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Dolphins reach agreement with Dannell Ellerbe ... good-bye Karlos Dansby

The Dolphins have added up-and-coming linebacker Dannell Ellerbe to the fold, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun and that raises interesting questions for the Dolphins.

Terms of the deal have not been announced but it is unlikely Ellerbe agreed to a deal that would make him a backup.

[Update: I'm told the deal is for five years and $34.75 million. That is starter money.]

So yes, it is good the team is adding younger, faster, players with playmaking potential.

But ... The Dolphins have a solid linebacker corps in Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett and Koa Misi.

So is one of them on the outs?

Salguero answer: You betcha!

It won't be Misi. Even if the team moves him to defensive end he remains on the team.

The same would not be said if the Dolphins plan to play Ellerbe in the middle of their defense, which is where he made his mark with Baltimore.

Ellerbe had 92 tackles and 4.5 sacks for the Ravens in 2012. He's only 27 years old.

That seems to make Dansby expendable if the Dolphins wish to save money as well as cap space. Dansby is scheduled to cost Miami $8.575 million in cap space in 2013. If the club cuts him, it can save $6.05 million in cash and $3.925 million in cap space.

The club would also save $9 million in cash next year because that is what Dansby would be scheduled to make in base salary. Dansby's cap number in 2014 is scheduled to be $11.575 million.

The Dolphins might also ask Dansby to take a paycut, but that's also doubtful.


If Dansby, 31, is on the outs, it shows the dangers of unrestricted free agency. He came to the Dolphins in 2010 as the savior of the defense. He came the same year that Brandon Marshall came as the savior of the offense.

Marshall has since been traded. Dansby might be on the outs.

I suppose the Dolphins could decide Burnett is expendable in favor of Ellerbe. This is less likely because Ellerbe doesn't play strongside linebacker. But this also lead to a cap savings. If the Dolphins dump Burnett, they would save $3.2 million against the cap and $4.35 million in actual cash this year.

Again, this is the lesser likelihood.

It is possible the Dolphins are trying to get younger, cheaper and have someone that made plays for the Ravens last year when pressed into service.



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Odinseye, Armando got the numbers exactly right, been reported by multiple sources

Posted by: The Phoenix | March 12, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Thanks Phoenix! The money wouldn't even come into play for me. If I had any say in it, Dansby moves outside and Ellerbe starts in the middle. Ozzie was expecting this kid to replace Ray Lewis after all.

Misi, Burnett and Trusnik can fight it out. I'm not letting a talent like Dansby go over a few million-lol!

Move Misi To DE!!


The only one on here that even mentioned this was me given his history in the 4/3 at DE at Utah and it may not pan out but given he does have a motor but can't cover this may very well be his best move in the NFL given he won't get a job as an OLB, "F" I hate Parcells!

Kent, get a clue??? Guy has been in the league since 2009. That's not an acorn. Turn on the TV and listen to NFL praising this guy and the Dolphims. You need to get a clue. Geez

Ellerbe is a sleeper, obviously our staff likes what they saw in him and thinks he will be a play maker,that is what they are after and he was to replace lewis and is highly touted from Ravens....I like it
keep burnett,solid fairly paid Lber..if dansby doesnt redo his deal I bet he is a goner

Cook, I like,also NYG Te I like and Oakland TE all are upgrades

still need another WR and a OL

Wallace I think they over paid for BUT its not my money plus if 2-3 yrs down the line Im sure they can cut him and save some dough but there is no doubt we are faster at WR now....Gibson will be a good #3 guy to add also

Cook isn't gone. WQAM just reported one of their sources at CBS said Cook will sign with Dolphins. hopefully that source is correct

Ireland sucks at drafting so signing FA's is his best shot even if he has to overpay...

Jared Cook signing could make this the trifecta. Not to minimize the re-signing of Clemons but he was a Dolphin so he doesn't count.

Phoenix you are plain stupid. You keep saying he was drafted. He wasn't. He has had one good flash in the pan season. He was so good Baltimore let him walk, what does that tell you pin head?

