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Dolphins still vying for Jake Long even as he visits St. Louis

Jake Long, who has a gift for his economy of words when speaking with the media,also has a very vivacious and outgoing wife named Jackie.

That's right. Jake and Jackie Long.

Anyway, while Jake guards his privacy about as jealously as he does his quarterback's blind side, Jackie is more open. Jake has declined to speak with local media throughout his free agency period, selecting only national outlets to get out his message. Jackie, meanwhile, has a twitter account.

And that twitter account has been informative as to what's going on and how torn the couple is as they decide their future -- either with the Miami Dolphins or St. Louis Rams.

"Great dinner last night. Hoping to get everything figured out soon. No matter what happens we feel so fortunate." Jackie Long tweeted this morning from St. Louis where she and her husband awoke to a second day of a free agency visit.

Long spent nearly seven hours getting his physical from the Rams on Wednesday. Yes, perhaps the longest physical in the history of NFL free agency was probably a thorough investigation of the big man's multiple  former injuries -- biceps, triceps, knees, back, shoulders -- as the Rams decide how much they're willing to invest in Long.

As that physical was happening yesterday, Jackie Long had to correct an erroneous report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Long has agreed to terms with the Rams.

"Alright hold up everyone," Jackie Long tweeted minutes after the report went on the newspaper's website. "Nothing is official yet."

The report was vehemently denied through sources by the Rams who said not only was there no agreement, there were no terms that had even been discussed. The report was eventually taken down.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, remain hopeful they can get Long back. They have discussed contract details with Long's representation multiple times. They see Long taking trips as a way to set the market for his worth.

Long returning remains so important, the club was worried a tweet from Bryant McKinnie announcing he was on a plane to South Florida would be interpreted as him visiting the Dolphins and that would upset Long.

So the club made clear that no visit from McKinnie was scheduled so Long might not get upset and move on.

I don't read tea leaves. So I have no idea which way Long is going to go on this one. I know if the Rams had blown the Longs away on a contract, they were prepared to go that direction.

That obviously has not happened, at least not yet. And so the Dolphins are still vying to keep their left tackle. Their offer, which obviously wasn't what Long believed he was worth, is holding up so far.

[Update: NFL Network is reporting the Rams are negotiating a contract with Long.]

I'm told the Dolphins have a "Plan B" if Long bolts. They obviously will not implement that until Long makes a decision.


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I'm not a big fan of Ireland. But, looks like he might have sharpened his gm skills a bit. I don't think he's too concerned about bringing back Long. I also highly doubt he is ready to move Martin over to LT full time. It makes more sense to go with drafting a true LT and fixing the Long mistake that way. We made too much of an investment in Wallace to not have a solid LT to give Tannehill time to hit Wallace. There is a plan there, definitely and I truly think it involves a new face at LT.
Rd 1 LT
Rd 2 CB

DC Dolfan, if Fins re sign Long and Keller, then we down to looking for two CBs.

The difference between this year and last?
The quality young back-ups we acquired last year( Vernon, Binns, Kaddu, Miller, Jonas Gray,etc) will push the starters like crazy. Unlike last year, it will be hard to make this team.
Wasteing our money on second tier CB's is nuts. We already have 4 of those on the roster. Same goes for OL.
The first 5 picks should help those areas. I just don't know if there are that many quality CB's in the draft.

I say lets see if Jackie Long can play LT. Clearly she seems to "wear the pants" in that marriage.

Maybe its Jackie and not Jake, who wear the pads, helmet, and cleats on game day. Jake's wears the high heels and carries Jackie's purse.

Not that anything's wrong with that. But please Jake, not on the field of play.

Jake Long will make more money in the next 12 months than you will over an entire lifetime.

Brandon Gibson has left the Jets. No contract. On his way to Miami.

Not really sure about this. There is a ton of WR is this draft and will cost way less, plus I would still like to see what our young group has.

When Jackie Long gets pissed she wont let Jake have his balls on game day. Its Jackie, the Dolphins need to keep happy, not Jake.

The player turnover cries of desperation....

Jake Long will sign with the team that Jackie likes the best.

DC, good post @11:26. In fact I think it may even be understated given the pass rush abilities of the two of them.

I see far less need for a DE now than before Ireland surprised everyone with this move. Their pass coverage skills probably need work but Coyle worked magic on DBs in Cincy so maybe he can do that with these two. I'm looking forward to see them at work.

It's a business. Welker leaves and you carry on like he was never there. Can't look back, only forward. Same with Long. Nice to have seen you play here. No gold watch, you got your 50 million. Next left tackle to play for the Phins???? And so on. The GM should not be bothered by this. Loyalty does not exist in the NFL. Only, money

Gibson left NYC.

