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Dolphins reworking practically entire LB corps

The Dolphins have just come to contract agreement with free agent linebacker Phillip Wheeler, according to profootballtalk.com, on a five-year deal worth $26 million.

That is starter money.

And now Kevin Burnett's days with the Dolphins are numbered.

[Update: Burnett has been told he will be released according to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated.]

First things first:

Wheeler is 28 years old and coming off his finest NFL season. He started 16 games with the Raiders and had 109 combined tackles with three sacks, and two forced fumbles. He had six passes defensed.

That playmaking, plus his reported $13 million in guaranteed money means the Dolphins' vision for the player is as a starter.

So, Burnett is at risk. Yes, he was the second-leading tackler on the team. But the Dolphins are cutting leading tackler Karlos Dansby so that doesn't mean anything.

This does:

The Dolphins want more game-defining play and quicker linebacker play on defense. Dannell Ellerbe, who agreed to a deal earlier today, brings that. The Dolphins seem to think Wheeler does also.

Burnett, signed in 2011 as an unrestricted free agent, contributed similar numbers for the Dolphins to what Wheeler gave the Raiders. But he's going to be 31 years old during next season. And he is scheduled to cost the Dolphins $5.7 million against the cap.

If the Dolphins decide that's too steep for a player on the wrong side of 30, they can cut him and save $3.2 million in cap space. Considering that Burnett will also cost $7 million against the cap next year, the signing of a younger player seems visionary.

There remains a chance the Dolphins simply want to add Wheeler, along with Ellerbe and keep Burnett. That thus replaces Koa Misi in the starting lineup. Misi could be headed to defensive end.

But the more likely scenario is that Burnett should be sweating.


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No, more then likely Burnett is toast. Figure I will be reading about him being toast before bed.

Lmao. So we pass on him last year over Gary Guyton, and then throw a boatload of money at Wheeler? Okkkaaayyyyy?

good burnett was slower than slow

Maybe we can get a late round pick for Burnett.

Dolphins have gone younger, cheaper and more importantly, QUICKER. To many times our LBs were chasing the TE or receiver down the field. These two should close that gap. Never expected this in FA but a pleasant Suprise no less

give me davis,grimes,rodcromartie

BOOM!!!! Best FA ever!!!

u sound like an eagles fan rob of a few years ago

Well, that LB unit is looking much more athletic now. I like the moves, though they may have overpaid for Wheeler. Still, he's a step up from Burnett. Still can't believe they landed Ellerbe. Tip of the cap to Mr. Ireland

Absolutely love these moves by the Dolphins! And this coming from an Ireland hater.

If you asked me before free agency which three players I wanted to see gone, I would have told you Dansby, Burnett, and Fasano.

Dansby and Burnett because they are simply not difference makers. Sure they have a lot of tackles, but how many times have you seen them make a game changing play? Almost never, yet they were getting paid as if they were superstars. I am sick of this team not having difference makers.

Why the hatred for Fasano? Ireland was so in love with Fasano, think of all of the TEs in the draft Miami passed on. Jimmy Graham. Aaron Hernandez. All cause of a love affair with Fasano.

I love what Ireland is doing so far! I never thought we were even looking at LBs in free agency. I never thought Ireland would have the balls to drop Dansby, Fasano, and perhaps even Burnett.

The last four years have been unacceptable. Time to find some new players. Guys who will make a difference. Good job Ireland.

If we cut Burnett I like this. If we move Misi this is wasted money.

damn grimes back to falcons

We lost more over the last two years than a team should and compete in the NFL.
The next one to go should be Ireland. His misuse of resources would not be tolerated in the coporate world.
If day one of FA is any indication, the season is a complete write-off as should be he.


You were the only one that saw this coming. A lot of people laughed at you when you said this last year. You were right man.

Now all you need is for the fins to draft Te'o. Then I will be thinking you have inside information on the fins.


How Many Of You Clowns Repeated This?




And To The Clown On The Last Blog,

Saying He Has Heard On 30 Different Sites, Our Safetys Had Close To 200 Tackles!

Here Is A Hint FOOL!!

They Got That From Dashi!!

Any Exposing Of The Miami Dolphin LB's!! Has Been Started BY Dashi!!

Starting With Cut Dansby!! And Fire Burnett!!

Dashi, are you actually Ireland? In all seriousness good call on the linebackers.


Dashi for GM!

Crabs! They Got That From Dashi!!

Posted by: DaShe | March 12, 2013 at 08:43 PM

At least we are relevant again!

Saw Adam Schefter on Sportscenter, he says Philbin wanted Jennings and the Ireland wanted Wallace...Ireland obviously won out on that one. We'll see what happens with this!

Grimes and Butler gone I see. I think Miami needs at least 1 FA corner.

Was dashe right about Denver winning it all?

Was dashe right about SF winning the SB?

Was dashe right about Long?

Was dashe right about Vontae?

How is being right 1 out of 19 times considered 95% right?

miami better hurry and find some corners.


On Te'o

Dashi Fell Off That Bandwagon A Long Time Ago.

Dashi Likes What Ireland Is Doing Better!!