I called this last year. I screamed this last year. Dansby can tackle but he's no playmaker and therefore not worth the money he's being paid. Time to say good bye to Dansby unless he's willing to take a substantial pay cut.

kent, so stupid he wants to cut cameron wake because he went undrafted. what a dummy

Kent if you were a Pats fan would be pissed if they paid Brady since he was a 6th rounder?

we need a RB too...

Why do fin fans always think another teams garbage will save us?

Now it i all up to Tannehill, no more excuses. Ireland is putting a heck of a team around him. Wallace, Hartline, and Bess at WR. Possibly Cook at TE and 5 picks in the top 86 still to come. Ireland has done pretty well in the draft getting OL so that may be where he goes for the first pick. I would love to see him take Lane Johnson or Chance Warmack.

Ellerbe should improve the defense and the line is stacked. Vernon will be the key to how good that front 7 can be; he will be the difference between good and elite imo. Now we have to start looking at CB.

This team will go as far as Tannehill can take them. This a huge year for him, there are no more excuses. He is going to have the talent. If he is the real deal, can you say SUPER BOWL.

Jare Cook signs with Rams

Upgrade for sure but is this where we need to (especially if Dansby stays) spend the money?

Duh, of course it's for starter money.

Who says people won't play for Ireland? he just signed two of th best three free agents on the market.

Dashi, you're a happy boy, no?

Ellerbe is an eraser. Guy runs a 4.5 and covers EVERYBODY! Also quite the pass rusher if they decide to blitz.

To me this is a more exciting signing than Wallace. This guy is a star ...

This was a master move. Unexpected, good news for Dolphins, bad news for everyone else, incredibly damaging for current champions (Ravens). This is how Ireland runs this franchise from now on, damn it! Welcome to South Florida, Dannell!!!

Wow, drastically overpaid Ellerbe, no chance the Ravens would have paid $7M a year, he's a just a solid starter at a need position, not a top MLB prospect.

Ireland needs a cb or cook in fa. 1 or the other can be obtained with the 1st round pick to start. I hope dansby and his contract go. This will help keep elerberry, hartline n Wallace around long enough to make a run.


You called it. You were saying it all year. This is your shining moment.

I agree with you that Dansby was on Philbin's crap list. I think he was the anonymous source that was slamming Ireland and Philbin. He was also critical when they cut Chad Johnson. Good Call Dashi.

1st Tavon Austin WR WVU
2nd David Amerson CB NC State
2nd Jonathon Franklin RB UCLA
3rd John Simon DE Ohio State
3rd Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida
4th Alvin BaileY OG Arkansas
5th Reid Fragel OT Ohio State
6th Kwame Geathers DT Georgia
7th Joseph Fauria TE UCLA

4th comp pick * Brandon Mcgee CB The University of Miami

scratch that cook just signed with the rams

Damn outbid by the Rams for Cook. Keller and Meyers still available at least.

Dolphins lost Cook to the Rams (we offered big money at 5 Yrs.) and Bears pass on J.Long for Bushrod

Well Odin, the DOlphins cut Dansby.

The only one on here that even mentioned this was me given his history in the 4/3 at DE at Utah and it may not pan out but given he does have a motor but can't cover this may very well be his best move in the NFL given he won't get a job as an OLB, "F" I hate Parcells!

Posted by: fin4life | March 12, 2013 at 06:32 PM

ROTFLMAO - I'm with you Bro, I hate Parcells too!

Can you believe this Jeff Ireland Character?

On The Ravens.


Please Explain To Us How You Only Need A QB!! And A MLB has No Say In Winning.

Flacco is Suppose TO Be The Best QB In The League Now!! And He Won The Superbowl!! Not The Defense!! Flacco Is Suppose To Be Better Than Dan Marino!!

The Ravens Will Be Lucky To Go 8-8 This Season!! With Flacco as Their Leader!!

Time To See How Prolific Flacco Really Is!! TIME TO EXPOSE FLACCO!!

The Browns Will Have A Better Record Than The Ravens!!

Still have keller and fred davis out there..just sayin!!!

Ellerbe is from left field never thought the fins had a chance with him. Balgtimore wanted him back he was a priority great signing by Miami.

Dansby cut.

Hey if that is true we can still get a good TE in the draft.

No sweat. Not gonna be sick over Jared Cook.

saw that coming.....LoL

Who said we had a good LB corps? I thought Dansby and Burnett were atrocious last year. Looked like they were jogging half the time.

