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Dolphins reach agreement with Dannell Ellerbe ... good-bye Karlos Dansby

The Dolphins have added up-and-coming linebacker Dannell Ellerbe to the fold, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun and that raises interesting questions for the Dolphins.

Terms of the deal have not been announced but it is unlikely Ellerbe agreed to a deal that would make him a backup.

[Update: I'm told the deal is for five years and $34.75 million. That is starter money.]

So yes, it is good the team is adding younger, faster, players with playmaking potential.

But ... The Dolphins have a solid linebacker corps in Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett and Koa Misi.

So is one of them on the outs?

Salguero answer: You betcha!

It won't be Misi. Even if the team moves him to defensive end he remains on the team.

The same would not be said if the Dolphins plan to play Ellerbe in the middle of their defense, which is where he made his mark with Baltimore.

Ellerbe had 92 tackles and 4.5 sacks for the Ravens in 2012. He's only 27 years old.

That seems to make Dansby expendable if the Dolphins wish to save money as well as cap space. Dansby is scheduled to cost Miami $8.575 million in cap space in 2013. If the club cuts him, it can save $6.05 million in cash and $3.925 million in cap space.

The club would also save $9 million in cash next year because that is what Dansby would be scheduled to make in base salary. Dansby's cap number in 2014 is scheduled to be $11.575 million.

The Dolphins might also ask Dansby to take a paycut, but that's also doubtful.


If Dansby, 31, is on the outs, it shows the dangers of unrestricted free agency. He came to the Dolphins in 2010 as the savior of the defense. He came the same year that Brandon Marshall came as the savior of the offense.

Marshall has since been traded. Dansby might be on the outs.

I suppose the Dolphins could decide Burnett is expendable in favor of Ellerbe. This is less likely because Ellerbe doesn't play strongside linebacker. But this also lead to a cap savings. If the Dolphins dump Burnett, they would save $3.2 million against the cap and $4.35 million in actual cash this year.

Again, this is the lesser likelihood.

It is possible the Dolphins are trying to get younger, cheaper and have someone that made plays for the Ravens last year when pressed into service.



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Incredible deal for our Fins. Ireland kicking it today. WOW!!

Called It B'tches!!




Great OffSeason!!

Is Ellerbe any good?

Your dream of getting rid of Dansby may be happening. I think he is going to be cut with the signingn of Ellerbe.
Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | March 12, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Dansby is already signed and counts against this years cap. There would be no possible benefit in cutting him.

I'm guessing he's moved back outside to wehere he's played his best ball.

NO PROBLEMS whatsoever!

Trusnik and Misi will be on the fringe.

dansby gonna be cut. can we please go get cook now

So where are those guys saying no way Wallace would come to Miami?

Some dude said, he aint comin, YUP I SAID...

What a dumb sheet haha


Dashi is The Happiest Mofo Right Now!!

Burn The Pink Dansby Jersey!!! Craig!!

I Just Knew!! The Coaching Staff Couldn't Be Happy With Dansby Sabotaging The Middle!!

Use The Money From Cutting Dansby To Bring Long Back.

Ellerbe 5 years 35 million. He giving the coaches the players, no doubt

B. volib reports dansby in trouble. Dashi and I couldn't be happier! It makes hartline n Wallace's contract manageable long term.

Now this would be a Great deal.

I prefer to get rid of Burnett and have Ellerbe take his spot or just bench Misi

Just STOP IT! Ireland couldn't get us Wallace and Ellerbe! No WAY........NO HOW!!!!

odinseye | March 12, 2013 at 05:58 PM

Ellerbe signing KILLING Ravens who saw him as heir apparent to Lewis. They let Kruger walk because they wanted Ellerbe and had consolation Courtney Upshaw (Rookie last Yr.)

We're talikng to Hall and also C.Woodson (stop gap FA) were all in, go FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Odin - not sure it would happen but if they trade Dansby they don't lose the money correct?

