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Dolphins to cut Karlos Dansby

The Miami Dolphins are parting ways with middle linebacker Karlos Dansby, according to a club source.

The team informed agent Todd France that his client would be waived this afternoon. The move to sign younger, cheaper Dannell Ellerbe from the Baltimore Ravens led to this move.

I explained the salary cap ramifications of this move in the last post.

But what you have to know is te team saved $3.9 million in cap space by cutting Dansby. The Dolphins apparently gauged interest in Dansby on the trade market but there was none of note.

By the way, aside from being a cap move, the reason Dansby is gone is his play didn't produce the kind of game-changing plays the Dolphins wanted or expected when he came to the team in 2010 as an unrestricted free agent addition.

In addition, Dansby irked head coach Joe Philbin on a couple of occassions  by openly criticizing the team's handling of the Chad Johnson cut and also by announcing he was playing with a torn biceps muscle after the Dolphins asked him not to speak about the injury.

Philbin discussed the issues with Dansby but it apparently left the coach at least wondering if Dansby was a fit.

If Dansby has been a better player, the issues with Philbin might have been forgotten. He wasn't so they were amplified.

Dansby, 31, led the Dolphins with 133 tackles. He had nine tackles for loss but he neither caused nor recovered any fumbles and did not intercept any passes.

This move takes into account the player Dansby is today, but also next year when he'll be 32 years old and costing $11.575 million against the cap.

Instead the Dolphins will carry $4.6 million in dead money for cutting Dansby this year and another $2.3 million in dead money next year.



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reggie wasnt much of a threat. worst yards per carry for a starter between the tackles. could never power it in from goaline. dances in backfield. glad he moved on. its miller time. im just still pissed we missed on cook

f4l @7:08,

Agreed. On Both Points.

Dansby Sucks!!

And L.Miller At 22 Is A Better RB Than Reggie At 29!!

We don't even know if Miller can stay healthy all season. We need a vet RB. And some corners please get Nolan Carrol off this team

'so we signed a big upgrade at wr and a decent upgrade at lb. we need a lot more than this. losing cook is a killer. zero corners on roster who could start'


Come on man...FA just started today!!! We still have a LOT of cap space & ten draft picks.

I hate Fisher even more now!!

Who would want to play for the Rams anyway!

Dansby is finally the best linebacker in the nfl.... Best unemployed linebacker but still counts for something. Right Karlos?

dusty I told you not to speak too soon. No corners, no TE...not good.

Wallace #3 since 09 in 25 plus yard catches. Tired of being a FG offense.

If you notice,the 3 vets who called the coach out on hard knocks, and wanted him to run all his moves by them cause they were the leaders of this team, are all gone at this point.

Egnew will be a star in 2013. He's physically better than every TE in the draft this year.

I LOVE what the Dolphins have done so far BUT it doesn't mean sh#t if it doesn't translate into more wins.

Keller may have been the 3rd best FA TE, which only means there were about 3 or 4 to begin with. He is average at best, not worth investing in.

Long and Bush learning they are not stars, just two more available players.

All you recently reborn Ireland FanBoyz.

He BLEW the Cook signing.

Cook was the key to a successful FA.

No Cook = Major Debacle.

Fire Him Now!

Clue u need to get a clue. I know playmaker but we had cook and lost him. He would of owned middle of field

Dashi, we talked about it the other day with Craig. Look what happened! You've been on it for awhile. Boy did we nail it on the head the other day!

With the big money tied into Starks, Soliai, Wake & Dansby, no way ireland would sign ellerbe to that deal without letting 1 go.

Losing those crazy contract numbers in the next 2-3 years from Dansby allows Miami to easily handle Ellerbe, Hartline & Wallace deals. At minimum, makes restructing them easier!

Finally, moves a fan can be proud of. Now, go get 1 or 2 Cb's and get the TE in the draft. CB is the biggest need right now. These moves, along with a successful draft & Miami can be on the brink of something great for the next 3-4 years.

How are you serving the crow this evening, well done?!

