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Dolphins still vying for Jake Long even as he visits St. Louis

Jake Long, who has a gift for his economy of words when speaking with the media,also has a very vivacious and outgoing wife named Jackie.

That's right. Jake and Jackie Long.

Anyway, while Jake guards his privacy about as jealously as he does his quarterback's blind side, Jackie is more open. Jake has declined to speak with local media throughout his free agency period, selecting only national outlets to get out his message. Jackie, meanwhile, has a twitter account.

And that twitter account has been informative as to what's going on and how torn the couple is as they decide their future -- either with the Miami Dolphins or St. Louis Rams.

"Great dinner last night. Hoping to get everything figured out soon. No matter what happens we feel so fortunate." Jackie Long tweeted this morning from St. Louis where she and her husband awoke to a second day of a free agency visit.

Long spent nearly seven hours getting his physical from the Rams on Wednesday. Yes, perhaps the longest physical in the history of NFL free agency was probably a thorough investigation of the big man's multiple  former injuries -- biceps, triceps, knees, back, shoulders -- as the Rams decide how much they're willing to invest in Long.

As that physical was happening yesterday, Jackie Long had to correct an erroneous report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Long has agreed to terms with the Rams.

"Alright hold up everyone," Jackie Long tweeted minutes after the report went on the newspaper's website. "Nothing is official yet."

The report was vehemently denied through sources by the Rams who said not only was there no agreement, there were no terms that had even been discussed. The report was eventually taken down.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, remain hopeful they can get Long back. They have discussed contract details with Long's representation multiple times. They see Long taking trips as a way to set the market for his worth.

Long returning remains so important, the club was worried a tweet from Bryant McKinnie announcing he was on a plane to South Florida would be interpreted as him visiting the Dolphins and that would upset Long.

So the club made clear that no visit from McKinnie was scheduled so Long might not get upset and move on.

I don't read tea leaves. So I have no idea which way Long is going to go on this one. I know if the Rams had blown the Longs away on a contract, they were prepared to go that direction.

That obviously has not happened, at least not yet. And so the Dolphins are still vying to keep their left tackle. Their offer, which obviously wasn't what Long believed he was worth, is holding up so far.

[Update: NFL Network is reporting the Rams are negotiating a contract with Long.]

I'm told the Dolphins have a "Plan B" if Long bolts. They obviously will not implement that until Long makes a decision.


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Who cares if he leaves he has not been good for 3 years now he gets beat all the time, steel ya later jake nice knowing you!!!!!!!!!!


Keller has played his WHOLE career with one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL....
and he still made things work....

he is all we need....for the next 3 years @ the TE postion....

Posted by: Kris | March 14, 2013 at 12:42 PM

I want Keller and I agree DC, another TE in the draft. I'm not expecting ANYTHING out of Egnew.

The big thing with Keller is how he was Sancheezy's security blanket. If he could do that and keep Sanchez from looking putrid, he has some skills.

Thats what I see him doing for Tannehill. While I want much more from the Tight End position, I see Keller being an "Ace In The Hole" in regards to Tannehill's development.

Keller just has the knack for being a safety valve. And I think thats crucial to ANY developing Quarterback.

Sign Keller and look for the Seam Threat in the Draft!

We have no secondary, we are not wasting our 1st pick on a O lineman.
Xavier Rhodes is the pick.

Not sure Keller is enough of a weapon at TE. I'd still look to draft one (I don't personally have any faith in Egnew).


Think of GB's West Coast offense b/c that's what Philbin & Sherman are going to shape this into minus Aaron Rodgers but with a better running game. Keller would just be another target (like Finley is a product of the GB system) so Tannehill can spread the ball around. We're going to be a 60/40 pass/run team.

What happened with Keller does anyone know anything ?

Well, if Jake is signing with the Rams, he had better watch his back. Jackie may leave him for Chris and doesnt evn have to change her last name.

What happened with Keller does anyone know anything ?


Not yet. Stay tuned....

Looks like Jackie Long has chosen Chris Long........

Gibson leaving the J E T S without a deal and heading to Miami. Thank you Devone Bess for your services but I believe you are done

As soon as the deal is announced--expect Keller to sign.

No matter what happens--Ireland is a total f#cking cissy.