I heard a report or read, can't remember that only 4.5 mil would count against the fins salary cap if they released him.

Elerbe is a UDFA, not even worth a draft pick and we are paying up for him?

Odinseye, read the article. Dolphins cut Dansby they save 3.9 million in cap space THIS YEAR and 6 million in cash THIS YEAR

..Some nice pickups today. I did not see the Ellerbe signing. We sure look better on paper. Lets see how it translates onto the field. We should celebrate these new players today. Feel good about something for a change. But remember no awards for winning in the offseason.

Did Armando just say that Dansby could be expendable?

Did he just imply that Philbin and Coyle would rather keep Misi and/or Burnett over a Dansby(that can play outside like a Mad man)?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

La Canfora is saying Cook TE may be next.

From what I remember it would be more cost effective release Burnett. I wouldn't release Dansby until next year. Hopefully this gets Dansby to rework his deal.

So where are those guys saying no good FA's would play for Ireland?

What dumb sheets!

Go get REED

Some ol classic cars passing through today, nice.

CBS states Dolphins signing Cook!!!! Book it baby!!!

Heir apparent?

He was behind Lewis AND McClain last year.

Really hope the Dolphins didn't pay too much for him but of course they did. He's a four year veteran and not that great.

Dansby may not be a gone just yet this could be a move to shore up Misi's position or even kick dansby outside. Either way Ireland is defiantly Making moves.

Birthday presents just keep getting better! Get Cook at TE and a CB and we can challenge next year.

I remember watching him last year during ravens games his speed is gonna stand out guys hes pretty fast.

Ellerbe was No. 39 on PFT’s list of the top 100 free agents.

Big deal really. UDFA? How is this not an acorn?

Make it rain Ireland, Wallace, Cook, Ellerbe and Clemmons!!! Incredible baby.

Spend it like you stole it Ireland !!! Keep it up !!!

Kent, happen to watch the Superbowl?? Don't ask questions about Ellerbe. Everyone talking about the Fins

I heard a report or read, can't remember that only 4.5 mil would count against the fins salary cap if they released him.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 12, 2013 at 06:10 PM

Long time no see-lol!

I wish I could help you. Mando's post threw me back in regards to money. I thought Dansby already counted on this years cap number(I'm still not convinced Mando got that right).

All I know, If I were the Head Coach, I'm keeping Dansby before Burnette, Misi or Trusnik!

I don't care if Mando is right and cutting Dansby would save us 6 million! I'm keeping him and moving him back outside.

If you thought out front 4 was good, Ellerbe and Dansby together backing them up puts us over the top.

Thats just my opinion!

Go Jeffy!!!!

Miami hasn't been this relevant in how long? Look at nfl.com main page. Gotta get cook and a cb though. Cb is the weakest link, doesn't matter who they sign on d.

Elllerbe and Wallace are young. Dans by or Burnett are gone. Ireland won't have that much money tied into d. Solia, wake, Starks, dansby, Burnett? No way! Someone is on the outs.


Dashi's Birthday Was Sunday.

BUT THANKS MR.IRELAND!! For The Belated Present!


Cutting Dansby Is Not That Big Of A Priority. My Hate For His Incompetence Is Suddenly Going Down.

Dashi Always Told Craig(Dansby's #1)

Sign Ellerbe
Move Dansby Outside
Move Misi To DE!!

Fixes The MLB Spot For Dashi!! And OLB!!

And The DE Conundrum!! Which Some of You Have Been Obsessing About!! When The Strength OF This Team Is The D-Line!!

..The thing with Ellerbe is that it definitley gives the team options. I don't think Dansby is going anywere. I don't think this is why the move was made. We could. Ask yourselves this...A combination of Dansby- Ellerbe(in whatever position), or Ellerbe-Burnett. I think the best pairing is the first of the 2 options.

Teams Have Til Saturday To Keep Players. And Count Them Against Last Year.