Dusty Bottoms, c'mon. How many CBs were signed today. At last count, it was ZERO. The CB market is flooded, today was the day for the playmakers. CB market is going to take time o sort out. Plenty of time for CBs. TE?? Cook made his decision. It happens. There are still options out there. It will be solved.

Cut Dansby!!

Believe In The Dashi!!

P.S.- My Percentage Is Still High B'tches!!

TE market has options and CB market seems like it's quiet. Still plenty of time to make some moves.

Not sure if I'd rather have Davis or Keller? Or maybe the kid from Oakland.

Cook isn't that great. It sure why u have your panties in a bunch dusty b

I know phoenix trying to remain positive. But man cook was huge

Dusty, eifert in the 1st, even trade down a bit & cook is no big loss.

Right now, Cb's are a major need. Luckily, none have been signed today except Tolver from Arizone who was highly regarded!


Agreed. Now #1 Priority Is CB!!

And Some Good Ones Out There.

We Can Sign 2 Good FA CB's!!

N.Asmouasga(Whatever His Last Name Is)

And Can Still Cut $9Mil Off The Roster. R.Marshall and D.Patterson.

Pats talks with Wes Welker broken down. Glad to see him leaving the Pats. Pats still have a problem by not signing Volmer. Huge OT for them.

Cook is damn good. Id take davis easily over Keller

I have a Major Sad re Cook.

This coulda been such a sweet day.

Now, only tears & trembling while Depeche Mode & Morrisey play softly in the background.

Agreed that TE and CB are huge needs but so is OT. They need to get a TE in FA (no big time playmakers left at TE), at least 1 CB in FA.

Dashi but, don't forget all the insults slung at us that day by you know who. Dansby was worth having around. He was worth it! From the biggest ireland supporter here!

Apparently, Ireland doesn't agree. LOL

Philbin teory "My way or the Highway"

Becuase clue we have Backs on the team who can produce the same numbers already. Lamar Miller in my opinion is gonna be better than Bush.


The Crow Buffet Is Being Served Cold!! ICE COLD!!

Craig, Time For Dinner!!

Maybe This Season You Can "Watch The Whole Game" And See What WE All See!!

one would think that the Ravens would have been interested in a Dansby trade after what they have lost

On Twitter Jeff Darlington writes;

"You know what's wild about Dolphins? I've heard some chatter about preliminary draft plans from team sources -- and it's equally intriguing."

Since Austin will be visiting the Dolphins soon I am wondering if that is the "preliminary draft plan".

LOL, Ellerbe is making almost as much as Dansby.

Dansby was $8.6 a year, Ellerbe is $7.

Neither one is worth that kind of money but at least Dansby looked like he could have been at the time.

Gocanes, they couldn't afford to give ellerbe what Miami gave him, which is less than Dansby made. How on earth would they absorb dansby's contract?

Philbin reminds me of Tom Coughlan. I like that. He does not take crap from any of these diva players. Dansby was a real pain last year for him. He called him out thinking that he was irreplaceable and now he is gone.

It is the Joe Philbin show in Miami. It is definately his way or the high way.

Jeff Darlington says he has seen the preliminary Dolphins plans for the Draft. Says they are "intriguing". Anyone think the Fins thinking of trading up???

Yeah, not overly impressed with Cook here either. Philbin, Sherman offense not really looking for superstar TEs. And Cook aint that anyway. I am surprised they let Fasano walk.

Who cares what you bitter old lesbians have to say!

Go watch the LPGA tour in your flannel shirts and stop your hen-like cackling.

Easier to find impact starters in FA if you are looking for a RT or CB, rather than TE.

If Jeff Ireland continues to fill potions via free agency...I can see us using one or two of our later picks to move up for Dion Jordan.


Dashi is The Biggest Ireland Supporter. All Others Are Impostors.

The Only Signing Or Must keep Dashi Might Be Wrong With Is The Jake Signing. But I Believe Ireland Will get Somebody Of Equal Value Thru The Draft. Probably The RT From A&M!!


The Pats Are Having A Tough Go!!