We Need Playmakers | March 14, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Keller is part of the fall back plan or plan B, it is pretty apparent the idea for FA was signing Wallace, revamping the LB's along with Jake while adding Cook. If you analyze the moves at LB that not only made us younger but saved us money you see clearly that the reported 6 Mil. we offered Cook and the 8 Mil per offer Long has since before the FA period started were our targets all along and the MAIN PLAN in FA setting up our draft needs.

The deals for Long / Cook would have been 14 Mil. with still 22 Mil in CAP space and D.Patterson next on the chop block with all indications being CB was our primary concern at pick-12 in the draft. Losing out on Cook with Jake still stuck in neutral has thrown the plan a monkey wrench. As far as the Long deal holding up signing Keller I disagree I believe were looking at the 2 RFA T.E.'s in Baltimore and weighing them and one of our draft picks Vs. Keller who is a one dimensional player that would bring ZERO to other facets we require out of the Pos.

It's only logical if we were all set to hand Cook 6 Mil. that a lower offer to Keller wouldn't have anything to do with our dealings with Long with it now very apparent he was part of our FA strategy and that goes for Winston as well who hasn't even been offered a visit but might get one if this Long thing continues.

I have no love affair for Bess, still dont, never will. I means, honestly, 4 tds in 5yrs?
Come on fellas'!
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!

What a horrible horrible misinformed, non-factual flat out BS post!


what are you talking....

Odin, I would love to have Long back like you do but signing McKinnie to a short term deal then possibly grabbing Lane Johnson at 12 sounds like an upgrade to me. I want Long back but there are options. Personally I hope and expect this ssong and dance to end today...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Yep! Yes! Uh-Huh! And.....HELL YES-LOL!

Lets get it over with one way or the other. I would be OK with a Hopefully Healthy Jake Long.

I'd also be happy with Winston, A Healthy and **In Shape** McKinnie, and or Lane Johnson too.

If we're EVER going to "Step Up" to the Patriots, we NEED a MONSTER O-Line!

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127
First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.
WTF? I'm not okay with replacing Bess, not with Gibson.
Besides the lack of TDs Bess was on pace for his best year. TDs can't be discounted but Gibson wasn't in the endzone any more than Bess other than last year.
The grass is NOT greener folks.
Posted by: PG13 | March 13, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Posted by: bidniss | March 14, 2013 at 07:50 AM

Debunking the LIES!
Gibson is NOT an upgrade!!!!

If we sign Gibson, and release bess, then Bess with be a PAT or a JET, guarantee! Be careful what you wsh for here. Is it possible to kwwp Bess if they sign Gbson with the cap space? Fuller or Matthews as a fifth?

Just say NO TO GIBSON!!

4 year career.
Gibson: Rec 171 YDS 2090 TDs 9 FD 127
First 4 years (5 year career)
Bess: Rec 260 YDS 2669 TDs 11 FD 145.
WTF? I'm not okay with replacing Bess, not with Gibson.
Besides the lack of TDs Bess was on pace for his best year. TDs can't be discounted but Gibson wasn't in the endzone any more than Bess other than last year.
The grass is NOT greener folks.
Posted by: PG13 | March 13, 2013 at 09:25 PM
Posted by: bidniss | March 14, 2013 at 07:50 AM

NYPost_Cannizzaro ‏@MarkCannizzaro

“@RapSheet: Sounds like #Rams OT Jake Long are hammering out a deal. --- This is the next step to Mia signing Dustin Keller


Just repeating what I read.

I think jake is an afterthought we did want cook but not for 8 mil a year Keller is a big time threat he will help us a lot maybe we just draft a tackle and sign some depth in f/a

Those clamoring for action should look at the calendar. You should also look at the Tackles, TEs and CBs still available because there are plenty.

Everyday can't be Tuesday but don't expect a day like Wednesday either. I'm sure something will happen soon.


Bing, bing......BING! We have a WINNER-LOL!

What, exactly, is Jake Long doing that you WOULDN'T do under the same circumstances?

He is trying to get the best deal for himself, is he not? You wouldn't do exactly the same thing? Really? There's a name for people like that: FOOLS.

Some of you guys have crossed the line into sounding like hypocritical nitwits. Jake Long isn't doing anything different than coutless other FA's have done or that YOU would do.

Grow the eff up.

