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Dolphins to cut Karlos Dansby

The Miami Dolphins are parting ways with middle linebacker Karlos Dansby, according to a club source.

The team informed agent Todd France that his client would be waived this afternoon. The move to sign younger, cheaper Dannell Ellerbe from the Baltimore Ravens led to this move.

I explained the salary cap ramifications of this move in the last post.

But what you have to know is te team saved $3.9 million in cap space by cutting Dansby. The Dolphins apparently gauged interest in Dansby on the trade market but there was none of note.

By the way, aside from being a cap move, the reason Dansby is gone is his play didn't produce the kind of game-changing plays the Dolphins wanted or expected when he came to the team in 2010 as an unrestricted free agent addition.

In addition, Dansby irked head coach Joe Philbin on a couple of occassions  by openly criticizing the team's handling of the Chad Johnson cut and also by announcing he was playing with a torn biceps muscle after the Dolphins asked him not to speak about the injury.

Philbin discussed the issues with Dansby but it apparently left the coach at least wondering if Dansby was a fit.

If Dansby has been a better player, the issues with Philbin might have been forgotten. He wasn't so they were amplified.

Dansby, 31, led the Dolphins with 133 tackles. He had nine tackles for loss but he neither caused nor recovered any fumbles and did not intercept any passes.

This move takes into account the player Dansby is today, but also next year when he'll be 32 years old and costing $11.575 million against the cap.

Instead the Dolphins will carry $4.6 million in dead money for cutting Dansby this year and another $2.3 million in dead money next year.



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Ellerbe suddeny has a lot to live up to. Making a good defense weaker to help the offense is a risk. Pass rusher with the 12th pick? Or has Ireland not finished in FA?

Good move we save money and get younger.


Upgrade for sure now that Dansby and the money that would have been paid are gone.

..Dashi is going to bake a freekin cake tonight. You called it bro..good job.

Well....I may be biased but I am THRILLED with the addition of Ellerby and subtraction of Dansby. All that's left to do is dispose of Burrnett and we will have a solid LB core that can not only defend TEs but avoid injury as well.

Well Odin, the DOlphins cut Dansby.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 12, 2013 at 06:41 PM
Get out of here-lol?
(Ah.......you are......ah......Kidding......RIGHT?)

Been saying since the beginning of last season. Dansby should and most likely would get cut (Burnett too but 1/2 ain't bad so far). It was either address LB this year in the draft or risk having an awful LB group next year. Did not expect Ellerbe to come via FA but this is great. Looking ahead and solving a future hole. Too bad we lost out on Cook, but Wallace + Ellerbe is a great start in the first 3 hours of FA.

I find it ironic that the 3 "leaders" that asked to have a say say with Philbin during hard knocks are gone. Now I know why Joe had that smirk on his face.

I like this move! Great day to be a Dolphins fan.

Dansby wasn't a "Philbin Guy"... I'd be surprised if Burnett hangs around much more than another year...

Really hoping Cook joins the Dolphins - we'd go from one of the worst to one of the better receiving corps over night- and this is before the draft even starts...

Could be a banner year for the Phins. Ireland has come out swinging for the fences...

What are you guys gushing about? Tannehill needs a lot more help than one trick pony Wallace. We need a tight end and don't even mention garbage Keller.

Cook to Rams

Dansby's a better linebacker and he cost less this season than the average Ellerbe will be paid.

Ellerbe's younger but that's the only way this is an upgrade.

Well Karlos, Good Luck on the Open Market?

It must be a money move, considering he's better than Misi and Burnett inside or out.

Maybe we resign him later....at DRASTICALLY reduced prices!

(! step forward, 2 steps back((sigh)


Not the best move but I get it for $$ & youth. Would have perferred to see Ellerbe start over Misi. But ok, TE, O line & CB please

this is great news. the nfl network (pioli, dukes, etc.) are already trashing the dolphins decisions, saying they overpaid for wallace and ellerbe. they are ignorant of the dolphins current situation. he is younger, cheaper, and better than dansby. the loss of cook isn't that big of a deal. there are other options in fa and the draft.



If Dashi Can Illustrate How Happy He Is Right Now!!


You Forgot To Add Better.

Ellerbe is Younger, Cheaper, And Better!!!

I Know It Is A Bad Day For Sfla Media. They Just Lost An Anonymous Source!!

But Every Fin Fan Should Rejoice!! This Years Fins Defense Won't Fold!! When We Need It Most!!

Maybe We Can Get 1 Shutout This Season!! Haven't Seen One Of Those Since Z.Thomas Retired!!

Ellerbe had one good season only. Let's not get carried away until he backs it up.

Kent, of course they need a TE but considerig you know jack about Dannell Ellerbe, don't expect me to take your considerations seriously

So where are we at exactly with remaining salary cap after all of these moves?

I agree that Dashi will blow a load with the release of Dansby. I rather them the OLB I forget his name. Dansby was the leader on defense. He called out all defensive plays.

You see? This is why Ireland hunts for acorns. Once upon a time, Ellerbe was an acorn.

I've never even heard of Ellerbe is he any good?

Dansby's solid but wasnt much more......too expensive for what he produced and not getting younger-sounds like an upgrade all around, or neutral but younger/cheaper at worst

Pioli? Who's he the gm of? Oh yeah, he's on unemployment with yG

I give Ireland an A so far. He seems to have a plan thats rolling along well as we speak.

Mark in Toronto. At work whenever an employee is clueless, we say...oh... he's a Canadian.