Sign Brandon Myers....please

NFL Network reporting Dansby all but gone!

Dansby has been released according to NFL Network

Ellerbe looked great last season, carried Ray Lewis most the time once he was back from his torn tricep. He has lateral speed that can stop receving threats like Gronkowski.

The Oakland TE Branden Myers, 27, has a quiet but very good season on a really poor team. $ TDs and 800 yards. If Cook is gone he might be a good option.

Yeah, Ellerbe was the Ravens top priority in the offseason and they were trying hard to sign him. They're definitely not happy right now. AND they only got a 6th for Boldin? Is Oz sleeping or something, he usually doesn't make moves like this.

Dansby released!!!! Hahahahahhaha

Joe Philbin is his making a mark here. All big mouth no producing wind bags are getting axed.

Dansby's got released

Cutting Parcells (slow) Prototypes.

Well Odin, the DOlphins cut Dansby.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 12, 2013 at 06:41 PM


Get out of here-lol?

(Ah.......you are......ah......Kidding......RIGHT?)

Congrats Dashi!!

kent, so stupid he wants to cut cameron wake because he went undrafted. what a dummy

Posted by: kevin | March 12, 2013 at 06:36 PM

Show me where I said this you illiterate fool with no reading and comprehension skills.

It really is amazing how dumb most football fans are. Really, really dumb.


Agreed. The Ellerbe Signing Has Me With A Huge Smile On My Face. I Love This Signing More Than The Wallace Signing.


Agreed. Philbin Didn't Like Dansby From When He Found Out He Was The One Snitching To The Media. Since Hardknocks.

If You Guys Remember When Dansby When On That Rant During The Season!! The Very Next Game His Arm Was Better And He Didn't Use The Cast. Philbin Probably Called Him Out For Faking A Injury!! And Instead Of Exposing Him! Dansby Took The Cast Off!!

Great Move!!!

Cut Dansby!!

What Happened To Dansby Is Uncuttable!! That We Can't Replace DANSBY!!


Ok, Cook got 5 years 35 million from the Rams. Still have Keller out there or trade for Finley?? Also still have Eiffert and Ertz in draft. Would have like Cook but things happen.

Awesome!!! Dansby just released! And even better-NO MORE ACORNS! FINALLY THEY'RE GETTING PLAYMAKERS, AND FROM THE ELITE TEAMS OF THE LEAGUE. Ross let the reins loose on Ireland. No way in hell is Miami a basketball city. Footbal, football, football. Oh yes Deangelo Hall, cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett are still available. Go get'en Jeff!

Forget messing with Dansby. Misi is the guy that need to hit the door.



Losing TE Cook could persuade Ireland to trade-down for Tyler Eiffert in the first round. I like this scenario. Now we just need a CB...

Dansby cut?

Darn, was getting a little excited about a Dansby -Ellerbe-Burnett trio

What are you guys gushing about? Tannehill needs a lot more help than one trick pony Wallace. We need a tight end and don't even mention garbage Keller.

Misi is terrible. They should've cut him not Dansby!!

If anyone has doubts about Ellerbes talent go read their blogs right now. Or go to the Baltimore Sun archives. Find the Ravens beat writers and check out their stories about offseason priorities. Your opinions are entitled but completely ignorant if you believe this guy wasn't important to the Ravens.

Good, now we need to focus on a cb with cook lost. Maybe 2. Lewis, Houston or shields. Do it Jeff!

Boy Indy is busy already signed 5 guys !!

Cook gone,and bennett(NYG) also gone so lets get Oakland TE before he is gone

then find a #3 WR (gibson??) and can draft a RB,then the offense is set just need a solid veteran OL

then draft Def but would prefer to get a veteran CB,pretty tough for rookie CB to step in and be a shut down guy from day one that is our weakest spot on the team I think

We still need a QB.

Zonk, what's wrong.?? Didn't the Garrard signing make you happy??

On Twitter Jeff Darlington writes;

"You know what's wild about Dolphins? I've heard some chatter about preliminary draft plans from team sources -- and it's equally intriguing."

That is killing me - should at least say news at 11.

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