nat Moore | March 10, 2013 at 04:52 PM

Can't imagine why yout phone isn't ringing off the hook with NFL management offers.

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