Posted by: pete g. | March 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM


Go look at Cook's 4yrs numbers. They more closely mirror Fasano's than indicate he's a definite upgrade.

Of course Cook's an upgrade when it comes to tale of the tape and a stop watch. But, onfield production, where it counts most, he's a Fasano production clone.

Its like the combine, a guy proves he's a superior athlete, but it doesnt match his on the field tape. When watching Cook's tape, you dont see 8 million a year anywhere.

In the end, Cook could be one we're very happy we didnt get stuck with. His performance may never match his pay.

'Fuller or Matthews as a fifth?'


Fuller hasn't even played a down. Right now Armon Binns is ahead of Fuller on the depth chart. Matthews is our 4th WR. If we sign Gibson, we're not going to keep Bess.

BTW--I fully expect us to draft a WR as well.

Posted by: Kris | March 14, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Because this is a free country and I have the same rights of freedom of speech. Gotta problem with?

Hope not, I dont have a problem with the bable you spew here. Its freedom of speech brother! LOL...

Our 2012 wr depth chart is filled with scrubs. Who cares which will lose their jobs as long as we upgrade.

Kris, I'm a big believer in Keller too. I mean, how can anyone who watched Dolphins-Jets games over the last few years think otherwise. As a matter of fact i said multiple times, I remember when we had TEs who could make those plays ... but that was at least a Randy McMichael ago ... maybe even keith jackson or Ferrell Edmunds.

Mark in Toronto | March 14, 2013 at 12:49 PM

With the pass coverage ability out of our MLB's (Crowder, Ayodele, Dansby ect...) through the Sparano era and terrible Safety play (G.Wilson, Bell good in run support exclusively now on down to playing Clemons since he was a rookie) we made many a T.E. look like a HOF'er. I still remember the 09 game Vs. the Saints were Shokey (at that point a much slower player with nagging injuries) killing everything in the middle of the field and being a big key to that N.O. comeback win, so while Keller is better than what we've had of late he wasn't exactly a world beater either and liability in our O were he won't be on the field on run down showing our hand.

The funny thing is we are only just starting this off season,,,,,,,,,,WOW ,,,,,,Jeff who ?

No actually, they are not all scrubs. Just because you people say things doesnt make it true.

Give us a seam buster we want Keller

3 td's 16 games hmmmm?

I would pass on Gibson , I would prefer to draft a receiver

WNP, Actually forgot about Binns. None the less, I am not sure Gibson is an upgrade and if he is, and I think Bess has a place with this group.

and no, those #'s ain't from the 3rd string te.

Most here still remember Cook's combines measurables and name. But are too lazy to look at his 4yrs of play.

If Cook was going to reach anything close to greatness, in 4yrs it should already be on tape. 4yrs of tape and play only shows Fasano level production.

The team signing him may have only signed his combine tape. Thats about it.

Rams seem very hesitant to sign jake long....hhmmmm.....

I like Terrance William from Baylor size speed and great hands or Stedman bailey

He is trying to get the best deal for himself, is he not? You wouldn't do exactly the same thing? Really? There's a name for people like that: FOOLS.

Some of you guys have crossed the line into sounding like hypocritical nitwits. Jake Long isn't doing anything different than coutless other FA's have done or that YOU would do.

Grow the eff up.

Posted by: pete g. | March 14, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Maybe you're the fool? No one is criticizing Jake Long.

The people are criticizing Jeff Ireland for waiting on Jake to go 1 way or the other.

There is a difference which you OBVIOUSLY couldn't detect.

Longest physical ever, and if rams hesitate that much if I was them I would not sign jake long...other tackles out there..

f4l, in 2011, keller caught 800 yards worth of passes ... I'm sure that just didn't come against us

I think Jackie long has signed with the rams ,but jake has not

Keller would make our offense real tough to defend , outright nasty

Seems like Ireland is reverting back to his old ways again......he's waiting too long

Baylor WR good plus West Virginia receivers and Tennessee receivers.
Tyrann Mathieu to the Miami Dolphins=game changer.

I don't see this as Ireland waiting. From all we've seen of Ireland do any of you really see him taking a backseat and just waiting for something to happen?

Say what you would like about his talent evaluation but his business skills in terms of the economics of the game are quality.

If for one moment he thought he was missing out on anything by waiting for Jake then he'd cut bait and move on.

