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Dolphins reach agreement with Dannell Ellerbe ... good-bye Karlos Dansby

The Dolphins have added up-and-coming linebacker Dannell Ellerbe to the fold, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun and that raises interesting questions for the Dolphins.

Terms of the deal have not been announced but it is unlikely Ellerbe agreed to a deal that would make him a backup.

[Update: I'm told the deal is for five years and $34.75 million. That is starter money.]

So yes, it is good the team is adding younger, faster, players with playmaking potential.

But ... The Dolphins have a solid linebacker corps in Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett and Koa Misi.

So is one of them on the outs?

Salguero answer: You betcha!

It won't be Misi. Even if the team moves him to defensive end he remains on the team.

The same would not be said if the Dolphins plan to play Ellerbe in the middle of their defense, which is where he made his mark with Baltimore.

Ellerbe had 92 tackles and 4.5 sacks for the Ravens in 2012. He's only 27 years old.

That seems to make Dansby expendable if the Dolphins wish to save money as well as cap space. Dansby is scheduled to cost Miami $8.575 million in cap space in 2013. If the club cuts him, it can save $6.05 million in cash and $3.925 million in cap space.

The club would also save $9 million in cash next year because that is what Dansby would be scheduled to make in base salary. Dansby's cap number in 2014 is scheduled to be $11.575 million.

The Dolphins might also ask Dansby to take a paycut, but that's also doubtful.


If Dansby, 31, is on the outs, it shows the dangers of unrestricted free agency. He came to the Dolphins in 2010 as the savior of the defense. He came the same year that Brandon Marshall came as the savior of the offense.

Marshall has since been traded. Dansby might be on the outs.

I suppose the Dolphins could decide Burnett is expendable in favor of Ellerbe. This is less likely because Ellerbe doesn't play strongside linebacker. But this also lead to a cap savings. If the Dolphins dump Burnett, they would save $3.2 million against the cap and $4.35 million in actual cash this year.

Again, this is the lesser likelihood.

It is possible the Dolphins are trying to get younger, cheaper and have someone that made plays for the Ravens last year when pressed into service.



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overpaying! again i like the moves but overpaying u dont win supebowls being the freeagency winner.have gaping hole at cb and tackle spot of course ireland gonna go hog wild make or break or him man like i said like moves can live with wallace and like ellerbe and didnt c that coming but 7mil a yr if gonna keep overpaying wish done that on cook really get the firepower on offense.Dansby gone!that stinks would of liked 2 c him put outside phins got 2be getting low on cash!

fasano signs with KC

Dansby's cap hit would have been 11.4 million next year. He averaged 8.5 million a year on his contract. Did not overpay for Ellerbe. 4 years younger, faster and cheaper. Great move here

On Twitter Jeff Darlington writes;

"You know what's wild about Dolphins? I've heard some chatter about preliminary draft plans from team sources -- and it's equally intriguing."

That is killing me - should at least say news at 11.

reggie bush to lions...jake long to visit rams today

Make some more cap space Jeff, release Oddrick and bring in Michael Bennett. Also those 2 clowns you overpaid at cornerbacks-Patterson and... well the other no namer. Go after D.Hall. Release Daniel Thomas (a bust), go after Stephen Jackson and now you just did to the Fins what Pat Riley did with the Heat.

NFL Network "The Dolphins owned the day". !!!! Loving it

"You know what's wild about Dolphins? I've heard some chatter about preliminary draft plans from team sources -- and it's equally intriguing." Jeff Darlington on Twitter

Must get Eifert TE

Ireland's advisors are making him look real good right now! Seems like he's finally listening to "Football Guys" not businessmen.

I thought the Wallace hype was a deception, but he is good and I think he will be properly utilized by Philbin. I think we will still take two WRs in the draft. I think the most promising aspect of signing Wallace at the moment is that we are no longer being considered the ugly girl no one wants to dance with. Wallace brings us notoriety. Our money is now as good as anybody has.

Ireland's advisers are making him look real good right now! Seems like he's finally listening to "Football Guys" not businessmen.

Posted by: LilDawg1 | March 12, 2013 at 07:40 PM

Nah.... That doesn't hold up, LilDawg1....

If Jeff Ireland has to wear the dunce hat and walk around with a different fan's foot up his azzzz every time he makes a mistake.... He should get to take the bows and "Way to go's" when he nails it...

If it is advisers who have helped him (which I doubt, more likely to be scouts) they advise him on the good and bad.

Give Ireland credit. Last year the entire South Florida fan base was ready to burn him in effigy... but all the while he was stacking cash and pigeon holing draft picks to be able to do something significant, rather then just add a player here and a player there with a decent draft in between..

If Miami finishes off this deal without hamstringing the club for the next 6 years financially, then turns around and nails it in the draft... We are looking at a complete rebuild in just two or two and a half seasons. That is impressive by any NFL Managers standards.

Just tenewed my Dolphin Season Tickets last week. Feeling pretty good today. Can't wait for the draft and our 5 picks in first three rounds. Go Phins!!!

The word is that we have signed Phillip Wheeler at LB from the Raiders. We are apparently going athletic at LB. Kaddu would fall into this concept, also. Imagine that, we drafted him last year. I would not be surprised to see that there are players from last year's roster that have been stashed for this year.
Coach McQuire used to say,"The best thing about a freshman is that they become a sophomore".

Due to our recent Wr acquisition, I am inclined to revisit my position in the draft as to whom we should acquirer.
Ryan Swope appears to be a lock in the second round. Bess is a great route runner and has good hands, but Swope is the total upgrade in all departments.
Rodney Smith--if this guy makes it to the late rounds as projected; he is a must.
I still think Patterson is the man in this draft, but with the recent signing of Wallace, he would have to fall immensely or we would have to do a tricky trade down to get him.

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doesnt think a player that went undrafted deserves a contract like cameron wake. what a dummy

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