If he signs a contract with us we'd have Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Bess.

The patriots? Lloyd, Amendola, Gronkowski and Hernandez.

We'd need a TE and a WR in the draft. I'd like to know whether the Dolphins are interested in Danny Woodhead too. The Patriots have a couple of guys in the backfield who're good pass catching RBs.

Great post Kindry....

Have that hand delivered to Ireland....ASAP....


The only player we've officially lost thus far is Fasano. The lb corp are a more cap friendly way of replacing an untennable cap situation with players of equal and hopefully better play. Nothing at all wrong with those moves.

IMO, its looking more like Long and Smith will be back moreso than go. Right now I dont see the player turnover and desperation you suggest.

DC, If Ireland is going to pay Long & Smith starters money, why not look for different options?

He doesn't wanna pay what Long & Smith what they want. I agree so, go find someone of equal value you want to pay your price to!

Why does Ireland obsess with bringing Smith & Long back when there is better available for the same price!?

It's mind numbing!

For the love of God, please resign Jake Long...I don't want Jackie to break a nail packing up her mansion!

Attn: Jake Long & Sean Smith! Your services are no longer required. Rookies can play football as well as you did last season, and for a lot less money.

db,jake wears the pads, maxi that is.

Losing the 2 best players on offense is insanity. Sign Jake!

Posted by: 2 watt | March 14, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Im sure the washed up Merriman would agree Jake Long wears maxi pads. He ran accross Long like running through the checkered flag on race day. LOL...

Are there any updates on Keller?

fake long has 2 b a f'ing block head if he thinks his beat to h3ck body will endure into his 30's.

keller is standing naked in front of irecorn now so he can check him out.

Mistake me for none. Ireland finds a better Player than Bess for the slot at equal value, I will spill no tears if Davone is let go.

Jeff Ireland Presser


Im very happy anounce we were finally able to get the deal done with Long. Jackie Long has been one of our primary targets since fa opened.

I now present to you Jackie Long......

The Press:

Jackie......Jackie......... How pleased is your wife Jake with this decision?

Jackie Long:

I wear the pants in this household. Next question....

Ross you are worth 4.4 BILLION!! Spend some money! SHEESH!

The point is very simple and one people won't acknowledge. If he wants to pay Long & Smith starter money, why can't he find someone else to pay instead of them?
There are better, younger & cheaper optiona on the market RIGHT NOW. But, Ireland waits for "value".
He is sitting on his hands. For anyone who wishes to see it they only need open their eyes.

Posted by: LOL | March 14, 2013 at 11:36 AM

None of this makes me wrong. The numbers you cite are just semantics. I wasn't counting our OWN re-signed free agents. It's semantics and makes no material difference to my point.

The proposition was that Ireland was letting players get away(Like Cook)because he was waiting for Long and/or Smith. This is untrue and nothing you've posted above proves otherwise.

Cook wanted WAY to much money and prefered to reunite with Fisher anyways, end of story. Had NOTHING to do with Long or Smith.

I'll offer you this, watch Ireland sign Keller(later today)while "waiting" on Long and Smith-lol.

Ireland is not sitting on his hands over Long-PERIOD! Jeffy's still doing his due diligence and is setting himself up for lots of latitude come draft day.

Jake Long has been so injury prone because Jackie Long forgets and drops her purse to the ground 2-3 times a year. She keeps Jake's balls in there.

Ross you are worth 4.4 BILLION!! Spend some money! SHEESH!

Posted by: Harmel | March 14, 2013 at 12:14 PM

LOL! There are some that will attack this post out of being overly sensitive but, I find these types of posts to be hilarious!

I want Long to come back too, but dude needs to make a decision so management can move on. Mckinnie sounds like a nice plan B.

I'm not sure why we are still shopping for WR, like with Brandon Gibson. Is he going to be better than Bess? Signing someone like Gibson would indicate to me that Bess would be out the door. I do hope we either resign Sean Smith (who is average at least)or pick up another one of these solid CB's in FA. I'm not really keen on trusting a rookie to do that job. I'm amazed the Patriots wouldn't match a $6 million a year deal for Welker. The man averages over 100 catches and 1000 yards a season. He makes plays. I would have thought he would pull more than that with a 2 or 3 year deal. No respect out there for Welker I guess.

One of the stipulations in Jake Long's new contract should be that Jackie Long keeps bubble wrap in her purse. Long's balls are in there. Cant risk her dropping the purse and Jake getting injured again.