Talib Already Left!
Welker Is Going TO Be A Dolphin!
And They Aren't Upgrading!

The End Is Near For The Pats!! And The Philbin Fins Are Just Beginning!!

LOL, Ellerbe is making almost as much as Dansby.

Dansby was $8.6 a year, Ellerbe is $7.

Neither one is worth that kind of money but at least Dansby looked like he could have been at the time.

Posted by: Cual? | March 12, 2013 at 07:32 PM

Cual, the difference is Dansby was coming into the portion of the LARGE money of his contract. Ellerbe's will be smaller in the first 2-3 yars before it explodeslike Dansby's was about to.

Agree with Dashi again. The Joe Philbin era is here. We will see the new look dolphins next year. Fast paced offense filled with playmakers, that is what we are going to see.

Dashi, PFT reports eagles, rams n phins want Long back but he hasn't generate the buzz he thought.

Most of us knew he wouldn't. I think him & Smith are in for a rude awakening.

Pioli? Who's he the gm of? Oh yeah, he's on unemployment with yG

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | March 12, 2013 at 06:57 PM

Mark in Toronto. At work whenever an employee is clueless, we say...oh... he's a Canadian.

Posted by: Kent | March 12, 2013 at 06:58 PM

This is pretty interesting. Mark takes a pot shot at YG and less than ONE MINUTE later, "Kent(ahem/cough-cough)", retaliates.

If it walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck..........

Just Saying..........

Ok so Dansbys money pays for Hartline and Moore. Interesting to see how Wallaces contract is structured cap wise.

For you guys who say Dansby sucked, the man led the team in takles I think. It seems to me like we just made the middle of our D weaker. Maybe this Ellerbee kid is younger and faster. I hope for 5 million per season.

I think the Dansby thing is a mistake, time will tell. Things are just starting so I will hold my breath.

Go Dolphins!!


Ellerbe With Inflation Still Signed For LESS THAN DANSBY!!

5 years / $42.50 million

5 years / $35 Million

BTW - Warren Sapp is a Freaking Puke. He's a.......he's a.......well, he's Fvcking Puke SAPP!!!!

PS: Grow some hair Baldy and hide that nappy a ss Mug!

PSS: I turn the channel when this dip shyt que's up the mic.

Better Vollmer than Long I believe. If Martin fails at LT (I hope he succeeds) we can trade to draft a brand-new LT first round next year and still renew both tackle positions. Besides we can make this preseason a little bit more complicated for Belichik, everything in just one single move.


Hartline Led The Team In Receptions.

Bush Led The Team In Rushing.

Your Point?

If You Can Upgrade A Position!! You Upgrade The Position!!

THE MLB IN A 4-3 Is Suppose To Lead The Team in Tackles!!

Why Did Clemons Have 100 Tackles? Why Did R.Jones Have 100 Tackles?

When Your Safety's Who Are Playing Cover 2!! Almost All The Time!! Have 200 Tackles Between Them!! The MLB Is Not Doing His Job!!

Shula, the issue is Miami was about to pay Dansby 8.5 & over 10 mil per season the next 2 for a guy who's already 31.

If ellerbe ever sees the 5th year of his deal, he'd be Dansby's age now!

The move was about NOT paying an aging player & investing in a younger one.

Read somewhere that after cutting Dansby, Miami still has ALOT of cap space! Bringing Long back & a couple of Cb's is not entirely out of the question.

LOL: how much cap space opened up for Ravens after all the players lost? they do have a big problem now at LB

I was wondering why Cee Lo Green was hating on us on NFL Network and then I realized it was Jamie Dukes lol

I will hold my breath.

Posted by: shula71 | March 12, 2013 at 07:38 PM


You may exhale now.

canes, did you forget flacco signed for 120 million? They have lil to no cap space. They are going to be signing ottom tier players like the Jets.

The ravens just made probably their biggest splash with Chris Canty. Their about done LOL


Do you use tp or just hand it?

Odin, can't be Yg because he said "at work"

I sure hope they aren't serious about Welker. He'd done.

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