Fact remains that his options beyond Long and Smith still remain on the market and if they sign elsewhere then they didn't value the opportunity to play here.

Guys that just go for the money are a waste of our time. Cook took the money. Dude lives here in the off season. St. Louis had to cover the tax break he'd gain here as well in order to trump out offer. They'll likely have to do the same with Long.

All's well with patience in mind. There's a long way to go here and getting antzy will only lead to frustration.

Same goes for banking on a player. None of us will ever be making the final call so try appreciating effort and progress, both of which are clearly going on here.

If any of us were top flight FA's, when the time came, you can be danmed sure we would look for our price or test the waters, before just blindly signing with the current team out of loyalty. There is no such thing as loyalty, by teams or players, besides $$$. At some point, EVERYONE becomes expendible based on salary factors and reduced production. Even Golden Boy Tom would be at risk if his production declined and the cost doesn't match the cuffs--NOONE is ultimately untouchable!!!

Long earned his prior salary and fulfilled his contract. Yes, with his injuries, his worth has changed, even if his own expectations or demands have not and we really don't know what's on his or his spouse's mind. He does not owe the Fins anything, and neither do they.

I don't fault him for testing the waters and I can't believe that the Fins do not have a plan that they are trying to follow while keeping to their financial paramters. Wallace will be expensive to us in 2014, but not unreasonable besides. We all see Long as better off with a base and incentives based on his injury history and more recent production. He might be nice to keep for reasonable $$$ or we may have gotten the best put of him. Still hard to teell if a broken Long is still better than all other options, but not worth big guaranteed contract.

I am impressed with Jeff. If he don't sign another free agent that's fine with me. Everyone thinks he scared. I like the laid back approach. When and if the Rams make an offer Jake will get back with us and if the numbers are similiar we will win. If the Rams offer Jake a boat load of money, so-Long. Same for Smith. Remember, Martins's natural position is RT. Nate Gardner is still out there. Winston is still out there. Then there is the draft. We will be fine. Folks, it finally looks like we have a plan. Let it play out.

Don't have time to read through all the trollness so I ask--

What was the firm contract offer extended to Long by the Fins? If he doesn't sign with the Rams--seeming to be his next best choice, and decides to consider resigning here are all bets and prior discussions off so renegotiation begins? I know he and the Mrs. could decide they don't want St. L, but if St. L doesn't want him (unless price is silly) I would think that is somewhat telling. Still think Fins don't need to chase him.


IOdinseye is correct (IMO) regarding Cook. I've watched him from the moment he was drafted, here in TN.
He has not fulfilled his potential, even given the several years he was with the Titans.
He has the tools, but so do a lot of guys who just don't "get it."

However, Bradford is a much better QB than Jake Locker, so I would expect Cook would HAVE to be more prolific this year.

I wish there was a statistic regarding a player's level of production the year BEFORE their new, huge contract, and the year AFTER they get the huge contract.

I think I know the answer.

Let the CB process begin anew now that Smith has signed with KC

Long is a good LT, not elite (anymore). At times I felt like I was watching a different player last year. Then factor in the injuries. The guy can't finish a season. And what are you worth if you're on the sidelines? I'd like to have Long back, even more so if he would entertain playing on the right side, but the Dolphins can not throw money at this guy. He's just not reliable enough.

Posted by: Rob M | March 14, 2013 at 09:36 AM

NOst fans feel the same way..... ppl asking form him to leave whats your plan B the draft, Martin.... neither will be better than long at least not in the first season. get long back and keep him healthy, I believe he can still be elite (at least I hope)


Really 6 million a year!! Surprised on that!!

Lets not panic everyone its only March and after the draft we dolphin fans will be very happy after all we have 9 or ten picks upcoming in the draft. We have great depth on the defensive line. Love our lb'ers. We need 2 starters on the o-line a starting te and secondary help, another pass rusher ( Oliver Vernon may be that guy) We should release Manning and Patterson and use the money to sign either Brett Grimes, Aquib Talib. Then use the draft to fill our other needs. Would love to see Marcus Lattimore a dolphin with the 3rd rd pick we got from chicago.

As per nfl source rams in holding pattern waiting on Jakes decision.

Jake Longs leadership had a huge influence. If they go to Long they should have confidence in him, which should also boost confidence.

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