Geez, no one knows what's in the Dolphins plans. Is Jake Long that important it will throw a monkey wrench into everything they have planned to do in FA and the draft? Is this why they haven't signed Keller or moved on to CBs?? Long has been selfish and extremely greedy IMO throughout this process. I hope this isn't hurting us.

bobbyd12 | March 14, 2013 at 09:37 AM

I agree with this post, I get what odin meant @10:22 as well regarding a player trying to get the best possible deal for his Family but at this point you figure the Rams were not completely sold on Long's physical. If this is the case then the reports that Ireland before the onset of FA offered something in the 8 Mil per range should also weigh on Long regarding his decision and the fact he's already pocketed 60 Mil. in his career which is more than D.Marino did in his 17 Yrs. and also more than FRANCHISE players like A.Rodgers have up till this point.

If he leaves St Louis without a deal and doesn't come to terms with us in his stubborn pursuit of what he believes he's worth then Miami should simply cut ties and rescind the offer, good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the A S S on the way out!!

Especially when taking into account that the deal Bushrod got in Chicago is very similar to the offer we put on the table. Ireland then needs to finally tag the players to complete his FA haul and begin based on that to assemble his draft strategy(needs)were at 12 there is a very real likelihood of L.Johnson still being available and at this point an upgrade over Jake from were I sit.

In watching our FA moves you begin to see the plan that we had in place to address WR, T.E. and revamp the LB's probably bringing Long back allowing us to address the CB's high taking either Rhodes or Banks looking at WR's and T.E.'s to groom with the additional picks later or so I think and feel we've been not only fair but very patient up to this point with Long and his high maintenance wife and set a time table to move past him if no news or progress is made by as early as this very afternoon.

Posted by: dolfanSF | March 14, 2013 at 12:20 PM

You want Jake Long to make a decision already? I see you've never been shopping with a woman before.

Jackie Long's doing the shopping right now. Jake will make a decision when Jackie makes it. Jake's sitting in the Mall waiting until Jackie's done shopping.

Jackie has no intention of leaving sunny south Florida. However she has not informed Jake yet. Just guessing but even if Jake gets $2M more to play for the Rams. His bank account, investments from being the number one overall pick in the NFL etc...have to be enough not to allow anything less than $4M difference to be compelling.

Shawn Merriman is/was a pretty good God Damn player in his own right.

So he beats a banged up Jake Long on a bad day, BIG DEAL. It happens to the best of them.

It was one Fvcking Play, but go ahead, Milk it-LOL!

Oh Brother............... ;)

'According to NFL.com's Ian Rapoport, it "sounds like" the Rams are hammering out a deal with free agent LT Jake Long.

Long has been visiting St. Louis since Tuesday. The key piece of information here is that the Rams are fine with the former No. 1 overall pick medically. That's somewhat surprising considering he's dealt with biceps, triceps, knees, back and shoulder injuries over the last few seasons. Long would be a massive upgrade for the Rams' offensive line, but the accumulation of those injuries makes a massive financial commitment a risk.'

Related: Rams
Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter
Mar 14 - 12:07 PM

Wooohooo!!! Suckers!!!!

Jake Long has no say so in where he plays. Jake will play wherever Jackie says he plays.

Odin, I did say he's sitting on his hands but, I wasn't the one who said Long's the reason why we didn't get Cook. I disagree with that totally in fact. They pursued cook hard before Long even came up.

I am statng that Long is holding things up NOW. It is true. It's undeniable! Why else would Ireland make sure the team shot down the rumor that Mckinney visited?

He's afraid of scaring Jake away. Shefter alluded to the same thing. He's got money set aside for him & that money can't be used to address the other needs he FULLY intends on addressing.

The fact remains, it's not a secret he wants long back & is going to give him starters money. The fact remains, he wants Smith back & will pay him starter money!

Bottom line is, if he is gonna pay 2 more starter contracts for a DB & a LT, why does it have to be Long & Smith?

This is the point & no one can refute it.

I want long back If the offer is approx or slightly higher fron sl, i hope we match.

Posted by: promichael | March 14, 2013 at 12:24 PM

This reminds me of when the wife has me move the piano around the house. 3 hours later it back to where we originally began. But you have to keep them happy. LOL...

Wooohooo!!! Suckers!!!!

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 14, 2013 at 12:26 PM

I hope to god it's true! Watch, as soon as Long signs with the Rams, tackles start coming on visits & we start bringing in Db's too.

Posted by: LOL | March 14, 2013 at 12:27 PM

It has nothing to do with pissing Jake off. Ireland doesnt want to piss Jackie Long off. Ireland knows that Jake plays wherever Jackie says he plays.