Wow, Dansby must've really peeved off Coach Philbin if they rather carry $5m in dead cap than keep him around

If weak ass Joe Philbin couldn't handle Dansby like he couldn't handle Brandon Marshall then this is addition by subtraction.

But Ellerbe's not close to worth this contract.

yeah ellerbe nothing special. this sucks, what happened to cook

I find it ironic that the 3 "leaders" that asked to have a say say with Philbin during hard knocks are gone. Now I know why Joe had that smirk on his face.

I like this move! Great day to be a Dolphins fan.

Posted by: biggs13 | March 12, 2013 at 06:51 PM


So True. Philbin Knew Then Those Guys Weren't Part Of The Plan.



Dansby Threw A lot Of Games. If The Fins Cut 1 Player!! Dansby Had To Be That Player.

J.Porter Was A Good OLB!! But He Was An Insubordinate Prick Who Didn't Affect The Outcome Of Games.

May get Jake Long back

TE Myers from Oakland looking good

wow cook to rams, unreal. can we ever make the right move, it was going so well

Dansby was gone the moment he took sides with Chad Johnson over Philbin and publicly questioned the coach. Joes doing the same thing Coughlin did his first couple of years with the Giants. Love it.

Losing both Cook and Fasano could finally persuade Ireland to trade-down for Tyler Eiffert in the first round. I like this scenario. Now we just need to improve at RT (Vollmer I hope!) and CB to call it a FA splash.

Pioli and Sapp are killing the Phins. I think there doing great. Keep it up

great move cutting dansby, he sucked and helps us big time next year. but ellerbe isnt near worth what they paid him. and now no te


Multiple Loads

I think GB is hanging on to Finley in an attempt to get a pick out of him. And if I were Ireland, I'd be more than happy to oblige. The WC offense needs a seam threat TE to make it hum

Dansby's was late on a lot of plays last year, couldn't get to the outside. And wound up chasing a lot of plays. And there was the money and his age.

Would Ireland really draft Eiffert at 12? Or is he more likely to trade up at the end of the first using the two 2nd round picks?

I'd be interested to learn how much Fasano went for. He isn't elite but better than most give him credit for and would have been a good fill in for anoher year.


Dansby's Play Pissed Philbin Off!!

Off The Top Of My Head, Dansby Lost 4 Games By Doing Nothing

First NE Game

Dansby Didn't Make Any Plays On A Bunch Of Critical Downs In All 4 Of These Games.

"You know what's wild about Dolphins? I've heard some chatter about preliminary draft plans from team sources -- and it's equally intriguing." from Jeff Darlington Twitter

Age, injuries, salary, and he's a bad leader. Pioli and Sapp are complete fools.



Just need to re-sign JT out of retirement and the defense is complete... Haha. Great day for Fins.

ROTFLMAO - I'm with you Bro, I hate Parcells too!

Can you believe this Jeff Ireland Character?

odinseye | March 12, 2013 at 06:41 PM


You know I remember last season saying that as a 4/3 MLB K.D. had less TACKLES than both S.F. MLB's in N.Bowman and Wills as well as Rookie Kuechley in Car. but being called CRAZY and an idiot for even debating the worth of Dansby to the team.

I see now one is a GENIUS while stating what others saw as one of the best MLB's in Football just 4 months ago. Sometimes I wonder about the influence some have on the rest here seriously!

Dansby was a TURD! He showed up 50 Pds. out of shape in the CBA Season while claiming himself team leader ect.....

Next Yr. after L.Miller equals what Bush does then maybe everybody will start to see the light about our RB. Pos.

Not saying Reggie can't play and he will put up #'s in Det. but for how we use the RB Miller will replace TEN-FOLD!

How about Ed Reed or Charles Woodson for 1 year to mento theses DBs. I'll jizz my pants if we can get Ed Reed for 2 years

Chicago signed another Bushrod at Tackle, goes to show Long that he's not important to teams if they can get lower price OT's.

Love the Dolphins moves so far, I'll miss Dansby, but hopefully Ellerbe will continue to grow and be a playmaker

Cardinal Game

2 Times In The 4th!! Dansby Did Nothing!!

Everytime T-Hill Led A TD Drive!! Dansby Will Give A TD up!!

Funniest Being After The 80yd Bomb To Hartline. The Cardinals Just Marched Down The Field!! Like If It Was Peyton Throwing For The Card's.

so we signed a big upgrade at wr and a decent upgrade at lb. we need a lot more than this. losing cook is a killer. zero corners on roster who could start

wont sign woodson or reed now after signing clemons to deal

My name is Coco.

I wish we can bring Reggie Back he was our only threat on offense.Not sure why you guys don't want him back

Keller is garbage?? He got injured last year, first time in 5 years. He is not Bennett or Cook but is still a seam threat and would be good to bring in if we draft a TE oin the Draft. Keller is far from garbage. In fact he was rated 3rd behind Bennett and Cook in FA ratings.

We got two B- players for A++ salaries. Don't be let down when we are 8-8.

Would Ireland really draft Eiffert at 12? Or is he more likely to trade up at the end of the first using the two 2nd round picks?

I'd be interested to learn how much Fasano went for. He isn't elite but better than most give him credit for and would have been a good fill in for anoher year.


He might take a TE. Ireland is all IN this year. The other players I can see him taking are these guys;

1) Jonathan Cooper RG
2) Sheldon Richardson DT (to replace Starks for the future)
3) Xavier Rhodes CB
4) DeAndre Hopkins (my 'dark horse' & favorite WR in this draft)

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