Odinseye, read the article. Dolphins cut Dansby they save 3.9 million in cap space THIS YEAR and 6 million in cash THIS YEAR

Posted by: The Phoenix | March 12, 2013 at 06:10 PM

I can READ Bro, can you read what I write?

I'm questioning Mando's "source" on this one. Alots happening for Armando right now, he could have read something wrong. It's possible.

I don't know that I'm right either, but that wasn't my understanding of the situation, thats all. You get it? You follow-lol?

How come when Ireland drafts a 7th rounder its an acorn, but he pays big money for a UDFA Ellerbe and it isn't an acorn?

Im hearing from nfl.com posters that Cook signed with miami

32 GM's passed on Ellerbe for 7 rounds, that is 224 passes. None thought him worth a pick. Is he any good?

Nothing concrete yet but thats what i've heard

Kent, maybe because this kid PROVED himself?? He was drafted in 2009, he is NOT an acorn but a proven commodity. The Ravens didn't want to lose this guy, tells you something


Ellerbee was the MLB in Balt. last yr. with Lewis even after return in Playoffs leaving field on pass down. The deal is 5/35 Mil. and yes it's expensive but love the roll of the dice on a guy who I watched come up GANGBUSTERS last Yr.

Danny's Agent talking to Dolphins right now according to Twitter. He didn't see it coming.
Odinseye, Armando got the numbers exactly right, been reported by multiple sources

Why does Ozzie give Flacco the biggest contract and then dismantle the team? Make sense?

Ireland is beating Ozzie this season.

Whiffed on Jared Cook...he's gone

Cut Burnett, ask Dansby to restructure his contract at the same time. Fix the backfield and we have a top 5 defense and upgraded offense.

Dansby's agent

Phoenix get a clue.

Misi sucks.

man I hate 2 be the drag of this party i like ellerbe but 7mil a yr for basically 1yr production better hope these guys pan out cause if not gonna be stuck with some bad contracts plus still have no corners need o.t i realize still have the draft but im getting real concerned gonna force picks out of need!

i believe that kent is probably the dumbest poster here he actually said

"Elerbe is a UDFA, not even worth a draft pick and we are paying up for him?"

hey kent, i guess you wouldn't have paid cameron wake either? where exactly was he drafted?

Thanks Odin,

No doubt - Go Jeffy - I really like the ELlerbe signing and that caught me by surprise because I thought the Ravens would re-sign him.

Who's next folks?

cook is gone??? says who??!?!??! better not be or this is a disaster

Please tell me you're joking about 5/35?

WOW! hook up the secondary and this team is looking great. Go dolphins!

thbey resigned clemons for just one year

uhhhhh Why not put him on outside replacing MISI, who has underachieved. MISI gets demoted. Let Dansby ride out that contract. He is still a playmaker regarding tackling & sniffing out plays, no he isnt getting turnovers, but I'll take solid tackling too

i believe that kent is probably the dumbest poster here he actually said

"Elerbe is a UDFA, not even worth a draft pick and we are paying up for him?"

Posted by: kevin | March 12, 2013 at 06:29 PM

That is a true statement. Not one GM drafted him, so none thought he was worth a pick. Man are you dumb.


Don't Say You Didn't Know The Fins Needed LB's. Even MY Detractors Will Say, Dashi Has Been Calling For LB's For The Longest.

Just Cause Dansby Was The "Anonymous Source" For The Sfla Media. And These Reporters Covered For Him!!


That Insubordinate Prick Who Folded in The 4th Qtr!! Of Every Game!

Thank God!!

We Are Moving In The Right Direction!

Dashi Still Says Ireland's Best Signing Was Philbin!! The Guy Even Makes Ireland Look Good!!

Last Year Was An Evaluation Season!

This Year Philbin is Rebuilding!!

kent read a little on ellerbe and then come back. baltimoe thought he was in the bag to replace ray lewis and had no idea that miami was going to steal him out from under them

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