Not sure Keller is enough of a weapon at TE. I'd still look to draft one (I don't personally have any faith in Egnew).

LOL, I understand the Long obsession. And I don't think it has much to do with the team, but more that Long and Ireland are tied. So it's a pride thing with Ireland (which I don't agree should come into play, but it probably is). He doesn't want to see his #1 pick leave, because the historical significance will be he chose Long with the 1st overall pick and he helped the team get to 1 division title and Playoff loss in his career here.

Personally I don't want to spend loads of cash on a player who may be on the downturn. But we'll see.

I don't think Ireland is obsessed with Smith. I think it's a wait and see with him. If we can re-sign him at a fairer price, I'd rather do that and get rid of the Hunchback (Marshall) and go grab a guy in the draft.

I hope to god it's true! Watch, as soon as Long signs with the Rams, tackles start coming on visits & we start bringing in Db's too.


As soon as the deal is announced--expect Keller to sign.

No matter what happens--Ireland is a total f#cking cissy.

If he leaves St Louis without a deal and doesn't come to terms with us in his stubborn pursuit of what he believes he's worth then Miami should simply cut ties and rescind the offer, good riddance and don't let the door hit you on the A S S on the way out!!

Posted by: fin4life | March 14, 2013 at 12:24 PM

I totally agree with this Fin 4.

Jakes had his time, Ireland gave him the chance to test the market. The parameters have pretty much been set. As one poster so eloquently said: Shyt or get off the pot!

In regards to Lane Johnson, Fin4, I'll make a gentlemans bet that he goes top 10.

Having said that, I wouldn't be at all discouraged getting him at 12. I want Tanny, Wallace, Miller and Keller to have all the blocking they need-LOL!


--Ireland is a total f#cking cissy.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | March 14, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Were you looking into the mirror while typing this? Im sure you were. LOL....

The Jackie Long comments are really tedious and pointless.

Comedy Central won't be calling.

Posted by: Sominex Patrol | March 14, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Just thought I would inform you that Tampax is not spelled S-o-m-i-n-e-x. Thx for stopping by. LOL...


Keller has played his WHOLE career with one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL....

and he still made things work....

he is all we need....for the next 3 years @ the TE postion....

I am statng that Long is holding things up NOW. It is true. It's undeniable! Why else would Ireland make sure the team shot down the rumor that Mckinney visited?

This is the point & no one can refute it.

Posted by: LOL | March 14, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Yep! I agree LOL. We were obviously talking about two different points. Sort of got them jumbled.

I took exception with anyone claiming that Jake was holding up or caused us to lose guys like Cook or Keller.

We still have the money to persue multiple players. But you're right, Jeffy has some money set aside for a Left Tackle and Jake IS holding us up in this regard.

(BTW-Nice Post!)


I wonder if Jeff Ireland has a Braille playbook lying around for Keller?

Odin, I would love to have Long back like you do but signing McKinnie to a short term deal then possibly grabbing Lane Johnson at 12 sounds like an upgrade to me. I want Long back but there are options. Personally I hope and expect this ssong and dance to end today...

@We Need Playmakers

"Ireland is a total f#cking cissy."


Who knew that sissy was such a difficult word to spell?

I agree with Kris. Kellers a slight upgrade but, he's getting up in age a lil. At 29, he should have 3 productive seasons left.

Because he missed so much time last year, he should come cheaply. Gives Ireland or another GM a couple of years to find another TE or allows Egnew more time.

By the way, update in Mando's post says StL negotiating a contract with Long. Oh well, commence plan B. Would've liked to have him back but the more I hear, the more this guy sounds like a total douche. Later man ...

What, exactly, is Jake Long doing that you WOULDN'T do under the same circumstances?

He is trying to get the best deal for himself, is he not? You wouldn't do exactly the same thing? Really? There's a name for people like that: FOOLS.

Some of you guys have crossed the line into sounding like hypocritical nitwits. Jake Long isn't doing anything different than coutless other FA's have done or that YOU would do.

Grow the eff up.


Wow, Fasano must have really sucked if we're looking to replace him with Helen Keller. Unbelievable!

All we need now is to replace Tannehill with Stevie Wonder. We'll be Mon Sherrie A'mor on offense in 2013.

Kris, I'm a big believer in Keller too. I mean, how can anyone who watched Dolphins-Jets games over the last few years think otherwise. As a matter of fact i said multiple times, I remember when we had TEs who could make those plays ... but that was at least a Randy McMichael ago ... maybe even keith jackson or Ferrell Edmunds.

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