Funny Thing Is When Dashi Put



Someone Here Said That Was An Impossible Scenario!!



yeah im pretty sure ive never seen dashi say one thing that ever ended up correctly till dansby

We have not improved the team where we need it most. TE, CB, real WR who doesn't hold out over sissy fits.

man ireland taking a beating on nfl netwrok. ripping him apart

Ellerbe proved his worth against Brady so that was a good reason to sign him but Wheeler might be a sleeper or just a product of the system...hopefully he can cover...I like our new LB's but where's our new secondary because R.Jones won't do it all by himself.

dusty what are they saying?

we improved wr big time. but i agree, our most glaring weakness is at te and cb, which so far have done nothing. but its early

than you...dashe wrong about teo too.

How is being right 1 out of 19 times considered 95% right?

Colleen merry and ramp, you two should consider marriage and then become Jets fans. This maybe the best day in Dolphins FA history and you are crying. Please, please go away.


Stop Speculating And Making Stuff Up.

Plus, Why You Mad?

Cause Dashi Is Right!!

Give It A Break Dickswallower!!

Relax on the secondary people, FA has only been going on for 5 hours and outside of Grimes, no one has signed a deal. Plus, there are so many quality CB's on the market right now it's embarrassing. I'd imagine Miami is in somewhat of a holding pattern seeing what will go on with Long, Gibson, and the DE market.

Phoenix, take an aspirin, go to bed, and maybe reality will set in for you. LB was not our biggest need but we just spent through the nose on it and ignored cb and te.

There are 2 great TE in the draft. We will need to trade.

Orlando dolphan you are wrong. Lb was a huge PRIORITY. you cant put corners behind a weak front seven and expect to succeed. We dont have a front seven we had a front 3 wake soliai starks the othe 4sucked. If you like our former linebacking core hook me up with what you smokin. 2 of those 4 have been replaced THANK YOU GOD.

Dashi & I were talking the other day about Dansby.

It's been obvious to anyone that could see that Miami was paying WAY TO MUCH FOR VERY MEDIOCRE LB'er PLAY!

Ireland would have been content paying Dansby & Burnett their contracts IF they provided big plays.

I'm glad ireland is revamping the Lb'er corp but in all seriousness, the phins need CB's, an OT & a TE alot more than this.

Also, all this FA spending can be a recipe for disaster. The Dolphins are rebuldng through FA. That in and of itself is a condemnation of the work ireland has done as GM.

He has to hit in the draft!

Do we even have enough capital to land a top flight te or cb now?

a change in LBs was necessary this bunch was getting torched waaaay too much by elite TEs

Dashi Stopped Being A Te'o Fan In December. When I Switched To Ogletree. And At The Combine Dashi Stopped Being A Fan Of Both. They Both Had Horrible Combines!!

Last I Checked The Draft Is In April!!


But Keep Trying To Discredit!! The Honorable Dashi!!

Ireland haters...where ya at? Doesn't matter hollow words. NFL...what have you done for me lately? Crushing it day one. Still plenty of ways to go and prove it on the field BUT today, CRUSHIN IT.

Yea ramp, because all the CBs were taken today, oh that's right ZERO were signed and FA and the draft is over. Please go play Madden or something cause you obviously are clueless about football related matters.

Its Corner/Free Safty time. I hope.

I think DE is going to be the next spot fixed though.

Go Dolphins!

Burnett, Bess, and Carpenter next three players heading for the door. (I like Bess and Carpenter but we are in the reshufeling of our payroll and those three equal about 9 million.

BTW, LBers were a concern and by doing what we did, we opened up more cap space, but I know, the season starts next week and we have no CBs or TE. Joke

Lets get the best wide receiver (first round) and TE (trade down picks) in the 2013 Draft. Lets pay Ed Reed. That will be cool watching next year.

Now we just need to leave nolan carrol on someones f in doorstep. Then TE a couple corners and yeah id love a de oppo wake.

According to PFT, Grimes has not signed. There was a misunderstanding.

Just pure speculation on my part, but a Bess for Finley trade makes some sense. Packers don't have a true slot receiver, Miami doesn't have a TE, Both players are in the final year of their contracts.

Was dashe right about Denver winning it all?

Was dashe right about SF winning the SB?

Was dashe right about Long?

Was dashe right about Vontae?

How is being right 1 out of 19 times considered 95% right?

Posted by: Stats | March 12, 2013 at 08:52 PM

Dashi was right this time.

Jon, James Jones can man the slot in GB as can Randall Cobb.

Even with losing Driver to retirment & potentially Jennings to FA, the pack is not hurting for a WR, not a slot 1 anyway.

1st Tavon Austin WR WVU
2nd David Amerson CB NC State
2nd Jonathon Franklin RB UCLA
3rd John Simon DE Ohio State
3rd Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida
4th Alvin BaileY OG Arkansas
5th Reid Fragel OT Ohio State
6th Kwame Geathers DT Georgia
7th Joseph Fauria TE UCLA

4th comp pick * Brandon McGee CB The University of Miami

Phoenix we already spent all our money. This is real business, not like you going to the mall with mommies credit card.

bess for any te would be awesome. Last time i heard anyone even say bess name was when he signed the three yr 9 mil. Then???

daShe weren't you the first one to say the earth was round?

Bess Is a great WR

Grimes is still in play !

I was also watching the NFL Network and had to change the channel; couldn't stand listening to the criticism, Dolphins were getting ripped. Sapp is such an idiot, why in the world is he on that Network, I will never watch them again.

Well, I was wrong again. They re-signed Clemons, who I don't think is a Gamechanger safety.

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